Udaariyaan 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Tejo questions Angad about his family

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The Episode starts with Fateh saying yes, Tejo did a lot for me, you and this family, she married me against her well, she handled this family and academy, she got Simran home, after doing all this, she got just sorrow, I m also a human and have feelings, I can make sure that she doesn’t get more sorrow, I love you but I can’t hate her, you can hate her. Jasmin says yes, I hate her, if she didn’t sit in the mandap that day, then we would have been happy, she ruined my life, she made me away from everyone, you didn’t think about me, our marriage is in 6 days, no one cares for me. Lovely shows the suit. Bebe says its nice. Satti says mehendi artist is final. Bebe asks about Angad’s ring. Rupy says Khushbeer said he already took his ring size, let him do, he also has some dreams for her, he regards her a daughter, we should be happy that Tejo is getting love from two mums-dads.

Jasmin says I have no one, I just have you, where will I go, you don’t care for me. Fateh holds her hand and stops her. He says I m so sorry, I should have not behaved like this, there is much pressure on me, sorry, we have 6 days, these 6 days are ours, we will celebrate our coming life, I promise no one will come between us, smile now. She says no, promise me, you will always support me. He says I promise, when my surprise comes out, then you will believe that my entire’s life focus is on you. Jasmin and Fateh see Tejo in the academy. Tejo says I have sent the presentation to Mr. Bedi, you call at his office. Fateh nods. Jasmin asks where are you going, so decked up. Tejo says you mind your own work. They argue. Tejo says I will tell you, I m going to my fiance’s house for lunch, he is making lunch for me, we will have lunch and spend time, happy now, you have lunch with you fiance, he shouldn’t come there and disturb my fiance. She leaves. Jasmin says she said so much nonsense. Fateh says leave it, go to office, I will come.

Angad cuts the onions. He says I liked cooking since childhood, mum used to ask me to knead the flour, that’s the toughest task, one can vent enmity on someone by asking to knead the flour. Tejo laughs and says good joke. He cooks. She says don’t put Ajwain. He says you said you have no allergy with it. She says not me, Fateh doesn’t like his smell. He says and you. She says I like it, put it. He says extra ajwain for Tejo ji. He tastes it and says first class. She says I will also check it. He asks her to taste it. He kneads the flour. She says sorry. He says its a small thing, sorry for Ajwain, come on, you lived there for months, its a habit, we have to do this drama for one week. She says not for Ajwain, because of Fateh fighting you, I didn’t say sorry. He asks why did he do that, and why do you care, you still love him right. She thinks of Fateh. She says I used to love him, but whatever he did with me, everything is over, now I have nothing in my heart for him. He says he has it. She says just for Jasmin. He says no, he came to beat me like a mad lover, he has something in his heart. She thinks.

She says what he thinks for me, I don’t care. He says it matters, else you would have not played this drama, right, when one fails twice in relations, then its a big thing to do this for the third time. She says I know, I did this for my families, nothing is imp than families, it will be my last try for Fateh and Jasmin, then they know it. He asks what about your life, where are you. She asks him to feed her something, he called her on lunch. He says you made me busy in talks, go and have snacks, lunch will be ready in ten mins, open that rack. She goes to check. She sees Angad’s pic. She thinks who is this woman, and this child. She thinks Angad said he is alone, did he lie to me, but why. Angad comes and sees her. She says sorry, I was finding snacks and got this pic, who is she, your family? Your daughter? Angad says it doesn’t matter, you already know a lot about me, for a fake engagement, its enough to know that. She says its okay if you don’t want to say. He says thanks and keeps the pic in the drawer. He says come Tejorita, special kaali daal is waiting for you, its made in special homemade ghee.

Jasmin says you have to make this house look grand, I want stylish strings here. Fateh comes. He hears Jasmin. Jasmin says this is Kushal ji, I told him to make arrangements, we will make a smoke entry on the stage, slow romantic music will go on, we will have dinners behind. She asks Fateh what happened. Angad falls. Tejo asks where is your focus. He says on you, you didn’t had focus on me, so I had to do this. She says give me your hand. She pulls him up. They have coffee together. He says you would be thinking you know less about me. She says it doesn’t matter, you can never know a person completely. He smiles and says there is much in your heart, tell me, I have this right, I m your fake fiance. Fateh says do as she says, send me the quotation. Kushal says I got it with me. Fateh says 15 lakhs is too much, Jasmin lessen few things, its unreasonable rates. Kushal says rates are right. Khushbeer comes and hears them. He says wait, do it as said, send the bill to me, its my daughter’s engagement. He goes. Jasmin says this is the problem, its our marriage, but everything is done according to Tejo. Fateh asks what’s your problem, you are getting what you want. She argues. He says I have spent my life’s entire savings for surprising you, you can see it after two days, I have imp work. He goes. She thinks what will be such surprise, I can’t wait for two mins, how to find out.

