Udaariyaan 23rd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Jass troubles Tejo

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The Episode starts with Jass troubling Tejo and all in her house. Gurpreet asks Khushbeer not to worry, Tejo is at her home. He says I won’t get peace, Jass is roaming free. Jass eats the food. He stops Tejo and asks her to serve some food also. He says come, sit with me, I m having roti. Tejo asks why are we treating him well. Satti says we don’t want him to trouble you. Bebe asks did you call Fateh. Tejo says Jass is clever, don’t know where I kept my phone. Fateh comes home. He says Tejo broke even the relation of friendship with me, I deserve this, I wish everything is fine there. Jass says take the plate, I had the food, get some drinks. Tejo scolds him. She says you are threatening me about the papers, I won’t need much time to get out of this problem. He says become my wife till then, I won’t sign the divorce papers, I m your husband for six days, go and get the wine, what are you seeing, didn’t you had drinks with your illegal husband till now.

Tejo asks Jass to drink and then sleep. Jass holds her close and says sit with me for some time. She scolds him and calls him a fraud. He says don’t call me a fraud, I love you. Satti says come with me Tejo. He says she has to do what I say, I m her husband. He holds Tejo close again. Bebe says stay in your limits. Lovely says leave her. Jass asks Satti to go and get ice for him. He asks Bebe to go and sleep. Satti gets the ice. Jass says both your daughters are so beautiful, Tejo is good, but Jasmin is clever, why did you both get the same guy. Tejo throws the drink on his face. He gets angry. Everyone stops him. Tejo thinks to call Fateh. Fateh comes and says Jasmin… She dances for him on Aaj jaane…plays… Fateh holds her.

They lie there and laugh. Fateh gets his phone. Jasmin sees Tejo’s call and throws the phone away. Tejo says answer the call Fateh, where are you. Jasmin says please forget all the tensions. He says you are looking so beautiful, my half tiredness got away seeing you. She says I want to see you away from all the problems, don’t you want our life to be beautiful and filled with joy, we will get married, please. Tejo calls again. Jasmin asks don’t you want Tejo to move on and stay happy, then we will also get peace and freedom from Jass. He nods. Tejo calls Khushbeer. Jass comes and snatches the phone. He asks whom are you talking to, Mr. Fateh, he won’t come to help you, he would be in your sister’s arm and sharing his sorrow. Fateh says don’t worry, we will marry soon. He hugs Jasmin. Tejo pushes Jass and runs. She asks Satti for her phone. Jass comes and takes everyone’s phones. He scolds them and asks them to go to their rooms. Tejo thinks to go out and ask for help. Khushbeer thinks of Tejo. He takes some water. He drops the glass. Fateh comes and says be careful. He asks are you fine, did you take medicines. Khushbeer asks what medicines shall I take when Tejo left. Tejo finds the gate locked. She cries. Jass smiles seeing her. He shows the key and says you can’t go out without my permission, I won’t say yes. Khushbeer hurts his hand. He says I couldn’t do anything when Tejo left.

Fateh says Tejo is strong, she will handle everything, don’t worry, take care of yourself. Jass says I have to take care of all the women’s safety, don’t go out, don’t act smart, remember how the police came, my goons will come, don’t complain then, come in. Dilraj shouts on him. Jass lifts him and jumps. Tejo says leave him, we will do what you say. Jass laughs and drops him down. Fateh asks Khushbeer to have the medicine for Tejo’s sake. Khushbeer takes it. Bebe says go and sleep in the guest room. Jass says I will go and sleep in my wife’s room, come. Tejo gets away. He goes. Tejo hugs Satti. They cry. Fateh cries. He thinks I wish Tejo didn’t leave this way. Jass decorates the room. He says look Jaan, how I decorated everything, sorry to take the chunri from your cupboard, isn’t it nice. Fateh checks Tejo’s missed calls. Jass says I left you that day, I was a bad boy, sorry, see I decorated this. Fateh calls her. He calls Satti. Tejo asks what’s this nonsense. Jass says its suhaagraat which was left incomplete last time, I will complete it now. Fateh says something is wrong, their phones are off, what shall I do.

