Udaariyaan 21st November 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin learns about Tejo’s fake engagement

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The Episode starts with Tejo and family coming to Virk house and meeting everyone. Fateh recalls his words. He thinks did Angad tell anything to Tejo, everything will get spoiled. He hides. Tejo sees him. Mahi takes Tejo with her. Fateh goes. Angad comes home. He recalls his words. He says if Fateh told Tejo about fake engagement, then everything will get spoiled. Fateh collides with him. They shake hands. Khushbeer says Angad will come, and jeweller will also come, you both select a good ring. Tejo says its not needed. Biji says we like to do something for you. Jasmin thinks Tejo has a good fate, and I have to write my fate myself, where is Fateh. Fateh asks did I say anything useless after getting drunk. Angad says I wanted to ask the same. Fateh asks do you remember anything. Angad says no. Fateh says we were talking about marriage and engagement. Angad asks do you remember. Fateh says no. Angad says thank God. Fateh asks why. Angad says nothing happened, we are safe, so thank God, I remember it in flashes, you were saying about some surprise, Jasmin… I don’t know exactly. Fateh says I would have not told you, I m planning a small surprise for Jasmin, top secret. Tejo calls Angad and asks where are you, everyone is waiting. Angad says you are questioning like a wife, I m outside Virk house, I m coming.

He ends call and says she is missing me. Angad and Fateh come in. Tejo thinks what’s going on, sometimes fight and sometimes friendship. Jeweller shows the rings. Angad shows a ring. Tejo says its big, look at this. Angad says a diamond should choose a diamond, that too big one. Gurpreet says he is right. Fateh stops Jasmin and says Papa won’t like it if you go. Angad holds Tejo’s hand to try the ring. Tejo says its really big, look at this. Angad says you are would be Mrs. Maan, would I make you wear this cheap ring, what will people say, they will doubt my love. Everyone smiles. Tejo thinks overacting started again. Angad says this is called a ring. Tejo thinks such a big ring. Nimmo says he has a big pocket and a big heart. Angad asks Tejo to select a ring for him. Tejo asks him to select it himself. Jasmin thinks she would be happy to get a big diamond ring. Angad says I want you to put your choice on me, anything you like. She shows a big ring. He asks are you sure. She says yes, a diamond should choose a diamond, a big one. He says you said my dialogue to me, shall I take this, will this look good. Khushbeer says my daughter chose it, it will look good.

He asks how many people will come from your side. Angad says you all will come, that’s all, Amrik, Mahi, did you prepare anything, what about dance. Mahi says its engagement, not sangeet. He says punjabis want a chance to dance. He jokes. He says its Angad Maan’s engagement, dance should be there. Khushbeer asks Amrik to call his choreographer friend and ask him to get the DJ. Mahi says tell us your fav songs. Angad says I will forward the playlist. Tejo says its a message from academy, come with me for a moment. He asks right now. She says yes. He says she will take my class. They go. Rupy says we are seeing Tejo smiling after a long time. Satti says yes, I feel I got my old Tejo back. Khushbeer thinks I wish Fateh understands what he is losing. Tejo asks what’s happening, what’s the need to buy a costly ring, our engagement is not a real one. Angad says let me speak, its our engagement, we aren’t buying any veg, if I get any ring, then family will think Tejo is doing a compromise, I took what I liked.

