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                  PART 1 – FIASCO

Fateh smiles at his lady love ‘HIS SO CALLED LOVER JASMINE’  and got the Mike , “ I would love to call my wife Mrs . Jasmine fateh virk “

All were hooting and clapping their hands for Jasmine except for Tejo stood there shaken . She couldn’t understand anything


‘I thought fateh is here to give a surprise! Indeed he did but it’s not a surprise it’s a storm in my marital life! I think he is joking! Wait let me ask him myself’

Jasmine reached the stage and hugged Fateh whereas Tejo took baby steps towards the stage .

She climbed the stairs and went near the couple . Initially both were lost in their own world and didn’t notice Tejo but at once fateh saw Tejo and separated himself from  Jasmine and muttered tejo ji.

Jasmine turned to face her pyaari sister , “ Tejo you are here ?”

“ you didn’t expect me here na jassu sorry mrs . Fateh! “

“ Tejo it’s not what you think “ fateh tried to near her

“ Even one step ahead would cost your life fateh! Just move back” Tejo turned herself to see everyone gathered near them .

Fresh hot tears were waiting down to pour somehow Tejo controlled her breaking voice ,” We will discuss everything at YOUR HOME. I don’t want to spoil the party mr and mrs . Fateh “ she wiped her tears with the back of her palm and exited from the party as soon as possible .

Her legs gave way when she accidentally hit the stone near by and fell down . Her face hit the ground and she lied there in the same position for some time .

“ Why this happens to me every time ? I am always asked to sacrifice everything for Jasmine! They even forced me to marry not once but twice! It’s because of her foolishness that I am here in this state! I have lost my life again. I know fateh isn’t mine but why had he to act as if he has moved on from HER ? “ she held her saree edge and cried till rain started pouring covering her tears .

Mahi and Amrik were coming from the store after getting essentials for Mahi ‘s assignment when she saw someone sitting on the road crying “ Bhai who is this crying like this at this moment ? Please stop the car we will see who is that “

Both parked the car nearby and neared to see only Tejo crying . Mahi was shock for a moment and then got alert and ran to her Tejo whereas for the first time Amrik felt bad for Tejo . Though he didn’t accept her somewhere his heart ached seeing her in this devastated state .

“ Bhabi what happened to you ? “ Mahi asked not once but thrice but there was no reaction from the other side . Then on Amrik ‘s advice she shook Tejo and at once Tejo hugged her Mahi and cried her heart out . Amrik handed over the water bottle and his eyes shows concern . Tejo was surprised and after calming down she narrated the fiasco that happened at the party . Mahi patted her back gently saying good things in her ears . Amrik was about to place his hand on her shoulder but hesitated a bit and took back .

He cleared his throat,” Tejo ji I said earlier this would happen as Fateh loves Jasmine but not you ,  you never hear my advice! Don’t think I am rubbing salt on your wounds it’s just I wanted you to understand everything! I really feel bad for you! They don’t deserve you Tejo ji! You deserve better! Just figure out what you need and succeed in it! STOP LIVING FOR OTHERS ITS YOUR LIFE! I ALWAYS SAW A GOOD SOUL IN YOU TEJO AND NEVER WANTED YOU TO SUFFER ALL THESE THINGS! “ Tejo for the first time felt genuine care and he pulled Mahi and Tejo to their car . All the way to their home amrik ‘s words echoed in Tejo ‘s ears and she wiped her tears .

Tejo ‘s phone rings and she saw the caller id- SIMRAN DI . She attended the call but didn’t speak anything but her sobs escaped and she cut the call .


JasFa reached earlier than Tejo and we’re hell worried . Kushbeer went on asking why JasFa were together but none answered .

For the umpteenth time I am asking you say something kushbeer roared

“How would he say papa ji ?” Tejo entered and kushbeer ‘s expression turned into worry seeing his doll like that .

“ What happened Tejo ?”

“ I am not okay papa ji these two “ she swallowed and continued ,” had an affair behind us . Fateh was both my husband and Jasmine’s lover “

Everyone were shock to the core and everyone questioned JasFa in various ways . At one point Fateh asked them to stop and neared Tejo

“ Tejo ji you are accusing us as if you are too good ? I know even you were with Buzo  and even you guys have an affair! “

“ what are you blabbering Fateh ?” Kushbeer neared fateh to slap him but Tejo stopped him .

“ What are you speaking Fateh ? Are you even in your senses ? Buzo is your friend for god sake “

“Even Jasmine is your sister Tejo ji and I have seen you guys together at various places . At first I thought there is a misunderstanding but then I called you to confirm but you lied to me and were having a gala time …”

THUDD    Bag fell down and everyone turned to see simran and buzo standing there .


After their confession Fateh felt bad and went near to Tejo when the hall resonated with a clap .

Fateh held his burning cheek and Tejo stood with anger , burning like fire . She point her index finger against him , “ I would have left you both if you both have apologised but you assassinated my character Mr . Fateh!”

She slapped him again and kushbeer was about to interfere when Gurpreet stopped him ,” No ji it’s about a woman ‘s self respect and I support Tejo for that!” Kushbeer smiled and held her palm tightly.

“ I am done with this! Here take it! “ she removed her mangalsutra and placed it in his hand and rubbed her sindoor from her hairline .

“ Papa ji I am staying here for tonight and tomorrow morning I will leave from here and then you can make them marry . And please accept Simran Dii” she spoke and went upstairs to the terrace “

After the Fiasco Gurpreet made them stay in their house itself and kushbeer left from there followed by others . Jasmine went to Fateh ‘s room whereas Fateh sat down with his eyes closed ,’ Tomorrow will bring a new beginning Tejo ji! I will never allow you to go ‘

Tejo after finished talking to a person on phone closed her eyes ,’ Tomorrow will change everything!’

PRECAP : JasFa realisation and Tejo ‘s new life .

AUTHOR NOTE : It’s my first SS in UDAARIYAAN SERIAL! Any resemblance to the story line is purely coincidental! 

I know it’s boring but then upcoming chapters I assure you that you will love nah atleast like it!

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