Precap: Tejo’s mother asks her until few days ago, she was not ready for marriage. Then what happened suddenly that she agreed to marry Angad and is going to get engaged. Angad and Fateh are drunk. Fateh says, I got blind in Jasmin’s love and in 2 days, it’s marriage of that blind love. Angad says, and my fake love’s fake engagement. Fateh looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I wonder if Angad was cheated like Tejo was, perhaps they split cause he found out she cheated and the child was not his either… Tejo and Angad are cute but I don’t think he’s deeply interested in her, and he’s too good to be mixed up with the toxic Virks. Like how Tejo stared down JasFa until they looked away. Anyone see the spoiler with Fateh smearing sindoor on Tejo at the JasFa wedding? Our time is limited people, once Tejo gets shackled to this man and his family again I’m out, won’t be reading updates either. Back to Angad, I want to know his story more than the tale of Patriarchal Kushbeer and his toxic family. Jasmine is a lost child I think her parents need to take her and admit her in a medical facility – she need a psychologist more than marriage or Canada

    1. Completely Agreed👍

    2. I’m with you if if the smashing sindor happen I’m out too I saw a promo where tejo shouting at angad telling him their relationship is fake and jasmine overheard them I think jasmine will use it to humilite angad and take revenge from him for humiliating her for tejo we don’t even know what to expect from the writers

    3. If Jasmin tried to humiliate Angad, I’m sure he wouldn’t take it. And by the end of her wedding day, she’ll be the one left crying the most. Her and Fateh, I hope.

    4. So he forced her the first time around and now he’s going to force her again by forcibly putting sindoor on her. Hope she says he can’t force her again and that she doesn’t accept it and doesn’t want him and walks away. Is this supposed to show true love?

    5. In the world of telly serials, forcing people is ‘love’ which makes me think the writers are a bunch of hobos with weird kinks

    6. I wish these writers would show something different, like a woman not being a mans possession. I’d happily watch that! Set a new example so woman aren’t always shown as doormats. Why follow these same overly done scenes like in hundreds of other dramas. ‘He forcibly puts sindoor on her and voila, they are married’ 🤦🏽‍♀️ Please writers, think outside the patriarchal box and show something new! This isn’t love and you shouldn’t show this as love, yes it’s fictional but it is also setting an example to young people. Please show society progressing!

    7. can you share the spoiler link

    8. It was on the serial gossip site, can’t find the article now

    9. well where did u find that SINDHOOR spoiler tho?can u share it?

    10. Didn’t Kushbeer do a background check on him, so he would know if Angad was married? He said Angad is a good person and a good match, so he can’t have done anything bad to anyone. Doubt he would have lied.

    11. He wasn’t care if he good or not he only cares to use that to make his son and stop his marriage with jasmin and marry tejo then throw away angad like trash

  2. I don’t know why I feel that Fateh has some clue about jasmine misdeeds. I think the surprise, I’m having a feeling that Fateh is going to reveal something about jasmine in two days. Or is he really planning a big surprise???? Confused🤔
    Tejang scene was good to watch…. But is Angad a divorcee, or is he married but the lady and baby had died???? What has happened to him in past that I’m curious to know.
    Promo showed that jasmine knew about Tejang fake couple drama, now will jasmine reveal this to Fateh and his family or will she again confront tejo about this and blame her.
    Anyway, Angad’s exit will happen soon after fatejo reunion, and that makes me restless😰 just hoping that Angad’s character remains positive till last .

    1. Right even i think that fateh going to expose jasmean

  3. i am telling i am loving the way Tejo is standing up 2 Jasmine. Angad is slowing rubbing off her i love this Tejo wen she fights back. When Fateh was hesitating these were mom’s words he is just praying that #TejAng are in their limits and mom says with that man in chef’s apron and his adorable smile I don’t know if i want 2 Smirking face okay i am loving Angad in a chef’s apron oh wen Fateh saw the bill he was this close 2 flipping out. I really love Tejo saying my fiancé and Fateh looking shook really enjoyed #TejAng scenes

  4. So guys I don’t know jasmine was the character I mean udaariyaan is a story about jasmine who dream to fly to Canada and fateh is madly in love with her and wants to help her fulfil her dream now they spoil her character and fateh own as well but they are trying to justify fateh character and why not jasmine own too because she a girl and if both boys and girls are wrong only girls are to be blame

    1. Well I don’t think that is the reason
      Fateh and Jasmin have been written differently. So they are being treated differently.

