Udaariyaan 20th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh and Angad get drunk

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The Episode starts with Tejo saying I was thinking to go away after Fateh-Jasmin’s marriage and our fake engagement, it will be risky to continue this drama. He asks will you go away from Fateh also. She says I think Jasmin won’t be happy until I stay here. He says think of yourself, a person should live for himself, not for others. She says you are right, once this gets fine, I will think what I want. He says good, think how and when will you tell them about our fake engagement. She says I didn’t think so, it should happen what we want. He says right, if we did a fake engagement, then we will do a fake breakup. She says thanks. He asks for coffee. She says thanks for everything, for supporting me and understanding me, you are doing this for me. He says of course, because of my love, I love your thinking, your selflessness, you can do anything for your family, your family is lovely and true hearted like you, its my benefit. She laughs and says no one can win over you in talks. They leave in the car. She thinks he is hiding something behind this smile, maybe about his family. Angad recalls the pic. FB shows Angad is driving the car. He sees the lady smiling and talking to him. A truck comes in front. They meet with an accident. FB ends. Angad stops the car. Tejo looks at him.

Its night, Fateh sits drinking at the bar counter. He recalls Tejo’s words. He sees Angad. Angad drinks and dances. Fateh goes to him. Angad shows a punch. Fateh says I m sorry Angad, I should have not raised hand on you, really sorry. Angad says its fine, a man will understand a man’s pain, come, bottoms up. They sit drinking. They laugh. Angad says I will tell a top secret, don’t tell anyone, seeing Tejo crying, anyone’s heart will get sad.

Bebe says Angad is an all rounder, he can make food also. Tejo says he cooks really well. Bebe asks her to buy a new suit. Tejo says no need, I have many clothes. She goes. Lovely says girls these days buy the entire market. Bebe says she has gone through a lot and lost her wishes, just Angad can revive it. Fateh says Tejo is a diamond. Angad says you know it, right. Fateh says she was my wife, I know, she is the best. Angad asks then why did you leave her. Fateh says I was blind in Jasmin’s love, love is blind. Angad says love is blind and mad also, why doesn’t love get a treatment. They laugh and drink more.

Fateh says after two marriage, my blind love marriage is there. Angad says and my fake love’s fake engagement, come party. They go out. Angad says your bachelor party. Fateh asks them to play music. Angad and Fateh play the dhol and dance with the guys. Tejo is on call. Satti comes. She says sit here, is Angad a good person, are you happy. Tejo says yes, I told you already. Satti says a mum doubts when the daughter doesn’t meet eyes. Fateh and Angad dance with the guys. Fateh says its your brother’s marriage after two days. Angad says and my marriage. Satti asks are you hiding something from me. Tejo recalls Angad’s words. She says you are worrying for no reason. Satti says sit here, things are happening so quickly, are you doing this in pressure. Tejo says no. Satti says you didn’t wish to marry, what happened that you agreed to get marry Angad, and now you are going to get engaged. Fateh and Angad say I will drop you. They sit on the bike. Fateh says just two days, then everything is finished. Angad says engagement over, drama starts, Tejo ji… Fateh says Jasmin will become mine. Angad says Tejo mine… Satti says you don’t like Angad as he likes you, I have seen it in his eyes, but sometimes I m scared, is it true or not, we got cheated twice at Jass and Fateh’s times, and now we can’t think of anything to make you away from this pain, are we doing anything wrong. Angad asks are you happy bro, you are my bro. Fateh says you called me bro. He kisses and says bro to bro, I want to tell you something. Angad says tell me. Fateh says I planned a big surprise for Jasmin, the day we get married, everything will change forever. Angad says tell me. Fateh says promise you won’t say anyone.

Angad says Tejo promise. Fateh tells something in his ear. Angad gets down the bike. Fateh says bike is running. Angad says leave it, your plan is so good, solid, I also want to do something like this. Fateh asks for Tejo. Angad says yes. Tejo says I know what I m doing, I have learnt a lot from my life, you remove this fear from your mind, this time, I m clear and strong, no one can hurt me. Satti says I want this to become the strength of your love, not of your pain. Fateh says I have hurt Tejo a lot, I had an affair with her sister, I insulted Tejo, I m bearing its punishment, if you make her cry… Angad says I promise, I will take care of her and love her more than you, you promise you won’t beat me. Fateh hugs him and says cheers. Inspector asks what’s happening. They pee on the roadside. They shout Susu. Inspector says Mr. Maan, Fateh, you… Fateh asks do you want to say something. Inspector says Sukhbir, we have to drop them.

