Unearth Your Love (Episode -15).. Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 #Thriller #IMMJ2


Happy pongal Guys,I’m back with the new update..


The Episode starts in Sehgal Mansion

Door bell rings,sejal talks in phone and goes open the door..sejal sees a courier boy..

Sejal(in phone):Yeah,He came..

Person in phone:Take that courier and do what I say say..


Courier:Ma’am sign here(pointing at a paper)..

Sejal signs and takes that courier to a room…sejal tries to open that,just then adi comes there..

Adi:What you’re planning to do..?(doubt fully)..

Sejal(Scared):Ummm….I’m planning a surprise for you…(smiles)..

Adi:Ohh….let me open this..

Sejal:Noo you can’t(angrily)…

Adi:Why I can’t..? You’re planning a surprise for me right then let me open this….(angrily)

Sejal(thinking):I have to make him go from here…

Sejal(faking tears):Ok..Open it you never let me surprise you… I’ll go from here…

Adi:Ok ok.. Don’t cry I won’t spoil your surprise…Smile please..

Adi leaves from there.. sejal opens the parcel,she finds a room freshener and some pills in that..

Sejal(to herself):What all this…?What I shall I do with these things…?I have to call him..

Sejal picks her phone and calls someone

Sejal: Hello..What all these things..?What I have to do with these thing…?Tell us damn it…(angrily).

Person: What’s wrong with you..Let me tell you…You have replace the room freshener with Riddhima’s room freshener….The freshener which I sent you is jasmine fragrant…I know that Riddhima is allergic of jasmine…But Riddhima will never get to know about the fragrance

Sejal:What you want to do with her health…?

Person:She will get migraine in her brain..After that she will consult a physician…Then we can replace those pills(laughs evily)..

Sejal:Does it effect her brain…?


Sejal cuts the call….Then she goes to Riddhima’s room when riddhima went to VR Mansion and  she replaces room fresheners…

Sejal(thinking):I done my work…

Scene:VR Mansion -Vansh’s room..

Riddhima enters Vansh’s room but she doesn’t finds Vansh there ,she looks around his room and places things correctly…

Riddhima(to herself):Where is this Vansh he called me here …But he is not here…Let him come I will kill him…

Riddhima sees a painting..But the painting’s up at down.. Actually,the painting is Vansh’s ex-girlfriend’s in a flower lawn…Riddhima doesn’t notices that…Riddhima’s holds her head in pai ,when she is about to touch the painting Vansh comes in between..

Vansh:Are you ok..?Why you’re holding your head like this…?

Riddhima: Nothing,Vansh I’m alright..Tell me why you called me here..?

Vansh:I just called you to show the house…


Vansh:Yeah…Let’s go..

Vansh shows VR Mansion to Riddhima…

Riddhima accidentally enters anupriya’s room..

Anupriya:You…What you’re doing here…?You entered my room without permission…

Riddhima:Aunty…Let me speak..I’m just watching the mansion..Even,I’m not interested to enter you room…My room is too good than yours…

Anupriya:How dare you…?

Riddhima:Sorry,Aunty I can’t measure it..(smiles sarcastically)…

Anupriya: Don’t show me your antics..(angrily)..

Riddhima(Inside):I will..What you will do…

Anupriya: You’re going to become my daughter in law so,behave like that only..

Riddhima(Inside):I can’t bear your saas bahu drama…

Anupriya keeps arguing…Riddhima keeps head phones and leaves from there…

Anupriya:How dare she is….She left when I was talking to her…(angrily)

Precap:Sejal goes to meet someone secretly.

  1. Nice episode🥰🥰…. Waiting for the next one😊…

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      Thank you! very much😊☺️.. Happy pongal!🙂

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  2. FirstRaysOfSun

    Happy Pongal! Amazing episode! I enjoyed the saas bahu fight😂😂I am getting negative vibes from Sejal. Waiting eagerly for the next one.

    1. RiAnshrocks

      Happy pongal!Yaar, Thank you very much 😊🙂

  3. Happy Pongal. Wow amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. It’s really good episode 😍😍😍😍. Thanks for updates 😊❤️💗. keep rocking dear you and your updates 😊❤️💗. Iam waiting for your next updates 😊❤️💗.

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    So nice updates 😊
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  7. Lovely episode

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  8. Nice yaar .awsm episode..i thought sejal is a wellwisher of ridz..sad.bt d saas bahu drama was amazing…d strong ridz..even i want d strong ridz in current show

    1. RiAnshrocks

      Thank you!very much😊☺,let’s see sejal is her well wisher or she will turn into negative😇

  9. Niyati12

    Awesome episode😀 Happy Pongal!!

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    Suspense track continuous

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    Happy lohri 😍 and episode was great

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  12. yrr yeh person kon h aur sejal ridhimma ki tabayat kharab karane me kyu lag rhi h

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      Yaar,woh insaan ka pata karne ke liye ek hi option hai”Wait and read”😛😜
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  13. Jazzmiiiine10

    Riddhima is allergic of me ? Poor me !!! Just kiddin…!! Nyc episode

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