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A car is going in full speed , it looks that car is not in control of driver, car was about to cross the diversion but a truck from different direction hit the car from driver’s side and car fly in air

Some tym before

Pinki was about to ask more question but stop after watching sagrika who came to hall and came to them
Sag: hello mr. Ahuja, u here , in early morning
Ah: gud mrng mam, and yash sir called me here where is he.
Sag: he is in his room
Ah: okk mam i will go there and meet him
He was about to go but stop by Yash

Y:no need to go , i by myself came here and sagrika plz do and call everybody here , i want a do an important announcement
Sag: okk and she went
Y: and the work which i gave u has happened
Ah: yes sir, and he handover the papers to him
Pinki(thinking) OMM now what is going to announce
After few minutes everybody came to hall except annika
Sag:yash everybody is here
Y: okk
He went to gauri

Y: i have something for u
Gauri confusingly looking at him
Y:show me ur hand
Gauri did same and yash place same papers in her hand , gauri confusingly looking at papers and yash
Y: read it
Gauri read papers and get shocked and look at yash with tearful eyes , paper fall from her hand and fall in pinki legs, without wasting tym she took papers and read
G: papa, what is
Before she complete pinki cut her in between
Pin: OMM bhaisahab , what is this

O: what is in paper, choti maa
P: this is property paper om, mr. Rajvanshi transfer 16% property on gauri name
OF: whatttttt
P: yes , i m confused too that why he did that
G: yes papa , why u did that , today u proof that i m nothing for u haa
O: gauri why r u saying this
G: omkara ji how can do this with me

Everybody understood what she meant except pinki
P: yes bhaisahab , u did partiality between ur children
Ad: mrs.Oberoi don’t forget that u r talkin to my dad (in threating tone )
P: i m sorry but i m not saying anything wrong he did partiality
Ra: and may i know how he did that???
P: he transfer 16% property in her name

Rag: so what do u mean say clearly
P: okkk u r 4 child aur hisaab se property should be divided equally between sons and daughters but he didn’t do that, he differentiate between u guys
Kr: not a word against chachu otherwise i will forget u r women and mother in law of my chutkii?????
Pinki got scared and look at everybody who were looking at disgust
G: choti maa ji , i don’t want anything not even single penny and papa sorry i can’t accept it
Y: u have too accept , my swear
G: papa
Voice: what u can’t accept chutkiii

Everybody look at voice and found annika coming from stairs
Gauri run to her and hug her annika too recipricated
An:what happened
Gauri explained her everything to her annika pass a cheeky smile
An: chutkii papa is not wrong u should accept it
G: but dii
An: u trust me naa
G: yaa but
An: no but
She snatch paper from pinki’s hand and handover her again
An: now u r happy papa
An: so dad i want to something from all u will u give me
Ad: what u want don’t request just order it
An: okk so promise when i asked u , u will not get angry and let me do what i want to do and don’t ask anything
Y: why r saying this just tell me
An: no u first do promise

Everybody: okkk we promise u
An: okk
She look at lawyer and he gave her some papers
Annika gave paper to Adhiraj
An: i want this will u give me

Ad: what is this
An: just read it
Ad: he read the paper and get shocked and look at her
Everybody notice this and ask what is in paper
An: relax guys
She handover copy of paper to RF and LF members everybody get shocked
Ra: what is this
An: i thought u r educated but u r not (wink)

Ra:this is not funny just tell me why u did that
An: u promised me that u will not ask question
Pinki(thinking):omm ab kya bomb foda h iss ladki ne
Kr: but when u did that
An: i m again saying
Kr: okk not to u but i can ask to ahuja uncle , uncle will u plz tell me
Ah: she came to me on same day ,3 months before and told me to ready the papers
Y: Doll

An: papa i want this will u give me
Yash : yes i will
He went to her and hug her and kiss on her hair
Kr: even i will do that and he did same
Kr: i m proud of u
K: but atleast u can tell me but whatever u make me proud
And he hug her one by one everyone came and hug her except Adhiraj and Raghav who were angry
Sagrika went inside

