Udaariyaan 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Dada ji finds a solution

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The Episode starts with Nimmo saying this family is mad for Canada, we shall leave now. Balbeer says this will make us lose our name, this will affect Khushbeer’s elections as well. Gurpreet sees Fateh and cries. Bebe says everyone would be saying that there is something wrong with our girls. Tejo cries. Harman says if we don’t do anything, then this news will spread in other pind also. Dada ji asks Khushbeer to come with him for a talk. They go to Rupy and family. Dada ji asks Rupy to come for a talk. Jasmin angrily throws the jewellery and ghunghat. Bebe comes to her. Jasmin says you have shown me this dream, you think I m wrong. Rupy says this happened because of me, forgive me. Khushbeer asks will we get our lost respect back. Dada ji says its not Rupy’s mistake, no father will want his daughter’s marriage to break. Rupy says your son is a diamond, I wanted to tell the truth to Jasmin after their marriage, I made a big mistake. Bebe says Fateh loves you, he will take you to Canada. Jasmin asks how can you say this. Bebe says don’t get stubborn, listen to me and go to the mandap, everyone is waiting, trust Fateh’s promise. Jasmin says I will trust him when he keeps his promises, ask them to leave.

Rupy says Jasmin doesn’t see anything else than Canada, its our mistake, we have encouraged her dream, Fateh’s life also got ruined because of us. Bebe asks didn’t you love Fateh, were you just marrying to go to Canada. Jasmin says I love him, but not more than my dream, I want to go to Canada and take you all there, my love can’t come between my dreams. Bebe asks what about the guests waiting outside, you think of your dreams, what about our respect. Jasmin refuses to listen. Khushbeer says we will apologize to relatives and leave from here, didn’t you see Fateh’s face. Jasmin asks if Fateh doesn’t get a job, then will I stay here in Punjab all life. Bebe says Fateh won’t wait for you now. Jasmin says if he really loves me, then he will wait, else let him go. Bebe says for the first time, I m feeling bad on my upbringing, I gave you dreams, but couldn’t teach you the importance of love in a person’s life. She cries and leaves.

Rupy says Tejo’s marriage broke first and now…. He cries. Dada ji says I have a solution to save respect of both the families. Pammi says Manjeet will taunt me all my life now. Nimmo says I told you that Jasmin isn’t the right girl for Fateh. Balbeer says Jasmin has rejected Fateh. Manjeet says we shall go. Fateh says I m going, go and call dad, I can’t stay here. Mahi says I m scared, where did dad and Dada ji go. Tejo comes and sees Fateh. Abhiraj says everything went wrong, we didn’t know about this. Harman says I m sorry from my family’s side.

Manjeet says you insulted us first and now came to apologize. Balbeer says Jasmin should apologize to us, she is ill mannered. Satti says not a word against my daughter, Fateh is ill mannered, he has lied, he has hidden the matter, why didn’t he tell Jasmin that he lost his job, they used to talk all day, how did he hide this big thing, he has used Jasmin’s innocence. Fateh cries. Satti says your son has cheated my daughter, you won’t know our pain, we are the girl’s family, you can’t understand this. Gurpreet says we also have daughters in our house, but our daughters don’t do a drama like this. Abhiraj says enough, we know what your elder daughter did. Amrik asks what did you say. Abhiraj and Amrik argue. Harman stops Abhiraj. Gurpreet cries. She says its not Fateh’s mistake, he loves Jasmin a lot, he left the house for her sake. Nimmo says don’t cry for that cheap Jasmin. Satti says she isn’t cheap, liars are cheap. Abhiraj says they won’t understand, leave it. Amrik fights him. Khushbeer comes and shouts Amrik, stop, enough of the drama, dad found a way to save respect of both the families.

