“That Unknown Feeling”- Chapter 29: Secret Meetings

(Recap: Krishna’s mehndi ceremony is in full swing when Sayyam and Yuvaan return home, injured. Yuvaan accuses Sayyam of foul play, while Krishna agrees, causing another fight between them, which in turn causes Suhani to have a flashback. Sayyam doesn’t show up for the rest of the event.)

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Sayyam walked through the halls of the Birla House, yawning with fatigue. He’d finished helping Yuvani with the last of the decorations for tomorrow. Yuvani had ruffled his hair before leaving, telling him she had to make sure Krishna’s bridal dress was ready. She’d also told him not to wear something good. ‘Not one of those checkered button-up shirts you always wear’ she had said.

He pushed the main door open, stepping into the biting cold, when he heard two voices. On instinct, he slunk back into the shadows, listening closely to the conversation. He peeked out from behind the corner and saw Yuvaan with a girl, whose back was turned to him. He looked closer; Yuvaan kissed the girl on the cheek, and she smiled, hugging him back.

“Yuvaan,” the girl whispered, tilting her head to the side, “You keep telling me that you love me, but your choices always prove otherwise.”

“Sweetheart, I only love you,” he smiled, clasping a chain around her neck. “Besides, Krishna is not my type. My parents are forcing me to marry her.” Yuvaan stepped away from her, adjusting the pendant, while she shook her head playfully.

The girl grabbed Yuvaan’s collar and subtly tugged him closer. Sayyam clenched his jaw. ‘Who was this girl? And why did her voice seemed familiar?’

“Yuvaan, you’ve always had to meet me secretly; you were with me before you picked up Krishna from the dorm, then you came to meet me near the card shop…tell me Yuvaan…do
you want to get married to me secretly too?” the girl started to complain.

“What if we do that?” Yuvaan asked hopefully.

“Do what?”

“Get married secretly.”

The girl nodded slowly, understanding what Yuvaan was getting at. “Maybe…but what about that girl, Krishna?”

“She can handle herself,” Yuvaan stated desperately. Sayyam turned away in disgust, ‘Didn’t Yuvaan realize that Krishna and the whole Birla family would be humiliated if he disappeared, especially his mother, Suhani?’

“Ok,fine…I’ll be waiting for you though…tomorrow evening…you know where,” the girl stepped away from Yuvaan after hugging him. Yuvaan stood where he was a while longer,
quietly walking away after the girl had left.

Sayyam stepped out from behind the pillar, realizing that the next day, there would be no wedding. He wondered why he felt so relieved knowing that Yuvaan loved some other girl, but shook off the feeling. “I have to do something,” he said resolutely. “I won’t let anything happen to ma’s respect…”

Wow, lots of secrets getting revealed! I know this was an extremely short chapter, but believe me, the next ones are gonna be action packed! I promise, the romance will start soon. Just for fun: can anybody guess whom it was that Yuvaan just met? I’m pretty sure you all have a fairly good idea 😉
I’ll be posting next on Friday.

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  1. amazing next post soon I think baby

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      You might just be right ?
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  2. We readers are ready putting on the seatbelt and waiting for the action to blow hard.. We don’t need to say anything when the author knows how to set the story on fire…

    Seriously its wooow.. How can u be soo excellent with the plot.. When we read it feels like we are streaming though the scene for real.. And ur well thought out arcs are fabulous.. I can’t find new praises everyday.. So I just have to go through all the old ones… I am totally in love with the story..

    For all we know my favourite villain Baby is back!!! And for some reasons I am loving her this time becoz she is bringing kriyam close and is acting as an obstacle in the Yuvkrish wedding.. I don’t know what will happen next but I am ready at the hot seat with popcorn…

    Now, a wait for friday is surely going to be long.. But I totally loved it.. Love u soo much girl.. ?

    1. Fanficwriter

      Hey Annie, I have to say, you use amazing description even in your comments??

      You’re making me literally jump in happiness with all the compliments on my writing, it means a lot gurl?

      Don’t finish the popcorn too soon? there’s a lot to come before the wedding?

      Thank you again for everything Annie, I can’t tell you enough how glad I am to have a friend like you.

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  3. Omg now baby is coming back it means kriyam love is on thew way I m so happy it means now yuvkrish marriage is cancelled oh god yaar it’s amazing update next part soon

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      Yeah, I know, I can’t wait either?
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  4. Uff now Krishna is pushing away her feelings when they both understand and baby is coming u know what Its first time I m happy that she is coming back matlab now kriyam is going to be one i can’t wait update next part asap

    1. Fanficwriter

      Yup, you’re right, Baby’s back with a bang, and she’s gonna bring in a lot of plot twists and we’re going to uncover more of Sayyam’s past. Let’s see how Kriyam’s journey gets affected ?

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      Thank you Muniya,? Baby’s gonna be pretty cool in my story, you’ll enjoy every moment ?
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    This is very very existing…. Ithni short update…But this is telling me so much… I hope it’s going to turn out to exactly in Ssel…But this time..The forced marriage not to make Krishna’s life as hell but to save her from the blo*dy Yuvaan..

    I don’t what you think..Just my assumption..I know you always unpredictable…I really love it too..

    The last one is… Sayyam felt good after hearing Yuvaan love another gal… That’s really good..
    Waiting for the firing action packed episodes..

    1. Fanficwriter

      Hey Fidato?, you guessed it perfectly, my ff is gonna be about the transition from hate to love for Sayyam and Krishna, and that’s gonna start soon. ? I really want to use the SSEL storyline to it’s full potential, so I’ll be including a forced marriage.

      Sayyam does have feelings for her, and he is aware of that fact, while Krishna is still confused. Let’s see how the future events unfold ?

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    N it’s Baby ? for d first time she’s doing something good, dat too unintentionally?

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      Yeah, I agree? Kriyam’s gonna be the star of this story now?

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      No need to apologize, it’s totally fine!Thank you for taking the time to comment?
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  9. Of course its baby?…But I like baby because she is the reason why kriyyam cones closer….good epi

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      Yeah, it had to be Baby?, but don’t worry, I have a feeling you’ll come to like her a bit??

  10. Obviously she’s baby?I hate this yuvan?such a cheater he’s ?and episode was on fire?the fight between kriyam is turning uglier?and this is so interesting storyline?

    1. Fanficwriter

      Yeah, you’re probably right, the girl might
      be Baby ? Yuvaan is getting a bit annoying right now…hmm let’s see what I’ll
      do with him later ?
      Glad to know you like the storyline, it means a lot Zani??

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    Yay, so baby is going to be the reason Kriyam get closer! Sayyam, is not going to let Suhani or Krishna get hurt, Sayyam to the rescue! Can’t wait for the next chapter, I’m looking forward to the Kriyam scenes. Brilliant chapter again! Loving it! ?

    1. Fanficwriter

      Yup, Sayyam’s definitely “trying” to co.e to the rescue…but let’s see what effect his little upcoming ‘plan’ has on everyone ?
      Thanks for commenting Shaz, it made my day??

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