Unearth Your Love (Episode -20).. Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 #Thriller #IMMJ2

Sorry Guys I wasn’t updating episodes on time because I was busy in my online classes . I know that you guys are angry at me…this time please guys forgive meπŸ™.


The Episode starts in Sehgal Mansion…Where Riddhima is waiting for Vansh’s arrival…

Flashback starts:

Adi:Dad let’s go on a trip…Guys,what you all say…?

Ranveer(cheerful):Wow… let’s go dad… it’s been a long time we didn’t go on a trip….Say yes dad..

Avinash:Ok…Guys, let’s go but where…?

Sejal: Srinagar’s Farmhouse…what about it?…Dad what you say…(Sejal is very close to the family so,that she calls Riddhima’s mom and dad as mom and dad.)

Suhani:Nice idea…but what about Riddhima.she is not feeling well… Someone should be here and take care of her…I will be with her.you guys can go..

Sejal:No mom!!I will be with her.you can join them. She will feel better if I am with her..You guys pack your luggage and go ahead.

After some time everyone leaves to Farmhouse in Srinagar

Riddhima: Good job Sejal,You and Adi bhai has sent everyone on a trip..I can talk to Vansh alone.

Riddhima calls Vansh.


Riddhima: Hello!! Vansh

Vansh: Riddhima,You didn’t even tell me about the place…Where we shall meet..?

Riddhima:In Sehgal Mansion..

Vansh: Sehgal Mansion…?You want to talk to me personally.. right..?Then why Sehgal Mansion…?

Riddhima: Nobody is at home..All went on a trip…you can come and talk to me personally….

Vansh: full of privacy…ok then meet you soon…bye..


Riddhima (to herself):Why Vansh has not​ came here? Maybe is on the way…..I will wait for him….I have to tell him everything related to me..He will definitely understand me…But why I am trying to tell him. What the relation I have with him?Am I having feelings for him?..huh…whatever let me clear all things…Where the hell he is…?

Sehgal Mansion’s door bell rings… Riddhima gets happy to hear the door bell and goes to open the door….

Riddhima opens the door and gets shock

Precap:Vansh gets angry at Riddhima cries.

Sorry guys I ‘m posting a short update today…I promise I will try to post a long episode tomorrow and please bear with my grammatical errors…

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