She asks did you see the diamond size. He says sometimes my choice is loud. She asks what’s the need, what will we do of the ring later. He says I will touch your feet, jewellery doesn’t go waste, diamond is forever. Jasmin ends the call. She says no one cares for my choice, I will get everything done of my choice. She sees Angad and Tejo talking. She looks on. Angad says fine, I will change the ring, you change your mood. Tejo says no, mummy already doubts. He says I got emotional. She asks what’s the need to buy a real ring for a fake engagement. Jasmin is shocked. Angad does filmi drama. He says engagement is fake, not the party, dance, food, everything is real. He dances. Jasmin says such a rich man, why is he having a fake engagement with Tejo, it will be her dream, I will tell her truth to everyone, they should know she is so cunning, I will see if they will attend her fake engagement or our marriage. Bau ji and everyone taste the food and choose the menu. Khushbeer says Angad and Tejo should come and select it as well. Rupy sees Jasmin. Jasmin thinks they will not believe me, I will tell this to Fateh first. Fateh says thanks mummy ji, you are talking to me, you are coming in the marriage and blessing us. Satti says Rupy didn’t wish to come, Jasmin is dead for him, even I m troubled by her.

Jasmin says I want to talk to you. He says wait, someone else’s talk can be imp too. He says sorry, we both have hurt Tejo, we are sorry, Tejo’s engagement is relieving our guilt. Satti says this guilt will always be there, we got involved in the marriage because of her, she kept this condition in front of your dad, that we will bless you if she gets engaged. He says she knows I can’t do this marriage if elders don’t come. Jasmin thinks is Tejo doing this fake engagement for Fateh. She says oh God. He asks what happened. She says nothing. Satti sees her and says she has no regret in her eyes, stay away from Tejo’s life and keep her away, thank God Angad came in Tejo’s life, he is a nice guy, he takes good care of Tejo and will always do. She goes. Fateh says Jasmin you wanted to say something. Jasmin says no, I m happy that you spoke to mummy, everyone thinks I m selfish, its not like that, I love everyone, I m happy they will come in our marriage and bless us. She hugs him and thinks I shouldn’t tell anyone, else Fateh might refuse for the marriage.

Angad says its good playlist right, whom will it suit. The guy says aunty ji. Angad jokes. Gurpreet says you all dance, I can’t. He says its your daughter’s function. Mahi asks him to show his performance. Khushbeer says we will go and practice in our room. The elders go. Angad and Tejo dance. Fateh looks on. Jasmin thinks its my marriage and they are dancing. Tejo stumbles. Fateh worries. He recalls their dance moment. Angad holds her.

Precap: Jasmin asks family members where they are going. They say there is one more party in her house, they are going there. After they leave, Jasmin gets furious and says there will be no mehndi or sangeet here. Fateh tries to cool her down. Angad reaches the engagement venue. Fateh and Jasmin also reach there with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Snowflake

    Tejang ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Snowflake

    I knew jasmean will keep quiet coz she wants to get married to Fateh 🙄
    What could be fateh’s surprise that he is so worried about it??

    1. Think he’s gonna send jasmine to Canada by herself n he gets married to tejo . Bet tejo brings angads wife and daughter back to him

    2. The wife that die in accident come back? 😲😲 If so I want to relocate to India where death people come back alive 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    3. I think she survived the crush like all indian serials miracle happens lol and she decided to part ways coz she had plastic surgery and doesn’t like the way she looks etc I mean after all anything can happen in indian serials. If they reunite fateh and tejo because they slept together then this serial needs to end

    4. I think Angad’s wife dies in accident which will be shown in flash back, and daughter will be in boarding school, so tejo little later may opt to marry Angad and will become mother to his daughter, do not know what makers are thinking..but I feel tejo should return to Fateh..
      What about Jasmine’s evil deeds who will reveal, jass is still alive..

    5. @Mimi its not possible in India but possible in INDIAN SERIES

  3. Hey guys!!! I read that in the upcoming tracks we will see angad’s wife and daughter(according to that spoiler) ..so this means..so many dhamakas will happen in jasfa’s wedding (maybe)
    The name of the serial should rishton ki udariyan instead of sapno ki udariyan

    1. In order to reunite fatejo? That will be the worst series

    2. I read that a child actress is going to enter UD. Maybe the mum died in the car crash and the child wasn’t his so went to live with her biological dad. Something happened to the biological dad so she’s coming back into Angad’s life. Maybe she’ll turn up on the engagement/wedding day and it will create a big scene as they’ll find out about his past. But who knows 🤷🏽‍♀️

