Uncontrollable feelings (swasan ff)by Mars part 13

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Uncontrollable Feelings(swasan ff)
Part 13:
Recap: shekar fixed swasan marriage unknown to them.

Rajesh’s house:
Rajesh called Sanskar in his room.
Sanskar:yes baba.
Rajesh: tomorrow we are going to Kolkata.
Sanskar (surprise): why??
Rajesh:actually me and shekar want you and Swara to get married.
Sanskar (shocked): what ???
Rajesh:Sanskar u r my responsibility and now your marriage is broken with kavita so I had taken this decision.
Sanskar: but our status baba.
Rajesh(angry): this is last time u had said about this u r my son so what is difference in status.
Sanskar:i m sorry.
Rajesh: its okay now go and pack your things.
Sanskar nodded.
Rajesh:and I had talked to kavita’s parents they agreed for kavita and sahil’s marriage.
Sanskar: ohhh that’s good.
Sanskar left to his room.

Sanskar’s room:
Sanskar came inside and started packing his bags.
Sanskar (monologue): now wait and watch Miss Swara Gododia how I will make you Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.I know u will be angry and I will accept whatever punishment u will give but atlast u will be mine.
He smiles thinking about her.

Next day:
Swara’s room:
Swara is sitting ideally on bed.
Swara: daffy I m feeling bored at home.
Daffy went down and gesture her to watch TV.
Swara:u want to see TV??
Daffy nodded.
Swara:okay come.
Swaffy got busy in watching TV.
Shomi enter inside.
Swara:ji mom
Shomi:today evening boy is coming with whom your marriage is fixed.
Swara got sad thinking about her marriage.
Swara:who is he??
Shomi: take this no. And call him.
Swara: why should i ??
Shomi: swara talk to him then u will be comfortable when he will come here.
Shomi: no if but just call.
Swara(make faces): okay.
Shomi left from there.
Swara:Daffy now I have to call to my so called would be husband.
Daffy jump in her lap while swara dial the number. Its different no. of sanskar.

After few rings sanskar received
Swara for a second thought that he is ssnskar but then brushed away her thoughts that how can he be there.
Swara: hi this is swara gododia hope so u know me.
Sanskar smiles listening her and said
Sanskar:ofcouse Miss gododia my would be wife Right??
Sanskar:so how are u??
Swara: till now I was fine.
Sanskar: means??
Swara:nothing leave that tell me your name
Sanskar got confused what to say.
Swara: hello u are there??
Sanskar: yes what is in name u tell are u excited to meet me.
Swara(inflow): no
Sanskar (smiles): ohh but I m so excited.
Swara:see I will tell you few things which I will not be able to tell in front of my parents so listen carefully if u want to marry me.
Sanskar: okay tell.
Swara: after marriage my pet Daffy will also live with us and u should be handsome like my sanskar.
Sanskar (shocked): Sanskar???
Swara(tensed): no one I mean you should have personality okay.Now bye.
Sanskar: bye.
Swasan cut the call.
Sanskar( smile idiotically):my sanskar how sweet now I can’t wait to meet you swara.
Swara’s room:
Swara:ohh god daffy why that Sanskar’s name I had taken I don’t love him now and even don’t care for him.
She got busy with Daffy in talking.

Gododia house:
Swara is getting ready as boy is coming to see her. She is sad as she still feel for Sanskar but then his harsh words force her to marry someone else.
Daffy is roaming in corridor and then only Rajesh and Sanskar entered inside.
Sanskar took shekar and shomi’s blessings. All sit in the hall. Daffy who saw sanskar got shocked and ran to swara.
Daffy was asking swara to take her phone. Swara was confused that what he was trying to say. Daffy was again and again gesturing her to see her phone when swara on the phone she saw wallpaper which was swasan and Daffy’s pic that they had clicked.
Swara:u want to say sanskar.
Daffy nodded and ran to door.
Swara also followed him and saw sanskar sitting in hall. She was astonished and came back to room.
Swara:daffy what he is doing here.
Daffy make puppy face (vase he is puppy only).
Shomi came inside and asked
Shomi:swara u r ready??
Swara:yes mom but what sanskar is doing here??
Shomi:he is boy with whom u are getting married.
Swara got numb. Words didn’t came out from her throat.
Shomi: come fast.
Shomi went down while swara sit on bed.
Swara:I m going to marry Sanskar. No how can this be possible. Then what about kavita. Ohh god so much confusion.
Daffy was also shocked. He was staring swara like what is happening??
Swara: daffy we will not talk to him how can he hurt me. When he don’t love me then why he came now??(teary eyes)
Daffy let’s go down and he don’t affect me I m not scared.
Swaffy went down.

Swara came down followed by daffy. Sanskar looked up and was mesmerized to see her. She is wearing white half saree with long open hairs and little makeup. She came and hugged rajesh
Swara:how are u dadu
Rajesh:I m fine angel u r looking beautiful.
Swara(smiles): thanks.
Swara went near sanskar said not looking in his eyes.
Swara:hello Sanskar
Sanskar:hi swara
She silently sit in front of sanskar. She was busy with daffy not even looking at sanskar once also. He got disappointed seeing her sad.
Shekar:so both swara and sanskar don’t have any problem so we will do marriage next month.
Rajesh: yes that’s nice.
Shekar: swara sanskar tomorrow u both come with me to office I will introduce you and u should start knowing about business of our company.
Swasan nodded.
Shekar: Sanskar your job??
Sanskar:I had resigned but will have to go once or twice for paper work.
Shekar:it’s okay no problem.
Shomi: now baba sanskar u take rest. Swara take Sanskar to guest room.
Swara nodded and got up went towards guest room.
Sanskar silently follow her.
Later, they reach near guest room. Swara opened the door.
Swara:this is your room.
Sanskar: Swara how are u and daffy?
Swara(sternly): we both are fine and happy with each other.
She was about to go when Sanskar again called
Sanskar: swara
Swara(turn): u want to say something?
Sanskar was not knowing what to say
Swara:I think no let’s go daffy.
Swara went out and daffy also give raged look to sanskar and went after swara.
Sanskar(mumble): ohh both are hell angry.(signed)
He went to fresh up.
To be continued….

Precap: swasan in office and swaffy’s silent treatment.

Hope so it was worth reading.
Sorry for mistakes I had written quickly.
Thank you.

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