Udaariyaan 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh unites the families

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The Episode starts with Rupy asking Jasmin not to hurt Satti more by her actions, they have to give away the things, Tejo is in our hearts. Fateh is with his family. He talks of Tejo. He says Tejo wanted to unite the families, did you forget her so soon, will you forget me also if anything happens to me. Khushbeer and Gurpreet stop him. Rupy says let Tejo go free, like we have done. Khushbeer says you think we don’t regret Tejo’s leaving, my heart cries thinking of her, I don’t want anything wrong to happen there, he is always there with me. Fateh asks can we end this, I want to move on, I want to unite both the families, Tejo and I couldn’t unite, if these two families unite, then Tejo will get soul peace.

Rupy says free her. Jasmin says I have always hurt her, I want to repent for my actions. Rupy says nothing can be done now, go and help Satti in work, Tejo won’t want us to get sad, she will expect us to move on, I have completed election work so that her soul doesn’t get hurt, she wanted to see me smart. Abhiraj says yes, we will slap those who had insulted Tejo and hurt her so much. Jasmin thinks I don’t think the two families will ever unite.

Fateh is with Khushbeer and Gurpreet. Khushbeer recalls Tejo’s words. Fateh says we can shed tears for her, but not fulfil her wish, its okay, as you wish, you all go or not, I will surely go. Its morning, Rupy and everyone sit in the puja. They all recall Tejo. Fateh comes and holds the flickering diya. Rupy looks at him. Jasmin cries. Fateh sees Tejo’s pic. Harman stops Abhiraj. Fateh asks how are you all. Satti asks how can we be when our young daughter has passed away, we are just alive, your family members didn’t come even today, right. They see Virk family coming.

Jasmin sees Amrik and smiles. Fateh thanks the family for coming. Gurpreet says Tejo will be glad seeing us here, our happiness lies in her happiness, she isn’t away from our hearts, she will always be with us.

Jasmin says Tejo didn’t wish to see us crying, we will smile and pray for her, close eyes. Fateh thinks Tejo, everyone has come to meet you, are you happy. He sees Tejo. Tejo says you united both the families, you did what I wanted, I should go now, you have to take care of both the families. He says Tejo and extends hand. Everyone opens eyes and looks at him. Amrik takes Jasmin out. She asks what happened. He says I want to talk to you, don’t you miss me. She says I do, but you know the families. He says I can’t stay away from you. She says thanks for forgetting me for the past. He says forget it, we should start a new life, but its not easy to convince dad. She asks won’t you talk to uncle, if he doesn’t agree then we have to find another way, I want to stay with you. He says I love you, elections result will come, what will happen now. She says if our families get together, then the result won’t matter, I wish Tejo was with us, we would have not stayed away. He says Tejo died in that hall… do you still go there. She says yes, I don’t believe it, I feel I will meet Tejo there. He says its limit, Fateh isn’t able to forget her, and even you. she says she was my sister, I took her there to make her meet Fateh, I can’t believe that the fire caught up by short circuit. He says dad enquired and police said it was really by short circuit. He gets a call and says I have to go, take care, I will come soon to take you. He leaves. Fateh thinks of Tejo and drives. Paas aaye….plays… He stops the jeep and gets down. He cries and shouts.

Tejo is seen somewhere as Tanya. Fateh talks of Tejo. He says I wish I find you back. Angad sees Tejo dancing in the pub and follows her. She hits him and asks who are you, why were you stalking me. Jasmin and Amrik meet Tejo in London. Amrik calls Fateh. Fateh sees Tejo and goes after her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. What nonsense is going on..this london track is useless and trp will decline more

  2. Even after leap, no change in fateh..pehle ke tarah useless crybaby or pyaar me barbaad..zindagi bhar ise khali hi baithna hai

    1. I agree. He is the proud owner of the ugliest mug in the industry. Hang dog expressions, and zero talent. So the writers are trying to milk some by having him take off his shirt to show off his muscles. He’s no salman khan for sure and somehow his nakedness makes me want to puke!

  3. Nice time jump🙂

  4. There was a Pakistan drama, with 40 episode, if I am not mistaken.Udaariyaan is the remake of it, I think
    But that was a good show with a nice ending.
    This is going round and round with no meaning 🤦‍♀

    1. I saw a Pakistani Show called Maat. That story was just like Udariyaan.
      I loved how the show ended.
      Still remember the last dialogue of that serial.

  5. They couldn’t get TRP with Fatejo so they made Angad negative thinking that would boost views. Hopefully, TRP declines more what even is this…………

  6. How will makers bridge London track…….. now Tejo is Tanya did she have memory loss ………..where is the pregnancy did she lose the baby….,..how comes Jasrik is in London , I thought Jasmin wanted to be in Canada. Angad wasnt seen in today scene yet he is in London stalking Tanya This could get real bad or could be a good track for new Tanya….. so Fateh will be in London track too I hope new Tanya will be happy strong independent women and not a doormat!!!!!!!!

    1. That thought strike my mind..
      Jasmine wanted to go to Canada, but she ended up going to London!?🤯

  7. What happened to her baby? For pregnancy reveal kyu ki, 6 months matlab baccha nahi hain, bump nahi hain, aur 6 month me delivery bhi nahi hoti, stupid serial

  8. Tejo lost her memory and started new life in London.

  9. What a load of crock seriously! So Amrik and Jasmine have run off to London have they? I bet they will show the couple living it up. Question is where did all the money come from that couple is splurging on. Looking at the Virk family objectively, the father confesses that by being honest he has remained without a great deal of money, just a well respected politician. His motto was respect over money. So from where did Amrit get his hands on a load of money to move to the UK with his lady love? Robbed a bank did he? After all, Jasmine’s family has even less money, just a simple farmer’s family. Ludicrous notion but something to expect from the moronic writers of this farcical show. Not convinced yet? Pay close attention to the flashing scenes purportedly from England. The scenes include Radio City from New York, in the United States and other such errors. Come on producers. Move your butt and have a serious talk with your writers, unless they happen to be your in-laws or people to whom you owe a ton of money. Even then, talk to them and stop traumatizing us with these stupid storylines that no one is buying. We pay good money to watch these channels on TV. We have a right to expect to see good quality shows. And your show Udaariyaan is a show from hell and moronic. Definitely not quality stuff. Get cracking you lazy duo and get some decent writers who can pull the show out of the shit hole it has landed in. Thoroughly pissed off viewer of the Aapke Colors channel.

  10. This show is going like Molkki when purvi lost her memory….😑😑😑😑

  11. Sooo she just materialised in London after the fire 🙄 Angad should have just offed that whole family… I’m on the side of Sarghun’s ‘Villain’ Angad, may he destroy them all bwahahahaha. Did the storyline get affected by the casts real relationships? Tacky… they need to remove people who want to have relations with their co stars, you are there to work, date after the show finishes and see if your connection can survive without a script

  12. I thought they said they aren’t in a relationship ? Those dating news were rumours

  13. Just rabbish story. But almost all of colors show after 300 episodes they go blank.

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