Udariyaan story my way – FS Part-7 – The End!

It’s been a month now since fateh and tejo started living together …..tejo always felt happy seeing him and jeet together happy and they growing bond but still there is something in her heart which keeps her stopping to forgive fateh ………..fateh always tries to lower her burdens and never asked her that is she ready to go with him ……..as he knows she will come herself when she is ready and doesn’t  make any awkward situations ………….it’s Sunday again ……since fateh came it became like a rule that Sunday is outing day for three of them ………..they watched a film together and sit in a restaurant to have lunch
Fateh: aacha tejo I saw an ad of xyz university who are taking admissions for phd students …….so why don’t you go and see that university once ……
Tejo : but fateh …..
Fateh: I know you will say jeet is small ……..but I learned at least to handle him for few hours and morning he has school ……..i can take him to academy and make him do his homework ……….before you didn’t do as you were alone and jeet is small but now I am their na ……..and as a parent I at least should do my responsibility of taking care of him in your absence …….so think about it and say later
Tejo: okay
Jeet : mumma I want to go to park to play
Tejo: aren’t you tired
Jeet : kids have more energy than elders
Fateh: what are you trying to say that we both got old ……..let’s see who has more energy later
( and he tickles while saying ……..later the trio goes to park …..fateh and jeet plays together and tejo Sits on a bench and watches them ……later she notices a old lady keeping half flowers on bench and half in her hand and talking to herself looking at the sky …..suddenly she notice Tejo looking at her and then she goes near her and sits beside her )
Lady : don’t worry I am not mad person ….I was just talking to my husband who is up
Tejo : oh I am sorry I didn’t…..
Lady : it’s okay …..I came here daily in this time as i used to come here when ever I was upset and he used to come to pursue and take me back
Tejo : how did he died
Lady : I was seven months pregnant and it was our wedding anniversary he was stuck in a meeting and couldn’t come on time it made me angry as I thought he don’t care about me anymore so I came here and sit here as usual he came to pursue me but since I wasn’t ready to he went to that flower shop there you see and was coming looking at me when suddenly a truck hit him …….it him in front of me and when I rush to him at his last moments he was explaining me that he was late because he was preparing a gift for me
Tejo : sorry aunty ….I am sorry to ask
Lady : it’s okay …..I was so shocked from his death that I lost my baby too ………i regret being angry him I regret that I couldn’t understand him and made my own assumptions……I regret that in his last moment too he was explaining me his reason for being angry ……
Tejo : don’t be sad aunty ….I am sure where ever he is he still loves you
Lady : since then I come daily keep half flowers here and half on his grave …….sometimes we take everyone for granted and couldn’t understand that life is short …….so one should learn to forgive and forget others
Tejo : what if someone hurts you so much that you couldn’t forgive him
Lady : did somebody hurt you so much that you can’t forgive or forget
Tejo : yes
Lady : are those people important in your life
Tejo : they were the most important people
Lady : okay ….close your eyes once …..now think it’s your last moment…….now imagine those people around you whom you want to talk and see for the last time before dying….are those people their
Tejo : yes
Lady : now say what you want to say for the last time to them
Tejo : thank you for coming in my life and I love you
Lady : and what about the other person
Tejo : be happy forever and I missed you
Lady : open your eyes now ……your heart has forgive them long back it’s just you can’t forget that they hurt you …..one should forget the pain but always remember the lesson……now you decide that you want to forget it and move on or regret later like me
Tejo: thank you ……you gave all answers to my questions
Lady : your welcome dear …..stay happy….I will go as I am late ……he will be worrying for me that I still didn’t cake to him with flowers
Tejo : bye aunty
( the lady goes and Tejo goes near Jeet and Fateh )
Tejo : Fateh lets go to our home
Fateh : Yaa five minutes and we will go yes Jeet
Tejo : Fateh I said our home
Fateh : haan our home only …..we will go
Tejo : fool
(Fateh then realises what she meant and stops as he was playing football with Jeet)
Fateh : really
Tejo : thank god it strike you otherwise I thought to change my thought
Fateh : no I am sorry ……..but are sure like you aren’t saying under any pressure right
Tejo : no and I am pretty sure
( Fateh hugs Tejo in excitement)
Fateh : thank you thank you so much Tejo I’ll make sure you won’t regret your decision and will forever and ever keep you happy
Tejo: fine but at least leave me now we are outside
( he releases her )
Fateh : so you mean I can hug you if we aren’t outside
( they have an cute eye lock which break by Jeet )
Jeet : papa ….why did you stop
( Fateh lifts him )
Fateh : as we will go to our home
Jeet : but I don’t want to go ….I still want to play
Fateh : I meant we will go tomorrow to dada’s house
Tejo : tomorrow……but since we will shift I have so much to pack and many things to do like Jeet’s TC and also you have to transfer academy to someone else
Fateh : sorry in excitement I forgot
(For one week they were hell busy and Fateh was super happy that finally Tejo forgive him ……one week later they went back to vrik mansion where both Sandhu and vrik family were waiting for them ….they kept secret about Jeet as they wanted to surprise them ……everyone was so happy seeing them the trio enters the house together after Gurpreet does their ghar Parvesh ……Tejo remembers her each moment from starting to leaving the house she gets emotional and step in the house ………it’s evening and still everyone were around Tejo and where as Fateh was looking for moment alone with Tejo to give her surprise but all day she was with someone…….later the Sandhu goes and while everyone were seeing them off Fateh secretly drags Tejo and take her to their room where everything was almost same but he made a huge frame of the trio pic and all the walls had their and Jeet pics even his Jeet’s baby pics which she had in Chandigarh……)
