“That Unknown Feeling” – Chapter 45: Hope

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(I split up the previous chapter into two parts, cause it would’ve ended up being too long, so here’s the next part- it’s a bit shorter than usual, but enjoy!)

“Woah, woah, hold up!” Anjali exclaimed, “Yuvaan and Baby are together?”

“Umm, yeah, if that’s how you want to put it,” Sayyam ruffled his hair.

“I never saw that coming,” she quirked her eyebrows.

“Neither did I,” Sayyam sighed, propping his head on his palm, the rough surface of the jacket he was wearing creating friction against his elbow and the bed.

Anjali suddenly frowned, taking hold of Sayyam’s arm, her mouth consequently forming an ‘o’ shape.

Sayyam yanked his hand away, fearing what she’d seen.

“Bhaiyya?” Her head tilted to the side.

“Yeah?” Sayyam replied too fast, his breath catching.

“It’s already 5 o’clock, shouldn’t be home by now?” Anjali pointed at the watch on his wrist, and Sayyam heaved a sigh of relief.

“Yeah, you’re right, I should be going,” he grinned cheekily.

“Come back soon?”




Anjali smiled, her eyes crinkling at the corners.


Sayyam paused, a foot already halfway out the door.


“I love you.”

“Same here kid.”

“And when I irritate you endlessly?”

“Even then, especially then.” Sayyam winked.

“And when I’m not around?” Anjali shifted where she was seated, and the steady humming of the machinery next to her filled the room, the faint beeping, sounding almost too mechanical in the heavy silence of the room.

Sayyam smiled, replying warmly; determinately, “I’ll love you forever and ever kid, and I won’t stop, even until you can’t stand the sight of me.”

And Anjali smiled back, as if the words just exchanged between didn’t loom over their heads, waiting to be proved against the unfaltering test of time.

Sayyam stepped out of the room, and Anjali didn’t see his smile falter.

He hoped it wouldn’t come down to the clock.


Baby paced the room, looking up at the clock, it had been a while since Sayyam had left the house, and it hadn’t taken her long to figure out where he’d gone.

She also had dinner coming up, with her new ‘family,’ but those thoughts could wait.

She had an opportunity now, to go and meet Krishna. Find out what all of this was about. And she’d wasted hours on deciding whether or not she wanted to take that step.

She knew herself.

She never got personal. No matter what.

So why was Sayyam and his life an exception?

She knew he was confused, she saw it in his eyes. He didn’t know what to think; what to believe. Whatever had happened years ago, it still felt fresh. Almost like betrayal.

Her betrayal.

Technically, it wasn’t even her fault. She hadn’t started it. It was Sayyam, the ever goody-two-shoes who’d started it all.

It was him who’d ended it all.

But he’d changed too.

The outside world, the truths of this terrible world, it had changed him. He was no longer that boy.

The boy she’d rescue from nightmares.

The boy she’d needed to stand up for.

The boy who looked up to her.

The boy with the startling innocence and brightness of a thousand suns in his eyes.

All through the years they’d spent together, Sayyam had this hope. He’d had this light in his soul.

The Sayyam she saw now was broken. It was like a part of him had been ripped out of him and tossed out; thrown to the side.


Was he still the same boy that she knew?

And deep inside, she knew the answer to that question.

He was no longer that boy, her boy. Somewhere along the lines, he’d had to grow up too fast.

No, he was no longer a boy.

He no longer needed saving.

He no longer needed her.

And the thought stung her- just a little pinch on her outer exterior of steel. The notion that he could handle his problems on his own.

But the truth had always been bitter; at least for her it had.

And if she wanted to know the whole story, she was going to have to do this.

Besides, she was just doing this for her plan. She was just analyzing all the pieces in her game. It’s not like this meant anything to her…


Sayyam walked down the hallway of the hospital, his hands going to his pocket for his keys, when he bumped into an aged woman.

“I’m sorry,” he backtracked, taking a good look at the woman. She was Anjali’s nurse.

“You-” he paused, his head tilted to the side.

“I’ve seen you before too!” She exclaimed excitedly. “Anjali’s brother, right?”

Sayyam nodded. Close enough.

“Umm,” Sayyam fixed his hair, the result being counterproductive and bringing some of his hair into his eyes, “How is she? The treatment…is it working?”

“She is showing improvement,” the nurse bobbed her head happily, and Sayyam wondered if she was always like this.

Maybe it was a result of having to deal with so many patients who were children.

“She is reacting very well to the chemotherapy so far; no side effects. And the tumor in her left lung has stopped spreading. And-” the nurse trailed off when she saw Sayyam’s face.

“She’s taking it really well,” she started again, her voice gentler this time, “it’s almost impossible for a child to comprehend anything serious at that age, let alone cancer. No ten year old should have to deal with that knowledge.” She hesitated, exhaling, “no child should be thinking about the way they’ll die.”

Sayyam was at a loss of words, mutely nodding at everything she said. Taking it in. Agreeing.

“You know, Anjali is my favorite patient. She has this fire in her eyes. Everyday when I go to visit her, just to check up on her, it’s like she’s so happy. All the time. And that laugh of hers,” The woman grinned, “it’s contagious. She’s this bundle of energy and innocence and all things good in this world. She makes everyone happy, she has so much to share with everyone.”

The nurse blinked back a couple tears, smiling softly, and Sayyam’s lips curled up slightly, finding his voice again.

“Yup, sounds like her,” He chuckled lightly.

“Yeah,” the nurse studied Sayyam’s face for a while, then put out her hand. “You must be Sayyam; Anjali talks about you all the time!”

“Good things I hope,” Sayyam grinned, shaking her hand.

“Nothing to the contrary.” The woman adjusted the files in her hand and stepped away, her gaze travelling down the hallway.

“Well, it was good seeing you Sayyam,” the nurse stated professionally, a smile gracing her features.

“Same here, I’m glad she has you,” Sayyam expressed genuinely.

The nurse nodded brightly, taking a last look at him, before bustling down the hallway.

Sayyam turned around, a real smile coming back to his face.

Things would be fine after all.

Hey guys, this was more plot development before the drama starts. (Don’t blame me; I’m a sucker for happy moments!)

But also, you guys may have noticed that I’m not writing from Krishna’s POV, and you guys will find out why soon 😉

Sorry, this update came a little late, I have a test tomorrow and was spending the whole day freaking out.

The next chapter’s coming out on Sunday!

Love you guys??
-Shreya <3

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