The unknown feelings – Part 7

one day night ,pragya was on her room she is in deep thought of how to
unite purab and alia .her thought disturb her by a loud noice from
abhi ‘s room .so she went there .she became shock .abhi was jumping
on his bed like a mad person

pra with a loud voice ” abhi”
abhi looked at her and jumped from the bed and began to dance with pragya
pragya by protesting” what are you doing? are you mad ? ”

abhi” mad? yes I’m. …..I’m very happy ”
pragya ” can you tell me the reason? ”
abhi”of cource .guess what in our family there is a new guest is coming”
pragya with a questioning face ” asked ” new guest ?”

abhi ” oh my pragya . bulbul is pregnant .prabha called me ”
pra” what ? hey its happy news ”
abhi ” yes ”
pra” we should go there ,right ?”
abhi” yes….but alia?”
pra” oh yes I forget .we can go tomorrow ”
abhi” OK ”

next day pragya and abhi went to pragya’s house and alia went to office
at office ,a staff named rohan came and called alia

rohan” alia ,I want to talk to you a personal matter ”
Alia ” OK” by pointing alia continued” we can go there ”
they went there ,alia ” OK what you want to tell me?”
rohan” that ….alia …I love pragya .you should say this to her and make
my love success”

alia” I don’t know it will success ,but I will talk to her ”
rohan” thanks”

at home

alia was in deep thought of how to present rohan proposal towards pragya.
that time pragya came there .she noticed that alia is on a deep thought
so she called her by name .but there is no respond so she snakes her and
said ” where you lost?”

Alia” nothing just thinking about family ” she lied
pragya ” alia ,I want to tell you something ”
alia ” OK tell me ”
pra” that is … you love purab,now?”
Alia” oh I didn’t said you one thing ”
pra” what was that ?”
alia” our problems are solved and now we are in relationship .he tell me
that you are not the one who responsible for all the problems .so only I
talked with you”

pra” when it happened? and he didn’t told me about this …alia can you
do a favour for me?”
alia” what ?”
pra” don’t tell him that I know about you relation ,OK?”
alia” OK”
pra” I’m leaving I kept something in kitchen ”

alia thought , she don’t have problem in purab and my relation and she
came here to unite me and purab .is it mean she also like love marriage?”

alia” pragya ,I want to talk to you something ”
pra” wait I will be back ”
pragya went and came back
pra” OK tell”
Alia” do you know rohan ? ”
pra” I know ”
alia ” today he came to me and said that he loves you”
pra” what?” she became shocked ” me? ” she continued
alia” yes, and I think he is nice guys .you should think and replay to
him ”

pragya laughed

alia” why are you laughing ?”
pra” then what will I do if you tell a joke ?”

” its not a joke ” alia became serious
pragya also became serious

that time abhi came there
abhi” what was going on?why you two are in serious?”
pra” you know abhi ,that Rohan said to alia that he loves me ”
” what” abhi became shocked

pragya towards alia ” you go . I will talk with him ”
alia gone from there then abhi ” what are you going to talk with him?”
pragya looked into his face and replays ” I will tell you later ”

thanks for all who read this ff and commenting and sorry for my imperfect

  1. Imperfect english is ok but story is continue the good job.have good day.

  2. Imperfect english is ok but story is continue the good work.

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    Great work as always. Suspense i love. Awaiting next update. Mwah ??

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    Waiting to know what pragya told

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