Unblinking Seconds – A tale of love – Episode 1

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♥️Unblinking Seconds ♥️ Episode 01

Main lead (male):Arjun
Main lead (female): Disha


A young man is shown in the hospital he rushed to the operation 

After few hours 

A lady thanked the young man for saving her son who had been accident 

The young man is none other than Arjun who is a doctor.

On the other side a young woman was seen fed up with her work on the computer. Later shown as Disha.

It was 10.00 pm and the young lady left her office with her friend kriti. Disha dropped kriti and went home.

She opened the door lock and entered her home .Her home was seen as a mess with boxes everywhere it’s revealed that she will be shifting into a flat.

The next day

Some young men had been seen lifting boxes and taking them to a flat.Disha was seen arranging all her things in her new flat.The door bell rang Disha opened the door and was surprised to see her friends who had come to help her arrange the house. After everything was done they had dinner together and left. Disha was very tired and she went to bed.

At night arjun was seen talking to his parents. His father told him that they will come Mumbai after he get retire from his job.As it was late arjun also went to bed.


Precap:-Disha is in  a party. She was drunk .Arjun sees disha


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