Its morning, Simran asks Fateh to wake up. Fateh says what did I tell Angad. Fateh and Angad wash their faces. Angad says did I tell about the fake engagement. Fateh recalls his words. Angad drinks the lemon water. He recalls his words. He says what did I do, if I told about Tejo and my fake engagement then…

Sunday Special Episode Precap:
Tejo says its a fake engagement, so we can take a fake ring. Tejo and Angad have a talk. Jasmin hears them and says fake engagement, I will expose Tejo’s truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. wow wat a crazy episode now I think Angad an d his wife had an accident

  2. What a episode today I’m loving the fatang bond❤😍

  3. I pray Fateh doesn’t remember Angad’s confession or else he won’t leave Tejo alone.

    Imagine not wanting your wife and having an affair with your sister in law only to divorce her and be with your sister in law/mistress/second wife, only to start lusting over your ex wife.

    Only a deranged person will do that.

  4. This surprise is a twist in the show

  5. an episode with NO Jasso tantrums complaints about insecurity about Tejo so refreshing. Someone is speculating that Angad lost his wife in an accident with a truck collision maybe that truck business belongs 2 Tejo hence maybe a revenge against the family but Tejo brought some lightness and now Angad will be torn on wat 2 do

    1. There is no revenge. He is a positive character who had been unlucky in family department. If anything it looks like he is genuinely trying to help out Tejo without trying to gain anything from it.

  6. someone summed this beautifully on twitter He subconsciously loves Tejo. Have you ever seen Jasfa happy together? It’s a rare sight. Most of the time Jasmine irritates him by speaking ill about Tejo or wasting his money. Their love is materialistic and not deep-rooted

  7. Some fans are more confused than fateh self when fateh marry tejo they want Jasfa as they look more beautiful together I remember some people even said tejo look like villan now they have Jasfa they want fatejo again😂😂😂

  8. Well marriage teact one thing sometimes we should marry the one that love you not the one you love my childhood sweetheart who I can do anything for his sake we have been together since secondary school even have to work to help him for his studies we got married after our studies
    Without having anything and have 2 kids after 6 years of marriage when he became successful he started cheating on me with my friend when I find out we got divorce this year whenever we cross parts I can’t even look at him because I felt disgusted and betrayal and you expect that kind of man come back and tell me he love me and I take him back impossible such things can only happen in India series 😂😂

    1. i feel sorry for u but u took the RIGHT decision

    2. @meena I never regret my decision and I’m better off alone with my two kids that’s the different between India series and reality

      India series :husband cheated they make eyes contact wife lost in cheating husband eyes 😂😂😂😂

      Reality: husband cheated they make eye contact wife eyes burn with 😠😡👺🤬

      Indian series : wife only remember romantic moments and wants him back

      Reality :wife only remember the betrayal and motives herself to move forward

    3. @Mimi true words

  9. Im really unhappy with the makers. The are literally copying Anupamaa show.. First cheating, then new male entry, then many scenes then this bromance…. Are they trying to get anupama trp by copying it?!
    Not fair.

    1. I had already pointed out this earlier… but back then no one agreed to this

    2. Akshita Sakhuja

      Anupama is also a remake 😂..
      Indian series throughout know only one thing and that is copying. Be it Anupama, Udaariyaan, GHKKPM, Imlie, etc.

    3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁

    4. Snowflake

      Same topic- extra marital affairs🙄
      Like who wants to see it on television?!

  10. Please makers whatever it is ,do not reunite tejo with Fateh and let angad marry tejo later because he has lost his family,so tejo and angad can understand each other’s pain

  11. They r copying Anupama. Anupama is a masterpiece and this is a shit!!!!

    1. Akshita Sakhuja

      Masterpiece ? 😂 Seriously ?? 😂
      Every TRP gaining show is not a masterpiece. That only means it’s storyline is more than shit.
      And all the top 5 TRP shows are meant to be the same…all ghisa pita storyline.
      Infact Sony TV shows have real and original content. But none watch that 😅

  12. Lol why are people complaining about UD copying Anupama. After EMA track obviously they would show tejo moving on track either alone or with someone else. And if she does take back Fateh then she would stop being an inspiration to a lot of women who get cheated on. All three characters had become extremely toxic and having Angad in the show is like a breath of fresh air. Logically, what else could have been shown? If not angad then what ?

    P.S – Anupama is a copy of Shreemoyee Serial. It’s not as original as people think.

    1. But why did they copy both the men drinking also??

    2. Akshita Sakhuja

      Snowflake, it more or less depicts Punjab’s culture ! Aur yaar aaj kal kaun sharab nahi peete. Har ek banda peeta hai. Agar ek bhi banda aisa ho jisne abh tak ek boondh ka swaad bhi nahi dekha, uske payr ke darshan kar lene chahiye hun turant !