OF didn’t understand what she did which make raghav and adhiraj angry and other member proud
G: bhai what she did
R: don’t ask me ask her point toward annika
G: diiii
An: lawyer uncle will tell u
Ah: Mahira beta transfer her property in the name of Adhiraj and raghav , she didn’t take even single penny for herself , she equally divide her 52 % between them and in return she ask for love she wants that everybody loves her like this always that’s all

Pinki : 500000002222222%%%%% in her name
Ah: yes mam she was owner of 52% but now adhiraj and raghav are the owner of 42-42% abf gauri 16%
Shivaay look at annika with proud and everybody too except pinki who was shocked
Adhiraj and raghav start moving inside but annika block their way and stand in front of them
An: u guys promise me that u will not get angry now u r breaking ur promise
Ad: so what u want what will we do
Annika hug him
An: i want u , i want ur love and what is money it is nothing for me and u know naa my maths i even don’t know how many zero came in 1000and papa gave me so much money , plz veer ji and bhai don’t be upset with me plzz if u will behave with me like this naa than i will die plzzz
Tear came in her eyes

Adhiraj and raghav pull her in hug
Ra: we r not angry with u for transfefing proppertyy but we were angry on ur innocence and selflessness how can any be so self less u didn’t took anything for urself
An: who said i didn’t took anything , i got the most precious thing in the world ur love
G; i want to say something
Kr: what
G: ahuja uncle plz make papers ready even i want to transfer property
Adhiraj look at gauri and gauri too did that
G;and i want same conditions like dii

Everybody look at two innocent soul who r so selfless
Ah: okkk
Raghav pull gauri in group hug
Gauri became so emotional this is the first time that adhiraj hug her so what it is group hug but the thing which matters to her that she was with adhiraj
Sagrika came with pooja plate
G; maa what is this

Sag: today i want to do aarti of my daughters may i
G: yes maaa
First she did gauri aarti after that she went to annika but annika stop her by showing her hand
An: maa plz , u know naa that i don’t believe in god
OF get shocked bcz annika had started believing in god
Sag: i know that u and adhiraj don’t believe in god and i m not forcing u to believe but for my sake plz let me do this
An: okk if u want to do u can but plz do it fast i have to go PC is calling me
Ra: why he is calling u
An: don’t know he called and told to come fast

Sagrika start moving toward annika but her leg got stuck in carpet and pooja plate fall in annika’s leg
Vermilion and water mix and fall on floor and came to annika foot
G: ye toh apshagun ho gaya
An: relax chutki ye apshagun kuch nhi hota
Annika hug sagrika
An: don’t get worried nothing will happen and plz smile , mujhe smile ke saath vidaa kijiye na ki inn aansuoo k
Sag: what r u saying?? And where r u going
An: ryt now i told u naa ki me jaa rhi hu pc called me , and haa i will miss u and i always love u
Sag: plz beta don’t go mujhe kuch aachcah nhi lag raha h jaisey kuch
An: nothing wrong will happen ,till than i m alive
Ad: what r u saying

An: sorry veer ji i will not say anything like this
She hug him
An: aacha me jaati hu
Cha: aisa nhi kehtey

An: i know me jaa k aati hu , happy
Ch: thats better
An: i love u guys and i will miss u but plz don’t miss me i m otherwise i will not feel good and say good bye to me with happy face not with sad faces
Annika move toward gate , and turn standing at door and show her hand for byyy
Everybody bid bye to her and she left

Shivaay also left behind her
Gauri eye fall on annikas foot print moving toward gate
G: Maaaaa (shout)
Sag: what happened
Gauri show her annika footprints

And they got scared
Ra:maa don’t worry nothing wrong will happen and come with me he drag her inside to divert her mind
Annika was about to enter in car but shivaay stop her
S: mahira
A: yes shivaay

