Unexposed AbhiGyaa SS Part 8(Last episode)

Unexposed Part 8

A person was lying on the sofa with a smirk.

“I am sure that Rana must have informed Shashank and Riya that he had not killed Aryan.They both may be wondering who killed Aryan.They cannot even imagine who the real killer is”.

That person was none other than Pragya.

Flash back…

Aryan walked closer to her with a dirty smile.Pragya was shocked.He embraced her from behind.Pragya got scared.

Suddenly Purab hit his head hard with a stick.Aryan fell down.

Pragya:How did you reach here?

Purab:Sarla aunty had informed me about your meeting with Aryan.That’s why I came here to protect you.

Pragya:I know to protect myself.Why did you hit Aryan’s head?

Purab:He was trying to misbehave with you.That’s why.

Pragya:What if he dies?Then the police will arrest you.Even Inspector Shashank is not your well wisher.

Purab:I did’nt want to kill him.But…when I saw him misbehave with you,I lost my control.I really feel like killing him.

Pragya:Ok.I understand.But control yourself.This dirty person’s dirty blood should not fall on you Purab.I don’t want you to be in trouble because of me.I can’t tolerate it Purab.

Purab looked at Pragya emotionally.

Purab:Ok Pragya.Let us leave.Otherwise I may even kill this man who tried to molest you.

Pragya was relieved that Purab decided to leave Aryan.

Pragya:Ok.But before that I need to do something.

Purab was confused:What?

Pragya:As if you don’t know.

Purab got tensed:Pragya!

Pragya smirked:Pragya can never change.

Pragya took the stick and hit Aryan’s head again and again.

Purab tried to stop him by holding her hand:Pragya…stop this.

Pragya:Leave me Purab.

She pushed him and kept hitting the weak Aryan’s head till he breathed his last.

Purab became upset.

Purab:Why did you do his Pragya?

Pragya:You know me very well.Then why are you asking me this?Pragya can never leave anyone who hurts me or my loved ones.

In school days my cruel teacher hit me very badly.I hit her back brutally and I got thrown out of the school.The psychiatrist tagged me as menal.But my mother tried her level best to hide my truth.But being my best friend since school days you knew my truth and you hid it from your own family.Our house owner tried to misbehave with my mother when she delayed to pay the rent.I took the flower vase and hit his head.My mother took the blame on herself ,but luckily the court left her as they considered it as self defense.That guy was in coma for years and then he died.He deserved it.My mother tried to give me psychiatric treatment.But Pragya is Pragya.Pragya can never change,Aryan did realize my psychiatric problem.He blackmailed me that if I don’t spent a night with him he will reveal my truth to the office staffs and I will lose my job.So I left my job.Today he misbehaved with me without any mercy.So how can I leave him alone?I stopped you from killing Aryan.Because I did not want you to be a killer.Only I have the right to kill Aryan.He deserved to die with my hands.

Purab became upset.

Purab:Let us leave Pragya before anyone sees us.

Purab held her hand and ran out.



Pragya:Anyways all the 3 criminals like Aryan,Shashank and Riya got their punishment.

She smirked.

Pragya:One is rotting in the hell and the other two in the jail.

After 6 years….

Abhi and Pragya were enjoying with their daughter Kiara.

Purab who is recently married to Disha was chatting with her joyfully.King and Alia were happy with their daughter Koyal.

Dadi:Alia,what is the theme of your new novel?

Alia:It’s a detective novel Dadi.Tanu murder case is closed as the police could not find the real killer.So I thought of writing it with my own imagination.

Purab became dull.

Purab:So in your novel who will be Tanu’s killer?

Alia:Tanu is a characterless girl.So one of her ex boy friends killed her for cheating him.

Pragya and Purab smiled at each other with relief.

Abhi looked at Pragya:Pragya,who do you think the killer is?

Pragya became dull.

Pragya:How will I know?I am not a police officer to find out the killer nor a detective novelist to imagine the killer’s face.By the way do you suspect anyone?According to you who must have killed Tanu?

Abhi smiled:How will I know Pragya?Like you, even I am not a police officer or a detective novelist to guess the killer.

Pragya was relieved.



Flash back…

Abhi-Pragya’s wedding anniversary party…

Tanu:Don’t think that you can live happily with Abhi.I will separate you from Abhi and Abhi will start loving me again.

Pragya became upset.

Abhi:That will never happen Tanu.So don’t dream.

The hurt Tanu left the hall.

Somebody at the party fumed in anger.

That person said in the mind:How dare you Tanu?I will not leave you.

That person was none other than Pragya.

Later Pragya received Tanu’s message.

“Pragya…I want to meet you”.

Pragya thought:Why does Tanu want to meet me?

Pragya typed back:Ok.I will come to your villa.

Tanu typed back:Ok.

Both and and Tanu deleted their messages as they did not want anyone to know about their conversation on the phone.


Pragya went to Tanu’s house.

Tanu got angry seeing her.


Pragya:Why did you call me Tanu?

Tanu:You will get to know it soon.

Pragya:Tanu,you said that you will separate me from Abhi.I came to tell you that you should not even dare to think like that.

Tanu:Stop ordering me.What will you do if I try?Are you scared of getting separated from Abhi?

Pragya:No.I am not scared.Because I know that Abhi and I love each other a lot.So you won’t be able to separate us.But I am scared for you.Because if you do something like that I will be out of control.

Tanu:Out of control?Very funny.But I will get Abhi for myself even if I have to kill you.

Pragya:You are going to kill me?You think that you will get Abhi if you kill me?

Tanu:Why not?

Tanu took a knife with a smirk.

Tanu:Within a moment I can finish you and fulfill my dream Pragya.

Pragya got tensed.

