Unfaded love ~1 ( Avneil fs )

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        Unfaded love 

True love never fades away
Excerpt : 1 
The Mumbai central prison 

15 January , 2019
8:00 Am 

Those intensively bright rays from a hole of the gate hit my eyelids and I opened them flickering and wondering now what they’ve to do with me . A voice from outside told me to wake up from that sooty rug on which I didn’t spend night eyes closed .
I got up and primarily as always saw my face in the cracked mirror hung just beside where I laid last night .
I didn’t got to know even when my lids closed and when sun rose but hadn’t I missed yellow rays for many mornings ? . I thought in gloomy room
A silver colored metal tray was thrown in having some uncooked rice and few slices of onions .
Though I didn’t mind eating that ,  I first thought looking at the mirror , that they’ll ask me again those questions and what replies I’ve to submit . I was probably right ,  just after few moments passed the lady on duty came in and said “ Madam wants to have some words with you , Lift your ass up ” she yelled at me and when I tried straightening my numbness limbs  heavy shackles were hanged over them .
Two women escorted me to the ‘ Dark room ‘ where they don’t leave any stones unturned to delve into what they want to know . I knew they’re blo*dy minded .
Noise from heavy boots thumping on floor ringed my pinna and I was cringed to pins and needles .

The Lady well dressed in her uniform , Wearing a sinister look , Came in , It was my final trial today so she banged the wooden table with loud boom .

Officer “ who committed the murder  ? ”

“ I don’t know about it ! ” Replying to her cold command . She spoke again

“ I’m asking for the last , Who did the sin ? ”

I said  “ I don’t know ”

But she wasn’t ready to hear a NO from me once again . She turned vexed and gave  a spank on my pale cheeks and squeezed my jaw “ you’re a  crap girl ”“ A coward , You know the whole story very well but you aren’t telling us ”

“ Nope , it’s nothing like that ”

“ Silly joke ” “ It was only you and you present there , If you didn’t then who else does knows ”

I had nothing to pay back

Breaking a second of silence she showed me a half broken heart pendant , It was half dipped in red and the rest  of the portion had just a letter ‘ N’ graved .

“ You both were alone at home , Neither of you has your name beginning with ‘N’ then it’s certain that you know somebody from this name ” “ Someone who could have participated in this murder !”

I couldn’t take no more , It was just a feeling like I don’t want to hear anything else now , I wanted to end this discussion , Hold some words in my mouth and stay calm so I shouted madly “ I said I don’t know , Why don’t you people understand a simple point ‘ I don’t know anything ‘ ”

She grasped my hairs tightly “ We both know that we know what we want but the only difference is you aren’t saying it as I am ! Now tell me are you tryna to hide the truth , Aren’t you safeguarding the murderer ”

Till now I’d mostly controlled my freak , My emotions were hitting harder , I couldn’t stop from blowing up . And when you can’t hold on the sand slipping from a clenched fist you’ll probably have to keep another hand under it to prevent it from falling down .
I did the same with my rage .
So I gave a idiotic grin , I laughed and spoke  “ Yes I am lying , Yes I know who’s the murderer , So what ! ” “ I’ll not tell it to anyone here ” “ what’ll you do ! beat me , Come on , Why have you stopped hit me like you’re doing since days , Come ”

She’d mostly lost her sanity and kicked the front of my chair as hard as she could and I was knocked down , My spine  jerked badly on those cemented tiles . 
Madam roars “ You’ll not utter like that I gotta be more nasty now ” She removed her leather belt from stomach and raised her hand 
I wasn’t freaked out not to be honest because I’ve experienced this hell like thing in my life before too . I was still smiling though my face was badly wet and muddy both from tears and fearing sweat , I will not boast , I’ll remain adamant “ Don’t stop there , Hit me , Hiiitttt meeeee !!! I said ” “ But don’t beat me to death , I want to keep on breathing and you can do anything ” “ Use your hands come on ! ” 

A voice echoed from other corner of room “ For god’s sake , Stop ” That was spoken fast

Officer looked there “ You ! ” “ Miss. Mellon ”

“ For God’s sake Madam Bridgette ! Please stop it ” she spoke humbly

Bridgette : Why would I she’s a criminal !

Mellon : Absolutely not , Her wrongness isn’t proved yet

Bridgette : Hiding truth is sorta a crime , Isn’t it ?

