Udaariyaan 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Simran comes home

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The Episode starts with Fateh shouting on Buzo and Tejo. He asks Tejo to tell the truth, how long will she hide her romance. Dada ji asks why are you shouting on her. Gurpreet says he is saying right, Tejo and Buzo…. in the kitchen. Tejo says no, its not like that, I was crying, he was consoling me. Fateh says Khushbeer will agree, but you can’t fool me and my mum. He gets angry on Buzo. He asks how long will you put the curtain on the truth, tell them, what’s the truth. Simran comes and says I will tell what’s the truth. She walks in. Everyone looks on shocked. Gurpreet says Simran… and hugs her. Amrik and Mahi also hug Simran. They cry. Fateh says Simran di…. Simran stops him. Gurpreet asks when did you come to India. Fateh asks why didn’t you tell us about your coming. Khushbeer says Gurpreet, ask her why did she come. Simran says I have come for Tejo. He asks you mean you have come from Canada for Tejo. She says no, I m coming from Faridkot, I came back from Canada three years back. He asks are you in India since three years. Amrik says we spoke on video call last week. Simran says that calls were false, I was living in Faridkot. Gurpreet asks when did you come, and Amanpreet. Khushbeer says don’t take ghat guy’s name. Tejo recalls Simran’s words. Gurpreet asks is everyone fine, did anything happen with you.

Khushbeer says she has no courage to tell us, like you ran away before, just run away now also. Fateh says please let her say, what is it that Tejo and Buzo know, what we don’t know. He asks Simran what’s the matter. He says Buzo, you knew about Simran, right, tell me. He catches his collar. Simran says stop Fateh, I will tell you, when I came back three years ago, I met Buzo, he was the one who supported her, he settled me, he got a job for me, I didn’t know when we both fell in love. Fateh says how dare you… I regarded you my friend, I didn’t know you will cheat me. Buzo says you think I can cheat you, I was helpless, I didn’t had courage. Fateh says you got courage today. Simran says he didn’t have courage even today, I had to get this courage just for Tejo, fate made me meet Tejo, she gave me courage, she told me that everything will get fine, the cheap blame you have put on Tejo, I had to come here for that.

She holds Buzo’s hand. She says Buzo’s relation is with me, not Tejo. Everyone gets shocked. Simran says Tejo used to come to Faridkot to teach NGO kids, Tejo and I got to meet there, you had doubted Buzo and Tejo, their relation is that of mine and Amrik, Buzo regards her a sister, not Bhabhi, I didn’t expect this from you, Fateh, Tejo understands Buzo and my relation, so she supported us. Gurpreet says forget it, you will stay with us from now. Khushbeer says she can’t stay here, she is in India since three years, she didn’t tell anyone, she would have done something that she is hiding her face. He asks Buzo how did you hide such a big thing from Fateh. He says my own children ruined me, I had respect outside, my children ashamed me, Simran was hiding here, why, ask her. Tejo recalls Simran. Simran says because… Tejo signs no. Simran cries.

Gurpreet asks her to say. Simran says I can’t say. Nimmo asks why didn’t Tejo tell anything. Simran says I asked her not to tell. Fateh says you trusted them more than us, you made them family and family outsiders. Simran says relations are made by heart, not blood, you have no right to question anyone, you did wrong and you are talking great things now. Khushbeer says enough, you both get out of here. Biji says Simran came home after long, give her a chance. Khushbeer says no, I will not tolerate more, ask her to leave. Tejo says please forgive Simran, accept her, whatever Fateh did, he is also living here. Khushbeer says you think I m happy seeing this Heer Ranjha here, they can also go, before anyone threatens me, I will tell you all, I will leave this house if she comes here. Simran says no, you don’t need to go, I was away for these years, I asked Tejo to swear and not tell anyone, I will leave from this house, its my mistake, I just came to prove Tejo innocent, Tejo is a good wife, good Bhabhi and good sister, I m leaving this house, I will never come back, its my promise. Simran and Buzo leave. Khushbeer shouts don’t dare to go out of the house. Gurpreet and everyone cry. Gurpreet goes. Tejo goes after her. Gurpreet calls out Simran and stops her. They hug. Gurpreet says tell me how are you, where do you stay. Simran says I can’t tell anything, go inside, dad is already worried because of Fateh and me. She says Tejo, I m sorry, you got blamed because of Buzo and me. Tejo says no.

