UNFORGETTABLE LOVE :SHIVIKA (Part 55) ( deadly past and innocent soul part 1)

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Recap : adhiraj pob,shivaay came to karan and ask for past

Luthra’s office
K: so shivaay what u want’s to know
S: everything frm 17 year ago to 2 years back story ..how all this happened ,how anika and gauri separated from their family and how u guys find anika 2 years ago and how u both landed in OM and gauri how did u recognise her everything in detail
K: and why want to know all of this that all of sudeen
S: bcz i thought that anika weired behaviour is somehow related to her past that’s why
K: okk i will tell u everything frm behind
S: okk
K: so how we recognise gauri so do u remember when kriyan came to OM
S:yaa ,for meeting
Karan smile
S: why r u smiling
K: bcz u thought that kriyan came there for meeting
S: so
K: but he didn’t
S: wht than y he came
K: for anikaaaa
S: (jealousy) anika par anika q
K: u have no idea about their bonding shivaay frm childhood after veerji and chachu anika is so close to kriyan and same goes to kriyan ,they share a special bond and they don’t need words to understand each other..
It was getting out of shivaay nerves in jealousy
K: u remember when u all came to our place
S: yaa so what
K: anika ko kisi ka phone aaya tha and after attending fone she was angry on me
S: yaa and she fought with u
K:yaa ryt ..do u know wo whose call was that
S: no ,who
K: it was kriyan call ,bcz he was worried for her
S: yyy
K:bcz i told him about her fainting and doctors advice and he was hell angry on her for not taking care of her health and he was calling her again and again to ask weather she is fine or not
S: hmm
K: and meeting with oberois was just an excuse to come mumbai and check her weather she is fine or not bt when he came to OM he was shocked as well as us too…bcz we didn’t expect us together at same place …than we compose ourself and behave like this that we don’t know each other
S: why u behave like this
K: u will get to know later
S: okk carry on
K: so on dinning table when chutki questioned about having same allergy ,me and anika left the table to avoid further questions and when we were (he explain how they found gauri pboto and they reveal everything to kriyan)
S: so that night u both went to meet kriyan
K: yaa and after that u know rest
S: hmm
K: u know shivaay kriyan and anika share special connection between each other
S: samajh gaya ab next question ka answer do being an officer
how u both landed in OM that to as event manager
K: ,raghav ,me and anika are NIA officers we were so happy ,annika ko kuch yaad nahi tha everything was going perfectly ,raghav ne sammy ko officially propose kiya tha everything was going perfectly bt kehtey h khushiyaan zyaada der nahi tikti…nazar lag jati h ,kisi ki nazar lag gayi thi..
I still remember that day it was raghav and sammy engagement day when in afternoon got an call for help as someone need help
Sammy or anika ko kuch theek nahi lag raha tha jaise kuch honey wala tha
Anika ne ragahv ko rokney ka try bhi kiya bt raghav assure them that everything will be fine bt once he left he came back with us in my engagement
S: what happened to him
K: it was more than 6 hours bt there was no clue of him and we were not able to contact and locate him…and after sometym we were relieved as we got some information about him bt this relief turn into sadness and grief bcz when we reach there we found his car was fully burnt and there was no clue of him …no one know where he disappear in air and u know anika how stuborn she is?? Kya kehti wo tadi..
S: tadibaaz
K: hmm apni tadi or gussey me she decide that she will not come back here untill she didn’t found raghav ,she supressed her pain inside her and her anger has no height if that tym anyone come her way she will surely kill that person without thinking once that’s why whole underworld shiver by listening her name she is mercyless for culptits cotey se chota kya under world ka don bhi officer bhi officer Mahira se darta h,,she is death of culprits her way of doing work is different uskey raastey me jo bhi aaya wo kabhi zinda nahi bacha that’s y i decide to follow her bcz i know that much anger is not good for her health and we start working on that case independently and found that raghav is not the only one bt 16 other officers were lost like this and one day Chief call us and handover this case and told us to protect the OF bcz u r one of the most richest and reputed family in india and no.1 in mumbai and ur family was their next target that’s why we enter in OM as event managers bcz we got to know that they were planning to do something big on party and u know what was they upto…