      It is just the writer’s strategy to gain views, and is not directly linked to gender.

  5. OK guys I had udaariyaan will be uploading even on Sunday? I’m not sure that’s why I’m asking you guys if you have any idea

    1. Snowflake

      Yes it’s confirmed

  6. Snowflake

    Oh gosh… People na!!
    Hashtag Fatejo eternally or something is trending…. FATEJO!
    Are ppl mad?!
    Makers will definitely reunite them then!!

    1. Looks like I’m only watching this drama for a few more days then.

    2. me too..look like just for few days. after angad out, then good bye. fed up with this serial. all the same content. none of the serial give good example. all makers put down wómen self respéct. they treat women like a dóormat. I saw it the update where fatéh smear sindoor on tejo. I’m sick with this if they reunité. if they want to make fatejo 2.0, they don’t néed to let them divorce. just waste our time. frustrated mood. # tejang

  7. I wonder if those who want Tejo and Fateh to get back together could forgive their spouse if they were in that position? 🤔

    1. Rosie Singleton

      I don’t think so

  8. If Tejo loved her family more than her own dreams and happiness then why didn’t she applied for her Phd in Canada when she was given a chance. That way her family’s dream could have fulfilled and she may have lived peacefully.

    And if she loved punjab so much then she could have came back to Canada after completing her studies.
    I think Tejo’s suffering are completely her fault and nobody’s else. She agreed to marry Jass without knowing him completely.
    She agreed to marry Fateh after Jasmine left the alter. I don’t know what she was even thinking.

    Had she disagreed to marry Fateh at that time she might have been in a better place.

    1. So, fateh cheated and it was Tejo’s fault?

    2. All this wouldn’t have happened if Tejo didn’t put everybody else above her own self.

  9. Really surprised that Tejo accepted she loved fateh in front of Angad but never told Fateh during their marriage life that she love him.. Weird 😕😕

    1. Maybe because she knew he loved Jasmin 🤷🏽‍♀️

    2. Bcoz she or I think any other wise person would think that if a two people spend a night together then it’s obvious they love each other.

    3. They are both wrong here she should have wait until he confess his love right? But him he just use her for his s*xual frustration did see his face the next day after their night together and he cry for jasmine how disgusting

    4. She has admitted to fateh that she loves him… one day when fateh was imagining jas and hugging tejo while saying i love you.. tejo replied I love you too.. and just in the next episode fateh broke up with jasmine stating tejo loves me and I can’t cheat her … after which jasmine created that meet for the last time drama ….. i hope you remember all these

  10. okay i have a scenario for u. You fill in the blanks Fateh can u imagine wen he’s drunk goes to Tejo the next day nor he and Tejo remember wat happened . People look 2 Jasmine 2 see if she will cancel the wedding she says NO but 2 weeks later the wedding is on , Tejo faints and doctor comes in and says congratulations a baby wat next? (my friend sat next 2 me on the bus as we watched today’s episode said i should put this up for u gals (we the audience find out Angad gave them some bhang but the people don’t )

    1. Baby…then she’ll never get rid of Fateh! I don’t want her to go back to him under any circumstance!

    2. A baby isn’t glue to stick people together. That’s just horrendous.

    3. They’d still have to be in each others lives though, forever.

    4. Agreed! To stay in a marriage just because of a child is stupid

    5. Pregnancy after how many months 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ you know she got shot and was taken to the hospital and also few days ago when she got flu doctor comfim it just flu and I remember her telling jasmine that she left the academy 3 months ago I don’t think the writers are that dumb to come up with that track

    6. Ravya

      uhm i dont think practically it would be possible a promo of that would have come out for sure

  11. ShraddhaSharma392

    Seeing latest promo, one thing is 100% sure: writers sab ke sach jhoot bahar laayenge but Jasmin ka koi sach bahar nahi aane wala hai.. show ka sara maaza karab hone wala hai…🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ And if this time Jasmin wins, fateh tejo unite, than tata bye bye bye to this show for-ever….