Jass laughs. Tejo says don’t come close else…. Fateh sees the lock. Tejo shouts at Jass and threatens to kill him. Fateh looks at the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Pranbirlover

    Fateh and Jasmine are made for each other… Shameless, hopeless, evil creatures.

    1. I have a question, can’t Tejo file a domestic violence case on Jass? There is no one to bail out Jass. If chameli does it, everyone will know.

    2. You are right and Tejo needs handsome guy same Anuj Kapadiya from Anupama.

    3. Snowflake

      @Megha court is closed for 6 days!

  2. wont be watching this show til Fateh grows a spine and a brain

    1. yes same tasneem

  3. sunder jagadishan

    Oh God why the director is troubling tejo so much, none of kushbeer’s family have come to rupy house to check whether they are fine or not, jasmine is too cruel, while family members are suffering a lot alongwith tejo, she should Brutally be punished for her evil doings, both rupy and khushbeer should send out jasmine ….then she will count stars…but fateh is one stupid fool falling in trap of jasmine

  4. Expect Fateh to arrive in the nick of time and save Tejo in the next episode or two. But it will be some time before Jasmin is exposed.

  5. Why don’t they expose Jasmine even if is to Fateh only..had enough of this drama

  6. tejo is suffering there and fateh is enjoying here with his so called love so irritating I just hate the romance between jasfa so shameless don’t knoww what this fateh is thinking about tejo first he says that he care for her now when tejo is in a problem he is having fun with this jasmine soo annoying yaar.

  7. This j^2 is doing s^2 with fatejo😂😂
    Jassu seducing fateh
    And jass trying to do suhag raath with tejo
    Bechara fatejo 😅😅 and fans…. 😂😂

  8. I just got a sudden enlightenment 😮😮
    There is no logic behind chameli’s reason for getting married with fateh.
    Since fatejo ‘s marriage is considered illegal even if she marries him jass can still claim rights on tejo no…. until and unless that marriage is considered illegal
    If fateh marries jassu or not the tejo’s problem will not solve ryt?
    If i am wrong pls reply cause i am confused
    But these cvs r definitely writing the script when they r high 💯💯 😂😂😂

    1. Jasmine’s idea is if they marry, then jass cannot use the weapon of tejo illegally married fateh even after being already married as they can prove everywhere that it’s jasfa who are actually married and Tejo didn’t do any fraud..
      Irony is fateh liked this idea

    2. Fateh & Tejo’s marriage is legal and Tejo and Jass’s marriage is illegal as Jass was already married to Preeto when he come to marry Tejo. So Tejo & Fateh marriage is legal.

  9. So fake, how can a fugitve come to your house cause trouble and you do nothing? It’s not realistic. The program is losing direction. You give food you allow parents to be arrested. Are those genuine or fake police. Story line seems so childish.

    1. @Margaret: None of the Indian drama’s are realistic, for that matter.

    2. u r right @AJ😂

  10. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    How can anyone still support Fatejo arrgghh!!!
    That name should be burnt and scattered in the sahara desert 😡
    how thoughtless can he be….smdh

  11. loser fateh as usual, he under the spell of trashmean, she has no care for her family as long as she gets whats she wants. producers this is so bad and boring continuous trashmean victory and fooling everyone. she needs to be in a mental institution or prison!!!!!!
    the serial is now sad and negative!!!!!!

  12. Threaten Jass Tejo until he accepts that it was Jassu
    plan and do this in front of Fateh so Fateh goes home and all ladies of home beat Jasmine badly.This Jasmine/Chameli/Naagin deserves same place as Sakshi and Chitra and Giriraj deserve.