    3. Dropofthought

      @Akshita I’ve never had a drink of alcohol in my life and I’m in my mid twenties, I tried a cigarette once when I was in the 4th standard and started coughing immediately and since have never smoked again. Loll your comment made me feel really good for some reason 😆😂 two of good friends also don’t drink alcohol, there’s not many of us but we’re still out there! Lol but I agree drinking on TV is very common to show, whether they want to show anger/sadness/guilt/love confession it often starts with alcohol.

  13. Recently I heard a YouTube spoiler which stated that Angad’s character will remains positive and might be possible that Tejo get emotional after knowing Angad’s past, she thought that A man who used to make people smile is hiding a huge pain in his heart which no one knows….
    On the other hand, promo already shown how jasmine will know about Tejang fake couple drama, she get angry on Tejo and think to reveal this in front of everyone but she won’t as she’s anxious if this truth will make Fatejo closer then she lost her love Fateh forever and thought that by pretend to be a couple at least Tejang is together and till they’re together she need not to worry about losing Fateh. So, she remains quite about Tejang fake engagement drama.
    Let’s see if it is true or not.?

    1. i reckon she will taunt them or dare them 2 get engaged for real but knowing Jasmine I reckon she will blackmail them

  14. Guys go check out my ff of udaariyaan it’s called shadain ka lafandar.

    1. Yeah .. that is really amazing ..and different 😃😃 loving it

  15. Anyways… I was also wondering is precap ka koi tuk taan… fayda… kahin kuch nahi h… not beneficial to any party.. sabka nuksaan h if jasmine exposes this fake engagement truth.. aur sabse jyada toh uska khud ka nuksaan h

  16. Today’s episode was worth every second

  17. Looks like Fateh’s surprise is to leave Jasmine in the Mandan alone just like she did to him. He has realized Tejo’s worth and love. Angad realizes that Tejo still loves Fateh so he will plan a similar surprise by reuniting Fateh with Tejo. He may even end up getting engaged/marry Jasso. Just purely my thoughts looking at Fateh’s demeanor and his ranting of a surprise for Jasso on marriage day.

    1. @Queen This is worst thought ever 😂😂😂 fateh a cheater and yet they still find Jasso not worth of a cheater then why angad?

  18. Udaariyaan 21st November 2021 Written Update Madness Angad comes to meet Tejo at Virk house. He is very excited to see the arrangements for their fake engagement. She doesn’t want Virks or Angad to buy costly rings. She wants Angad to limit his emotions. She tells that they can buy a fake diamond ring instead spending much money on the real one. Jasmin is on the terrace. She finds Tejo and Angad talking in the lawn, and spies on them. She overhears their conversation. Tejo asks Angad what’s the need of the costly ring, when they both know the fact that the engagement happening between them is fake. She tells him that its a fake engagement and they can just get a fake ring for it.

    Angad tells that even if its a fake engagement, the party and celebrations won’t be fake. He is cheerful as always, and doesn’t listen to Tejo. He wants to buy a real expensive ring for Tejo. Tejo has no greed for costly jewellery. She proves another of her best quality to Angad and leaves him impressed. Jasmin loses her cool knowing about the fake engagement. She doesn’t want to spare Tejo. She plans to get Tejo’s truth known to Virks and Sandhus. It will be fun to watch Jasmin failing badly in her evil plans against Tejo. Both Fateh and Tejo have started to show their crazy love for each other indirectly.

    Will Jasmin bring Tejo’s truth out, or end up falling in Fateh and families’ sight further? Will the families learn Tejo’s sacrifice for Fateh? Will Fateh realize Tejo’s true love and dedication towards him? Where does Angad stand in Tejo’s life? Will he just play a cupid for Fateh and Tejo? The madness of love begins to strike Fateh and Tejo’s lives. Do you want to see Fatejo of Angjo? Comment your views. Keep reading.

  19. owh..I think I must be ready to say goodbye to this serial by this week maybe. if the twist show reúnite of fatejo. I can’t digest this serial. it will show Tejo has no self-respect. in reality, no women will accept their cheated husband who has xtra marital relationship especially with their wife own sister. if you want to make a serial or movie, please make sure the content of movie or serial can give good lead or good moral value to audience. don’t mislead them. especially young generation. real life is not easy to face a big betrayal by the love one

  20. Snowflake

    Yaar I hate u jasmean.. why do u eavesdrop every conversation?!

  21. Snowflake

    Jasmean won’t reveal Tejang… Confirmed

    1. Rather she will blackmail them for some stupid reason

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