“That Unknown Feeling”- Chapter 38: Unexpected Scenes

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(Recap: Yuvani and Krishna have a short talk about Krishna’s “current situation” regarding Yuvaan and Sayyam. Yuvani makes Krishna go to a bar with her. Sayyam discovers that Krishna is not in their room later that evening and realizes she must’ve gone with Yuvani to her usual bar.)

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Sayyam pulled up to the bar, parking his car and jumping out as if his life depended on it. He rushed in, making his way through a crowd of people, searching intently for Yuvani and Krishna. He spotted Yuvani almost at once, and slapped his forehead, watching the scene in front of him unfold.

Yuvani was obviously drunk, and was leaning heavily on the bar stand for support. She had turned into a hot mess, giggling for absolutely no reason, while winking at a guy across from them.

He strode towards her and grabbed her shoulder, “Come on Yuvani, let’s go home.”

“Hey, excuse me!” the guy stopped Sayyam, “Who do you think you are?”

“I’m her brother.” Sayyam gritted his teeth, “Who are you?”

The man scoffed, ignoring Sayyam’s question, and turned to walk away, obviously disappointed with the turn of events.

“Broooo,” Yuvani whined, pulling on Sayyam’s arm, “Why’d you do that? We were having a good time,” she pouted, crossing her arms.

“Shut up Yuvani.” Sayyam protectively pulled her closer to him, “Where is Krishna?” He whispered sternly.

“Krishna?” Yuvani mumbled confusedly, before her eyes, widened in realization. “I saw her go that way…” she muttered unconvincingly, pointing towards the back of the bar.

Sayyam sighed and began to walk in that direction, Yuvani in tow. What he saw though, made him utterly and completely lose any patience that was left in him.

Krishna was pressed against the wall, a small confused, innocent expression on her face, as a guy brazenly flirted with her. She kept shaking her head and pushing away a drink the guy was offering her. There was nowhere for her to go, and the guy’s hand was steadily creeping towards her waist.

For a second, Sayyam saw red.

He clenched his jaw, and without a second thought, pushed the man away from Krishna and punched him. The man fell back in surprise, the glass tumbling from his hand and shattering as it struck the ground. Sayyam, unable to control his rage, grabbed the man’s collar and pushed him against the bar, striking the man again and again and again. A wild, animalistic, rage was driving his actions, and he let it completely take control of him. Krishna was his; she was his responsibility, she was his wife. And Sayyam didn’t like sharing.

“How dare you!” Sayyam growled, losing all his self-control, “How dare you touch her!” The man groaned and fell to the ground.

“blo*dy disgusting people,” Sayyam snarled, starting to go for the man again, when Yuvani stopped him.

“Sayyam leave him, will you kill him?” Yuvani whispered, tugging on Sayyam’s arm. Sayyam glanced back at Krishna’s petite form, and his demeanor softened seeing her fear. The trepidation in her expression was almost palpable. He turned to glare at Yuvani, and his eyes spoke volumes in the bar that now permeated a pin-drop silence.

“Sorry Sayyam…it’s my fault…” Yuvani looked down guilty, though it was apparent that her brain was still muddled from the alcohol.

“You’re right, it is your fault” Sayyam exhaled sharply, grabbing Krishna and Yuvani’s arms and dragging them out of the bar into the cold night.

Once Yuvani had sat in the car, he turned to Krishna, who was shivering. His expression relaxed, and he let go of her arm, sighing. She immediately lost her balance and fell into his arms.

“Girnewali, what’s your problem huh? Have you made it your goal in life to get into trouble?” he held her upright, shaking her.

“I didn’t ask you to save me,” she pouted, pointing to herself, “why do you care then?”

Sayyam could only hold his head in irritation. Why was this girl so hard to understand?

“Krishna, how many drinks have you had,” he asked slowly.

“Yuvani had three drinks,” she responded innocently.

“No Krishna, how many drinks did you have. You.”

“Yuvani had three drinks,” she answered again.

Sayyam face palmed.

“Krishnaaaaa!” he groaned, taking a deep breath. “Okay,” he smiled sweetly, talking to her as if she were a child, “how many drinks did Yuvani have?”

Krishna smiled mischievously. “Ten!” she exclaimed, holding her hands out in front of her. Then she paused, counting her fingers again. “Or was it twelve?”

Sayyam realized he wasn’t going to get any sensible answers from her today.

“Okay…good girl,” he patted her shoulder. “Now get into the car-”

“No.” she giggled.

“Krishna…” he warned.

“No, I don’t want to sit with a Khadoos man like you…I’ll walk home.”

“You’ll walk home.” Sayyam raised his eyebrows in disbelief.

“Yeah…I will” she turned around, stumbling towards the main road.

“Fine!” Sayyam shouted, getting into the car, relieved to see that Yuvani had fallen asleep in the back seat. He started the engine, then sighed. He couldn’t just leave Krishna on the road. It was late, and she was drunk. He opened the car door and jogged over to her.

“Hello, Girnewali…come, sit in the car.”

“Why? She rubbed her eyes drowsily, “are you worried about me?”

“What? No!” he denied, shaking his head, “but your Suhani aunty will be”.

“Oh yeah! Suhani aunty…” Krishna mumbled incoherently. “Okay, I’ll come…”

Sayyam sighed in relief.

“…but on one condition” she sat at the side of the road stubbornly.

Sayyam moaned, he felt like banging his head against a pole, “What is it now?”

Krishna looked up at him, suddenly looking extremely serious. Sayyam froze as she asked him the one question he’d been dreading:

“Tell me why you married me.”

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