The unique love story by riya (Part 1)

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Hi guys please yaar forgive me I couldn’t post cause my exams are on head sorry but I promise to continue after exam sorry
‘Good morning ‘ shravan said as he took his seat in the breakfast table.

‘Good morning ramnath, , nirmala and vandy answered in unison.

‘ iam telling you shravan . No works for one week as you are newly married’ nirmala said

‘1 week ? No chance mom , I have important business meeting today’ he replied eating his salad

‘shravan,your mom is right .. You…’ his dad, ramnath started but was interrupted by shravan.

‘dad, pls I cant avoid my works and pls dont stress yourself, atleast for your health, ,you have to take rest atleast for 1 week, till varun bhai returns from business trip’ he said as he finished his breakfast and stood -up.

‘ yes dad, you have to eat healthy and stay at home’vandy said

‘okay , okay ‘ dad smiled

‘Good morning everyone’ just then suman came

‘good morning beta have your breakfast’ ramnath said, nirmala and Vandy smiled.

‘ suman,be at work soon’ shravan said Suman nodded’no shravan, atleast leave her for…’ before nirmala could complete her sentence shravan walked away.

It was almost 9 when shravan came back from office he burst into the room, momentarily flummoxed about the fact that she hadn’t locked it “You’re irresponsible suman’ she turned from the window, and saw shravan ,His eyes were so intense, they resembled glowing coals.”You’re not going to do this to me again. I won’t let you.’he said walking towards her .

‘shravan.. I.. Iam s.. Sorry’she stuttered talking steps backward

‘sorry? ‘ shravan asked sarcastically’ dont you know how serious iam when it comes to my work, why didn’t you show-up at office today, didn’t you know about the meeting ?’

‘I .. I didn’t know shravan and ‘she mumbled.

‘you had prepared for the presentation but you are so irresponsible’he groaned taking steps towards her.He caught her right before she hit the ground and they held each other, breathing deeply . Her sapphire-blue eyes twinkled in the moonlight . Their gazes met and locked, they were so lost in each other.suman felt her stomach started doing butterfly backflips , when shravan’s arms were embraced around her waist. She thought shravan could hear her heartbeat’s. Shravan realised their position and moved away He was going to walk out .When he spun back, a bolt of exhilarated fear went through her. She had no idea what he thought, what he planned to do. He sat in the bed for a few minutes ,suman just stood there simply.

‘shravan actually, mom asked me to stay at home as some relative’s and neighbour’s were coming over to see me, how could I deny’ she explained looking anywhere but shravan. She felt shravan’s gaze at her. She waited for him to answer but then she decided to walk out of the room.

‘ Suman’shravan almost whispered to which she didn’t hear , he walked fast and grabbed her arm turning her toward the wall.It seemed only a second passed, so fast she didn’t know how she got there and didn’t even consider analyzing shravan was there, leaning against her, his arm so close to her head , Bad enough that she couldn’t breathe, speak, swallow or hear anything outside of her own painfully thudding heartbeat. ‘iam sorry’ he said in a low voice that had her wanting to melt on the floor ‘but why?’ she thought.

Managing to swallow past the baseball lump in her throat, she replied ‘no shravan , i must be..’

‘I should have understand suman, its our first day after marriage’ He shrugged. For some unknown reason a wide smile spread in suman’s lips. shravan moved away a little.

‘why are you smiling? ‘ he frowned

‘you are so sweet shravan’ she smiled

‘whaa? Sweet and me? Are you in your sense suman?’ he chuckled

‘yah shravan , I know we have lost the deal because of me and your anger is … ‘ she was cut-off by shravan

‘ suman ..pls I should have postponed the deal’ he smiled back. “suman , shravan dinner is ready ‘ they heard vandy calling em

‘lets go …’ shravan said as they walked out of room .’wait a minute’ shravan said holding suman’s hand and looking at her from top to bottom.
‘saree .. Ah.?’ he said’you look s*xy’

‘thanks’ suman blushed crimson red

‘ahem ahem… we have given you a room love-birds ‘ nirmala said coming towards them.

‘mom.. Actually. ‘ shravan mumbled ‘mom, I will help bhabi and chand qala in setting the dinner’ suman excused as she was embarrassed . ‘mom come let’s go’shravan said and he too walked -off from there and surayya just smiled at this lovely couple:)


A/N: yeah, shravan is a workaholic, suman has sapphire blue eyes
I’d written this os in some other couple, thought to pen it down with Shraman;)
Pasand aaya??!
agar aaya toh comment kijiye bye meet you after 19decmber

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  1. Prettypreeti

    Riyoo ohhh sweety it was just 2 gooddd wonderful.loved it.
    Itna intazaar chl tere liye karongi.
    Loved it.
    All the best.
    Lov u

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks preet Di love you too

  2. Sami

    haay apke epi ne to hmari jaan leli

    1. Sharmansangel

      Arre aise apni jaan mat dijiye Varna humare episode aur os kaun padhega

      1. Sami

        chlon abh jaan dena phir hold pr

  3. Diya

    Oh its awesome !!!!!!!! Loved it !! BEST OF LUCK AND POST ASAP !!!

  4. Hey! This was awesome!!!!
    Just loved it… will miss you for so many days come soon.
    Lots of love.

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks Cristie

  5. _pari_alisha

    Hey riyaaa nyc start loved it post soon,…

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks but I think you are new here cause I have been writing for a long time

      1. _pari_alisha

        Aryyy sorry baba actually i forgot the password of that acc so i had to make new one…. But is my lil sisso i really missed u…..

      2. Sharmansangel

        And it’s okay

    2. _pari_alisha

      I,m not new yar its angel_pari only rememb me????

      1. Sharmansangel

        Pari Di what is this yaar you changed your ID so how will I identify you

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey Riya finally u posted the story
    I m so much in love with ur stories
    And this one was amazing too
    Wow Shravan workaholic and also Shraman works today woah
    And the ending was diff
    Shravan didn’t hold any grudge against her and felt sorry instead that was sweets
    And wow sumo with sapphire blue eyes ?
    Best of luck for ur exams ?

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks fata appi love you

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey riya !!!!
    Waowww awesome OS yar ..
    All the best for ur exmz
    Take care

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks appi and you too take care love you

  8. really sorry for commenting late acchuly I am vary busy from last 2-3 days so I can’t read any one’s ff’s or os’s.
    now come to this one it was just perfect. I just love this. awesome one…
    post soon….
    lots of love…

    1. Sharmansangel

      It’s totally fine and thanks

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