Udaariyaan 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin refuses for marriage

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The Episode starts with Fateh going to check for Jasmin again. Tejo says you know nothing is imp for her than Canada, I have to talk to her. Rupy says no Tejo, did you go mad, Fateh will get another job, Khushbeer promised me, I trust him. She says but Jasmin doesn’t trust anyone. He says she loves Fateh. She says not more than Canada, no relation should be made on the basis of lies, I should talk to Jasmin. Fateh sees Jasmin and smiles. Jasmin says my dreams are getting fulfilled, I got Fateh, his loving family and we will be going to Canada, I m so lucky. Rupy says don’t tell Jasmin. Tejo says Jasmin will not understand anything. Rupy says I saw a daughter’s marriage breaking, I can’t see the other daughter’s marriage breaking. He cries and begs her to keep her respect. Jasmin sees Fateh and hides. She asks why did you come here. He says where will I go if you aren’t here, I m the most luckiest to get you. She says you didn’t get me yet. He says why are you hiding behind curtain. She says mummy said groom can’t see the bride’s face until she reaches the mandap. He says I love you Jasmin, I have to tell something imp. She holds his hand and says I have to marry you. They smile.

Tejo says we are cheating everyone. Rupy says no, I promised Khushbeer that I will handle Jasmin, I m doing the same, Fateh can leave his boxing career, his family and country for Jasmin, how can I leave him, Jasmin has to understand it. Jasmin asks can’t you wait for me. Fateh says you will be married then. She says yes, what is it that you can just talk to an unmarried girl. He says I will become your husband in some time, I want to tell something to my GF, not wife. She asks will our love change after marriage. He says no, I will change after marriage, I will become wife’s puppet. She says you are my puppet even now. He says I will always be your puppet. Tejo says you think I don’t want her happiness, you are spoiling things, I can’t cheat everyone, Jasmin has to know the truth. Fateh asks what will you call me after marriage, Shampy’s dad.

Jasmin says no, we will have a daughter, Jafa, Ja for Jasmin and Fa for Fateh. He says you mean the meaning, its cheat. She says then never, you won’t cheat me right. He says never in dreams. She says I will break your legs, I m so happy. He says I came to you, you should sit in mandap happily. She says you will fulfill my dreams soon. He says love is worship, I heard it, I can feel it now. She asks do you trust my love so much. He says more than my life, how much do you trust me. She says more than my life, on you and my life. He says I will never let your trust break. He looks at her. She asks what do you want to tell me. He says my Canada job… Satti comes and says Fateh, what are you doing here, you can’t see bride’s face. Fateh says give me one min. Satti says no, people will talk seeing you here. She takes him along. Jasmin smiles.

Tejo says I can’t be quiet. Rupy says swear on me, don’t tell anything. He cries. Abhiraj waits for Tejo. Amrik says plan failed and teases. Tejo comes worried. Fateh says you are here, what happened, is everything fine. Tejo says Jasmin…. He asks is she fine, what happened to her. Rupy folds hands. She doesn’t say. She says Jasmin is clean hearted, if she reacts bad, handle her. Fateh smiles. She goes away. Gurpreet calls him. He goes. She cries. She hears Jasmin shouting. She runs. Jasmin says my dupatta got stuck, hairstyle will be spoiled. Tejo helps her. She says I was so worried. Jasmin smiles. She says you are the solution for my every problem, Fateh and I are marrying today because of you. Tejo says leave this, become mature, you have to stand with Fateh in life’s ups and downs.

Jasmin jokes and says sorry, you say. Tejo says don’t let your trust on Fateh break, he can fight Lord for you. She hugs Jasmin. Abhiraj comes to call Jasmin for varmala. Fateh smiles seeing Jasmin. Rupy asks Tejo not to worry. Jasmin dances. She comes on stage. Fateh says I got an interview call, we will be going to Canada in one month. Jasmin sees Fateh and asks what’s the need for new interview, you got a job there, we are going in some days. Fateh asks why are you saying this, you know that job got cancelled. Jasmin gets shocked. She recalls the baba’s words. She cries. Fateh says we will go to Canada surely. She says but we aren’t going now. He says no. Satti says talk later, exchange the garlands. Fateh takes the garlands for Jasmin. Jasmin steps back and says no…. this marriage can’t happen. Everyone looks on shocked. Rupy, Tejo and Khushbeer worry. Fateh cries.

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Update Credit to: Amena

  1. It’s good that Fateh and Jasmin had this conversation face to face or else everything would have been portrayed as Tejo’s fault. Since she got to know about this problem even though in the very last minute.

  2. Yaar……I have always been a true fan of FaTejo but don’t why I’m feeling very tensed and upset by thinking of that scene in which Jasmin denies for the marriage…..don’t know why but somewhere I hope that Jasmin doesn’t back off…..else Fateh will break down and I can’t see that…..in this whole serial I love Fateh’s character the most….and I think that Tejo and Fateh are the best for each other….but then also don’t why but sometimes I think that Fateh doesn’t want the best for himself….he just wants Jasmin whole heartedly….I wish he would have loved Tejo this much since the very beginning….then Tejo would never have even thought of backing-off on the wedding day itself and that also in front of everyone!!

    1. You literally portrayed my exact feelings.

  3. I have this funny feelings that Tejo will end up with Fateh. jasso’s Canada dreams are too tall and it has actually blinded her completely. Love is never too far if you look closely. If you ask me, Jasmin’s does not see Fateh but Canada. Its rather unfortunate for Fateh, he has sacrificed a lot to please Jasmin, all she talks about is Canada. What if suffering and hardship is what is awaiting her overseas? All that glitters is not gold.

  4. Raven

    OMG!! This girl and Canada smh,she will end up all alone

  5. Jasmine is so obsessed with Canada….she is unable to see Fateh’s love and sacrifices….the only thing she wants is to go to Canada….on the other hand Tejo is the complete opposite….I hope the makers get Fateh married to Tejo…

  6. Tejo will marry him and Jassu will realise her mistake and it will be too late

  7. What i think is that tehjo and fateh will end up in Canada….then jasmine will realise her mistake

  8. Vijayalakshmi

    Can anyone tell today’s episode didn’t uploaded in voot only why guys

  9. Tejo and Fateh will marry and eventually end up in Canada,Jasmin is just a selfish and unrealistic girl,did she think by going to Canada will give her good life,she is a dreamer.

  10. Exactly they can even go for honeymoon in Canada first before, work ,she’s just throwing her true love away, for Canada, its a pity.

  11. Jasmine pagal ho yaar, itna pyaar kion karti ho Canada se. I wanted fateh and jasmine to get married, but I feel that Fateh and tejo will get married, and Jasmine will get married to Fateh’s younger bro, Amanpreet

  12. interesting

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