Tanu:Oops,I think it’s better to kill you with a gun.That’s better for a fast death.

Tanu took a gun and pointed it towards Pragya.Pragya started crying out of fear.

Pragya:Please Tanu…don’t kill me.

Tanu smirked:I was planning to cause your accident and kill you.But I could not control anymore.That’s why I called you here.Like a fool you came here.Now I can easily finish your chapter here.That’s why I myself switched off the CCTV camera.So that no one will see what happened here.

(After Alia went back only Tanu switched off the camera).

Suddenly Pragya who was crying started laughing.

Pragya:I got scared Tanu.

Pragya started laughing again.Tanu got confused seeing her laugh.

Pragya:It’s good that you switched off the CCTV camera.So that no one will know what I am doing with you.

Tanu got confused.

Pragya:Tanu..since childhood I have a problem.If anyone tries to hurt me,I will remove that person permanently from my life.You are hell bent on killing me.So I can’t help it.I will have to become the violent Pragya.

Pragya snatched the gun from Tanu shocking her.

Tanu’s lips shivered:Pragya!

Pragya shot her many times leaving her to die.


Reference to Part 2-Purab rang up someone.It was none other than Pragya.

“Shashank is not my friend anymore.He is suspecting all of us”.

Pragya:Don’t worry.He can’t do anything.

Purab:If he takes the finger print…?

Pragya:With money we can influence them and change the result.

She smirked.

Purab smiled with relief.

Purab wore a mask and went to influence the experts to change the result of the finger print with a big amount of money.So they could not guess Purab’s involvement in it.



Sarla was seen shedding tears.

Sarla: Pragya..I know that you only killed Tanu and Aryan as they threatened you.Even though Purab tries to hide the truth from me,I know the truth.After all I am her mother.That day when Pragya went to meet Aryan,I told Purab to follow her as I knew that Pragya will kill him.I expected Purab to stop her from killing Aryan.But unfortunately Purab could not control Pragya. When will my Pragya be alright?I hope Disha will be able to cure Pragya.

Disha gave a tablet to Abhi.

Disha:Pragya won’t know anything.Without her own knowledge we are treating her.

Abhi:Sarla maa had given her treatment during childhood.Still she did not change.

Disha:I am a psychiatrist bhaiyya.Trust me.This time Pragya will be cured.A few months back only I married Purab and started staying in this house.Within a limited time I studied Pragya’s case very well.

Purab:I am not saying this because Disha is my wife.But she is one of the best psychiatrists who won many awards.She has cured many dangerous mental patients.Pragya’s disease will get defeated by Disha’s medicine.

Abhi smiled.He mixed the tablet in Pragya’s milk.

He gave the milk to Pragya.She drank the milk.

Pragya:You know Abhi?These days I feel very nice.Earlier my mind used to get disturbed due to silly things.But now I feel more happier.

Abhi smiled.

He thought:I guess the medicines are having good effect on Pragya.

Abhi cupped her face in his hands and said:I am very happy to see your happiness.This is what I also wished for.

Pragya smiled.

They embraced each other.

Abhi said in his mind:Pragya thinks that I am not aware of her mental issues and criminal activities.But let it be like that.Even I don’t want her to know that I know her completely.Sarla Ma had told me everything after I got removed from Aryan murder case.Luckily Purab married an efficient psychiatrist like Disha.I promise myself that I will cure my Pragya and she will lead a normal life with me.

The End

Thanks a lot 4 supporting my thriller SS.This SS is ending here.Plz write a detailed comment and plz do write your favourite scenes,favourite character and the reason why you liked that character.If possible plz do write which pair you liked the most though it was’nt a romantic story.

  1. Shesha485

    Loved the part. Never expected that Pragya is the killer. Sad that she has some mental issues since childhood. Shocking that she killed Aryan brutally and even Tanu. Both deserved it. Shashank and Riya deserve the punishment. Glad that Abhishek comes to know about Pragya’s disorder and with the help of Disha, they are treating her. Aaliya’s novel based in Tanu’s murder was nice.
    My favorite character is Purab as he is a caring and supportive friend for Pragya. My favorite couple is King and Aaliya. My favorite scenes are Aaliya’s murder novel related scenes and Pragya exposing Shashank and Riya.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot.pragya killed the house owner who tried to molest her mother too.

  2. Aldy

    Nice update….shocking that Pragya was the real killer….twist was awesome…purab is a good friend of Pragya….. happy that abhi and disha get to know everything… so that they can cure Pragya….I love abhigya more..if you can please add more dishrub scenes

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot.The story is over.Can you please answer the questions?

  3. Sweet_Shadow

    Oh god that was unexpected
    You kept me hooked on till the end.

  4. Aldy

    My favourite character was purab because he always supported Pragya and make sure nothing happens to her. My favourite scene is the last scene where abhi taking care of Pragya…

  5. Really really it was very amazing end☺️. story was really awesome and fabulous!!.hope you write any other FF like this..I was shocked that pragya is the real killer but I understand her disease..☺️.I liked purab and aliya character because purab truly supported pragya..and aliya was making this FF smooth ☺️. I liked king and aliya pair. The favourite scene is when sashank was exposed 😊. waiting eagerly for your new otger FF like this..☺️

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.

  6. I am hell shocked that killer is pragya now also I can’t belive myself she killed tanu and aaryan and make culprit to shashank and ria how may murder she did teacher , house owner aaryan , tanu omg aaliya was positive here she is writer pragya was very tensed when she talked about really this was very unexpected abhi and disha giving treatment to pragya was nice.

    favorite couple obviously abhgya favorite scene when pragya was leaving the house and then they reunite and know when abhi knows about pragya and treating her favorite person abhi how he support pragya if anyone on his place I don’t think he do this all after knowing her truth

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you so much.

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