Udaariyaan 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Tejo and Angad’s engagement


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The Episode starts with Jasmin crying and talking to Fateh. She asks what will we do now, everything is ruined. He says forget that entry, we are getting married. She says that was my dream. He says I m your biggest dream, that’s getting fulfilled, I will fulfill all your dreams, you will go mad, my surprise is also there. She asks what is it, tell me. He says you will go mad by happiness when the surprise is out, don’t cry, tears get bad luck, its our marriage day, I want you to have happiness on your face. Simran asks Tejo to come.

Tejo says I can’t come in this room, its not mine. Simran says its still yours, after you left, Fateh didn’t come here and he didn’t let Jasmin come, its the same as you left. Tejo looks at the room and recalls Fateh’s words. Simran says he is nothing without you even today. Tejo cries. Khushbeer asks pandit to come at 12pm, first engagement is there and then the marriage. Fateh comes and asks did you call the pandit. Khushbeer asks will you chant the mantras yourself. Fateh says I have also called a pandit, I don’t want any drama, you know Jasmin’s mood. Khushbeer says you care for her. Fateh says you have called the old pandit, I don’t want any drama, its an imp day for Tejo and Angad, you can decide. He goes. Khushbeer says why don’t you understand about the family’s betterment. Tejo recalls Fateh and Jasmin’s words. She prays nothing goes wrong, Jasmin and Fateh’s marriage happens well. Her earring falls. Angad comes and picks it. He does shayari. She smiles. He compliments. She says flirting started. He praises himself. She looks at him. She says you were praising yourself. He says if you make me swear, I can praise you, you look good, if you fix this rose, then you will look the best, may I. He fixes the rose in her hair and says we can have a good future, think. She says I would like to stay forever with you, as a friend, there is no imp relation than friendship in this world, we will have a fake engagement, but we will become true friends. He jokes.

He says fine, just good friends, friendship is the first step to love. She jokes. They laughs. Fateh comes. He says sorry, the door was open. Angad asks him to come. Fateh says I came to congratulate you, we will get busy in sometimes, congratulations to both of you. Angad says congrats to you too. They hug. Fateh sees Tejo. He gets a call and goes. Angad says I will talk to Virk uncle and come. She asks what is it. He says I m his would be Jamai, he has to fulfill my demands. He goes. Khushbeer and everyone welcome Tejo’s family. Rupy hugs him and asks what happened, your mood looks bad, did Jasmin do anything. Angad says I spoiled his mood, I didn’t keep any demand, but a condition, he will become my Papa ji today, everyone will be from the girl’s side, I will be alone. Bau ji says we all are with you. He asks Khushbeer to agree, Tejo will be his daughter. Angad hugs him. Khushbeer sees Fateh and recalls his words. Rupy says I will do father’s duty for Tejo, don’t worry. Khushbeer thinks my hope regarding Fateh is baseless. He says fine, I m ready to become your dad, but you have to promise me. Angad asks will you name my property to yourself. Khushbeer says yes, I want you to dedicate your sincerity and love property to Tejo, promise me, you will never let tears come in her eyes. Angad says if she gets sad, then your shoe and my head. Khushbeer says don’t say this, you are our pride. He hugs Angad. He says so decided, Virk family is of the groom and Sandhu family is of the bride, call Tejo for engagement. Angad says engagement later, first marriage function. He asks Fateh to come, everyone is waiting. Fateh comes and says there is time for mahurat, keep engagement first. He signs the pandit. He goes on a call. Angad and Tejo dance. Everyone smiles. Jasmin says I will wear something else, remove this necklace now. Sweety says Fateh loves you a lot, you are so lucky. Jasmin asks where is he, his sehra is here, go and look for him, we don’t have much time. She thinks he would be planning for my surprise. She smiles. Fateh leaves. Everyone is dancing.

Tejo and Angad sit. Satti does his tilak and feeds him the sweets. Rupy makes him wear the gold chain. Angad smiles. Jasmin calls Sweety and asks where is Fateh. Sweety says I can’t find him anywhere. Jasmin calls him. She says his phone is not reachable. Sweety asks did you see Fateh. Nimmo says he would be getting ready in his room, don’t say the groom is missing. Angad shows the ring to Tejo. He says think again, there is still time. He says one can’t find a girl like Tejo, if she told me to do a engagement drama, then I would have done that also. Biji says why drama, you both are going to have a relation today. He says yes, even if that relation is of friendship. Jasmin says where did Fateh go. Sweety says he would come, did he fly away. The girls laugh. Jasmin asks how can he do, he would be planning a surprise for me. Fateh drives to home. Tejo recalls Jasmin’s words. Khushbeer thinks Fateh there is still time, stop this engagement, fate may not give you a chance again. Fateh comes home. Angad looks at Tejo.