  13. Very boring episode .. Between Jass’s plot and Jasfa’s behavior .. My god has when Fateh to find out the truth about Jasmine … It’s been a long time .. It seems to me that mr Ravi in ​​his series Jamai Raja .. He was a sane guy and the show had more of a positive episode than a negative one. So why pollute his series only with Jasmine’s plans which are not discovered 🤔🤔🤔🤔. That the male protagonist acts like a moron blindly in love with the antagonist who creates problems for him and that the leader Tejo suffers the consequences that she has created for herself (Jasmine). Jasmine digs her own grave when she refuses marriage in the 1st place .. And see that she succeeds in every step and is not discovered and just ugly

  14. A series is supposed to show a logic .. Rights .. Especially it seems to me when offering you promotions and certain religious beliefs .. It seems to me that a minimum of truth and action is needed .. If I take my Ganapathi party .. Tejo discovered that it was Jasmine who put the dead rat in the ventilation .. Although Fateh did not believe him .. Where less the belief of the truth came in front of the family and Tejo .. But there nothing .. For the 10 days of Navratri belief .. May Ram save Sita .. Although khusbeer Tejo and Fateh explained to candy the history of his gods .. What is currently showing .. Only negative .. Jasmine succeeds in his plans .. Jass who is a thief bandit is free as the air and Fateh who is on his cloud .. To believe that only Kushbeer thinks of Tejo .. That’s why I fear that we can harm to her life .. Jasmine already did .. Fateh I don’t understand what the CVs want to show us .. A dumb blind blind guy .. I don’t know. ‘the actor and his role are not in accordance with what we can imagine .. He has such potential that is not currently being used .. He can do better and a lot .. Frankly for me it’ is Jass who leads the boat of Udariyaan .. It is not Fateh the hero but rather the zero .. Sorry .. But I am so disappointed with what CV offers us .. Even I said to another fans. Who it is to choose between Tejo and Jasmine. ‘who will save Fateh .. In a next segment it seems to me that Jasmine is being held back by Jass .. I thought to myself that this is Jasmine’s last step to keep Tejo away from Fateh .. So she stages her own kidnapping and says for Jass to tell Fateh if he wants Tejo to be saved so he has to marry Jasmine .. This is one of the reasons I tell myself that Jass is holding Jasmine and Fateh has come to save her .. I tell myself that he saves Tejo shows Jasmine that he loves Tejo .. But if saves Jasmine will show Tejo that he does not love her .. But save both at the same time .. We will never know .. In short, very disappointed with this week .. I expected better .. They are number 1 in colors this week .. Jasmine will not be discovered .. And we will eat our rage

  15. This is nonsense really, how can the police say that jass is innocent? Still wondering. And why are you changing Tejo’s knowledge,i thought she was clever so whats this?

    Am really tied of this story, they are killing everything its like we will stay on this point in this drama. I wonder what the producers and directors are thinking now.

  16. Justmean with Fateh… Spoiler alert


    1. Good one!🤣

    2. Snowflake

      Was I the only one feeling bad for the frog? (Not fateh)?

  17. I think the viewers are being fed up with the writers and producers when jassmine is commiting one crime after an other and the producers are not bringing jassmine’s truth out. This girl says fateh is her jidd. and she will go to any extent to marry fateh that means she will even kill some one. She has already committed ciber crime, attempt to murder, kidnaping with jass ‘s help, stealing the diamond necklace what is next. All the producers are doing is telling the general public how to get away with these crimes and suffer no consequences.
    Also I think fateh wants both sisters, tejo to keep the family happy and be his friend and jassmine to have fun with. He is sick in the head. Even if jassmine’s truth comes out I wonder if fateh will forgive jassmine as he always falls for her trap.