    3. But if something does come out about Angad, I hope this time Tejo supports him (as long as it’s not him doing something intentionally bad to someone), I want him to stay a positive character

    4. If this happens then there is a high chance that every one will call him a cheater… especially jasmine , fateh

  4. Chalega chalega wala episode… more like a filler one

  5. Fateh’s plan could be that he wil leav mandap and leave jasmin same like jasmin done to him to teach her a lesson…(i.e revenge)

    1. Then why did he divorced Tejo…. Does he wants to be a balbramhachari ?😳😳😳😳😳

    2. then how could he have reached to the point of marrying jasmine or more precisely dumping her? he can’t marry other girl without divorcing his wife.

    3. Jasfa married shown in new promo

  6. I think fateh has bought canada tickets and a home for jasmine..he will ask her to either marry him nd stay at virk house or go to canada alone..jasmine will choose to marry fateh..fateh will be shocked and having no option left he will marry jasmine

    1. Suhada amanulla

      Exactly, Fateh can never get rid of Jasmin because her suicidal threat still safe in her hand

  7. I don’t know about Hindus religion but I know about quran and bible where its said extra marital affair is a sin that too with sister in law but what can we say maybe in Hindu religion it’s called true love who’s knows 😅😅 having extra marital affair with sister in law and divorce the wife when you see her with someone else you find the feelings you don’t have for her before and people called it true love

    1. Please don’t bring in the ‘religious matters’. Having an extramarital affair is not influenced by religion, but a person’s own hypers*xual mentality. Our same Indian culture shows the best example of Sita-Ram which depicts one wife ideology.
      And to be kind, every religion has both great points and loopholes for free. Example, polygamy is common in Muslim culture. But it doesn’t mean that every man has multiple wives ! There are actually many people who have 1 wife even in places where men have multiple wives.
      Technically, I don’t find any difference between Extra marital affair and polygamy. Polygamy means open cheating and extramarital affair is just is ‘shut and close’ cheating, hidden from the world.
      And sorry for one fact that you are not meant to be blamed… actually not meant to be blamed. But I seriously have terrible grudges towards Indian TV industry for dethroning Indian culture infront of the whole world.
      But as human beings, we have to be sensible. This is all what I can say.
      What is shown to our eyes is not always correct. We have right to judge anything only when we know about that particular thing in depth. Anyone who can judge India is only the one either living here or one who has explored the places, culture and people.
      I am sorry if I just went over and over. I definitely agree that I went so far but pls don’t degrade Indian culture. India is one of the beautiful places to live in. Many feel blessed to be born here.
      Suppose if you were born here too, you might be having the same opinions as mine. It’s all political shit. Actually there is no distinction among countries or people. There is only distinction between culture which is varied even within every country or say state. And I guess no one is inferior or superior by one’s culture. a person is superior by his ideal thoughts and approach towards people of life !
      Sorry for this lecture 😉😅

    2. @laado Openly cheat got me off 😂😂😂 I think for Muslims it’s not cheat as long they do nikah or what’s it call and @teddy I think she saying that because of fatejo fans for calling its true love which I don’t even understand too🤷 how did that become true love even I was like maybe that’s how true love works in their places

    3. Listen to me carefully selfish as muslims having relationships with your sis is haram so don’t try to say something bad to our religion islam ❤❤❤ our men can marry four wives but not allowed for his sister in law so the people who started religion plz stop maker’s of India all searching money as they destroyed bond of sisters and girl who says to her family iam breaking all ties with you for the sake of man is there any girl who loves man more than her parents no
      So for sake of useless maker’s don’t attack religion plz

    4. Ohh they cannot marry sister in law… But can marry own sisters, cousins, sistes, s daughter….. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Hypocrisy ki b ek seema hoti h