Precap: Fateh gives an envelope to Jasmin. She asks what is this? He says, a surprise for you. During marriage, Angad tells Khushbeer, you will make the groom wear the sehra. Fateh is sitting in the mandap.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Huhh pta nai kya story h

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. This episode is so confusing😨😨😨😨😨 (kuch samjg nahi aaya ki shadi hogi ya nahi, sagai hogi ya nahi) and irritating😏😏😏😏 (seeing daily dragging same story)….
    2. Khushbeer still have hope that Fateh will stop Tejo and Anagad function🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    He consider tejo daughter or punching bag of Fateh: whose father want that their daughter suffer😣😣😣
    3. Angad knows how to bring smile on tejo face😊😊😊
    4. Kal precap dekh kar laga tha ki fateh jasmin se badla lene ke liye aur tejo ko move on karne dene ke liye, Jasmin ko mandap me chodd kar chala gya hai, but aaj wapas aa gya end me😁😁😁😁…
    Iska matlb na koi sach bahar aane wala hai aur na hi koi tejo ki engagement rokne wala hai…
    Fateh just went for relexing and drinking (i am assuming)😂😂😂😂

    1. Koyi sach nahi i think so he went to bring mami coz jasfa marriage is happened as per bts and another bts she is wearing mangalsutra and sindoor

    2. But the way he was signing pandit, maybe its fake pandit and fake shaadi.

  3. Arey … that fateh is one dabba… dhatt

  4. Hmmm Sehra…. Are they going to put Gippy in place of Fateh? In that case Fateh must go straight to jail. Jasmine might be a loon but swapping grooms on her would be disgusting. The moment a ghoongat or Sehra is involved there’s bound to be partner swapping. Anyway Angad is such a darling, who wouldn’t want someone to make them laugh and keep their spirits up. Forget Tejo I’ll take Angad. Jasmine reminds me of Jodi Arias – if you’re into true crime that’s one hell of a case… the interrogation alone is so crazy. A crime of passion wouldn’t be such a bad idea in this show though 🤔 Fateh tries to abandon Jasmine, Devi Tejo kills him accidentally, Kushbeer finds her and sends her away then frames Jasmine, Jasmine and Angad become prime suspects, a crime suspense is better than this love triangle over played nonsense

    1. That will be fun haa haa😂😂

  5. He went to get the plane tickets 😜😜😜🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁g.. Pff no suspense now .. We all know there will be marriage. So what to expect .. E not understand what it will be as a result of the relationship. Setting aside the development of Tejan’s relationship .. Anyway ..

    1. Metin

      No marriage 🙂

  6. Hello everyone hope you all are good

  7. I think kushbeer didn’t want tejo to stay happy . 😏Such a selfish. In front of everyone he always say tejo as his daughter , but inside still considering as his daughter- in law. Still watching this one and only for Angad …… Waiting for the fb of angad

  8. This is how all indian series are

    1)As angad is about to slip the ring in tejo finger the ring magically drop from angad hand run to fateh feet 😂😂😂😂😂and they will say it’s true love

    2) when tejo about to slip ring in angad finger it magically drop to fateh feet and he will pick it up and they will say fate 🤣🤣

    3)I’m even surprised that yesterday when they were writing mendi it’s didn’t magically turn to fateh name as its always happened in all indian series

    You really need to see papa virk face anytime he saw tejo happy with angad his more jealous than fateh himself can you imagine his saying fateh is not thinking of their family betterment😒😒

    1. yeah..u are absolutely right. wé can expect this. no surprise anymore because we havé seeñ this scéne in so much Indian serial dràma. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. To the point 😂😂

    3. Khushbir sirf naam se hi tejo ka pita banne ka dava krta hai….but deep down he wants to fix his cheater son with a diamond….mujhe pehle lgta tha he will support tejo selflessly but no…its his selfishness hidden in this whole drama…oh come on yr uncle ji aapse achi to aunty ji hai

  9. I was just rewatching yesterday’s episode… and I can conclude.. I can love any character in Udaariyan.. even jasmine may be some time later… but not fateh…. Not even a single episode goes.. without him disappointing tejo and the audience together…. Humse na hopaega…. No matter who ever he marries or decides to stay single… uske character se pyaar nahi hopaega… I’m at that stage… Jo tha bas yahin tak tha….

