Udaariyaan 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Jasmin returns home

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The Episode starts with Tejo recalling Simran. Gurpreet and Mahi come to the police station to meet Simran. Gurpreet says everyone is trying, don’t lose courage. Simran says I m worried for my Candy, he is too young. Khushbeer asks the man to do something. Rupy says just get a special bail for her, she has a little child. The man nods. Simran apologizes. Mahi says its not your mistake. Gurpreet cries and goes. Judge says you want to use your power and position, and get the bail, law is the most imp for me. Khushbeer says my daughter is innocent. Tejo recalls her promise to Candy. The judge says I can’t do anything in this regard.

Mahi consoles Gurpreet. Gurpreet says my children are in trouble, I hope Jasmin is fine, is she taking care of her child well or not. Dimple asks Jasmin to come home. Jasmin says I can’t let Fateh laugh or insult me. Dimple asks why will he send you to jail. Jasmin says leave me on my state, I will see what to do. She sees a baby with a lady. Everyone takes care of Candy. He asks for Simran. Simran comes and hugs him. Bau ji asks did the judge agree. Fateh recalls Tejo.

FB shows Tejo seeing some pic and says Saanvi Kaur, is she your daughter, I had failed her in exams, she never took her studies seriously, I m sure you had used your position, power and money to get her a degree, you are following double standards. The judge asks are you blackmailing me. She says no, I want you to realize that a father can do anything to help a daughter, Khushbeer is doing the same, please bail out Simran. FB ends. Simran thanks Tejo. Tejo says Aman will get punished. Fateh says I know a good lawyer, take care, leave everything on us. Tejo and Fateh leave. Simran hugs Gurpreet

Fateh says the day was weird, shall we take jalebis for everyone. Tejo says good idea. He says everything is fine. She says Aman is a disgusting man, we won’t fall weak. He says you are my courage, you are there to make everyone smile. It starts raining. He stops her and says maybe our sorrow gets away in these rains. She says okay, we will go by walk. They get romantic. They dance and hug. Aman breaks a bottle. They turn to see. Aman gives a flying kiss to Tejo and does poetry.

Fateh says I will not leave you. Tejo stops him. Aman says beat me and go to jail. Aman talks disgusting things and laughs with his friends. He provokes Fateh and asks him to beat him. Tejo stops Fateh. Aman says you will get angry and die of a heart attack, Tejo will become a widow, I will fulfil your every wish, Tejo ji. Tejo asks him to shut up. She scolds him.

Aman praises her saying beauty with brains. He says I will get Candy and also what I want, I m keeping an eye on your family and you. He laughs and leaves. Fateh hits the car. Tejo hugs him. At home, Tejo sees the chocolates. She cares for Fateh’s hands. She asks Fateh to understand. She says Aman wants you to beat him and go to jail, control your anger. Fateh says I get angry when he tells bad things about you. She says think of Simran and Candy, we have to tolerate this. He nods. She says we won’t tell anyone, else they will worry. Mahi asks Tejo to come, Jasmin isn’t answering, she didn’t come. Fateh thinks what’s her drama now.

Gurpreet talks to Bebe. Tejo comes and says I didn’t know about Jasmin. Gurpreet worries. Mahi says maybe Aman did something. Fateh says she is Jasmin, she will come, don’t worry. Jasmin comes home. She says sorry, I couldn’t call you, my phone got off, is Simran fine. Tejo says yes, she came back home. Jasmin thanks Lord. Fateh asks where were you all day, why didn’t you come home if you worried for Simran. She says I told Gurpreet about my friend. Tejo says we all got worried, come, change clothes and have something. Jasmin goes.

Tejo gets food for Jasmin. Jasmin asks how did you come like this. Tejo sees her baby bump and says baby is growing. Jasmin says I feel tired. Gurpreet says its been many months now, baby will grow. Tejo and Gurpreet say we will come along for tests tomorrow. Gurpreet says I will feed you and baby. Jasmin says no, go to Simran, don’t worry for me, I will have food. Tejo and Gurpreet leave. Tejo thinks is Jasmin okay, I m feeling strange Jasmin removes the fake baby bump. She says Tejo is very clever, I have to stay careful, else my lie will be caught.

Precap: Fateh argues with Aman. Aman says he has filed case in court for Candy’s custody.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. loved Fateh and Tejo i the rain I love Ankit aka Fateh in hot white wet shirt

  2. Poor Jasmean her karma has come to get her…… I cannot wait to see how she pull off this fake pregnancy!!!!!!!

    1. By eating more samosas to look fat, oh she already does that I see….

    2. Yes, Jasmin looks already fat and it’s not so hard for her to pretend false pregnancy!🤣 She eats all time!😱🤨🤔 Watching only because of Fatejo ♥️

  3. Good ol tejo, can’t remember what she had for breakfast 3wks ago but can remember a student she once had. If only you could everything done in India by insulting a judge’s family….
    They should be careful dancing in the rain, last time that happened tejo ended up getting pregnant in one of her fallopian tubes.
    Speaking of which, don’t those duffers realise jasmine baby got massive overnight….

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