Udaariyaan 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh and Tejo’s romantic union

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The Episode starts with Tejo asking Fateh to wear his clothes, before he catches cold. She says oh no, where will I change. He says here, behind this curtain. Jasmin is outside the house. Fateh opens the gift box. FB shows Jasmin kisses the shirt, she keeps Fateh and her pic locket. She says its the last way to come close to you, when you see this locket, then you will remember the promise you made to me. Fateh opens the shirt. The locket falls there. Tejo changes clothes. Fateh sees her shadow. He turns. He gets dressed. Tejo comes wearing the new dress. Ishq bulava…..plays…. She asks what happened, why are you seeing like this. He says you look very beautiful. The light goes off. She says lie, that’s why lights have gone, find the match box, candles are here. She gives the matchstick box. He lights the candles.

Tejo also goes and lights the candles. He says I wish we had something to eat, I m feeling hungry. She shows the sweets box. He asks are you Santa claus, you get anything I wish. She sings Jingle bells. He eats the sweets. She asks what else did you wish. He feeds her the sweets. Jasmin walks in the rain. Tejo gets a novel of her fav author. She says he writes romantic novels. Fateh says you read romantic novels. She asks do you think I m boring. She reads the romantic poetic lines. He looks at her. He also reads the book. A curtain flies and catches fire. He says sorry. She sees the fire and tells him. He goes and blows off the fire.

They go and sit on the bed. The bed breaks down. Jasmin hears some sound and stop. Fateh signs Tejo. Jasmin goes to look inside the house from the window. She gets shocked seeing Fateh and Tejo. Tejo laughs. Fateh smiles seeing her. He gets up and holds her hand to help her get up. Saans…..plays… Fateh and Tejo come closer. They romance. They have an eyelock. They have a hug. Fateh holds her close to kiss.

Its morning, Amrik sees Jasmin sitting worried. He gets tea for her. He says sorry, I got you here, but we have searched everywhere for them, don’t worry, they will come back. Jasmin says no, I m tensed for Tejo, she falls sick soon. He says don’t worry, Fateh will take care of Tejo. She says that’s the problem. Tejo writes Fatejo on the mirror. She smiles seeing Fateh sleeping. She recalls the last night. Teri deewani….plays…. She sits holding the water drops leaking from the roof. He wakes up and sees her. She greets him and asks him to get ready, she will do the packing. He nods. She goes. He sees the locket fallen there. He picks it. He sees Jasmin and his pic inside. He recalls their moment. He holds his head and worries.

Fateh says its too late now, its your engagement today. Jasmin attempts suicide, slitting her wrist. Fateh runs to Jasmin and lifts her. He takes her. Tejo looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Episode was 🤩🤩🤩🤩
    But the precap 😢

  2. Episode was wow❤ but precap nope pls makers bring fatejo together🥺

  3. As much as I loved the episode I hate the precap…

    1. Same yaar

  4. The last scene and precap broke my heart💔

  5. OMG where do I start
    I was so surprised that the romance scene was actually real. I kept waiting to see if it was a dream but it wasn’t. I had mixed feeling about it but the deed has been done and Tejo has completely fallen.

    We all know that Tejo was falling for Fateh that’s why she consented but I’m trying to figure out Fateh’s mindset. He was the one that made the first move. He definitely has a strong attraction to Tejo, for this entire episode he made sure to touch, hold hands and stay close to her. Not to mention he was watching Tejo get dressed even though it was just a shadow.

    From this episode I can say that Fateh likes Tejo more than a friend but his obsession with jasmine is making it hard for him to realize it.

    There’s a saying- “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. I guess Fateh has to first lose Tejo to realize her worth.

    P.S- What about a pregnancy track??

    1. I have also think about that also what if a pregnancy track is coming soon

    2. Well said I like it😍😍

  6. @Janu

    See it was impossible for Jasmean to see them since she was on the ground floor

    1. Yeah you are correct and she will do more drama in upcoming episodes I think.

  7. Now tejo will get pregnant too..and will sacrifice all her happiness for this worst Jasmine’s sake. Yaar nahi, aisa mat dikhao….else it will become worse

    1. I have always been the one to say that fateh is not the one to play with someone’s emotions….but now, I am really getting angry at fateh. What the hell is he upto..if he still lived jasmine then why the hell he did everything with tejo…and if he did,then why is he going back to jasmine,now fateh is totally at fault…and jasmine is the worst person ever…poor tejo will suffer a huge heartbreak….apna pyaar mat kurbaan karna yaar tejo😪😪😪😪

  8. exactly what i guessed happened but i am sure fatejo will never break…

  9. Very very disappointing this new promo .. Fateh did not mourn for Jasmine …. here is the reward for Tejo .. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  10. Yrr…I was in nine cloud in todays episode😚🤩…but yrr precap ko dhekh kr sara mood kharab ho gya😑…why makers why😭..ek episode ki khushi de kr..baki k episode k liy dard de diya😓😩😫..