  10. may be fateh whi krna chahta h jo jasmine ne kra tha wo mndap chod ke bhaag gyi thi …. may be ye ho skta hai..

  11. Okayy so I am not a supporter of any those three ships but I just watched past few episodes and what I know for sure is that Fatejo is the end game.First of all I don’t think Jasfa will gst married and even if they get married they will be separated soon.But the way they always portray Fatejo I don’t think they will ever separate them.Angad is the best guy ofc but Angad himself seems to be a supporter of Fatejo,I mean everytime he tries to make Fateh realise what he is loosing,he even asks Tejo if she loves Fateh nd what not.Jasmine is always portrayed as someone who has come between Fatejo,they never play a good song for them almost telling us that it is never gonna happen.Nd the eyelocks which Fatejo still have,I mean every episode is just filled with it.They are making Fateh look like a dimb innocent man now who has been misleaded that is it.
    I am not supporting anyone but I feel this is going to be the future story bcoz…

    1. @anny if this really happens I will bid my good bye what will be the storyline everytime extra marital affair is always in men favour no woman will have extra marital affair with brother in law and divorce husband for his brother and still be accepted I feel disgusted everytime they show their romantic movement that’s not a good message to give couples out there

      I think fateh to lose tejo forever only then he will learn big lessons then they should bring new female in his life if his not so dumb he won’t repeat such again as he will have the fair of losing her like he lose tejo that’s will be a good lesson to the society too

  12. Breaking news:
    It seems jasmean got married…there is pictures on insta with suhag etc..

    Maybe surprise is fateh got Canada job… But imho I don’t think jasmean will go to Canada coz pandit said to her long back that she can’t go to Canada so she refused to get married to fateh when he lost his job..

  13. Harsheeee

    i don’t understand khushbeer man how can a person be so selfish like if fateh stops the engagement then what about tejo and angad’s happiness are they fools there only they both know that the engagement is fake but everyone thinks that the engagement is real then how could he do that
    only gurpreet really cares for tejo as she has understood that tejo deserves angad and fateh doesn’t even worth of it though she didn’t liked tejo at first but now she is the only one who wants tejo’s happiness in the virk house

  14. Harsheeee

    fateh’s character is the worst character i have ever seen like 3days back when he fought with angad he warned jasmean to not even dare to hurt tejo otherwise she has to face his hatred and yesterday he didn’t even muttered a word in front of her when she was insulting tejo after seeing this i really don’t want fatejo like who wants a guy who cannot take stand for a person who sacrificed her everything for him and a cheater too ,after watching all the episodes i can conclude all fateh can do is romancing with his jasso , crying and saying sorry to everyone “sorry “with no sense
    i really don’t care whether he marries jasmean or not i just want tejo to get over her past and stay happy with angad as a friend or a life partner

  15. Fathe bhi ky kare bechara dil ke haatho majbur hai or tejo kismat ke aage 😔

  16. Some people want fatejo together because they got intimate and I asked is that enough reason to take a betrayal cheating who doesn’t just cheat with any body but sister in law if we are talking about intimate are all the women in the world married to men who we got intimate with?that’s so dumb

    1. @kd just women the question is for both men and women are we married with who we got intimate with or do we have to stay married at any cost just because we got intimate if we are to be married to anyone with got intimate with then some will be married to 10-20 wife’s or husbands that’s ridiculous

    2. Old school thinking… my mom had that mind set and stayed with my old man despite his cheating and abusive nature. She thought her “pavithra” status would magically fix him (it’s the reason I cancelled Indian channel subscription, it was teaching her to be more illogical). Divorce was the best thing that happened to my parents. My mom still tries to give me the whole only being with one man your whole life speech, each time I die a little bit inside cause it’s too late for it and I have 0 regrets, can’t tell her though cause she’d cry and call the whole family. She’s still behaving like a telly serial queen 😑 but it’s cool I moved to an entirely different city my younger brother can deal with our parents insanity I’ve had enough

  17. I never used to like Jasmine and started hating her post Jasfa affair. But nowadays I am kinda liking her. She is lost somewhere not even knowing what she exactly wants to do. I am feeling very sympathetic towards her character. She needs to be shown to a psychiatric. She needs medical help.

  18. Only God knows what pandit ji and tejo are planning fake marriage? What on earth is happening fake engagement fake marriage what are they trying to tell us I mean I lost the storyline self because everytime fatejo eyelock background music and their romance became disgusting today when tejang are are dancing no background music but when fatejo eyelock there will be background music and they are trying everything to justify fateh and make him look like a victim what are they taking us for?