Simran says Tejo please take care of her, take her inside. She asks Gurpreet not to worry. She says I will come back, let me go now. Buzo and Simran leave on his scooty. Tejo hugs Gurpreet. Khushbeer says I didn’t expect this from you Tejo, I trusted you, you lied to me, none of you should meet Simran, else you know me and my anger. Jasmin says wow Tejo, you always say the truth, you have hidden a big thing from the family, about their daughter, its good, the truth came out, else they would have assumed you as the world’s best bahu. Fateh shouts shut up Jasmin. He holds her hand and takes her to the room. He says if you can’t talk well, then keep your mouth shut. She asks why didn’t you tell anything to Tejo, she lied about Simran Tejo and Mahi come. Fateh says she did that for Simran, what did I think. Jasmin says its normal to believe what you see. He says I should have not, I saw Tejo and Buzo together and don’t know what I thought, I didn’t try to know truth, because I wanted to get rid of my guilt, it was the most easy way, a man is mean, when he falls, he wants to make everyone fall, I fell in my own eyes, I can’t meet her eyes. Mahi says he still has some humanity left. Tejo says when a person’s mind is blinded, then even his humanity isn’t seen. Fateh sits crying.

Fateh says from today, Jasmin will see the academy work, not Tejo. Tejo sees the lock. Jasmin says I have changed the lock, you handle the house, I will handle the academy. Tejo asks does Fateh know this. Jasmin says of course, we both decided this.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Varshni

    Woah amazing simran came today ❤️Feeling bad for Tejo! Apparently my first comment too! Where is this jasmean now ? She should see all this and have some courtesy for her sister

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  3. Baby Snowflake

    Am I 1st?

  4. Finally he know the truth…

  5. Finally the truth is out.
    I’m so so so excited for the next episode

  6. wow wat an amazing episode oh Fateh u should’ve found out the truth glad he told Jasso shut up. Jasso tries 2 instigate bit Fateh not having any of it now Tejo plz leave him let him whallow in his guilt . Tejo lines were so true at the end oh i cant wait 4 tomorrow episode

  7. Candy will know how to melt your khusbeer’s heart .. The little son will do it .. Now Jasmine will manipulate khusbeer and Fateh against Tejo because of simran’s secret .. Disappointment is what I feared when Kushbeer would know the truth …. Go waiting for the precap ..

    1. Snowflake

      That’s exactly what I thought..Candy will do the work.. In the bts, I saw him wit the cast

  8. The Episode was a Bang…💥💥💥
    The way Simran Dii confronted Fateh….Made my Day…Just Loved it…
    The only thing pricking me was…even after so Much happened… This shameless Fateh was pointing mistakes on others…And just Blaming Others…
    After doing such a shameless thing…. how can he even question others…(Like questioning Simi di…Tejo…)
    No comments on JasMean….
    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow Episode.

  9. Finally simran is here!!! Waited for this episode long. What a great entry it was!!. Like I said before fateh itself cheating behind his wife back he thought all r same and tejo will be same like him to hide his guilt he even thought tejo has a affair today he itself accepted that!!! At least he realised it and soon he will get his heart break for trusting jasmine. jasmine just putting smoke into his eyes and mind. One thing cleared that he opened his mind hope soon he open his eyes too.
    Simran dialogue are best!!! When she said tejo is her family!! , some relationships are not by blood and he doesn’t need have rights when he itself done so much unpleasant things. Seeing fateh face today epi is worth watching. Jasmine I just hope she doesn’t open her mouth.
    Khushbeer Is now angry when he sees candy I’m sure his angry will be gone. I don’t think Jasmine can manipulate khushbeer ever! He never liked jasmine and fateh can fall in jasmine words but khushbeer won’t. He is not angry with tejo he just upset that simran doesn’t came to meet him first!!!.
    I hope fateh just stuck in his guilt and open his eyes soon

  10. I watched this serial late….
    Can anyone one tell whats the secret of simran ???? Tejo signed her no ….what happened her to return from Canada

    1. Simran has a Son with her ex-boyfriend, she left her family for him but he cheated on her. Tejo signed no because telling this to the family at this time won’t do any good for both sides.