  11. Polka_dots🌟

    Hy..!! I think tejo should definitely see what’s going on with her husband and so called sister.we have seen sacrificing tejo,happy tejo,sad tejo and fallen in love tejo .this tym is the tym to see the hell bent tejo .she should drop that good image for once if ever she wants people sry sry her own family to be fair on her nahi toh usse jhoothi ke niche khuchal denge

  12. Miss spagetti

    I can sense some big heartbreak coming on the way.

  13. I am glad that i have left to watch this serial and now leaving to read the story too.. ✌✌

    1. Guys any spoiler

  14. We need more episodes of shirtless Fateh…

    1. Agreed, totally loved it when Tejo told him he looks good shirtless ❤️

  15. Guys any spoiler

  16. Too bad. At least they could have spared Tejo the humiliation of sleeping with Fateh and see him run after Jasmine. Shame on Fateh, if he’s so conflicted about his feelings for Jasmine, he should have kept his distance. He’s not in love. And he’s not drunk. No pregnancy track please. Will never know if Fateh picks Tejo willingly or out of guilt. Still hoping intimacy didn’t happen and Tojo fell asleep before it did. For sure, Fateh is going towards Jasmine. Why will she marry Amrik? The path to Fateh will be lost then. What a mess!

  17. Pratibha arya

    I think that,, whenever jasmine and fateh are together then tejo’s heart is broke
    If this happen that thr TRP rate are down
    So makers keep #fatejo together

  18. @ ss is fateh really going to run after Jason? After the beautiful night he spent with tejo???? What the actual f#@k!!! If they go that route, I’m breaking up with the show! Nonsense!

  19. I’m going to focus on the positive and really hope that the promo is a red herring. Because whatever Fateh did, was done with him acting in his full senses, I mean there was speculation that a memory of Jasmean would trigger his actions but nothing of the sort happened (he saw the locket the next day) and nor was the dude drunk. I really hope that as much as the locket triggers a memory, he remembers his confrontation with Chameli / her walking out of the wedding and 🗑 the locket. Also, I can’t get me head around him marrying Chameli, for one his dad would never agree (I’m putting all my eggs in the Papa Virk basket). I really hope that he confides in Buzzo and Buzzo reminds him that the only person that should matter to him is Tejo. I’m invested in the #FaTejo love story and needs more positive FaTejo moments.

    1. Yeah whatever he did he was in sense only. Tejo only got more drunk. He was stable only

  20. In the precap, isn‘t Jasmine slitting her finger and not her wrist? And if yes, how can she be unconscious? I know random question and yeah, my biology knowledge is kinda non existent and she‘s probably unconscious because of ..blood loss? 🤔
    And I would also like to say, don‘t stop watching the show just because it doesn‘t match with your standards. I know, everyone wants Fatejo and nothing‘s wrong with that but if you stop watching it, the TRP will go down. And I think, everyone contributes to the TRP. The makers know what they‘re doing and they‘re just adding a little bit of drama to keep us entertained. I know, it‘s frustrating but I think if we are really fans of the show, we should at least stay loyal and watch it because the actors/actresses are really working hard for us🤗
    Side note: I‘m not trying to offend someone and hopefully it doesn‘t look like that😅🤭

    1. @Simi. 👏🏾 Bravo. You echoed my sentiments. The part of her finger that she cut would not gave enough blood loss for her to pass out. It was a bit overdramatic. And I also will continue to to watch the show because I like the show and I want to seen where it goes.

  21. I too have the same opinions as all of you….I was extremely happy by watching the episode❤️
    And yeah….as @BONSILAS said…I too was surprised and waited that it shows it was a dream but no it wasn’t😨
    It’s a bit unbelievable man!!!!
    Anyways, loved FaTejo scenes as usual😍
    But…..as I mentioned I have the same feeling as others….I got heartbroken by seeing the precap.

    Looking forward to the next episode!!!

