The unknown feelings – Part 11


hai guys ,

i m back .first of all a very big sorry for late .its been 5 month i stopped this ff .

i will put my previous parts link

Part 10

so back to story

Doctor came from operation theater.purab goes to him and asked about abhi’s condition.

doctor”you took him at right time .now he is uncoinsious,and he lost much blood so you should arrange a donar his group is o”

purab”doctor my blood group is also o .i will come”

purab came to pragya and informed about this and went to give blood.meanwhile pragya asked permisson to visit him and enter abhi’s room.

pragya” there is no need for that plan .if im with you on that time…….(a tear escaped from her eye.she wiped her tear and continue).pleas open your eye abhi its really paining …these much days i missed you and now we meet you are not talking with me……(she began to cry) ….please abhi ….open …and dont you want your answer …i am confused please abhi open i need you ……………………..

purab came there and touched her shoulder.she huged purab and sobbed.purab consoled her and said”pragya ……dont cry doctor said he is  fine and with in two days he will gain consious…”

pragya looked at purab and purab wiped her tear.purab”look your dress are full of blood go home and you didnt ate anything so here so go”

but she is not ready after a lot of request pragya went to her house

after two days

abhi was still unconsious pragya was sitting near him .he slowly shake his hand and began to open his eyes .pragya didnt noticed that .he then called her”p.ra..pragya”

pragya turn to him and “you gain consious …i… ..i ..will call the doctor…no ..purab ,purab abhi gain consious call the doctor “by saying this she went near abhi

” how do you feel are you ok .is it paining ”

abhi hold pragya’s hand and said “i m ok”

she smiled .he tryed to sit pragya helped him and he sitted by placing a pillow on back came there and tested him and said “he is fine. ”

he then shifted to room and all are there so pragya and abhi didnt get time to talk with each other.

…..abhi how is your health “asked dadi . it was the first time she visit him after that accident .she was not well .

abhi “i m fine dadi look” he then looked at pragya she was doing something .he was lovingly looking at her so he skipped dadi’s question dadi looked at his direction and smiled and shake her hand infrond of his face .he come back to reality.

dadi came close to him and said” tomarrow you are getting discharge from her so have patients”.he smiled sheepishly.then they talked

mean while pragya was noticing his look . she want to talk to him  she thought



  1. ImRagela

    Superb Aneesa..Nice episode..Waiting for the next ???

  2. Hiiii, nice episode,, I really like it, continue it dear!!!

  3. hi aneesa… nice episode… its lovely.
    waiting fr the nxt one…

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