Tejo : when did you planned this and no one know about Jeet before our arrival too
Fateh : I asked mom to put our pics and she did when everyone were busy preparing for our arrival
Tejo : oh
( Tejo looks at all the frame closely while Fateh slowly without her noticing close the door and back hugs )
Tejo : Fateh ….leave me someone will come
Fateh : that’s why I close the door
Tejo : Fateh …..behave you are father now
Fateh : so what if you are father then you can’t hug your wife
Tejo : you can but …
( suddenly somebody knocks which makes Fateh loose his grip and Tejo runs to open ….where she sees Gurpreet, Mahi and Jeet standing )
Gurpreet: Tejo make him change in nightwear clothes today he will sleep with me
( Fateh happily comes at the door )
Tejo : okay ….but aunty
Gurpreet: aunty not mom …I told you na from now on you should call me mom
Tejo : sorry mom …..he never slept without me so If he make troubles or doesn’t sleep then call me or send him here without any worries
Mahi : I think you should once ask Fateh veerji before saying……why veerji
Fateh : Mahi …..jeet come I’ll make you change your clothes
Gurpreet: don’t worry Tejo as he so tired I think he will sleep
Tejo : Jeet be a good boy and don’t trouble dadi and dada okay
Jeet : ok mom goodnight ….good night dad
Tejo and Fateh : good night….good night mom
Mahi: then I’ll also go otherwise veerji will kick me out
Tejo : you wait ….let met karan then I’ll take revenge ….but why didn’t he came today
Mahi : he …he had important meeting so he will meet you tomorrow
( suddenly Mahi gets a call )
Tejo : looks like someone is missing you Mahi ….by the way I missed you a lot so why don’t we have cup of coffee together and chat
Mahi :bhabhi ….veerji will kick me out ..so it’s better I go myself…..good night
Tejo:good night
(Then she turns and doesn’t find Fateh she moves ahead and suddenly hears door lock sound Tejo tries to run to washroom but he holds her )
Fateh : finally I can spend alone time with you and you are running away ….today toh I won’t let you go
Tejo : at least me take shower and change first
Fateh : why don’t we
( she keeps her hand on his mouth )
Tejo : can you stop being shameless
Fateh : it’s call being romantic…..fine you go buy come fast
( she goes to take shower and change )
Fateh : Tejo Yaar …how much time ….if you didn’t come till I count 10 then I’ll come inside and don’t blame for being shameless 1…2…3….4….5…6…7…8….9….9.5…and …
(And door opens ….Fateh gets mesmerised seeing her black night gown …..he come close to her and lifts her …makes her lie in bed and was about to kiss her forehead but someone knocks on door …)
Fateh :which idiot came now
Tejo : idiot not …..idiot’s son
Fateh : Yaa
( he goes and open the door and Jeet runs to bed …..while Fateh slaps his head and close door )
Tejo : what happened why did you not to sleep with dadi and dada
Jeet : dadi fall asleep while saying story and I couldn’t sleep and dada ji snores
Tejo : okay now sleep here …..Fateh you to come and sleep
Fateh : Yaa other than sleeping what can I do too ….
Tejo : Fateh ….
Fateh : okay …..
(The next day morning Tejo comes from bathroom and dries her hair when Fateh wakes up and sees and goes near her makes her wear jewellery……was about to kiss her cheeks but she keeps finger on his lips and stops him )
Tejo : did you forgot that their is a child in this room now
Fateh : but that child is sleeping
Tejo : he can wake up anytime now …….and also we have appointment with the school principal for his admission so get ready
Fateh : what’s so hurry
Tejo : I told you we can’t delay as it’s already mid term going in schools we can’t let any damage to his studies ….. so like a good husband and good father ……get ready and make Jeet ready ….I’ll go and help aunty in making breakfast
Fateh : you care for everyone other than your hubby
(She then kisses him and runs to the door)
Tejo: now get ready fast …..
( later it’s mid night and Fateh wakes up and doesn’t see tejo so he covers Jeet with blanket properly and goes out slowly)
Fateh : I knew you will be here making Maggie ….as today mom made tinde
Tejo : you still remember that
Fateh : I remember everything ….,but don’t you think it’s more
Tejo : I made more because I knew you and ……
Jeet : mumma I am hungry
Fateh : so for him you made
Tejo : ya ….every time I made tinde we both wake up at midnight and have Maggie
Fateh : so I was right that our kid be lucky in this case
(The trio have the Maggie laughing and playing together)
Hope you all liked it ……so udaariyaan for me end here’s I can’t watch any longer as I get so angry and curse them for falling so down and more over they both don’t even feel ashamed that they cheating someone who did so much for them …..plus they are going to fall more low daily…….and I really need to listen to some song or watch something else to stop cursing them and calm myself…..I am surprised a mere show have so much effect on mind ……anyhow I don’t watch daily soaps other this and Pandya store ……so after this I’ll only watch Pandya store till they don’t show negativity show much like this show ……anyways thank you for loving it and also bearing grammatical errors if any …..so bubye signing off @ arshiya_princess🥰

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    Finally after 6 and half hours they it got upload…..anyways hope you like and are satisfied with the ending

    1. Thank you so much ji, but your version takes the cake n we can eat it too. J n F we’re really shameless n yet Tejo forgave him, I wouldn’t be able to forgive like her. 🥰🥰🙏🙏

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    I enjoyed this story very much 😍….. They can take this story line which has not include any unethical storyline…… I loved the story yaar….. Tq for giving the treat fatejo story which was more needed for us now❤️❤️

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