  22. I didnt like their intimacy today.. It felt like fateh was using tejo.. Without removing chameli completely from his mind,how can he do this.. I dont want a pregnancy track so soon.. If it comes it will be soo early, i want some pure romance between fatejo.. not like this. i dont want fateh to accept her bcz she is prgnt.. He should accept her when he loves her wholeheartedly

    1. Agree with you hudha

  23. They haven’t uploaded the episode on Voot yet

    1. Till now they didn’t uploaded yaar🤷‍♀️🥺

    2. Yes, I also just saw. Can anyone tell me when the repeat of the episode airs the next day?

    3. It is from 12 to 12.30 in colors

    4. If u cant able to watch on tv colors uploaded yesterday episode on youtube jst type udaariyaan today’s episode then u can watch it

  24. I just wished that chameil would died while committing a sucide. I’m shocked to see fateh with her.( jasso)
    Fateh hates jasmine and he’s genuinely trying to move on with tejo

  25. I’ve seen the precap on colors.. Fateh is frustrated, he tells Buzo that he cant feel what Tejo feels for him
    Buzo asks, what is he feeling? He replies he misses jasmine and he only sees jasmine…
    Jassu comes and boldly tells him that her alliance is getting fixed, as she is going, she meets Tejo who asks what she is doing there

    So, it’s good that husband n wife got intimate, it’s beautiful indeed
    but none should feel it’s a mistake, that’s soo heartbreaking,
    Ofcourse one would be shattered if the husband approaches you, then the next day he has mixed feelings
    Tejoo, She fell in love, and she gave herself to her husband, now if things go the other way, how is she going to take it?? I would also fall for a husband like Fateh, so..Let’s see what unfolds
    And Jasmine, your alliance is getting fixed, so what!? You want Fateh to come like a bollywood hero, sing a sad song and break it?? Clean your own mess!!
    Fateh, take that mean lady to hospital and go back to ur wife, you wouldnt regret it

    1. I thought there wasn’t a precap and instead they showed promo instead???

  26. is there any upload for tommorow and saturday it said “break ka bad special episode”?

    1. Its on monday yaar break free episode

  27. They making full fool. No wonder their rating going down. They going in circles. Just to keep viewers engage they create a scene between FAT-JO and then same old stuff JAS-FA. Now its has been close to 25 episodes with the same approach. Dear makers – there are other serials also available to watch and I believe you would have understand that by now. So, please move the story forward and do not test the limits otherwise such a promising story and serial might get perish.

  28. Hi everyone… Not in a hurry to see the episodes of this weekend .. We have a good time and then the bad ones .. Very very bad for Tejo. People really think they did the deed .. Fateh is embarrassing why .. For the fact that he did the deed with Tejo and seeing that Jasmine still loves him and he blames himself .. Or embarrassed to see that he still had a chance with Jasmine .. Anyway .. It’s very, very hot for the future .. We were star in the eyes his last days with jodi FateJo .. Go to separation track for FateJo and hidden pregnancy trail for Tejo .. I don’t want this series to turn too much around the bush. Go make Fateh go back to Jasmine and realize what he lost by leaving Tejo .. Tejo leaves and comes back with her baby and she raises him alone or another guy comes into her life .. I see on a lot Instagram site that fans want jasfa together. But really I’m not against fans … but people Jasmine never really like Fateh .. You have to wake people up .. Come on I vote for another guy’s entry for Tejo and finally Fateh will do anything to get her back .. But I wish Tejo doesn’t forgive him easily and still struggles a lot to get her back .. I want him to understand the mistake he made by leaving Tejo for Jasmine .. He has to row hard to get her back

  29. I really don’t understand what makers want to show to audience and fans.
    Why all shows main lead forget their Romantic Antics after morning and only female lead remembers it?
    I thought this romantic scenes was a dream hoped it should be dream but it turned out to be real. I wanted their romance should be later first they should understand trust and care each other more.
    I having doubt that fateh has feelings for tejo if don’t why did he get romantic with her?
    Tejo is thinking he is moved on. But he is not which he is failing from time to time.he is simply dodging the bullets which jasmine shot him and hiding behind tejo eventually tejo will be hurt by the both. One locket and he couldn’t think of anything other than jasmine and lost his cool too. He is behaving like totally addicted to jasmine and spelled by her.
    Tejo I don’t know what to say about her she already had failed marriage if another turns out like that by her sister how will she be accept it.
    Just hope makers show something logically
    Precap I really hate it man what’s the sad thing is jasmine doesn’t even considering her sister life
    We can’t judge by simple promo too so let’s hope fateh don’t do anything that he regret later.

    1. Jas seems forgot that tejo is her sister as if now she is her rival in love 😂😂😂. I am wondering what will be the reaction if jas if she know that tejo and fateh romance🤣 I am. Eagerly waiting for that day lol… She will die of anger and jealous😝

    2. Yep I just hope jasmine die out of heartattack🤣🤣but she won’t die all she wants is fateh nothing else

  30. I will never watch this drama and Sargun Mehta’s movies from today onwards. Seriously ! How negetive the impact of this drama on the minds. What cultural values and relationship they are promoting!! Am very disappointed from their writing content for this show.

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