    5. No attacks on religion please

  8. this is going to be one interesting wedding Fateh is thinking 2 much of Tejo

    1. Those moments his now remembering now were nothing to him then only tejo was into it I can even remember how he lie to jasmine that he doesn’t have any intimation relationship with tejo 😢😢😢

  9. Jasmine is jealous of the Tejo taking the spotlight she hates being the side dish u say u going 2 eat but u leave til later but then u see there are other meals before u eat all. Then midnight comes as a last resort u FINALLY take the food aka Jasmine wen all is said and done

    1. Exactly @ tesneem that’s exactly what fateh doing too that’s why it’s had to believe him
      When jasmine was with gippy he remembered their moments and couldn’t move on we believe he truly loved her that’s why he couldn’t move on

      Now he see tejo with someone else he remembered their movements his couldn’t bear it man what or who do you want if you couldn’t be a good husband at be a good puppy for your master 😂😂😂

  10. Precap pls

    1. Snowflake

      Fateh n Jasmine are in their party. The family members want to go. Jasmine asks where are you’lll going? They tell Jasmine that there is also another party in your house and they go away. Jasmine gets angry and throws things and shouts go, I don’t need anyone. At Tejo’s party, Angad comes there with a bouquet covering his face. Tejo looks at him. Fateh is behind him and he steps out. Tejo is shocked. Jasmine comes from the other side. Tejo is confused.


    Can’t really predict the marriage, first fake engagement will take place and then marriage, probably fateh may take revenge on jasmine, but I will feel tejo should not return to Fateh and should marry angad, I think Angad’s daughter is alive but wife killed in the accident, maybe on humanitarian grounds tejo will Marry angad and the daughter will be shown closer to tejo , but what about jass and Jasmine’s evil plans, how will it be revealed

  12. Precap link pls

  13. Snowflake

    Precap: Fateh n Jasmine are in their party. The family members want to go. Jasmine asks where are you’lll going? They tell Jasmine that there is also another party in your house and they go away. Jasmine gets angry and throws things and shouts go, I don’t need anyone. At Tejo’s party, Angad comes there with a bouquet covering his face. Tejo looks at him. Fateh is behind him and he steps out. Tejo is shocked. Jasmine comes from the other side. Tejo is confused.

    1. Please can you share the link

  14. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CWirmk2lvg_/?utm_medium=copy_link
    Please tell me news promo.. Can someone tell me what is being said in the new promo please .. Thank you

    1. Snowflake

      Can u pls tell account name?

    2. Snowflake

      Login is coming

    3. Here the way tejo returns the ring to angad was so rude as if someone use a toy and don’t need it again 😭😭😭 I know he agreed to help because he understands her pains

    4. Snowflake

      Our dear @S has translated the promo below.. check it

  15. @snowflake can you pls share the latest promo link in which Fateh and jasmine are getting married. Pls it’s a humble request

  16. Is anyone in the serial actually thinking correctly.
    Tejo is always thinking about family & all but had she learnt anything from past that marriage is not that thing that u choose a person & get ready to marry. Marriage can be problematic for once,twice but after that getting again ready for a third marriage also as engagement is also an important part of marriage after being cheated twice in love in name of marriage. Loving Fateh was ok but expecting him to love her back can’t be sure from Fateh’s side.After getting cheated once a person is shattered emotionally but getting cheated twice a mistake that a person should look into one’s own life & look after oneself & own’s growth.
    No words for Jasmine.No efforts for making dream come true but easy to marry a person who can be used to fulfill one’s own dream.
    Fateh had forgotten that in person’s life love may or may not be there but respect should be there.Jasmine always wanted to use Fateh for her dream as she can’t fulfill her own dream but Tejo respected him & loved him and become a true & a faithful friend but Fateh not only cheated his wife but disowned a true friend.

