“That Unknown Feeling”- Chapter 4: Doubt

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Ignoring the now cold coffee, Krishna stood up trying to calm Yuvaan down. “Yuvaan, it doesn’t matter that he is in my room. I haven’t stayed in it for three years anyway, so technically it’s ok if he stays there.”

“No Krishna, you don’t get it”, he sighed in exasperation, as if he were talking to a child, “Sayyam can’t just waltz his way into our lives and take things that aren’t his”

“But Yuvaan, Sayyam is-” Krishna started to say, when Yuvaan’s phone rang. He shot her a warning glance that clearly told her to not argue any further. She immediately quieted down. She didn’t know why she was doing this: defending a man she didn’t know, who had caused nothing but pain to the only family she had left. She had been about to say that Sayyam was Suhani’s son, and that he probably had a right to the house and a right to receive his mother’s love.

Based on what Yuvaan had told her, Sayyam had stayed in an orphanage all his life, ‘people aren’t born bad’ she thought ‘situations make them who they are’. Maybe Sayyam had just never received any love throughout his life, the way she’d always had Dadu and Suhani aunty in her life after her parents died. Maybe he just needed someone to love him… She was startled when she felt herself being roughly tapped on the shoulder.

“Krishna, Krishna! I’ve been calling your name for so long! Maa just called and told me that Sayyam’s going to stay in the outhouse. I’m glad he finally learnt his place. She told us to hurry. Now come!” he commanded her, like she was a pet that needed constant instructions.

‘The outhouse?’ she asked herself, ‘if he was as bad as Yuvaan said he was then why…’ Krishna shook her head when she realized where her thoughts were drifting off too. ‘Why am I thinking about him so much; why do I feel sad for him…stop Krishna, don’t think about him – Yuvaan won’t be happy, and I can’t upset him’ she quickly decided, rushing to keep up with Yuvaan as he walked away.

Hey guys! I get that you all were a bit confused, and I wrote in all the details in the last two chapters, but I’ll sum it up for you: Krishna has been staying in a dorm for three years to study for her psychology course, while Sayyam has been staying in the Birla house or a couple months. They haven’t met yet (but they will soon 😉 )
Also, whatever Krishna knows about Sayyam is only what Yuvaan has told her…so yup, that’s about it.

The kriyam story officially starts from the next chapter!

Comment below if there’s something I missed, Love ya guys 😉
-Shreya <3

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  1. Plz confusion hai 2epi mai plz good writing karo samjh aye yesa

    1. Fanficwriter

      Richa, can you tell me where you’re getting confused? Is it the plot or the characters or something else entirely? I’d really appreciate feedback so I can make this ff better??
      Thnx for reading??

  2. It’s really good, and why can’t krishna can’t angry Yuvaan?

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thnx?, and you’ll slowly understand why Krishna sticks with Yuvaan, she feels like she indebted to him for being her friend amd “caring” for her?

  3. ur writing is awesome though it’s not that easy .. bt I loved it..hope to see further ASAP.

  4. The episode was short but enrapturing. All the words up there were the beautiful means to build such an amazing bond between krishna and sayyam. Even though they have not met the heartfelt bond that they share is truly magical. Krishna can understand sayyam eventhough she hasn’t even met him and has a sense of care for him. I am sure she will soon get to know about the real sayyam and show yuvaan where he stands…

    1. Anahitaannie has said very appropriately that we can recognize ur comment reading the 1st line.. How could u write so elegant?? Marvelous!! Don’t know how to delineate your scrupulous writing!!! Just speechless..

    2. Fanficwriter

      Thank you soo much Shivani! It really means a lot?
      I completely agree with @MayeshaSamiaShrabony; your comments are always so intricate and elegant?
      Thmx again?

    3. Fanficwriter

      Thank you for commenting, it means a lot? Sparks are gonna fly when Kriyam meet??

  5. I’ve never commented before, but I’ve read all the chapters and I’m loving your ff. It’s really well written and I’m liking the build up to Krishna and Sayyam meeting. Can’t wait till they finally do. Keep up the good work!

  6. Fidato

    I have no words at all.. shreya… I’m in love with your ff… It’s rich in vocabulary…I must say.. Sometimes I Google it to know the exact meaning….

    1. Fanficwriter

      Oh gosh, thanks??
      I’m so happy you enjoy reading my ff?
      I feel so honored that my vocab is google-search worthy??

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