The loud sounds of music echoed the whole garden and they danced on the beat of latest new Hindi songs..
“Dadi”- Rudra pulled the old lady,”you should dance on a romantic song with me”.
“Chal besharam khotiyya”- Kalyaniji slapped her grand son,”just pull Billu and his Billi to the dance floor”.
“This is Sangeeth for them”- Jhanvi support ,”and we are too old to dance”.
“Old…”- Tej protested,”we can set fire on the dance floor”.
“Look Pinky”- Shakti show,”Sangeeth is here but your heera beta is struck to his laptop and Bluetooth and Annika is sitting watching others enjoying on their function”.
“Billu”- Rudy smirked,”if your romance with Khanna and Mishra is over then come here and join with us on the dance floor”.
“Chulbul..”- Om discovered while dancing,”your hands are too soft”.
“I will make her do exercise daily and chulbul will be another pehelwan soon Om”- Rudra offered.
” Thaanku”- Gouri Sharma smiled ,” but I am using Vivel soap for making skin soft”.
“Bhaiyya “- Saahil shouted,”I am dancing for the first time in my life and you are not joining with me”.
“Annika in which song should we dance here”- Shivaay whispered,”I am new to this dancing business”.
“Your smile and this roar of happiness is the best music for my ears”- Annika replied,”the most sweet after your magical words”.
“I don’t know much about dance except for the Obro moment crazy steps”- Shivaay is not perfect in all subject,” Will you teach me”.
Annika hold his hands and then placed her hands on his neck,” I will teach you a romantic dance”.
“I am a very obedient student Annika”- Shivaay came more close ,” I will learn it only from you”.
“Are we allowed to do this during dance Annika”- Shivaay placed a kiss on her hand then his sensual lips travels up to her face to place numerous kisses on her moon glowing face with happiness…,”I saw this in movies the kissing scene in a dance”.
“You s*xy Singh Oberoi”- Annika ran away,”stay away,all are watching us”.
“I will do it always only with you”- Shivaay teased,”all will be happy watching us romancing “.
“We will clap our hands in happiness”- Rudra heard them talking in very low voice and commented,”till our hands matches red red tomato”.
“Shut up duffer”- Shivaay slapped on the back of his head,”I will disturb you one day to the core of irritation”.
“You are welcome bhaiyya”- Rudra left them alone again.

“This cones are to be used for Mehendi”- Pinky handed over the branded cones of Mehendi to the lady,”make one complex and beautiful design on Annika’s hand”.
“Haan.. hide the name of groom”- Dadi provided information,”the groom have to find his name on brides palm during Suhaag raat”.
“What shall I put on the design mam”-the parlour lady asked,”the groom’s name”.
“Billu..no SSO or Kanji ankhen wala bhagad billa”- Rudra suggested,”I can think of some more name for bhaiyya from bhabhi”.
” Get out from here”- Jhanvi make a serious angry face,”boys are not allowed for Mehendi”.
” my work is done “- Rudra left with a logic sign.
“Bhaiyya!!”- He hugged shivaay,”now we can see the live telecast of Mehendi function from this laptop”.
“Chulbul sit here”-Om held the soft hands of his best buddy,”This is the only way to see the function”.
Gouri looked at the screen with wide eyes. The red red design on women’s palm and then at her white palm.. Her husband came more close to her and put his hands around her shoulder…
“The naughtiest boys of this whole Mumbai”- Dadi came to check how good boy her grand son are!!,”come to join us as family togetherness and happiness is more important then a stupid rituals and you are all smart here “.

“The design is turning more red”- Shivaay picked Annika’s hand only to smell the magnetic scent of henna,”I wish I can kiss them now”.
Annika saw him with her round wide eyes. He wish to kiss it now means…
“You are right I am gonna kiss it when we are alone after function”.
“Bhaiyya not fair haan…”- Rudra came in between the romantic couple ,”before Shaadi .. you are planning leading me behind”.
“Shall he talk and romance with you Rudra”- Shakti interfered,”they are just talking”.
“All married man are stupid”- Duffer accused,”all are Paraya Dhan”.
“The more red “- Dadi described the rituals,”the more love in the couple”.
“Hein!!”-Tej is the father of a duffer,” red is the colour of love then”.
“Red.. blood red.. Blood”- Omkara remembered of a girl.. his wife covered in red blood during the attack from villagers in Bareilly.
“Gouri”- He whispered ,”red is not a colour of love only.. your pain and tears…”.
Om closed his face in both his hands… He decided to search for Gouri then and there.. She is his wife and a bahu of Oberoi family. Truth can be hided but he is a walking namuna of truth…and hiding truth is just like supporting lie..

“This is beautiful Annika”- Shivaay kissed her hands,”the design”.
“Are you sad Annika”-,He asked,”I did not put any Mehendi on your name”.
“Ha ha…. Shivaay”- Annika laughed loud,”will you put Sindoor after marriage on your head in my name.. Business tycoon Shivaay Singh Oberoi is unpredictable and dump in the matter of marriage rituals”.
“the design is too complex Annika”- He again held her hand and looked through it.
“Stay away from the mehendi Billuji”- Annika sat near pool,”you have to find your name on our first night”.
“I am not a fool to loss time on searching my name on your hands”- Shivaay teased,”I know that my name is written on your heart like your name on my heart”….

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