S: today what u did inside was
A: now u plz don’t start that i didn’t do good , i should n’t do this and that
Shivaay cover her mouth with his hand both lost in each other
S: how much u talk , let me complete my self naa
Annika hold his shoulders, and from one hand shivaay hold her waist(lost in each other)
S: i want to say that whatever u did was incredible, u make me proud , i m proud of u, this is the only thing inside u i like most and i
Shivaay remove his hand from her mouth and waist and cup her face
Annika still holding his shoulder both are just 1 inch apart from themselfs
S: i want to say that i iiiiii
A: i

S: i lo….
Before he complete annika phone ringtone break their trancs
Both compose themselfs
Annika attened the call
A: yes i m coming

And she hang the call
A: yes shivaay u were saying something
S: yes actually i was saying that i love ur way of handling situation
A: are u sure u want to say this
S: yes , but what were u thinking
A: me nothing and i m getting late byy she turns to go but shivaay hold her wrist
Annika turn toward him with

S: come fast i want a say something very special to u
A; and what is that u can tell me here by self
S: kuch cheeze special hoti h special moment pr hi boli jaati h , so come fast, i will miss u
A: miss unko kiya jaata h jo door ho and i will always be with u in ur heart don’t miss me and say good bye to me with happy face , i want a go with ur happy face , me apne saath sirf aachi yaadein le jaana chahti hu
Shivaay feel some bad vibes but he ignores
Shivaay phone ring he recieve the call and went inside bcz it was rudy’s call
Shivaay turn toward annika
A: byyyy
S: byyyy
And he left inside

In xyz bridge
Annika was driving car she saw a girl standing in edge of bridge she was about to jump but annika pull her toward her
A: hey r u mad
Girl: why u save me let me die she try to make herself free but annika hold her tightly and she start struggling to make her release

At last annika slap her tightly and she fall on road
Annika move toward her
A: u want a die haa , did u ever think about ur family and loved once who loved u so much haa aapne liye nhi kam se kam apne parivaar k liye jiyo ,
Girl: to whom i should alive there is no one in my life everything has finished now i can’t face anything abb mujh me himmat nhi h let me die

A: what u think what will happen after ur dead everything will be sort out so let me tell u nooo everything will be finished, killing urself is not solution of any situation u should face the situation
Girl: now nothing is left 4 me jisse pyaar kiya shaadi ki usne hi ghr se dakkhe maar kr nikal diya and he even didn’t tell me the reason that why he did that to me , now he hates me
Hearing this flashes come in front of annika when shivaay throw her out of the house but image was not clear she feel pain in brain but she control herself
A: come

Girl: where
A: ur husband house
G: but why
A: to know the answer of some question
She drag the girl with her and make her sit in car and ask her address and left toward her house
They reach in front of small house
Annika found door was opened she directly stormed inside the house with girl
She check rooms and found a guys sitting on bed motionless
A: hello mr. I want a talk to u
Man: who r u , and how come u enter in my house

A: who am i is not matter and how come i it also doesn’t matter, i m here to talk to u so tell me u know her point toward the girl who was standing on door and crying
Man: tum , u again came to my house, now whay u want haa , u destroy everything now i have nothing left me u took my everything with u ,my happiness, my love now i have nothing
A: tell me clearly why u throw her out of house

Man: to ab tum apney saath apna vakeel bhi ley aayi haa ab kya chahiye
A: hello mr. I m not her lawyer i saw her when she was trying to commit suicide and i just save her and bring her here
Man: whatttt??? Suicide
He run to her and look at her from top to bottom and he slap her tightly which shocked annika and girl

Man: how can u do this to me haa??? U want die u want a left me alone in this world , socha bhi h ki tumhare bina mera kya hota u r my life , how much i love u haa
And he hug her
A: if u loved her so much than why u throw her out of the house
Man: bcz of her, i loved her but she didn’t love me she has an affair with my friend ?? So u tell me what should i do haa?? I saw her with him from my own eyes in that hotel room where she spend night with him and in return he gave her money???
Flashback comes in annika brain when shivaay accused her for spending night with daksh she hold her head