    2. THANKS farija

  11. Fateh yesterday: Don‘t insult Jasmine. I won‘t tolerate it …
    Fateh today: Shut up Jasmine in front of everyone
    I‘m sorry but I had to laugh 😂😂
    Girl hates to be insulted in front of everyone but she lets it slide when Fateh insults her 😂

    1. well said do u mind if i steal and put it on twitter for the soap’s fans

    2. No, I don’t mind :))

  12. I Liked todays episode, atlast simran came to family now she have to unite with them.. way to go as kushbeer sing should melt may be as said earlier by Lilou, cute little candy will make him melt.. looking forward and also heard the news while browsing there are audtions going on for tejos new pair… so that track also will be there..

    1. hope so its true cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Episode was good……at least Fateh is in regret mode and has partially opened his mind to Tejo’s good intentions and Jasmine’s bad ones…..so lets hope this changes his thoughts and he continues to give Tejo the benefit of doubt……it’s a start 🙏

  14. my exams starting on 24th so i will be coming only for reading updates ..and probably just 1 comment till 4th october !wish me luck my udaariyaan fam!!!!!!!!!!

    1. All the best 👍😄💖 Ravya. Rock your exams!!!

    2. All the best @ravya even I also have exams till oct 1.I am also reading only written updates

    3. All the best @Ravya I’m also having my internal exams from 27th to 4th october I’m also gonna read only updates

    4. Aarna laddha

      Best of luck @asin

    5. My exam starts on 27 th September 😟🥴 with so many portions chem vol 1 ,bio 10 LS ,phy vol 1 ,comp 8 LS, tam 3 Eyal ,eng 3 units …… 😭 So I am also reading update only not seeing episodes

    6. Aarna laddha

      @lavan ….all the best

    7. Thankkzzz @Priyasi @Asin @Keerthi @Lavan!!!!!!!!!!!!
      and also good luck @Asin @Keerthi @Lavan!!!!!!!!

    8. Varshni

      All the best ravya and Keerthi

    9. Tq @Varshni

    10. Thnx @Varshini

    11. This is exams’ season, even I have exams from 27th. All the best you all.

    12. Aarna laddha

      All the best @vi

    13. all the best @VI !!!!!!!!!!

    14. All the best all . My exam will end on 24 September.

    15. Tq ravya

    16. Thanks @Tina03 ..enjoy your holidays!!!!!!hope you do good in the exams

    17. Aarna laddha

      Wish you all the very best …@ravya

  15. Atlast the truth has came out … I waited for this

  16. Today’s episode was amazing….

    1. all te best gals go and show girls rock

    2. thanks @Tasneem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Can any one share precap link

    1. Thanks for the link😊

  18. Episode was truly good bt disappointed of seeing precap this fateh will never learn a lesson 🤷‍♀️

    1. What’s in the precap???
      If you have link…pls Share…

    2. I can see foresee the impending doom of the academy. He shouldn’t have involved Jasmine in academy related matters. Poor Fateh he is gonna regret greatly🤭. Like tejo said booking front row seats for this show😎.

  19. Jasmean is now in charge of academy which means she gets to spend more time to poison the relationship with fateh and tejo not good for poor Tejo. I cant wait for her to mess him up maybe then his eyes will be open as the story goes on…………….. PLEASE BRING IN SOME COMPETITION FOR FATEH.

    1. Jasmean will turn the academy profits into losses.

  20. I think Tejo should leave the Virk house. And Kushbeer and Biji are stupid to insist she stays with them. What is Tejo waiting for? Her self respect to fall some more? For the Virks will tell her to leave. Gurpreet will take the lead. For her it’s Fatheh, mera puthar all the time. Don’t just talk about saving self respect. Show it too. Tejo is like mahaan forgiving nari in Indian serials. All EMA victims, the wives, are shown going back to cheating husbands. What a stupid message

    1. Fateh is full of himself. only him and his wish matter .. 😕😕😕 If Tejo tells Kushbeer that Simran was betrayed as she herself was betrayed by Fateh .. Maybe they could come back and finally Candy will know her family .. I think Kushbeer could forgive .. As a father his daughter made a mistake and worse she was near them but could not come to them .. But Simran got up and did his best to raise and work at the same time .. I think that he will know in due time .. Too much is happening .. The precap disappoints me .. Fateh has no humility .. He says he cannot meet her gaze .. Yes he cannot because he is a weak man of whom Jasmine makes him the puppet and does not deserve it because he hurts Tejo again and again. In the family nobody says anything to Jasmine when she questions Tejo. Or even when Fateh talks about the academy .. Tejo has to go now .. Enough of humiliation .. You are a woman respect you .. Until when are you going to give Jasfa the right to kill you. e badly ..