  18. @Susan Brown Hi dear.. Very good remark .. I still wonder for this week .. Is it Fateh even after having known all that Jasmine has done will forgive or not … I told myself that the entrance of Jass will cause an electric shock for Fateh and realizing his feelings for Tejo. But nothing .. He doesn’t even seem affected to see that their marriage is not legal …. He doesn’t say anything when Jass talks badly about Tejo .. Anyway. Worse in the various series on TV .. We are shown that the leade couple is at least in phase when a danger occurs. One day it’s Fateh who saved Tejo and the other it’s Tejo who helps Fateh .. But then he could have told Jasmine about the decree talking about marriage or what it is about that .. Dude t ‘re sad when Tejo leaves but barely the back turned Jasmine romance and you surrender and you say that I forget everything when you are there .. Anyway … There is no proof of the moment which could lead to believe or to think that Fateh feels something for Tejo .. As an example a trace of blood of the husband in sign of kumkum in the maang but nothing .. Fateh for Tejo = friendship. . Dude you don’t even deserve it .. Anyway .. Or worse than Fateh would at least believe in Tejo when Jasmine tells him that Tejo is causing him trouble .. Frankly I thought Jass’s entry was going to provoke Fateh but nothing. No jealousy .. Worse his behavior tonight is the last straw to end FateJo fans .. Resumes want Jasfa no worries .. Stop showing Tejo’s pain .. Many fans say that Fateh will see and uncover all of Jasmine’s dark secrets and faults .. But what will be the priw to Tejo for waiting so long for Fateh to realize Jasmine’s truth .. How to get Tejo back after all the harm he’s done her .. Really. . It’s disappointing when we see that Tejo who wants to leave and move forward but stays stuck because of stupid rules and that she has to support Jasfa permanently in their happiness .. Anyway .. Frankly I don’t know what CV is doing with the role of Fateh .. But they have to shake things up because many find that Fateh is a brainless puppet .. One sad day and the other happy .. What to say about Jasmine .. She never gets caught .. And succeeded in his plans .. A little fed up .. If CV wants Jasfa to go but please stop hurting Tejo ..

    1. @Lilou I don’t think that him finding out will not make a difference, I mean this guy knew what she did to Gippy, Mami and her/his family, and him and yet she still managesto keep him in her web and he’s still with her. That’s some unconditional love. I’ll stop watching if Fateh found out all of Jasmine’s secrets and still stay with her.
      When it came to the romance part, 🤷🏾‍♀️ eh, I wasn’t impressed with it. Fateh was not interested. His mind was on Tejo. Jasmin had to convince him into it.
      I see what the writers are doing, they know the fatejo Fandom is larger, and if you pay attention to the details, you’ll see what they’re doing. When it comes to Jasmin, her plans do backfire and she always ended up loosing big. She lost her family and respect and with this new plan she will lose big again.
      I agree 💯. Why does Tejo always have to feel pain, be tortured, sacrifice, bleed and cry? But we have to admit, Tejo’s dialogs and feelings/actions clash. Everytime Fateh’s around you see her body language change. Her eyes grows glossy, she feels relaxed and relieved, she wants him to show her how much he cares for her.
      I will continue to watch for fatejo, I see the subtle signs the writers are putting, but then again, I hope they don’t screw it up like they did with Choti Sardaarni.

  19. Mastan Singh Pabla

    Ek dum bakwas

  20. Snowflake

    Spoiler is that Khusbeer will find out Trashmean’s truth…
    Another spoiler says Mahi or Amrik…
    Whoever exposes do it quick! Fed up with this

    1. i wish its soon @snowflake my nerves are shot

  21. Snowflake

    OMG…latest bs pics…Shirtless Fateh fight with Jass!!!

  22. @Snowflake Hi Dear how are you.. Yes .. I don’t know who Fateh is coming to rescue. Is it Tejo or Jasmine .. Because the face is covered with an emogi .. So difficult to know because in another segment also we see Jasmine and Jass near a warehouse and precisely in the segment where Fateh is shirtless .. He’s also in a warehouse .. So .. Who is the girl .. Tejo or Jasmine .. One more thing Tejo is seen with mangalsutra .. And I don’t know if she will be back in Virk house but she dsns with a member team in the yard of this house .. So what to expect .. And also they will karwachauth .. For whom Fateh is going to break the fast .. Tejo or Jasmine .. Is it Tejo to do the fast .. So what do you think? .. He I wish all married or single women who fast .. A happy karwachauth .. 🌸🌸🌸

