Unblinking Seconds – A tale of love – Episode 2

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♥️Unblinking Seconds ♥️ Episode 2

It was a Saturday……

Arjun was at home that night and his friends karthik, Ayaan and  Rohan came to meet him.They  had their dinner together and went home. Disha and kriti came to the party. Disha was drunk and unsteady. Kriti stopped Disha from drinking more and took her out of the club. She got into the car with Disha and drove  home. Disha was talking without her sense.kriti was too angry towards Disha “why do you have to drink too much??what if you had come alone?.” Disha was looking at her and said “you will get married and I will have to look after my self all alone.”Kriti looked at her and thought “I think I am doing a mistake by getting married  I have to find someone for her and get married.” Disha fell asleep in the car. Kriti smiled looking at Disha who was asleep. Dish’s home reached and kriti woke her she even offered help to take her into her home  but Disha refused and walked in.she went to the door and entered the pin code it was wrong and the alarm rang .It was arjun ‘s home.Arjun switched on his camera and saw Disha. Disha was making reactions in front of security system.Her hair  came to her faceand she said to her hair “Hey go back don’t fall on me.”when she bent down the hair came to her face again “cant you understand  dont fall to my face  because I look like a ghost.” Arjun was smiling looking at Disha’s work. Disha was pledging the door to open and finally she thought to handle it in doing magic. “Abbra ka daabra open the door..”the door still didn’t get open but arjun was looking at everything and smiling looking at Disha. When Disha was telling the spell when door finally opened it opened not because of Disha ‘s spell because arjun had opened it. Disha said”My magic worked the door opened”. Arjun came and said “the door opened but not because you told abbra ka daabra because I opened it. “Disha said “this is my house get out”. She went inside the home and arjun screamed “where are you going???”.Arjun entered home and saw the mess disha has created.she had throw her shoes,purse and was sleeping on the sofa.Arjun kept her things properly and was looking at Disha sleeping. Suddenly doorbell rang arjun went and opened the door. Kriti was standing she inquired about disha showing a picture to him.he brings her inside and shows Disha. Kriti apologised  arjun for Disha’s mistake and takes Disha and stayed with her. Arjun was on his bed and was dreaming of Disha’s doings

Precap:karan comes to arjun’s home with all his luggage
Disha apologises to Arjun.

Hey guys, Here goes the second update.if you have read my story comment me.Hope you like it  lots of love. Good day!!

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