  19. Snowflake

    Jasfa shaadi finally conformed… Jasmean dhulan look is also out… Thank god!
    Then what cld be the surprise? Is it a nakli shaadi? As Fateh nods his head to the pandit n knows him…

    1. What could be if not fake marriage I’m getting bored guys fake marriage fake engagement 🤦‍♀️
      And tejo now become lovesick puppy fateh is her weakness what’s all this yaar

    2. Snowflake

      For them marriage is like a game!!

    1. Snowflake

      Yup…this is the pic… but who is the girl in the middle??

  20. Snowflake

    Top couple this week…. FATEJO!
    N its written there that even tho there is no proper track, fatejo is eternal, forever… like wth?!
    Gosh! I’m losing hope with this world

  21. Go I’m done with FateJo .. No way back possible. The CVs totally messed up the role of Fateh .. So sorry for Ankit because his role is so disappointing .. Anyway .. I no longer see the point of the relationship between FateJo which will be .. I think the finale of Tejo will either be a strong and independent woman .. Or married to Angad. Because the lines said by Angad Tejo and Kushbeer suggest that Angad will stay until the end .. As he said .. A relationship begins with friendship then comes love .. This is what passes for Tejo with Fateh .. But he saw nothing .. Let the jasfa fans be happy .. Redemption for the couple Jasfa .. Whouaiss .. Anyway. . I end with FateJo .. Let’s go see what’s in store .. But not interested in Jasfa

    1. Metin

      İ like strong, independent women. But many men say that and they hate them.not against women. Men mostly dont like stronger or more powerfull men too. İ dont get audiences too. They give credit to angad. Like tejo is in need of rescue. They still want tejan. Like tejo is incompetent etc. Lilou , dost, you know , you can sell a thing, only if someone buys it. First of all women should change in thinking.

    2. As if tejo didn’t need rescue 🙄🙄 all the insult and humiliation she had been facing did she fight back? Did you watch yesterday episode if angad wasn’t there she would have got the humiliation of her life beside it’s she the one who seek for angad help come @metin if you had someone said I don’t need anyone help that’s totally lie especially tejo

    3. @metin yes tejo definitely need a rescue yes people give him credit because his doing what all of them can’t do by saving her from jasmine all the time even if you don’t like him at least appreciate

    4. Metin

      İm saying , why they write tejo Like this.

  22. I feel like fateh will bring fake pandthj n do a fake marriage as thejo. But what if that is a plan of both fateh n thejo to bring jasmine to her real senses🙄😭. OMR!! never happen such a thing even in my bad dreams.
    Makers please dont make fateh the victim card dont make him as the person who got cheated or betrayed. Bcz he is NOT..
    And please… Thejojiii… change your destiny if fatejo is eternal🙄 write your own fate by yourself by not accepting a cheater back in to your life🙄.
    Oops..Thejoji cant.. pls makers change her fate quickly if fatejo is ethernal 😂😂. Make her an independent n strong woman.. if possible let her love angadjii n marry him..🤗

    1. I have a feeling that Jasfa wedding will surely happen.
      I have seen jasmine with sindoor and mangalsutra.

  23. I had seen the pic of jasmine and Fateh with another lady/girl. Jasmine is completely looking shadi-shuda., with mangalsutra and sindoor.
    It means Fateh and Jasmine are married.
    I don’t have the link.
    Precap seems that Jasfa wedding will going to happen.

  24. Hey! Here is te link for JasFa marriage and new promo


    So happy finally Tejo is out of their toxicity


    Oh god we are they dragging the serial, suddenly story moving in slow motion, I saw some slide as jasmine gets married to fateh, and new story with tejo and Angad begins…

  26. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Lol…idk why… but my feels here says that Fateh bought ‘a’ one-way ticket to Canada for jasmean 😂

    1. Hey Yolanda! That’s what I feel and I thing the marriage is not legit because Fateh kinda insisted on getting his own pandit on pretext of Jassu making a scene. I think he knows the truth. Mami is back so strongly think Jassu is getting exposed

    2. Metin

      There is a nice old song
      One way ticket.

    3. Snowflake

      @Avan_s… Mami isn’t coming to expose jasmean… She said in her interview
      @Metin true …. When I read it the song started playing in my head 😅

  27. I think Angad will get married to Jasmine eventually 😂😂

    1. @sijuka That’s the worst thought if that happens then this show is dead

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