  12. Ravya

    andha pyaar beautiful
    ibadat pyaar bangya andha
    patha nahi shiddhat pyaar kya banega
    now my brain has no jams i have no idea who too stan FATEJO or TEJANG or NONE

    1. None and then Tejang, after they get to know eachother and she continues with her studies

    2. I’m stanning my own sanity and giving up on this circus in a few days. The 3 🤡s are hopeless.

  13. Why did Angad have to say that 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. M: Because he was drunk. And as Fateh was drunk too, he might not remember what Angad said.

  14. It’s getting a little boring .. Fateh and his intrigue with this famous gift and surprise for Jasmine .. Well we learn more from Angad. But it’s boring .. Although he talks and distracts Tejo. Which is good .. Short but tired and irritated by Fateh .. thinks seems and acts but who says something else …. De Tejo who says that she has nothing more in her heart for Fateh. But does she easily fall in love? You just have to share a good feeling and the guy seems to be cool nice and attentive and see .. Anyway …. Anyway short. I’m not going to hide that I love the jodi FateJo. Yes I do not like jodi Jasfa .. But currently I am lost with Fateh and all his facets .. Anyway. It’s a series .. So cool .. I’m not going to take the tension of knowing who Tejo will end up with .. As long as she is happy that’s the main thing for me .. With whom only the decision-maker knows and we will have to wait for on we know .. May Angad remain as much for Tejan fans .. Although I really like the guy .. He can read through expressions and behavior. He knows that Fateh loves Tejo while Fateh himself has no idea that he loves Tejo .. Yes he did badly with Tejo .. Yes he cheated on him but not like Me I think he is .. ⚠️⚠️ ⚠️ He cheated on her, always took part of Jasmine, he humiliated him in front of everyone and their family .. I am not going to hide and say that this is forgivable .. No. But he did not commit physical infidelity with Jasmine. For me this is the worst betrayal .. To share two people at the same time as his life partner. Having physical relationships knowing that he was cheated on. In the case of Fateh he did not commit this act with Tejo and at the same time Jasmine. You will think that I am crazy or an idiot or whatever. . But for me there are two kinds of deception .. Because I have lived it with friends and family members .. This despicable act that a man can do to a woman .. Fateh did not commit this deed .. sorry i don’t want to hurt anybody let alone @hanna who went through this difficult betrayal .. sorry if i can hurt .. now to say if fateh deserves to be forgiven and have his redemption. There is possibility. But all this will depend on CV .. Because for me he has the most lost role at the moment .. Sometimes he loves and thinks Tejo. And the next time it’s Jasmine .. He’s so indecisive .. Too nuanced .. He annoys me with all his nonsense and his reactions. Anyway .. Sorry I’m just a person who also went through a similar story. But unlike many other things .. Redemption Forgiveness Patience Confidence has returned. And today his people are well and happy .. After each his story and his experience. I tell mine and my point of view. I don’t want to hurt anyone with this series and Fateh’s ways and his actions .. Which for many is not subject to be and forgive ..

  15. ⚠️⚠️ I didn’t say that Tejo falls easily or falls in love with Angad so quickly ⚠️⚠️ that’s exactly what I fear Tejo’s CVs show. A girl with big dreams of a good husband and a good marriage. ….. Regarding this remark that Tejo never told Fateh that she loves. But shared her privacy .. I think this was a moment for them both. Not that Fateh wanted to break his s*xual frustration with Tejo .. No .. He wanted this action this physical relationship .. Tejo could have said no it’s too soon. If this sequence was written and done .. I think this is very important for the future .. Unless the CVs avoid FateJo .. They will see

    1. You can take your place up there with Devi Mata Tejo. The rest of us are happy to cut toxic people out completely, but hey you do you and entertain it. I wish you many lifetimes of Fateh’s. Ravi and Sargun are following the Ekta formula of female MCs being hopeless Devi’s who get nothing in return then become the doormat of their sasural and sautans.

  16. Hello everyone I dropping my last message on this show today and I’m going to miss you guys so much this show is not helping my condition at its dealing with my emotions its worsen my condition trust me if I keep watching the way the track is going its will give me high blood pressure to me this isn’t just a film but my life story so I want to stop watching as its not giving me the strength I need I will always remember you guys take care bye

    1. @Hannah,
      I understand… The negativity you feel from this show is unbearable and toxic to you and to us too… Coz they’re showing injustice to the characters for the sake of chemistry of fatejo is can’t tolerable to us.
      So, if you want to avoid and ignore then you might not watch this and I think to comment here is worthless, coz it didn’t make any difference to them. For the makers our thoughts and perception isn’t really matters, what matters is only so called chemistry between fatejo and fatejo fans who insisting continuously to reunite them. Content is doesn’t matter to any of these people.
      Like you, I too fed up of this bullshit drama, and regretted to watching udaariyan, but I already said that I’m watching this only for one person is Angad aka Karan V Grover, when he exit I too quit watching this show and in case if Angad’s character turned into negative I will stop watching this show right there.
      But you my friend be strong and positive, it’s your life, neither a TV series nor a movie. I wish you all the best for your future. God bless you with the best you deserve. Keep shining and smiling😊 love❤

    2. @Hanah, you will be missed. I wish you all the best. Healing is a process it takes time and kindness. Always be kind to yourself. Put yourself before everyone else.