  21. See fateh only had a broken family… now he wants to come on road … by giving academy responsibilities to jasmean… bdw weren’t jasss and fateh in college… inhe padhna likhna nahi h kya

  22. But Simran ka pura sach kyu nahi bataya virk family mein wo bi Simran son Candy ke bare mein ? Candy ke barre me i batana chahiye tha thaki Khushbeer ji beti ko samjthe oor apnathe

  23. Can anyone tell me your opinion Fatejo divorce or fatejo unite again ? Which one happen in upcoming episode?

  24. I’m afraid Fateh will never learn from his mistakes .. Doesn’t he see that since Jasmine came back to her life .. Everything is bad .. They argue constantly .. Anyway .. Tejo is weak .. She could swallow her words when she sees Fateh on the ground .. Because in the episode the moment when he had a headache .. She gave him the medicine to relieve him because seeing him suffer it bothered her .. When I see the beginning of Jasmine we show a bubbly jovial cool and loving girl .. But she quickly transformed and showed an image of herself that would make you think she was the oldest .. She is vicious and manipulative . Anyway .. Tejo is always humiliated and insulted by Jasfa .. Stop .. She has to go and daddy and Dadi should let her go .. Self esteem and her pride she has to think about that .. Also the truth about everything what Jasmine is up to knows Fateh will not see and do nothing against .. Because he knows that Tejo is waiting for this moment to see him fall .. And he is so convinced that their love is stronger .. Than out of pride even in be unhappy with Jasmine .. He will do nothing to show his pain to his family and especially to Tejo.

    1. https://www.tellychakkar.com/tv/tv-news/exclusive-fans-want-simran-beat-fateh-and-kick-jasmine-out-tejo-simran-didi-aka-chetna
      Hi guys☺️☺️☺️ Go read it .. She says what to expect between FateJo. And his role in the series. The Best in Simran di😊😊

  25. daariyaan 22nd September 2021 Written Update Jasmin’s truth Khushbeer rebukes Tejo for her lies about Simran. Jasmin creates a scene, seeing Khushbeer scolding Tejo. She asks Tejo why did she hide about Simran. Fateh asks Jasmin to stop it. Jasmin tells that the family would have regarded Tejo the best bahu if the truth didn’t come out. Fateh vents anger on Jasmin. He asks her not to say anything bad about Tejo. She gets upset that he is defending Tejo. She provokes him again that Tejo lied to him about Buzo and Simran.

    She asks him to scold Tejo for lying so much about Simran. He wishes that he didn’t believe his eyes. He has just spotted Tejo and Buzo together and thought wrong about them, because he was doing wrong himself. He feels ashamed that he has suspected his wife’s character. He curses himself for falling in his own sight by his huge blunder. Fateh feels sorry that he misunderstood Tejo. He regrets his dirty thinking. He realizes that sometimes what appears as truth is also a lie.

    He didn’t try to find the truth, just to put the accusation on Tejo to get free from his guilt. He was having an affair with Jasmin, and thought its an easy way to accuse Tejo for an affair. He realizes that he was making Tejo fall in the family’s sight just to cover up his mistake. He feels guilty and sheds tears. Jasmin asks him not to feel guilty.

    Consequently, Fateh realizes his mistake. Tejo and Mahi overhear Fateh and Jasmin’s conversation. Fateh regrets that he suspected a noble person like Tejo. He lacks courage to meet Tejo’s eyes. Tejo knows that his eyes will open up soon and he will see Jasmin’s truth. She doesn’t think his humanity and goodness matters until he realizes his actual mistake of believing Jasmin. Jasmin rages on seeing Fateh going on Tejo’s side again. She doesn’t want their marriage to get a chance of revival.

    Fateh comes in Jasmin’s words once again when she asks him to keep Tejo away from the academy. She doesn’t want Tejo to dominate her in the house and academy. Fateh agrees to Jasmin’s suggestion. He tells Khushbeer that he would like Jasmin to join him and help him in the academy work, instead of Tejo, who is best suited at home. Khushbeer is against Fateh, but doesn’t have an option than to agree. Tejo learns this shocking development from Jasmin, when she fails to open the gate lock by her key. Jasmin tells her that her key won’t work to open the lock, since she has changed the key and the lock.

