UNITED AT HEARTS| chapter 1| by tvfan1


Chapter 1

Some broken hearts!

Aastha’s POV

He and I sit there in silence. No emotions run in my mind. As I started groeing emotions for him, he ruined it all!
I still can’t believe that Radhika is Shiv’s girlfriend. I sighed.

His room was filled with his pictures. It was dead silent. Even a pin drop could be heard. Shiv stares at his watch..probably wanting to leave the room.

“You can go” I sighed.

He stared at my face, as if to say ‘how do you know?’

I looked away and got out my book to read. Shiv left the room and I was alone.

Shiv’s POV.

I got on my bike to meet Radhika. She really will be mad at me.

I parked my bike outside her house. Her papa was sitting on a bench in her garden. I smiled at him.

“ahh..Shiv I was looking forward to see you” said Radhika’s papa.

He was coming closer to me. His fist clenched by the side.

“You wicked child! you ruined my daughter’s life! How dare you marry…” He went on and on.

Radhika came outside to see me. Her eyes were full of tears. She came near to her papa and hugged him tight.

“I’m really so-” I started.

But with that word Her papa lifted his hand and SLAPPED ME, hard on the cheek.
Radhika stared at her papa. I felt my cheek getting burned.

“GET OUT OF HERE” screamed her pap.

I turned back and got on my bike. Thank god Aastha didn’t know about Radhika.

Aastha’s POV

It was really late when Shiv returned. I went to open the door, as Shiv knocked on it.

I was shocked to find Shiv not in his proper senses. He was swaying side to side, unable to control himself.

“Oh god! what did you do to yourself?” I asked as I put my arm around him.

He was drunk! “Are you drunk?” I asked.

He smiled awkwardly and shook his head. I took him to the bed. He jumped to his pillow like a baby, and closed his eyes to sleep!

I sat opposite him. Shiv’s whole body was covering the bed and no room for me.

I took my pillow and my blanket to the couch next to my bed.

“Oh Aastha, what have you done to yourself?” I ask myself, unable to believe my life!

The tears that were stuck in my eyes jumped out. “you don’t cry Aastha..never cry” I said to myself as I wiped my tears from the back of my hand.

Precap: Sweet treats!



so this is the first chapter of my story!
I really do hope you enjoy it!


have happy thoughts
keep watching EAAB!

  1. Jazzmaan

    Wow it is so nice..waiting for next and please read my article.. Meri dadi all episodes and Dio me mere o kanha to hi tu..super article..
    And keep going.. To way to depict is awesome..
    I guess we should call them ASTHIV

    1. Tvfan1

      Thank you so much jazz!!

      Anyway I will surely read it!!

      That’s an another good name.. So many suggestions!!

  2. Ck1234



    Awesome start riya lets see what next chapter bring twists for us

    1. Tvfan1

      Thanks dear
      Keep reading!!

  4. Ovb

    Awesome Tvfan1 can’t wait for the next one ?

    1. Tvfan1

      Thank you dear
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  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow nice start
    Can’t wait for the next part nice
    So Aastha n shiv got married ?

    1. Tvfan1

      thank you dear!!!
      yeah they did!!

      P.S- did u get an idea for an ff?

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Well not for an ff but I got an idea for an OS and i m currently writing a ff but it’s on another show after i end that one as i m gonna end that next week and I have a complete story for the OS only then I will write that ?

    3. Tvfan1

      oh okay!!
      looking forward to read them!

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    Interesting story..u r doing awesome by writing such ffs

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      Thank you so much!!
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    When will you update your ff

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