Unknowingly your’s – (RagSan) Part 3- Don’t angry me

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Thank you so much guys for commenting on my previous part. Sorry for not replying on your comments, but Dil se Thank you so so much. 


The part may contain grammatical and spelling mistakes.

“I think you should go with this red one Ragu, it’s really beautiful”. Said my 2 am friend Ritu, scrutinizing the pink color dress which one of the salesgirl showed us.

“But I liked this pink one Rits. It’s kinda cute and would look perfect on me. What say?”

“You shut up. You don’t know anything my innocent baby. In this dress dress you’d look hot. Abhishek won’t be able to control himself by looking at you my girl. And the dress which you have chosen is a long one Ragu, hiding your beautiful legs out there. I don’t agree with you wearing long dresses on your first night then this hot short ones.”

Hmph.. Yes first night. My marriage was one month away now and here  I was with my friend shopping for  my  wedding. The main wedding shopping was already done. Some small things such as this particular one was left hence Ritu accompanied me, and here we were discussing for about half an hour about which dress to wear on my wedding night.  She was a very difficult person to convince and I fail miserably every time. I agree it is my first night and I shouldn’t be shy to wear short dresses in front of my husband. But I am still not comfortable with him yet.

Pulling me out of my thoughts she told me to choose fast as she was getting late. Choose? Really? As if she would agree if I had to choose the pink long dress. I had no choice, I selected the red one. Anyway wearing it or not was my choice. She smiled and I payed for it.

Normally, to be husband and to be wife go shopping together. But here was the different case. Abhishek didn’t show up in any of the wedding preparations or shopping. He didn’t even take some time to choose my wedding lehenga and my wedding ring. I was very disappoint with it. He was been too busy with work these days. He told me as he had to take a months break or so he has to finish up his work.

“Hey..That’s Kavita right?”

I looked at Ritu and then immediately looked at the direction she was pointing to. Yes she was indeed Kavita and that man was Mr Maheshwari.

“What is she doing there with that man.”

“Ritu, your getting late right. Sorry for making you wait so long and thanks for joining me.”

“Ok don’t if you don’t want to. Bye for now. Will meet you soon. And yes tell Kavita, nice catch.” She gave mischievous smile to me and left.

I shook my head at her and again darted my eyes in the direction of the two people standing behind the car near a huge banyan tree.
Not only Abhishek but Kavita annoyed me a lot these days. She was least interested in my wedding the recent time wherein she was the one most excited initially. Honestly I don’t expect much from her, at least one time shopping would do. But for her meeting Sanskaar Maheshwari was more important than my wedding. For her Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari who had just entered her life was more important than the girl who has been with her since childhood in her good and worst times.

I don’t know what does this Maheshwari want from us. He has made my sister so much in love with him that she has started chanting his name.

I saw Kavita hugging him and left from there. A devilish smirk played on his lips as he saw Kavita’s retreating figure. I swear I’ll kill him if he cheats on my sister. I seriously don’t trust this Maheshwari, he’s been rude, egoistic, player all his life and suddenly he is all sane. I don’t believe it even though I don’t know him personally. I think I should confront him and that is what I should do now at this moment. I gathered some strength and started towards him.

“Mr Maheshwari”. I called out my voice confident.

He instantly turned taking my breath away again. He looked same when I last saw him. He had white shirt on, with grey blazer on it and a black tie perfectly made around his neck. He had worn grey trousers. He had Rolex watch adorning around his wrist. His black well polished shoes shined in the sunlight. He had is aviators on hiding his beautiful orbs. Why on earth did he have to look so ravishing.

“I don’t know about you miss, but I certainly don’t have time to waste. So whatever you want to tell me do it fast or just leave”.

How rude. He don’t know how to talk to a women. I clearly understand that because he is one of the Maheshwari who don’t give a f**k to their women.

What am I even thinking, I am not his women.

I cleared my throat avoiding his discourtesy. “Mr Maheshwari, can you please do me a favour. Will you please stay away from my sister. I don’t want you to linger around her. She can’t​understand what is good and bad for her. She don’t understand who is right and who is wrong. I know she is not the first one who you dating and I am hundred percent sure she is not the last one too. I don’t want to see her hurt which I think is coming soon.” I stopped and looked at his face which had neutral expressions and continued pointing my forefinger towards him. “You better stay away from my sister.”

He removed his glares giving me full pleasure of looking into his black orbs. I don’t know why but I feel somewhat attracted  towards this man. Who won’t  be, he had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. He cocked his head looking towards me making him look more handsome.

Ragini stop. Remember you hate him for making your sister crazy for him.

“So, miss Ragini right, Kavita’s sister?”

I rolled my eyes towards him and instantly he caught my arms hard. I yelled in pain.

“Don’t you roll your eyes at me, young lady! I don’t like it. I am being a good listener but you won’t be able to tolerate my actions if I get angry. And coming to your sister, I am not lingering behind her. She is been madly throwing herself on me. And being a gentleman I am, can’t refuse any advances made by your beautiful sister.” He pushed me making me stumble a bit and started walking towards his Mercedes benz. What the hell was wrong with this man and he is talking about gentlemen thing. Does he know the meaning of gentle at least. I acted unaffected and warned him again.

” Mr. Maheshwari, I am warning you the first and last time. Stay away from my sister, the consequences won’t be good.”

He turned towards clenching his jaw. But suddenly he started laughing. Hr opened the back door and his driver drove him away. Ohh my my, the man looks more handsome while laughing. I wonder what type of expression would make him ugly. He looks good in every way.

Stop it you stupid Ragini. He is your enemy.

Little did I know that this enemy of mine was making place in my heart not as enemy but something else.


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