Unearth your love (Episode-37)-Ishq mein marjawan -2 #thriller #immj2


The Episode starts in Hospital..Where Avinash is in pain..

Avinash(with teary eyes):I didn’t imagine that I will see a day like this…(shakes his pams in pain)I..I can’t live without her..she is my daughter..I failed to be a good father..I failed to protect my child…I don’t deserve to live in this world..when my daughter is not here what’s the use of my existence in this world…I don’t want to live..I will die..I will die…

Suhani(Ragini’s mum): Don’t say that..We lost our daughter..I can’t afford loss you too.. please don’t say like that..

Avinash:No..no..I can’t live in this world without my princess…

When Avinash is about to leave around and Ranveer tries to stop him..

Ranveer:Dad please don’t leave..

Adi:Dad please listen to us..

Avinash:leave me..let me..

Avinash manages to leave from there…

Scene: Riddhima’s room..

Where Vansh is absent…Riddhima is struggling to take breath as her oxygen mask got removed accidentally..

Riddhima(taking breath heavily):Aah..Aah..

Avinash passes in front of Riddhima’s room..he looks at her and goes inside… Avinash holds Riddhima’s hand then Riddhima holds his hand thightly ..

Avinash(worried):What happened..?

Still Riddhima is struggling to take breath..

Avinash (shouts): Doctor.. Doctor…

Doctor comes there…

Doctor:Sir,you please stay out we will handle her..please..

Avinash tries to take remove his hand from Riddhima’s hand but Riddhima is not leaving his hand..

Avinash:I will stay here only..You do your work..I won’t disturb you..

Doctor continues treatment..

Avinash remembers the moment when Ragini struggling to take breath..

Avinash Pov:

Why I am feeling like I am with my princess Ragini..I still remember the moment when Ragini held my index finger for the first time..I still remember the moment when she used to kick me on my chest..(tears flows from his eyes)That’s all my fault I should have gone to pick up her…Why I am not letting this girl to leave my hand..My princess left me in darkness…This girl stopped me from going to invite my death…

Riddhima(with a husky voice):Pa…pa..

Avinash remembers the moment when Ragini used to call him pa..

Avinash:Do you need anything..?


Avinash comes out and informs Vansh..

Avinash (inside):Why I am feeling like my daughter is alive today..?

Suhani comes there and hugs Avinash from back..

Suhani:I will kill my self if anything happens to you..Why you’re blaming yourself..she is my daughter too, take me along with you.. Let’s die together..for what you’re waiting for..who stopped you from dying..?huh..?

Avinash points towards Riddhima

Avinash:She stopped me from dying.. Suhani,I am feeling like I am with Ragini when that girl held my hand..

Suhani (inside): I will be thankful to that girl..she saved my husband today..

Vansh and Sejal comes there running..

Vansh (with happy tears):She is fine.. Riddhima!!

Sejal:Doc,how she is doing now..?

Doctor:Just now she came out of coma..better don’t disturb her much..for now you can meet her..

Riddhima (murmurs with closed eyes):Sejal..Sejal..

Sejal rushes to see Riddhima…when Vansh is about to enter the ward..

Riddhima:Where is my mom and dad..?

Riddhima just sees Sejal..

Sejal(shocked):Mom and dad..?

Vansh gets shocked

Riddhima:yeah!!Mom and dad…where I am..?Why I am in this stage..

Avinash (to vansh):Did you inform her parents..?

Vansh:She is an orphan…Her parents left her when she was in her 6th standard..

Sejal: Doctor.. Doctor..

Sejal (with a low voice): Doctor,why she is behaving strange..she don’t have parents…tell me what happened to her..

Doctor:I think she is suffering from partial memory loss..She has a memory loss due to the accident which took place that’s why she is behaving like that..tell me one thing when she last stayed with their parents..?

Sejal:When she was in her 6th standard..

Doctor:So she just remember those days..

Vansh is in hell shock..

Vansh (angrily): Doctor..what you’re saying… you’re saying she don’t remember me..?I will kill you if you say that again..

Doctor:Mr.Raisinghania even you refuse to accept but that’s​ the truth..I didn’t tell that she lost her memory permanently..She can remember everything at any time..we have no idea when she will gain her memory back.. please don’t try to remember her the past..It will risk her life..

Vansh gets resound the sentence”It will risk her life”..

Past ends(finally past ended)

Scene: Vansh’s room

Where Riddhima and Vansh both are on bed.. Riddhima placed her head on Vansh’s chest..

Vansh: That’s how you forgot me..?I was died that day only when I lost you..I don’t know what to do..I was not even able to live without you.. promise me you won’t leave me until my last breath…

Riddhima:Shhh..I promise I won’t leave you until my last breath (stretches on my)

Vansh: Riddhima!!

Riddhima: Vansh,Even now I didn’t get how I ended up with Sehgals..why Kabir had come in to my life..?Why Sehgals are treating me as their own..?

Vansh: Riddhima, Avinash uncle felt like you’re his Ragini..he loves you so much..when Ragini left them you were the one who gave them strength to live..They adopted you and treated you as their own.They are seeing ragini in you….I think that’s perfect family….No one knows about that not even Daadi except Sehgals,angre and Sejal.. that was a hidden secret to protect your life..Now you get to know about that….and Kabir didn’t came into Riddhima Sehgal’s life Riddhima Sehgal stepped in to his life..He didn’t see your face when he shot you,that was our advantage to take revenge from him..These all Kabir’s drama is my plan..I had sent you in Kabir’s life..Sejal made you to feel for Kabir..My goal is to find the person who is with kabir..the person is the same one who killed Ragini.. Ragini’s death was not a normal one..it was a murder..we should find the person behind Ragini’s death and send them behind bars..

Riddhima: So these all your plan.. Vansh tell me how you managed Daadi and Chanchal Chachi…they saw Ragini’s photo right..?

Vansh: Riddhima!!Daadi’s memory is too weak..she didn’t remember Ragini’s face nor her name..I explain Chanchal Chachi everything about the accident to close her mouth shut..Some what I managed the whole family..

Riddhima(with teary eyes):OMG!!!!Superb..Now I am in guilt that Why I didn’t recognise you earlier..I am sorry Vansh.. please forgive me..

Vansh:No I won’t forgive you..

Precap: Anupriya throws a vase on mirror and shouts..

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