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anurag is waiting in his apartment for naira to arrive..

anurag in mind: why naira is taking time today??I atself came soon from office then why naira is taking time??…

a door knock is heared and he opens the door and sees naira..

anurag: wow!!cool entry..

Naira: yes..iam always cool like ice!!

naira enters her house happily and throws her bag while Anurag looks on and..

Anurag: I think my cute sis is so happy..am I right?

Naira: yes..iam so happy today!!.

Anurag: why… did you accept anyone’s proposal?

naira gets angry and..

Naira: shut up!!.I dint accept anyone’s proposal but I gave a beautiful gift to aguy who proposed me today….

anurag makes a funny face and..

anurag: woww!!what gift did you give him today??is it a slap or kick??

naira laughs and..

naira: no..today a different type of gift !!.

Anurag: then did you pour kerosene on him??

Naira: no..I slapped him with my slipper!!!

anurag laughs and..

Anurag: when will you change naira??one day you have to accept someone’s proposal. From the day you got cheated by Kevin you are doing this work to all men’s who are proposing you…iam really feeling pity for every men who have proposed you because everyone got nice slap,kick and more from you…..please stop this work and accept a nice guy soon!!

naira gets sad and angry…

naira: i won’t accept anyone. Iam only getting cheated..I only trust you and my bhabhi and not anyone else. I won’t trust any humans because humans are betrayals…

anurag makes a face and..

Anurag: wait..what did you tell??first of all who is your bhabhi??I dint get married yet then who is your bhabhi???..

naira: it’s your future girlfriend. When you love a girl then I will trust her also completely like you and other than that I won’t trust anyone.

anurag makes a face and…

Anurag: I won’t accept anyone if you don’t…I will also remain single if you remain single.

Naira: don’t be stubborn.you will surely fall for a girl one day..

Anurag: if you are stubborn then iam more stubborn. You will also surely fall for a guy one day and that day will be a diwali for me!!

naira gets angry..

Naira: what did you tell??if I accept a guy one day then that day will be a diwali for you huh??then are you trying to tell that you will be happy if I go from here???

naira takes a pillow angrily and throws on him and Anurag tries to stop but he is unable to control her…

Anurag: naira..please stop!!I dint tell in that intention….I just told you because I will feel happy if you love someone and accept him as your life partner!!so kindly stop!!!!..

bit naira doesn’t listen and she beats him with pillows nicely and the pillows gets torn and the room gets filled with pillows sponge all over!!


aditya and prerna are enjoying in the beach romantically…

aditya: I feel lucky to have you in my life prerna..

prerna smiles and..

Prerna: yes..iam too lucky to have you in my life!!

suddenly prerna becomes upset and she moves from him and Aditya comes to her and…

Aditya: what happened??why did you become upset now??

prerna : Aditya..we love each for almost a year but still your dad dint accept me..then how and when will our marriage happen??if your father accepts me only I can tell to my parents about you and until that I should hide because if they knew that your father is not accepting me then they will cancel our alliance…..

prerna stands upset while Aditya takes her hand and kisses and tells..

aditya : don’t worry about my dad. He will accept you soon.our love will surely win his heart one day…this is my promise.i promise you that I will make my dad accept you within this month okay??

prerna smiles emotionally and Aditya looks her cutely and he kisses her forehead..

aditya: thanks for coming into my life.now I will show you a suprise….

prerna gets happy while Aditya shows a dining in beach and he shows a vanilla cake to prerna and prerna gets happy seeing it….

Prerna: wow!!what a suprise..you have brought my fav.cake. and why did you brought a cake suddenly??

suddenly a rocket flies in the sky and it bursts in the dark sky and in the sky it appears as HAPPY 1ST LOVE ANNIVERSAY..Β  Β prerna gets suprised seeing this..

Prerna: what’s this??

aditya comes close to prerna and he whispers..

Aditya: today is 1st anniversary of our love. We confessed our love on this day before a year and do you remember it??so inorder to make this day a special I made this arrangements and do you like it prerna.??

prerna gets more happy and she kisses him in out of excitement..

aditya gets happy and..

Aditya: ok..come.lets cut the cake together.

he forwards his hand to prerna and prerna holds his hand and they both cut the cake together and they dance..



bani and gauri gets ready and compliments each other…

bani: you are looking like a sweet girl gauri and I don’t know who is going to fall for you in college…

Gauri: thank you for giving a good compliment!!. Even you are looking more beautiful… surely a guy will propose you today!!.

Bani: let’s see..if it’s true I will accept that guy!!

gauri gets shocked..

Gauri: what??you will accept him without even knowing his background??

Bani: I dint say that I will accept from my heart. I will just accept him to prank so that it will be fun!!!..

gauri smiles and: I know..you are a exact girl rowdy!!.I am feeling pity for the guy who is going to propose you…

Bani: shut up!!.pranks does not make me look like rowdy and it’s just fun. You won’t understand this funny habits…

Gauri: ok fine. I will go and sleep now .

Bani: ok..

they both go to sleep and on next day both gets ready and gauri slowly peeps into kitchen and sees a large bowl of sweet and makes a yummy face..

gauri in mind: wow..a bowl full of halwa!!.if I eat this then it will feel as if iam living in heaven!!!!..but if bani di or my parents see me they won’t allow me to eat so I will eat without their knowledge.

she eats fast the halwa and suddenly bani comes behind and calls her in which gauri gets scared and she hides the bowl behind and…

Gauri (hiding something): ye..yes di. Wh..what do you want??

bani looks her and gets confused..

Bani: why are you looking scared?? Are you hiding something??

Gauri: n..no di. Why I should hide something from you??

bani sees her hands back and..

Bani: then why are you keeping your hands back??show me your hand…

gauri gets scared and she thinks..

Gauri in mind: now iam gone. If di knows that iam eating sweets then she will surely punish me..ohh noo. Now I should escape somehow!!but how??

gauri slowly keeps the bowl backwards without bani’s knowledge and she runs away while bani stands confused..

Bani in mind: what happened to this girl??why is she behaving strange??

bani sees the empty bowl of halwa and gets shocked.

precap: kartik and urvashi visit Singhania house. Ashwin sends Aditya’s marriage proposal to goenka’s. Gauri sleeps on rehaan’s class.



  1. Amazing 😊.naira’s way of rejecting guys looks funny 🀣🀣. pillow fight is nice πŸ‘πŸ˜Š.ADIPRE moments were awesome 😊. Did Ashwin changed his mind as he is sending proposal to Goenka’s??did he accepted prerna??. Gauri and bani conversation was funny🀣. fantastic 😍

    1. Thank you.iam happy that you liked pillow fighting and ADIPRE moments.ashwin’s motive will be revealed in next episode.thank you once again

  2. Jasminerahul

    Anurag naira conversation in the beginning was funny.i wonder who naira’s cheater bf Kevin is.naira saying that she will trust her future bhabhi though anurag is not committed was striking.bani gauri scene was nice.how will bani react as she came to know that gauri was eating sweets?adipre conversation was emotional. Each n every adipre scenes were very romantic.

    1. Kevin will be shown soon .iam happy that you liked bani gauri scene. Bani will get angry for sure at gauri 😣.iam happy that you liked ADIPRE romance 😊

  3. Jasminerahul

    Perfect pics

  4. Christine 14

    Nice characters and an even better start.

    1. Thank you

  5. Aldy

    Nice…..loved the bond between naira and anurag….who is this Kevin…. I think bani get shocked because gauri is diabetic and she eats halwa… waiting for next episode

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