Unique love story by Harshitha (part 12)

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Annika is thinking to go to shopping for her engagement. She goes to Shivaay’s room but doesnot see him. So sits on a couch waiting for him to come from the lavatory. She takes some magzines and starts reading it. Just then Shivaay comes out taking his bath. He sees Annika and shouts aloud u? What are u doing here? Annika looks up and says I came… But starts laughing like a lunatic. He has no clue y is she laughing. He signs what? Annika signs him to look down. Shivaay looks down and is shocked that he is in bathrobe. He runs and hides behind the bed embaressed. Annika is still laughing. Shivaay says u, u y will u come to this room everytime when I am like this. Annika tries to control the laugh and says Y will u stand like this everytime infront of me. Shivaay is still behind the bed and asks her to go out. She goes and he stands up. But Annika again comes inside and he runs and hides behind the couch. He asks y did she come again? Annika laughs and says she came to ask him for shopping. Shivaay says he will not come. Annika blackmails him that if he dont come then she will say the while scene to Omru, Prinku and Sumo. Shivaay says no, no, I will come. Annika says that’s like my would be. Shivaay murmurs Drama Queen. Annika goes from there and after sometime Shivaay comes to the living room. Where all the youngsters are already waiting. As soon as Shivaay comes there Annika starts laughing reminscing  the before incident.  While Shivaay is angry and remaining are clueless. Rudra says what happened Babhi? Annika was about to say something but Shivaay closed her mouth with his hands. Everyone are stunned. Shivaay says nothing, nothing  and ask them to be out and they ( shivaay and Annika) will come in a few minutes. All leave. Shivaay whispers in Annika ears ,in a pleasing way not to say anything . Annika nods her head and asks what’s for her if she dont say anything. Shivaay says he will buy her a teddybear. Annika says after marriage he will be with her then there is no need of teddybear. Shivaay smiles and says ok, what she want? Annika thinks and says she will ask at the right time. He says ok and they all go to the shopping.

They start buying Indian dresses for marriage and engagement. Shivaay selects a dress for Annika and she selects for him. All the girls go to one side and boys to other. Shivaay wears the dress and comes to show it to Annika but she is still in trail, so he stands outside. After sometime Rudra is busy in flirting with a sales girl while Soumya sees this and goes to him and pats him from back. And they both start fighting in their usual way. So Prinku and Om go their to calm them whereas Shivaay smiles and is waiting for Annika.

Annika suddenly calls Prinku. Shivaay hears and says Prinku is not there. Annika says Soumya. Shivaay says soumya is also not there. Annika says ooh god. Shivaay says what happened? Annika says she has a problem in zipping the dress. Shivaay says should I help. Annika says no,no. Shivaay says come on Annika, we are going to be married, just open the door. Annika hesitates but opens it. Shivaay enters and closes it. They both share a romantic moment. Shivaay says she looks stunning.

Annika says even he looks in same way and they both hug eachother. Just the Prinku comes there and knocks door saying Babhi, any help. Shivaay and Annika realise that they are in trailroom and Annika shuts Shivaay mouth and says no Prinku. Prinku says did u see bhai. Annika says no. She goes. Annika says Shivaay you go, if they see us like this then they start teasing. Shivaay says ok but just then Soumya comes there and says Annika di. Annika again drags Shivaay from going  and they come in a hugging position and shouts ha, soumya.  Soumya says di, any help. Annika says no and is tensed while Shivaay is being romantic and caressing Annika nd tucking her hair behind the ear. As soon as Soumy leaves. Annika says Shivaay, stop romancing and go out nd she pushes him out. Shivaay starts laughing from out while Annika is blushing inside. And all do there shopping and they go to the billing counter.

There a sales man says that as it is wedding season there is a lucky draw for the lucky couples nd ask them to fill the forms. Shivaay says he is not intrested while Annika says Shivaay it will be crazy, we will fill it. Shivaay agress reluctantly. And Annika starts filling the form. Shivaay says by the way your handwriting is really awesome. Annika says I am awesome in eveeything and pats her back. Shivaay side hugs her and they smile. And atlast they get a honeymoon package for the lucky draw.

At the night, Annika and Shivaay are sitting at the pool side. In there usual way by holding hands and laying there head on eachother shoulders. Annika is so excited about there marriage and goes on saying stuff about that. While Shivaay is listening to her and smiles at her excitement. After some casual talking Shivaay, says to Annika that he will not stop her and she can acheive her dreams and even can start her own company and he dont have any objection. Annika kisses him on cheeks and says I love u and btw, I dont have such dreams. Shivaay says then what was your dream. Annika says Shivaay, when I am small I used to miss my family a lot. Though aunt and Uncle were there, I used to be lonely inside as there are no one to share my talks and then I decides and my biggest dream is that I should have so many children and a good husband to whom I can share all my happiness. Shivaay smiles and says  so many children. Annika thinks what she said and gets up. Shivaay holds her hand and gets up. He cups her face and caresses her hair. Annika starts blushing while Shivaay gives a peck on her lips shocking Annika.

She smiles and goes from there. Shivaay smiles seeing her leaving.

While Daksh is trying hard to get Annika back and is hiring some goons to get her from Oberoi Mansiom and says that Shivaay Singh Oberoi is not a normal man so they should think of a plan so that they dont get into a trouble. And then a plan strikes his mind and he smirks.
So thie is a cliff hanger and next one will be posted based on the comments I receive.

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