  17. Udaariyan new promo

    Fateh and Jasmin exchange garland ,voice over says they are entering to a new relationship
    On other side Tejo gives back the ring to Angad and says now this drama is over ,Angad smiles and says ok

    Whereas Fateh somewhat rudely says to Jasmin that after the surprise everything will change between us and Jasmin gets shocked

    Voice over says ,after this surprise all the 4 people’s life will change😌😌

    1. i love TeAng but dammmmmmmmm with that rude attitude Fateh is displaying i am actually looking forward 2 this big surprise they are hyping more

    2. Snowflake

      Oh goshhh!
      Angad’s pain😢
      What is the surprisee aghh

  18. I want tejo to pair up with angad…
    She sacrificed a lot for fateh..bt he ran after jasmine …he gave one and only pain to tejo than happiness…and nw he wants tejo…
    Fateh deserves jasmine’s stubborn,jhooti love…

  19. Hi all..😊
    As all um also full of curious and furious on whats going in this series.
    And this fateh, really difficult to judge this character.Does he really love jasmine or thejo🤔. What he is up to?🙄 If he is going to show the true colors of jusmine then my question is why is that?bcz fateh is the only one who did not recognize jasmine. And if he wants to take revenge then what is the use of that revenge by losing everything and everyone whom you loved and who loves you🤷‍♂️. How many lives are now suffering bcs of his actions..Dont know fateh really got fooled by jasmine. But whatever it is i feel he is wrong. If he really loves jasmine then he is not trustworthy and if he is taking revenge then he is a fool and he doesnt care how his close ones get affected. Bcz of these i think thejo should not go back to fateh. May be she still loves n cares fateh. But going back to fateh is a stupid work i think🤔.
    And i feel fatehs family is also selfish. They really dont care how thejo got affected due to fateh they only think about fatehs life. They know thejo is good so they only want to unite fateh n thejo. Specially fatehs father. May be he loves thejo as a fther but then why he is using thejo n her feelings to correct fatehs mistakes. They were silent at the points where they should talk n make fateh undestand. After all these they are telling fateh has something/love left for thejo. So he should go back to thejo🤷‍♂️. And it is really unfair to thejo her life n her feelings.
    Finally angad, he is really a good person. He helps thejo n bring a smile to thejo that fateh couldn’t. He is with her in her difficult situations and shares her sorrow. He directly or indirectly supports thejo even knowing she still cares for fateh. Best thing in him is that he is ready to share her sorrow andmake her smile by hiding his sorrow with a pleasant smile. He agreed whatever thejo asked and supported her and meanwhile he try to make thejo undestand that she should think about herself also. She should give her life a value n not to use her by others. So i feel n i really really like thejo to be with angad who can make her smile even with small action not with fateh who used or make her cry or live her life in her own ways leaving all of them.😬🙄🤔

  20. Snowflake

    After seeing the promo, regarding Tejang, I think this is what will happen: Tejo is anyways free now, and I don’t think has friends to like hangout with so she will end up spending time with Angad them Tejang love story??🤔🤔

  21. Snowflake

    Wait so in the promo did Fateh see Tejo giving the ring back n saying it was fake??
    And is the surprise related to that 🤔

  22. I hope to rectify fateh’s mistake makers will not show something stupid….
    Im just assuming, what if Fatejo divorce is a drama created by fateh at the last moment, when tejo confessed jasmine’s burnt passport is faked, she burnt Rupy, his father passport instead. And we all knew after that Fateh went missing, he left the house immediately, where he went… Will he went to investigate about jasmine, will Jass reveal something about jasmine misdeeds and on that basis he might faked his divorce with tejo, oe the divorce papers are fake, was that divorce proceedings were faked… Bcoz all of a sudden after Angad’s entry we seen how Fateh gets insecure when he saw Tejang together. He started realising Tejo’s importance in his life. And we all are aware that makers are already made their mind to reunite Fatejo that might be possible to show something which the disclose after fatejo reunion, how and why Fateh did this??
    But to be honest, I’m not in a favor in Fatejo reunion… And makers will surely gonna do that, I also think they might disclose Angad’s past. Just hoping Angad’s character won’t turn negative. I’m already disappointed with this fatejo reunion news.
    This is so unfair to Angad and Tejo… Angad helped Tejo in many ways but Tejo didn’t realise his worth and feeling pitty and sorry for Tejo that she’s again going to be with someone who cheated her and played with her emotions is coming back into her life.

