Udariyaan story my way – FS Part-5

Tejo comes from behind and stops taayi

Tejo : taayi listen to me at least come with me I’ll explain you

Taayi : you are so pure tejo so I know you still won’t hurt him but don’t worry I won’t let anyone take your feelings for granted and hurt you…….and you besharam insaan what are you standing get out

Tejo: taayi listen to me if you still feel same after listening to me I’ll myself kick him out

Fateh : tejo…

Taayi: aren’t you ashamed after so much you still have guts to be angry at her ……I’ll talk to her and you stay here only

( tejo takes taayi aside and explain what happened then she goes to fateh )

Taayi: though what she told me makes you at least a human being but you still did sins you have no idea about what she has to go through being a single mom living in a society, raising a kid all alone, and with a broken heart she used to cry daily until jeet baba aarived

Tejo : taayi please…

Taayi: for tejo’s sake I am leaving you but don’t you dare make her cry or create problems ……….i will not leave you ……….aacha tejo I’ll leave now but if he did something just call me right away promise me ……

Tejo ; promise taayi

(And she leaves while fateh finally takes a breathe and sits in couch)

Tejo : sorry fateh she is just sensitive as she saw me going through all the hardship for five years

Fateh: why are you saying sorry …….and most importantly she wasn’t wrong I did do injustice with you

Tejo ; anyways what’s your plan

Fateh: well I have meeting later with a client and I’ll get free by 2

Tejo : I meant by when will you go back

Fateh: I won’t go back without you guys

Tejo: fateh…..though you did not do much wrong with me but ………..i don’t know I can’t go back to normal like nothing happened …….those heart breaks I can’t bear anymore and plus now I have jeet with me I can’t let him involve in these things ………till now I bear it but if he gets hurt then……….

Fateh: I know……and I am not asking you to forgive me now what I meant was I will stay in chandigarh and will pursue you……..i know it might put pressure on you but trust me I won’t pressurizes you nor I will use jeet to let you forgive me ………..you have always thought for other’s but now think for yourself and come with me when you feel like ………..just I request you to don’t stop me from pursuing you

Tejo : okay

(Jeet wakes up)

Jeet ; mumma papa good morning

Fateh and tejo : good morning

Tejo : get ready for school

Jeet : mumma did you forget that is Sunday today

Tejo: oops I completely forgot ……aacha you go and get ready first I’ll make your breakfast

( he then goes to get ready )

tejo : by the way fateh if jasmine didn’t married you then ….

fateh : well when i went to your hose to find you …..everyone got know the truth as i got angry on jasmine as you left ……..then the whole family scolded us but aunty ji slapped her hard that for ruining our lives and had thrown her out of the house …….they didn’t said me much as i later explain things them ….but also couldn’t forgive me as i was partly responsible for you running away …..well later from amrik i got to know that she regretted her actions and stayed in gurudwara and also searched for you ….but later gippy came back from cananda and somehow convinced her to move on in life with him so they both got married eventually but your family till date didn’t talk to her and treat her as dead .

hope u all like it ……

  1. Arshiya_princess

    As I was frustrated and totally pissed with Fateh so I introduced taayi who can give him reality check nd expresses my emotion a little……….also since everyone wanted jasmine to get slap I added a little scene though it’s short hope u all feel satisfied

  2. Fateh needed that reality check. I just hope the makers will give him some sort reality check like you did. He really needs it.

  3. Yes, fateh needed that reality check like u did. Love it♥️♥️

    1. Excellent story😍😍🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. I love this story more than udaariyaan plzz make next part sooon

    1. Arshiya_princess

      Thank you ….,,I have submitted the next part long ago don’t know when will Telly update will upload

  5. This is so much better than the tv show.

    Very realistic.

  6. Ravya

    Wa yr💜

    1. Very nice,loved it more than original.
      Next part plz

    2. Arshiya_princess

      Thank you @ fatejo

  7. Jennifer chyne

    I’m happy for tejo❤️

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