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This is me Pragya arora or pragya mehra or pragya singh maybe simply pragya.Should I laugh or cry at my state I am confused.No not only confused today I am broken,my soul has been ripped apart,my everything got ruined.why why?? what was my mistake was it my mistake I trusted you.was it my mistake to try to heal from those screaming scary unbeareable pain.Cant I have a simple right to live my life a little grief less? Why those eyes whom I trusted most betrayed me.What was my fault was it my fault to dream.Was it my fault to search for a little happiness or was is my fault to smile??.Dont I deserve a pinch of happiness in my life??Dont I have right to smile? Then why do you always snatch that pinch of happiness when I was going to get it.why you always fade those smile away..Am I not a human??.why did you teach me to speak when my mouth my words,my voice of plead, helplessness for fulfillment of passion were just to be caged and strangled to death.why did you teach me to walk ,to stand, when my steps were just to be blocked.why did you taught me speak against wrong when you were there to stop me.why did you told me to dream when you were there to crash it.why was I taught to glide when you were there to cut my wings.Why did you gave the ray of hope to me when that hope was just to mock at me..Those horrors,those nights of unbereable pain those tortures those heart aching movement still haunt me.When others were playing,laughing,happy,together I was alone in a corner of a room no one to talk no one to care,no one hear my cries my pain.what was my fault?? Was it my fault to desire my teenage life like a normal teenager?but no you didn’t find solace in that.You made my teenage a horror.i was depressed,I didn’t had anyone to listen to me I was solitude ..why wasn’t there anyone to pacify me when I cried.why instead of being heard of plight instead of asked what happened to you? I was blamed I was verbally abused..was it my fault to to be depressed at an early age just because of your verbal abuse?why wasn’t I taught to bear those horrors those pains grief..A joker can understand the pain beneath people’s smile and can erase those sadness from those faces but why a joker’s pain beside her fake smile cannot be understood.You know why because she isn’t selfish and knows to spread love and happiness though she is deprived of that as she knows the real value of it.Everybody has a friend in their groups who makes always makes them smile and laugh ,right and a silent weird one..Have you ever notice her pain that’s hidden beneath her smile. have ever asked he whether she is okay or not.Have you ever said her “I am there for you” do you need some help do you need someone to talk to? Don’t hesitate to ask them sometimes they may need you.I was never asked by anyone whether I needed anybody to talk..i was all alone.why am I that bad that whatever I asked for my wishes my demands aren’t fulfilled but his are.if he is at fault still he is praised but if I am not even at fault then I am abuse verbally I am beaten I am dreams my passion are just time pass and his dreams are dreams and his timepass are passions..why are my legs pulled when I try to run towards my passion.why you force me to shut myself when I needed to fight.why was my questions unanswered? Why my dreams were crushed beneath your selfish desires? Its not that I dint try. I fought for my dreams I fought for following my passion but again I was cut down my dreams were murdered as I was getting engaged in an forced marriage..I though I again had a ray of hope, I thought I would get the love that I was deprived of ,the care I was deprived of, the happiness and smile back to my life but still god didn’t had mercy on me that still MR.abhishek mehra didn’t accept this marriage didn’t accepted me as his wife all those tanu Aliyah incident went.Now I had a little ray of hope.Now he loved me.we were happy together there no tanu Aliyah and again god didn’t want me happy or there’s no happiness on my faith that again simonika killed dadi and I got blamed its my faith.yes now because of me the one who cared and loved me like her daughter died.dadi was my mother I got the love and care that I was deprived of .the person from who I got to know the value of a mothers lap and a taste of mothers love she is dead because of me..dadi was not only mine life but his aswell..MR.abhishek was only there who really cared about but now I lost him and his trust as because me dadi got dead .Now he also started hating me he left me .Again I was left when I needed someone to talk..He didn’t trust me I didn’t kill dadi it was tanu who did all the plan and plotting with simonika.not only he had lost his dadi but I also had lost my mother my pillar of strength.Present I was happy back in London with my daughter Kiara yes my daughter Kiara(his and mine love symbol) with rockstar king singh who owns me a favour as he gave me a house and Kiara a name.but my fate and god didn’t had much fun with my life so god again made me reach delhi and mad Kiara to meet him.I am scared again to face him to face those eyes to again go through that pain that untrusted moments again..I don’t want Kiara to go through any pain.Today I am happy with king and Kiara they are my family..King trust me though abhi didn’t and yes Kiara is like abhi but she means life to me..

HOLA!Guys how was the writing guys do bear any typing mistakes and yeah rotten tomatoes and chappals are most welcome..anyways thanks for hearing me out and bearing my writing  yeah guys till the teenager one the story is true its mine story my parents didn’t trusted me they abused me I was broken depressed because of the mental torture given by them so indeed I am thankful that a paper and pen is with me with whom I could share my grief my pain..back in my childhood I used to stay away from people I was scared of them because of the verbal abuse of my mom I didn’t made friends I didn’t came out of my room I stayed there acting as being introverted but then I decided to spread smile in others face still nobody noticed my sadness beneath my smile..I am thank full to the paper and pen and words…THANKS ALL OF YOU FOR READING THIS XOXO

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