    1. @Ange Rios Hi.. I don’t know what Fateh wants …. He can’t have the two sisters .. One as a wife and the other as a best friend who he slept with and got married with. I don’t know what Tejo is giving off. Before I would say yes that she had shiny eyes and she changed her way of being .. But currently even the touch of Fateh she refuses. See when he holds her hands or hits her head. She rejects .. I think her self-esteem is troubled and I can understand that because Fateh has done Tejo a great deal wrong by staying continuously with Jasmine .. He left the house because Jasmine was not accepting .. He insulted tejo and her family every time Jasmine creates a problem .. In front of the crowd when the affair was exposed or when Tejo got him out of jail and people came to taunt Fateh .. Tejo was humiliated .. Jasmine kisses her in front of everyone .. While she is still his wife .. Worse of all the decisions that have made Tejo help her in every project .. And seeing her reward being put aside .. I don’t know what the CVs want to show .. Fateh likes Tejo? Or consider her as a friend .. Anyway .. I’m in favor of FateJo .. I hope that the redemption will be hard for Fateh .. He will row a lot to win back Tejo .. And if the CVs lead to what it’s Jasfa. What they will do to us fans .. Apart from crying and taking the lead ..

    2. Can u send the link

    3. Snowflake

      No actually I saw the pic without the emoji stickers…. It is fateh…other one which is covered, guessing frm the body is definitely Jass.. I can say with full confidence….the body language all

  23. Bibi jaisingh

    Why jass is controlling tejo entire family.Come on fateh tejo was your protective sheild.Help her to get out of this mess eith jass.Jasmin should go with jass and live in canada.

  24. Udaariyaan 25th October 2021 Written Update Tejo dares to kill Tejo fails to contact Fateh. Jass poses more problems for her when she tries to run out of the house to get help from the neighbors. Jass locks the gate and tells her that he can’t permit her to go out at night. He asks her to be his good wife and come with him to her room. The family tries to teach him limits, but he leaves them scared by attacking Dilraj. Jass tells Tejo that its their wedding night which will be completing today, since he had left her on the day of their wedding. He apologizes for being bad to her before. He asks Tejo to love her husband.

    Tejo is left shocked and feels threatened by Jass. Fateh checks Tejo’s missed calls and regrets. He calls her back and doesn’t get through. A worried Fateh rushes to Sandhu house, only to find Tejo threatened by Jass. He knows Tejo is strong enough to save herself. Tejo runs out of her room, and goes downstairs to her family, while Jass follows her. He reminds her a wife’s duty to please her husband by obeying him.

    Jass threatens Tejo and her family. She tells him that she can do anything if he comes ahead. Jass tells her that she is his wife, a wife doesn’t behave with her husband in this manner. She asks him to stop right away. Tejo takes a big step to protect her dignity and threatens Jass that she can take his life if he dares touch her. Fateh seems to hear her shouting, and grows worried. What will happen next? Keep reading.

  25. Plz udariya link

    1. Snowflake

      Watch on colors tv at 7:00 p.m

  26. Hi @Snowflake.. So he comes to save Jasmine .. Again Jasmine wins .. Does not understand the logic of the script that CV is doing .. Anyway .. Just my opinion .. Just guesswork .. We’ll see what he has .. But if Tejo is at the police station. Rather we saw Jasmine with Jass near a warehouse and there Fateh is also there .. So sure that it is Jasmine who is saving. Anyway .. The story disappoints me if this is so because we want so much that Fateh realizes I mean realizes his feelings for Tejo .. At least if he feels some for Tejo .. But the opposite is happening .. C ‘ is Jasmine with her plans benefiting from it .. Just an idea .. Again we see a segment that says the wedding is going to happen or he celebrates kawachauth .. Anyway .. Frankly I don’t know what to think of body language .. Yes really Fateh with body language loves Tejo so why romanticized with Jasmine when Tejo is in trouble .. Tell me @Snowflake 😒😒😒😒🤪🤪🤐🤪

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