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Shivaay saw annika after 2 years in club and mahira got stuck in fire
Sometime before
Announcement: flight number 8125 coming from jaipur to mumbai has successfully landed
Mahira landed in mumbai and after checking she came out from arrival and wait sometime and bring taxi
Taxi driver: mam where u want to go
Mahi: bhaya plz bring me to 28/156 inder colony andheri west (its a guess only)
TD :okk can i ask u one question
Mahi: yaa go ahead

TD : do u come first tym mumbai??
Mahi: Hmmm shayad (she said in flow)
TD : shayad i didn’t understand
Mahi: ohh sorry actually bhaiya i came here first tym bhaiya how much time it take to reach there
TD : mam its a long way ahead so may be one hour
Mahi: okkk
Mahi start observing beauty of mumbai from window and lost in her world

Mahi Pov.
Why this place seems so similar to me have i come to this place before these roads and place seems to be familiar i feel so connected to this place and she went in deep slumber of sleep after 1 hour her sleep is disturbed by taxi driver voice
Td: mam we reached destination
Mahi in sleep: plz let me sleep billu ji i don’t want to get up
TD: mam u r in taxi and i m not billu ji plz get up mam in loud voice
Mahira awake with jerk
M: sorry bhaiya wo actually i don’t know when i slept and thank u bhaiya

Td: its okk mam waise mam can i ask u one more question
M: yaa
Td: mam who is billu ji
M:billuji shocked who billu ji i don’t know
Td: mam u r mummering name billuji in ur sleep so i thought he must be vry close to u
M: its not like that me na kuch bhi bolti hu neend me soo may be i was dreaming and thank u and have ur money and thank u once again

She move to house and while talking to herself
Billuji seriously mahi what is happening with u why i m behaving so wearidly after coming to mumbai what is happening with me what r u thinking mahi i have to concentrate on my mission otherwise i will become mad one day
And she reached a door of flat and found it locked now where the hell is karan i have to call him she dialed karan no.
K: hello
M:hello k baache where r u i m waiting for u on the door
K:sorry mahi
M:now tell me what to do

M: where
K:under the pot which is on right side u will find the key of door and a letter on refrigerator so read it and meet me the place as mentioned okk byyy and he cuts the call
Mahi does the same and found letter on refrigerator and she read
Mahi i got to know about a informer who can help us in mission he will be in paradise club at 4 pm so till than u rest and meet me at paradise club i will meet u there directly and order something to eat don’t try to do cooking ookk so till than do rest byyy☺☺☺☺

Mahi fold the letter and burn it and throw in dustbin and move to room

Simuntaneously in OM
G:omkara ji ye apne kya kiya q bhaiya k zakhmo ko fir se hara kar diya
O:don’t know what happened to me i was not able to see shivaay state and i just
R: its okk oo now don’t blame urself
B: yes bhaiya don’t feel bad
O :now we have to do something humein shivaay ko iss dard se bahar lana hoga
G:: but 4 that we have to take bhaiya out of the house we have to take him out
B:but where
R: idea

In shivaay room
Shivaay was sleeping peacefully but suddenly he feels annika presence
S pov.
Annika where r u i can feel i know u r somewhere near me
He stand in front of annika picture

S: ye sb ko kya ho gya h why don’t they understand that u r alive my annika can’t leave me alone in this crueal world alone now its high tym 2 years annika its 2 years passed now u have to come mujhe pta h ki meri galti maafi k layak nhi h but plz come back i don’t know why today i feel so happiness in my heart may be today i found u
Rudra enter in his room
R:bhaiya r u going somewhere
S:not really u tell
R:bhaiyaa i m going to club

S: club all of sudden but why
R:arey bhaiya its 2nd anniversery of my fitness center and my frnds want a party and i want u to join me
S:why only me why don’t u bring om ,gauri and bhavya

R:bhaiya we are going for party not for satsang he will bore me with his shayari’s and gauri bhabhi she said she is going to take dadi temple and bhavya is busy with her mission so plz come na he makes puppy face
S:okk i will come ☺☺☺
Which shocked rudy but he control himself and hugged him :thank u bhaiya u r the bestest bhaiya in whole world
S:☺☺☺and u r bestest brother and when will we go
R:today get ready by 3pm
They both hugged
Obro moment without us omriya said from behind
S:come join us and they share obro moment

3:30 pm paradise club
Shivru and mahira reach together but and standing opposite to each other but their back r facing each other both feel each other both of them turn but suddenly karan and rudra came and stand between them so they didn’t see each other but their heart can still feel each other rudra drag shivaay inside and karan drag mahira with him to side
Karan : what happened mahi so seems so tense
Mahi : i feeling so uneasy but u tell me

Karan :have u take ur medicines
Mahi: oo yaa but now don’t create suspense and tell me about informer
Karan show her a pic of a men in his phone
K:he is the person whom we have to find he will be here after 40 mins
M: and till than what will we do
K: ???? lets enjoy the and he drag her inside

Inside club
R:bhaiya what are u thinking
R:okk lets have something
S: okk orange juice for me
R:kya bhaiya we r in club what about vodka
R:????okk i ll be back with ur juice
Rudra move toward the counter and bring juice 4 shivaay both notice huge crowd in dance floor
S:rudra what is going on there
R:don’t know bhaiya lets see
S:okk come

Both move toward the direction where karan was flurting with girl
karan shout : dj lets have some music
Dj play the track pyar ki maa ki till than both shivru see him dancing with girl whose back was visible to both
Kabhi blink kare kabhi wink kare
Naina naino se link kare

And mahira turn and she dance with karan now her face was clearly visible to both shiv ru both were shocked but more than shocked they are happy to see annika after so long and for shivaay it is a new birth they tried to reach to her and talk to her but in vain mahira didn’t notice them and she was just concentraring on her dance with karan which fumes shivaay but he control himself and stand there to watch her after 10 mins of dance they move toward counter and order their drinks
Voice :aaaggggg lagi h bhaagoo

People start running here and there shivru try to reach annika
Mahira :we have to do something
K:yes we have to help them
M:u go and off the main switch till than i try to help them
Both move to opposite directions karan off the main switch and both start helping people to come out shivru also help them
After20 mins
Now only mahira in middle near counter and shivaay in gate left

Mahira tried to move out but her leg got twisted and she fell down and her head hit to counter and she became unconcious shivaay see all this and he run to mahira to resque her and take her in his arm and came outside where rudra is waiting for his bhaiya and bhabhi shivaay placed her in car and move
Screen freeze!!!

Mahira in oberoi mansion
Mahira Rock !!!
Oberoi shock!!!!

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What happened with annika 2 years before
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