And he explain him …
K: now i hope u got to know ur some questions answer
S: hmm bt i don’t think so this is related to her behaviour
K: u r ryt
S: shayad something big happened 17 years ago or 2 years ago bt what ..tell me
K: listen
2 years ago
Yash car met with an accident in mumbai ,he was badly injured, no one came ahead for help bt one girl come and she took him to hospital with some peoples
Yash was taken to OT immedietely
G: nurse how is he
N: are u related to him
G: no bt why
Nurse: we urgently need AB+
Same girl: i have same blood group and u can take mine
N: okk come
Sag: nurse how is my husband
N: doctor’s are treating him
Sag: thank u beta u bring my husband here agar tum nahi hoti toh pata nahi kya hota
Girl: don’t say like this aunty and u call me beta and koi apni family ko thanks bolta h…or ye toh mera farz tha …if someone is in my place he will do the same
Rag: everybody is not same ,
Sag: waise beta what is ur name
Adhiraj who just came rooted at his place and raghav and sagrika , karan, sammy,arohi, eye became moist
A; did i said anything wrong aunty
Sag: no wo actually u remind me someone
A: who
Sag: my daughter ,her name was also anika
A: ohh ,where is she
Sag: don’t know and her tear start flowing
A: i m sorry
K: it’s okk
Adhiraj was just staring anika
Ad:doctor how is dad
D: he is absloutely fine ,thanks to her daughter who brought him at correct time agar thodi bhi late ho jati to we can loose her
After saying daughter no one heared anything only daughter ringing in their ear,
Ad: what did u say daughter whose daughter
D: patient daughter
R: how is this possible doctor
D: what do mean
R: matlab how can my sister give blood when she is not here
D: whatt r u saying ,his daughter only give blood to the patient
K: ye kaise possible ho sakta h …
D: i didn’t understand what r u saying
K: i will explain u actually his daughter is missing since 15 years
D: what ,,bt the girl who has given blood ,her dna and mr. Yash DNA matched
Ad: (shock) who is she
N:she is the same girl who brought him here and give her blood naam kya tha Aan..
Ad: Anika (shock)
N: yaa Anika
Everybody shocked and tear of happiness start flowing frm their eyes
Ad: anika ka pata chala
R: nahi i search everywhere bt she is not here
K: she is not even outside
Sag: adhi plz bring my anu back ,i don’t want to loose her again..
Ad: don’t worry mom we will find her
Aanika was moving on road lifelessly
A car was coming frm wrong side towrad anika
Adhiraj see this frm car and run toward her
Ad: princesssss
Anika didn’t pay any heed to him as she was in her own world
Car was about to hit her bt adhiraj pull her
A: (shock)aap
Ad: princesss
And he hug her ,anika was still in shock
Ad: u okk na ,chot toh nahi lagi
He broke the hug and look at her frm top to bottom
A: aap,
Ad: princess what r u doing ,can’t u see or hear ,i was screaming ur name bt u were ,what if something happened to once again ,me kya karta
A: sorry,bt u r u calling me princess
Ad: bcz u r my princess and my sister
A: sister
Ad: yes i m ur veer ji mujhe nahi pehchana
A: veer jii(shock) bt i don’t remember u
Ad: whattt
Adhiraj explain her everything ,listening all this she got shock and faint
Ad: doctor what happen to my sister
D: she is very weak and taking so much stress
Sag: stress
D: yaa may be bcz of miscariage
All: whattt
D: yaa unki reports se yahi pata chal raha h
Than everybody notice her mangalsutra and sindoor
Ad: doctor she was saying that she don’t remember us
D: yaa i checked her and found that she is suffering frm partial amnesia ,wo apni kuch yaadein bhool chuki h
Yash in sleep: doll, chutki plz come back,dollllll
He get up with jerk
A: papa
Yash: who
Sag: ur doll
Y: whatt
Everybody nodded
Aanika immedietely hug him and start crying vigrously
To be continued

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