“That Unknown Feeling”- Chapter 9: Suspicions Arise

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The next morning, Krishna sat at the dining table to notice that Yuvaan was staring intensely at Sayyam. She began to panic, worrying that Yuvaan had seen Sayyam with her yesterday evening. ‘No, he couldn’t have’ she tried to reassure herself, pushing food around her plate. One by one, all family members began to sit at the table.

“Sayyam, listen,” Yuvani looked across the table at Sayyam, ending the staring session between Yuvaan and Sayyam.

“Yeah Yuvani?” Sayyam tilted his head towards her.

“Where were you yesterday evening? I was looking for you,” she said, pointing her fork in his direction.

“Uh, Yuvani…” he glanced at Krishna discreetly, his face turning pale, while Krishna turned a deep crimson, remembering the previous evening.
“I was- uh- in the outhouse, why?” Sayyam said unconvincingly.

“I just wanted to ask if you could take me shopping today,” Yuvani smiled cutely, batting her eyelashes.

“Yuvani,” Sayyam groaned playfully, “you have enough clothes alrea-.”

“Yuvani, I can take you shopping,” Yuvaan interrupted, “why do you want to go with Sayyam?”

“No bro,” Yuvani shook her head, “Sayyam and I have to go somewhere else too,” she shot Sayyam a pointed look, while he just rolled his eyes, remembering that Yuvani always went to the bar on Fridays.

Yuvaan shifted in his seat, “But Yuvani-”

“I have an idea!” Suhani exclaimed excitedly, “Why don’t all you children go shopping?”

“Even me aunty?” Krishna looked up from her food.

“Yes beta, even you. No excuses. Understood?” Suhani mock frowned, seeing Krishna shake her head.

“Okay Suhani aunty,” Krishna answered anxiously, looking down again.

“Who’ll drive?” Yuvraaj asked casually.

Yuvaan was about raise his hand when Yuvani stood up, “Sayyam will,” she replied, ruffling Sayyam’s hair.

“Why me?” Sayyam pouted, earning a laugh from Suhani.

“Because it’s fun when you drive,” Yuvani laughed, walking away from the table.

“How? Wait, Yuvani!” Sayyam called out, rushing after her, while Krishna just smiled, watching the brother-sister banter.

“Everyone ready?” Sayyam looked at the rearview mirror, putting the car in reverse.

Yuvani was sitting in the front passenger seat, while Yuvaan had pulled Krishna to the backseat and put his arm around her tugging her closer to him. Krishna just squirmed in her seat, trying not to look awkward.

“Yup!” Yuvani exclaimed.

“Yuvani,” Sayyam said thoughtfully, “you do realize that you’re the only one here who’s excited to go shopping, right?”

“Shut up Sayyam,” Yuvani said, playfully hitting Sayyam’s arm, “Besides, Krishna is excited too, right Krishna?”

“Yeah,” Krishna mumbled, looking out the window, while Yuvaan typed something into his phone.

Sayyam looked back at Krishna, who was leaning back in her seat, head tilted towards the window. What had happened to her suddenly? Sayyam frowned in concern and subconsciously adjusted the rear view mirror so that it focused on Krishna.

This didn’t escape Yuvani’s notice and she glanced at Sayyam, wondering what was going on in that mind of his. She looked between Sayyam and Krishna suspiciously, an idea taking hold.

“Krishna and Yuvaan are such a hot couple; they look amazing together, don’t you agree Sayyam? I see a marriage in the near future,” Yuvani smirked, waiting for his reaction.

“What!” Sayyam looked at Yuvani, swerving the car to the right. “I- I mean yeahh…sure,” he fixed his eyes on the road once more.

Yuvani grinned inwardly; her doubts confirmed- something was definitely going on in her brother’s head. Something told her that shopping was going to be the last thing on her mind today.
Hey guys! Here’s the next chapter, I’ve always loved Sayani scenes (Sayyam and Yuvani) cause they have this amazing sibling bond, which has so much potential (which the cv’s never chose to explore) So I might include some of their scenes in my ff…but of course: the spotlight will remain on Kriyam 😉

Love you all! 😉
-Shreya <3

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  1. Loved the epi..saiyyam doesn’t lyk Yuvaan and Krishna’s closeness…hmm someone is burning ..keep writing ..?

    1. Fanficwriter

      True…Something’s definitely going on?
      Glad you liked the chapter?

  2. amazing?

  3. The young brother-sister pair in this episode have been true to their ‘#ship’ name and the pair is truly SAYANI. The cute bond between the siblings was wonderfully depicted and portrayed. Their beguiled secrets and unspoken conversations are awesomely captured and presented. All of their words and lines depict a magical easy-going bond between an otherwise ill-highlighted couple. Their behaviours and actions were absolutely stunning mirrors to their innate personalities.
    The uneasy feelings and unexpressed awkwardness in krishna’s behaviour speak a million words about her so-called relationship with yuvaan. The feelings she has for her former beau are definitely not to be classified as love ’cause love can never allow you to be uncomfortable to such an extent. Sayyam’s care and concern for her is indeed lovely to read about for once. Yuvaani’s hints at the developing bond between the new couple reveals her deep-rooted love and understanding for her half-brother. The way in which she can perfectly gauge the unsaid feelings and hidden thoughts of her brother and soon to-be sister-in-law is really exemplary and amazing..

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thanks Shivani,? I love the extra, in-depth analyses and characterization you always provide for every chapter, I love that you actually understand all the little hints I always drop in my chapters. You could be an amazing writer yourself if you gave it a try, I hope to one day see some of your books or ff’s that you’ve written?


    Its like you know exactly what im thinking! The beautiful brother and sister bond was completely neglected. And this chapter was soooooo sweet, i cant describe how it magically streched my frowning face in to a smile. Thanks for this magic medicine… your name twin x

    1. Fanficwriter

      I’m obviously gonna know what you’re thinking, cause I’m your ‘name twin’??
      I’m glad my writing could put you in a good mood..
      Thank you???

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    I am always left speechless due to ur killer writing…u always slay ur episodes girl.. I loved all the sibling banter…and high five I also love sayani scenes..the way u delineate each scene surely is laudable.. I can perceive their conversations in such a way that I feel it flowing right before my eyes..ur adroitness in writing is surely prodigious.. And surely u have the prospective to be a writer in future..everyday when i see ur writing I conceptualize how much potential u hold…coming back to the episode..u nailed it always..??

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thank you so much Annie??
      You’re too sweet??

  6. Prethiga

    loved the saiyyam and yuvani bond… thanks for writing abt them the directors of ssel are only worried about suhani and nothing else… so its a treat to read your ff…

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thanks Prethiga, glad you like Sayani??

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