Unforgettable month of my life (OS)

Hey guys thank you for your lovely responses. It really means a lot to me. Love you all❤❤
Before you read I want to say if you are not in mood to get emotional so please read later. Thank you.

So let’s start:

In a room a girl is seen sitting. It’s seem like she’s thinking something and writing. Yeah she is Riddhima.

Riddhima’s POV,
Hey, how are you. I hope you are fine. See as I promised I came. You know me in and out, you had seen me crying, laughing, I had shared everything with you which I can’t share with anyone. Today I don’t know why I cried, cried a lot but not in front of any one. Somewhere I know the reason but I will not fall weak, I had to be strong to console her. Her..? Yeah my bestie Cum sister, sejal. You know na she’s very emotional type person yet very strong and practical. 4th may 2021, most worst day of her… not her our life. She lost her Uncle who she love the most in this world.

You know my weakness, I always say I don’t have any emotions, but at that day when she called me and cried, I lost all my senses. It’s been a month but till today whenever that day crosses my mind tears started flowing from my eyes because I had never ever seen her crying that to so miserably. We always do fun, annoy each other but this was something new for me. It’s most hard thing to console her. Yes I said she is strong indeed she is, because for her family she didn’t cried in front of them. She always stood with them and always support them. I’m very proud of her.

But whenever she used to talk with me she used to cry I used to make her understand, she is very stubborn you know she never listen to me. As I said I’m very bad at this thing like consoling and make her understand was very hard thing for me. She used to say she don’t wanna live more, she can’t bear pain of losing him. It really pierced my heart. Of course when you love someone most and they talk about giving up on life it’s painful right? With much difficulty she understood what I had said to her.
Everyday when I wake up a new fear crosses through my mind. Is how to console Her? How to make her understand?

And at that time I was all alone. There was No one with whom I can share my pain because sejal was only one who knows me in and out.
Gayatri was there but what she did broke me to that extent that I can’t trust in word FRIEND and I’LL BE ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU. When I needed her most she left me and the reason she gave was fabulous
She said ” I was just checking that you are my friend or not”.

Like seriously here I was dying daily to see sejal in this condition and here she was testing me. That’s it from that day I never called her or messaged her , even she didn’t tried to contact me. So how can I call her my friend? You tell me did I had done right? Because of her on the relation which I was proud of that yeah I am able to call myself I’m a good friend questioned myself AM I REALLY ABLE TO CALL MYSELF A GOOD FRIEND?

I was in situation that neither I can cry nor I can share anything to anyone.

So I think that cry was necessary for once again to become strong which I’m not.

At last I want to say sometimes breakdown for ourselves is needed. And everything has a solution, only you have to do is keep patience.

The end

Hey guys, I’m sorry if I had made you all emotional. But it’s true it perice my heart whenever I think of that month. That was really tough for all. But all will sort out. Keep hope in God. He’ll never do wrong with you.

Once again sorry for any mistakes. Hope you all like it.❤


  1. True friendship

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    Oh my god!!! Sucha beautiful os dear.. yes u made me emotional.. but it was so amazing!!!

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    Lovely ❤ Losing someone special of our life really hurts 🤧🤧🤧

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      Indeed it hurts but seeing our loved ones crying that hurts more.

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    1. Will be eagerly waiting for the next update
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      Lots of love ❤️
      Although I was not in a mood of reading emotional os ..I read it as I could not resist myself (Silly me😂😂😂)

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    True friendship ❤

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