Mellon : These days we all hide some or the other thing from each , We all are criminals

Bridgette : Come to the point

Mellon : I’ll , Right now there’s gonna be  a meeting we all are called

Bridgette huffed “ And I’ll meet you later girl ! ” She leaves with angry face

Mellon rushed to me picked me up “ Are you alright ! ”

I touched the edge of lips with forefinger “ Thankfully I got a new scar on my face , It’s different from rest , Leaking blood ”

Mellon “ Why are you doing this yourself if I’d be there at your place I’d have hanged myself I’m very soft you see  ”

“ Sometimes we die for love and sometimes we live to find love ” “ I’ll not die until I find love ”

Mellon “ Your words are metaphorical because death is uncertain , we can fade away anytime , we can’t choose life or death against our wish ”

“ Even if we die one thing of ours remain in this world forever – It’s love that we give to others , They always remember that ” “ True love never fades ”

She was looking into my eyes with serenity as if she’d got something Holly .

Mellon’s POV ( Round table conference ) ( Everyone including Bridgette , Mellon and other high ranked officials are chit chatting )

Mellon : Yes sir I’ve gone through all her reports and as I asserted before she needs me more than anyone else

Ariel ( Avni ) is surely having some metal disability . Lastly when I encountered her she was sick and I think being a psychiatrist and a paranormal expert I should be given charge of this case

Mr.john ( head ) : What trouble is she having ?

Mellon : Ariel’s suffered something horrific in past which doesn’t let’s her believe in any of us , She probably knows what happened but she doesn’t wants to tell us . Her mind is terrified . I remember her screaming and shouting , As if some flashes , Visions from past haunts her .
She needs Sympathy , A helping hand to share her sufferings from her

Mr.John : I do believe Miss.Mellon point’s worth considering . So from today no one else will do anything to her , She’ll handle everything from now onwards .

Everyone walk out when decision was announced except Bridgette .

Bridgette : Okay she’s mentally unstable but why do you believe the case something to do with paranormal

Mellon : Surely it is

Bridgette : How ?

Mellon : When we’re called at the crime location fortunately I went along with the team and to my surprise I got one picture of Guy at whose back ‘ N ‘ was written .
To my surprise in the whole house there was only one such photograph .
I kept it in my purse and came back .
Then when we brought Ariel here she was acting weird . I tried hypnotising her as she wasn’t telling what happened . Only few words she murmured were “ He’s back , Neee… He he came in ” And didn’t spoke anything

Bridgette : Who’s this guy ? And is he having some connection with this murder ?

Mellon : This is what I’m tryna find ! And I think only Ariel can tell .
But there’s something unusual with this guy .To know more about this person I went to The vital records office and found him to be dead , He died months ago in an car accident .

Bridgette “ Case’s solved then we can find out his name from there , You must haven’t even tried finding it out ‘coz you’re not a police officer ”

Mellon : Certainly I’m not but being a paranormal expert I found from the record keeper that his body wasn’t identified nor his any of kin  came ,  they don’t know who’s he ?
“ He died on 24 December , 2018 ”  “ I gotta find what happened on that day ”

Bridgette “ He’s dead that means this person’s nothing to do with this one ”

Mellon “ No he’s not dead ! ”

Bridgette “ Now what’s this crap ( Mellon was quiet) ooooo oooo oooo ”
“ Now don’t mutter that from somewhere his spirit came down to earth and. ….oh it’s sh**t ”

Mellon “ we shouldn’t be discussing this without any evidences ” “ I gotta go ”

She turned away and began moving

“ But what are you gonna do with Ariel ”

“ I’ll try asking her about the same ”

“ Holly moly then do ring me if you find the spirit so that I can handcuff him ”

“ Don’t worry I believe in  obeying rules and laws ”

“ Wouldn’t you be betraying Ariel by one side convincing her to tell truth and on the other side breaking spicy news to us ”

She didn’t replied and moved away smiling to herself “ Certainly not ”

Hope it was a good start I know there’s not much spookiness in there but something creepy is awaiting .
So how did you take the first part . I’m insanely waiting for views please do write and bring a smile on my face . Thanks I love ya all ???
And did you find any irony in the last dialogue of Mellon . Let’s see if you can find .
Bye ????

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Ariel has been questioned to get clue in the case.but she is not revealing anything.shocking that Ariel has mental problem due to her past n that why she is not revealing anything.whose murder is it?did Neil die n his spirit come?what’s Ariel murmuring about Neil?

    1. Kira

      Many mysteries are coming thanks for writing have a nice day ??

  2. What about kaisa yeh isq hai ff di?

    1. Kira

      Don’t worry sis it’s still going on. I will be posting it shortly. By the way how is this one hope you would like this bye bye take care???

      1. This is also nice dii. But I am more eager for kaisa yeh isq ff. So just enquired about the same. Keep writing. God bless you.

    2. Kira

      Thanks so much that you’re liking kyiq so much but I’m extremely very sorry sis that I couldn’t be able to post for now my exams are beginning soon . hope you’ll understand and wait patiently until then . love you loads dear . ?????

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