  23. Udaariyaan 22nd November 2021 Written Update Jasmin in shock Fateh and Jasmin enjoy their marriage function. They feel shocked when they learn that the entire family is leaving for Sandhu house to atend Tejo’s function. Jasin doesn’t know why Tejo is given so much priority. Angad keeps a pre-engagement dance event at Sandhu house. Jasmin questions the Virks on seeing them leave. Simran tells that they are going to attend a party at Sandhu house. Jasmin tries to stop them for her haldi ceremony, but nobody from the Virk family stays back. The all want to just bless Tejo, and show Jasmin her real place.

    Jasmin rages and throws the haldi and mehendi. She tells that there won’t be any mehendi or sangeet at Virk house now. She asks the leftover guests to just leave. Fateh stops a raged Jasmin from making any mistake further. The Virks and Sandhus welcome Tejo’s fake fiance Angad at the party. They sing and dance on the playlist chosen by Angad. Everyone enjoys a lot with Angad. Angad surprises them by bringing Fateh and Jasmin along.

    Tejo didn’t expect Jasmin to come home to attend the party. Jasmin is left with no option to follow Fateh’s decision of following their families, even if their families go away from them. Jasmin finds Tejo getting all the attention. She is deeply disappointed by her fate. Angad makes sure that nothing lowers Tejo’s happiness. Fateh and Tejo become a part of the same function, all thanks to Angad. Will they come closer? Will Jasmin realize Fateh’s real game plan behind his surprise? Will Fateh reveal his surprise before the marriage day? Who does Fateh love, Jasmin or Tejo? Can you guess Fateh’s surprise? Comment your views. Keep reading.

  24. This jasmine will spoil out.😡I saw a spoiler that Fateh will apply sindoor on Tejo’s Mang is that true but I want Tejo and Angad to unite pls 🙏 makers and also no attack on religions pls the show is going to have lot of damakas I’m waiting ✈️udaariyaan rock

  25. In the new promo, i am hating Tejo’s way of speaking to Angad. Such a rude way. Using a toy and throwing it when you are not needed. She should have spoken humbly. Waiting for the episode. Get Angad out of this toxic trio.

    1. Snowflake

      Exactly..n poor guy just have her a smile 😢

    2. @Snowflake Yaa i love how he smiled back to her. Such a positive guy. If in the real episode she replied rudely. Then i am gonna hate her character too.

  26. Hello everyone.. How are you. 😊😊😊 Tejan’s fake engagement done .. Because photo shows Tejo with the ring on her finger … Priyanka posted a video on Instagram of her and jassu. And we see the ring.☺️☺️☺️

  27. My father is having an affair with my so called chachi and her husband has no issues with it since they are looting huge amount of money and things in return for that. My so called chachi killed my mother using black magic. Just two minutes before my mother’s demise my chachi phone called my mother and spoke something and my mother died. We can do nothing. This hasn’t stopped even after our mother’s death. My father takes precious and expensive clothes or things from our home to our chachi’s house. He loves my chachi’s children more and spend huge amount of money on them by buying them clothes, smartphones, bicycles and anything which they want. But he doesn’t give us money for buying clothes and whatever clothes our mother bought for us those also he tries to take them for those chachi’s children. Whenever we ask for groceries for home he buys cheapest quality groceries. I don’t whether God will punish them or not. Still my chachi is living happily after stealing everything from my mother and us.

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