Gurpreet asks did Jasmin agree, will the marriage happen. Khushbeer asks his mum and Gurpreet to come with him. Rupy asks Satti and Harman to come with him. They discuss the solution with elders. Fateh asks what are you doing, call them. Tejo asks what are they discussing, Jasmin won’t agree. Fateh says she won’t agree, I m going. He sees Tejo and recalls her words. Gurpreet comes and sees them. She asks him to come, Khushbeer is calling him. Harman asks Tejo to come with him, its something imp. Tejo and Fateh go to their elders. Mahi worries. Fateh asks why did you call me, why did we stay back, how much insult will we tolerate, tell me, what is it. Khushbeer looks at him. Tejo sees Rupy and asks him to say, what is it. Rupy asks Bebe to tell her. Bebe signs him. She says Tejo, we all know about Jasmin’s rigidity, she has refused for the marriage. Tejo says its not her mistake, its dad’s mistake to hide the big matter. Harman says but we can’t change this now, its not the time to look back but move on. She asks how. Rupy holds her and says I admit that I made a mistake, Jasmin’s marriage broke, but I want to fix my mistake. She asks how, the bride isn’t ready to go to the mandap.

Fateh says its my mistake, everything got ruined because of my love, our family’s name and respect got ruined. Khushbeer says yes, you can fix everything back. Satti says Tejo, everything is in your hands, you can save us from this defamation. Bebe says this is happening for the second time. Harman says Khushbeer is the MLA, his son’s alliance broke. Satti says we will lose name in the neighboring villages also. Tejo says I understand, but what do you all want from me, how can I stop this defamation. Khushbeer says just you can stop this defamation, marry Tejo, right now, in the same mandap. Fateh gets shocked. Rupy asks Tejo to save their respect, marry Fateh. Tejo gets shocked.

Fateh and Tejo get married. Jasmin comes to stop the marriage and says Fateh is just mine. Fateh holds Tejo’s hand and leaves with her. Jasmin looks on crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This satti is another disgusting character

    1. satti and jasmin are one of a kind

    2. Yes, she is day dreaming about Canada too.

    3. I was gonna say the same. She clearly knows that it’s not Fateh’s fault. Still she’s siding with her. Did not expect Abhiraj to side with Jasmine either.

    4. She is just too upset. First it happened to Tejo and now to Jasmin. She might be extremely sad. But whatever she said was wrong too as it would not have turned into this mess if Jasmin married Fateh

  2. I didn’t follow this show from the very beginning so I just want to ask something. It would be great if anyone could answer my question. Why is this Sandhu family rooting so much for Canada? Do they have any unpleasant past relationship with Canada?

    1. It was tejo grandma and grandpa’s dream go to Canada and he died before fulfilling his dream so tejo grandma want to fulfill her husband’s dream

    2. Ohh.. so the dream is ancestral 😅

    3. They want to visit candy becuase they have reatives there

  3. Even I have the same doubt

  4. Fatejo🤩🤩

  5. Oh my goodness for the first time fateh has done a right thing ignored jasmin love you Bro. ..now waiting to watch how jasmin will become a villain in fatejos love story. hah. .

    1. But he will regret later after he has started understanding Jasmin and it will be late and thank God the marriage didn’t take its what I wanted now I to see a strong Jasmin fighting anyone to fulfill what she wants

  6. The grandma wants to go to Canada desperately becos she wants to meet with her daughter.

  7. But no matter what am with Jasmin and those who think that she is going to turn bad I don’t think so this Jasmin is someone who wants to be explained everything when it’s not late and I don’t think she is wrong I you remember all preparation s of the wedding and you remember the bangs . The sage.and the flower cremoney tejo was ment to come in between them actually me I want Jasmin and fateh’s brother to fall in love cos he cares for her more than fateh who used only to care about tejo the most .if you see from the beginning Fateh cares for tejo the most and now I want to see a strong Jasmin in line who can do everything or fight anyone for what she wants

  8. Tejo is my favorite character because she is more mature and she is not selfish. If I was in that show and I was in fateh place I would have married tejo instead of jasmine. If you think about how tejo helped fateh so much but what did jasmine do. She did nothing and she broke his heart after calling off the marriage.

  9. My favorite character is Tejo because looks pretty and I love her and I would have dreams about tejo being married with me.

  10. Jasmine is just to crazy over Canada. I wanted to see fateh and Jasmine marry. But now tejo and fateh will get married, so now I want jasmine and fatehs younger brother to marry.

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