    She tells Tejo that Fateh has decided to keep her out of the academy. She tells that she has decided to work with Fateh in the academy. She asks Tejo to go home and handle the family. Tejo questions if Fateh knows about the development. Jasmin tells her that its Fateh’s decision and he has informed the family about it as well. Tejo is left stunned. When will Jasmin’s truth come out? Keep reading.

    1. Hi @Tasneem. How are you. Simran di said it will take a while for Fateh to see who Jasmine really is .. She says in her interview that the hatred between FateJo is growing but will have a justification .. Can we expect Fateh to find out? in love with Tejo? And want to win her back .. 😅😅😅😅 Anyway .. That Fateh got just a little lesson from doubting Tejo on the false accusations of infidelity with his entry .. That the love he has for Jasmine will take time for him to discover the true side of Jasmine .. That his entry will not have too much impact on FateJo as we wanted .. But hey will have to take his troubles patiently 😂😂😂 soon other revelation will take place in front of everyone .. Anyway .. We will have to wait and wait .. I read earlier that the series has over 250 to 300 episodes on their account .. We will wait to see who Fateh will be with.

  26. Snowflake

    The best part of the episode was “SHUT UP JASMINE”….Cant get over it lol

  27. https://www.tellychakkar.com/tv/tv-news/exclusive-fans-want-simran-beat-fateh-and-kick-jasmine-out-tejo-simran-didi-aka-chetna
    Hi guys☺️☺️☺️ Go read it .. She says what to expect between FateJo. And his role in the series. The Best in Simran di😊😊

    1. just read the post ..i loved the part where she said fans where telling her to” beat fateh with a log and bring back his senses”! i just couldnt stop laughing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Snowflake

      Even meee lolll

    3. Hi @Lilou
      This means Jasmin’s truth will likely be revealed on episode 200
      Oh my God, this is too long to wait for the truth to come out in front of everyone

    4. We have to wait for another 30 episodes for jasmine true face to reveal areyy yaar then after 50 episode fateh will realise his love and other 50 episode tejo will accept fateh and other 50 jasrik shaadi and next 50 jasmine will turn positive and next 50 simran di coming to home I’m tired bruh😅

    5. Snowflake

      Can’t wait so long for them to drag this!!
      For how many episodes did jasfa affair go on b4 tejo found out??

  28. Oh I love this development. Fateh is digging a hole so deep that he can’t come out. First he lost wife, then majority of family. Now the academy. Just can’t wait for Jas “mean” management. Wish Tejo is a little vicious. She says big big words but in the end Abla nari. When will serial female protagonists try to give revenge best served cold type..

  29. Hello guys I didn’t comment because I was rewatching previous Udaariyaan episodes
    Today’s episode was very beautiful and Simran’s entry was very beautiful and great I was delighted when Fateh yelled at Jasmine
    I read Lilo’s comment about a new hero entering Tejo
    I think Fateh won’t know the truth about Jasmine until the end of this season
    And Jasmine will leave the family and Fateh after Fateh and the whole family are destroyed
    Tejo also after you see Fateh fall you will leave Fateh
    I think the new hero will enter episode 80
    I also think that the season will end on episode 90 or 95
    I think Jasmine will be replaced by the new man-actor opposite Tejo in the next season

    1. Snowflake

      Season…I don’t think so…sargun won’t do that..but there is a fact..they drag things for too long…idk if ul see nima show, I heard that there are almost over 5 leaps already…. So fast…
      They first only dragged jasfa track for too long. I think that was their strategy. Make everyone bored of them n when tejo realises all of this n becomes independent, then ppl will watch..n it worked! See the trp!!!
      I think they will continue this thing, when fateh actually realises jasmeans nature and his feelings for tejo, it will be a really long time huh

    2. Ss i too saw nima promo first she come to mumbai, thn 3 years or so on leap she become mother of 3 childs thn another leap her husband got remarried and she become independent and now another leap her daughters grewn up lots of leap

  30. @llou gosh its gonna be a long October then btw my friends keep updating e on youtube tat Tejo pregnancy’s reports will be seen by Jasso wat do u think another person told me by accident tejo and fateh will cross their limits again wat do u think

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