Udaariyaan m twist – FF – Part 4

Hello all …here I m back with the 4th part of my ff ..hope you guys will like and comment …

In the last part we have seen that the Virk’s get worried as tejo didn’t reach home …fateh is busy finding tejo and jasmine think about fateh ….so here we go

Fateh repeatedly calls tejo but she didn’t picked the calls and afterwards switched her phone off . Here at Virk’s mansion all the members get worried as now fateh has also stopped picking their calls . They all gets tensed for both ….

Here jasmine thinks why fateh is finding tejo and gets suspicious about it ….

It’s 12 ‘o clock Gurpreet is praying to God for tejo and fateh’s safety ,mahi and amrik calls them but fails as they both switched their phones off …..

After loosing all his hopes fateh stopped the car and recalls all the memories he made with tejo and is guilt ridden on doubting such a loving and caring person ….he then start to think where can tejo go and suddenly it strikes in his mind that last time when tejo has gone they have found her in gurudwara and without any delay reaches gurudwara and gets happy seeing tejo sitting there ….she was sitting alone and quietly with teary eyes ..he goes to her and asks her why she is here ? Tejo gets shocked to see fateh in front of her and tries to leave from there ignoring him …but fateh holds her hand and asks her about the same ….she suddenly shouts at him ,”fateh leave my hand ” …and cries a lot ….fateh makes her sit and ask about the matter …tejo told him that, “why are you asking me ….I know I don’t matter in your life , so please just leave from here ….” .Fateh gets shocked to hear this from tejo he think that tejo gets to know that he doubted her and then tells ,” it’s a happy moment for our family that we got simran dii back and sorry tejo I doubted on you for having affair with buzzo but now it’s all clear to me …I am really very sorry tejo ” tejo immediately replies ,”what ?? You doubted me …wow fateh ….you doubted me when nothing was like that and I …I didn’t doubt you even when you were actually betraying me …wow …what type of friendship we had fateh ….you don’t trust me and I blindly trusted on you ….ateh now I don’t want to talk to you just leave from here ….” Fateh asks her what’s the matter actually why you are being to rude to me , I said you sorry for what I have done …please forgive me and let’s go home …tejo says I am not coming with you you please just leave …there is no place for me in that house ….just go take jasmine as you want her to be your life partner then go and take her to that house and even in your room and your life ….I am now actually done being betrayed …fateh asks her ,”who tell her this?ย  There is nothin…..tejo cuts the line in between and tells , “stop fateh , stop telling lies for the god sake , do you know where was my friend’s sisters’ engagement …it was in mirinda hall and I should be very thankful to her that she invited me and thankful to uncleji that he told me to join the party alone …..so that I came to know the truth that the one’s whom I loved and trusted the most in my life they both are cheating me ” she cries a lot with the end of her statement ….now fateh gets to know that tejo knew everything about his and Jasmine’s affair and has no words for the reply ….fateh tells that I will make everything clear to you just come with me tejo everyone is waiting for you at home tejo replied that go and tell everyone that “TEJO IS DEAD ” …fateh says please tejo don’t say like this …tejo say’s ,” one minute , one minute…when I dont matter in your life , you love jasmine, you want her to be your life partner then why you are feeling sad if I am dead or ……well I can’t have affair with anyone but let’s suppose I had it then why you are feeling jealous of it you should be happy in both the cases that now you are free to welcome jasmine in your life ….but for your knowledge Mr. Fateh Singh Virk I never cheat anyone …..so tell me why you are feeling it let me die “…….fateh was held speechless

Precap : Fateh and tejo standing in front of each other ….tejo asking “why fateh ” ….he starts thinking for it that “do I really love jasmine ?”

  1. Amazing dear๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  2. Great episode ๐Ÿ‘Œ

    1. Aarna laddha

      Thank you @priyasi …

  3. Harsheeee

    woooooooowww awesome man just loved it
    next one soon plz

    1. Aarna laddha

      Ya I m just trying to get the ending of the sequel ….hope to bring the next episode in 1-2 days ….btw [email protected]

  4. Lovely episode
    I want this thing in the show

    1. Aarna laddha

      Thanks @fatejo…nice username๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Hey Nice yaar…โœŒโœŒโœŒ
    And thanks for uploading it so soon…
    Coz i was waiting for the update…
    Keep Going Buddy…๐Ÿ’ฅ

    1. Aarna laddha

      Thanks a lot ….yo guys are my inspiration for writing …trying to upload the next part soon …[email protected]

  6. NICE episode

    1. Aarna laddha

      My pleasure @kaviya

  7. Good episode yaar waiting for next one… Let fatejo be in end game atleast in ff

    1. Aarna laddha

      Let’s see which turn it will take….๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰thanks @keerthi

  8. Fatejo๐Ÿ’—

    Very nice episode, loved itโค๏ธ
    It is nice than the show

  9. Amazing di. Wow what happened that I read all the parts means 1 to 3 waiting for a 4th part.

    1. Aarna laddha

      Yup trying to release the next part soon ….๐Ÿ˜Š

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    Great job, looking forward to reading more!

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