Girl slap her husband
G: how can u even think like this , yes u r ryt i went to his room but u know why bcz his 5 year daughter was ill, i used to spend tym with her bcz she has no mother and she need mother in her tough tym , i took her too hospital and he was like a brother to me haa
She open drawers and throw medical file on his face
G: now if u have any doubt u can check these file and u can even talk to doctor and that hotel staff too

Man saw file and read it and tear start flowing from his eyes
Flashbacks come in annika brain but face is not clear
Keemat kya h tumhari

10 lakh 20 lakh haa
Different different flashes came in her mind when shivaay insult her but face was not clear her headche was increaing every second so he left the place she start stumbling
She sit in car and try to open water bottle but her hand were trembling with lots of difficulty she open the cap and drink water and put leftover water on her head , she start the car and drive off
Annika was driving car very fastly , she has no control on staring
She was sweating badly
She even didn’t put seat belts

U r a murdrer
Leave me alone
But images r not clear
Plz listen to me i didn’t do anything
Her vision was getting blur
Car is not in her control

She was about to cross the diversion but a truch from diffrent side hit car from driver side
Simuntaneously scene in different diffrent place
Car fly in air
Annika head hit roof of car
S: annikkaaa

Car landed in road rotate 360° from passenger seat to driver seat about 5 tyms
Annika head hit staring

Ad: princesssss
Yash: dollllll
Kriyan , karan and raghav stop their work and feel some bad
Air flow from their side
Sammy stop at stair suddenly
Sagrika hand cut with knife and start bleeding
Gauri was at mandir suddenly all bells start ringing
and she feels some bad happen she became restless

Annika car was rotating on road again annika head hit car door
Flaahes were going on in annika brain and shivaay image became clear in her brain
Anika: shivaayyyyyyyy

Shivaay face is shown he became restless
S: mujhe aisa q lg rha h ki kuch toh shi nhi h, annika is in danger
Yash , Adhiraj and shivaay call her at same tym
Y: why annu phone is not reachable
Ad: annu ka phone q nhi lg raha
S: annika where r u
Flashes became clear in annika mind
She became unconcious

Car stop approx covering 500 meter
Wheels of car was toward sky and roof toward road
Annika hand with full of blood comeout from window
Annika is shown with full of blood
People gather around accident spot
A men in his 50’s comes there and he immedietely kept her in car and drive off

After 15 mins
Everybody is feeling restless but they don’t know the reason
Adhiraj phone rang he immedietely answer the call
Ad: yesss
Man: mr. Adhiraj rajvanshi
Ad: yes speaking
Man: sir this is inspectoe sharma

Ad: yes inspector
I: sir car no. RJ 51 AN 0000 is ur
Ad: yes this is my car what happened
I: actually sir we found this car on abc road in very condition , actually this car met with an accident and we took patient to city hospital
(Guys he didn’t mention name and gender)
Hearing this phone slip from his hand and he sat on chair with thud PHONE BREAK
Yash run to him

Y: what happened
Ad; he tell him everything
Yash immedietely video call raghav
Raghav answer in one ring before he could say anything yash start speaking
Y: raghav r u fine
R: yes dad what happened
Y: first tell me where is everybody sb theek h naa and where is everybody
R: yes dad everyone is here
Ad: just call everybody here fast
R: buttt

Ad: its not tym for question call everybody here
R: yes i will do that
He called everybody in hall
Yash and Adhiraj feel relaxed after watching everybody instead annika but they didn’t notice it
Ad: thank god sb theek hai
Y: who took car no. RJ 51 AN 0000

R: dad shambhu took that car with him bcz air bags of that car was not working
Suddenlu karan eye fall on shambhu
K: shambu kaka if u r here than who took car
Shambu: karan baba Mahira baby took that car

R: but why
Shambu:. Actually her car tyre was puncture , i told her not to took this car but she didn’t listen too me and take that car
Phone slip from his hand

Screen freeze

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