  17. I feel Angad’s past is a tragedy, I think he would have lost his family in an accident, now that in precap Angad says it’s a fake engagement, do not why he revealed it to Fateh, I think during marriage fateh may insult jasmine, but I feel tejo should not go back to fateh and she should get married to Angad…if it is reversed then I will stop seeing serial, it will drag unnecessarily..

  18. It is still likely that the sole purpose of bringing in Angad was to re-unite FaTejo, and that may very well happen very soon, in fact on the ‘wedding’ day most likely. If so, what next? Are we going to have a re-run all over again with Jasmine trying to ‘steal’ Fateh for the second time? Writers in serials repeatedly running the same story again and again is nothing new.

    1. Snowflake

      Oh gosh
      He’ll naw!!

  19. @Hanna hi dear.. You will find the strength to move forward .. My older sister to find this strength and to continue in her life. She has her own work box. She is raising her daughter alone. We supported and support her .. Today she is well .. In his story the man had an extramarital affair .. He committed the despicable act …. They separated .. because he wanted to leave .. He no longer loved my sister .. We wanted to understand his decision. But he never wanted to discuss it with us … Anyway .. Don’t give up hope .. Just that .. It’s just a series .. you are a strong woman .. Don’t forget it .. If my sister was able and knew how to get by .. You too can😘😘😘

  20. Dear TEJAANG fans,( I am also a Tejaang fan) I think the writers will reunite FATEJO only…what we are thinking will not happen so it will be better if we read any ff based on tejaang . When I saw the first promo of this serial I was very impressed with the concept but now what they are showing is totally different , I think CANADA is just an example( hum agar kabhi bhul jaye ki ye serial ka concept kya hai ) but it is actually love triangle ka story ..at first I thought JASS will be the only villain and wait Tejo is a professor right…?! Now I really don’t care whether it will be fatejo or tejaang ..AND Tejo is not a sherni …MAULI ( ye silsila badalte riston ka ) was the real sherni ..but chalo koi nah!

    1. Yup, Agreed👍.
      But yes, if you wanna write Fan Fiction based on Tejang then please do…
      I’m looking forward to it.

    2. Snowflake

      Silsila! And Mauli… Yah gotta agree!
      Atleast she didn’t go back to her cheater husband! She moved on♥️

    3. Yasss Mauli was 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Some viewers here are taking the serial to heart as they are ‘reminded’ of something similar in their own lives. Serials are fictitious, generally have no logic, follow few moral values and are just for entertainment. This serial is very entertaining though if the writers simply keep repeating future track’s in one way or another, the TRP will fall. The original theme is about a love triangle and that should be retained.

  22. Udaariyaan 20th November 2021 Written Update Blind love Fateh tells Jasmin that he is become a thoughtful spender because he has already spent his life’s entire savings for arranging a big surprise for her. She wants to know what surprise is he planning. She tells that he didn’t give any hint about the surprise. He tells her that he can’t tell her anything as of now, she shall wait for two days and then she will receive the surprise before their marriage. Jasmin can’t wait for two days. She wants to find some way to reach his surprise and know what is it, that he invested his entire life savings.

    Later, Satti speaks to Tejo and questions her about her sudden decision of remarriage. She tells that Tejo was not willing to move on, then how did she decide of marrying Angad. She adds that Tejo has agreed for getting engaged so soon, its a decision taken in haste. She wants to know the reason. She doubts Tejo’s decision. She asks how did she agree to marry Angad without taking time. Tejo worries that the family can know her plan to help out Fateh and Jasmin. Fateh and Angad meet at the pub and share some drinks. They have a talk in their drunken states.

    Fateh tells Angad that its his marriage with Jasmin after two days, he was blind in Jasmin’s love, and soon he will be marrying Jasmin for that blind love. Angad cheers him and tells that its his fake engagement with his fake fiancée. Fateh is clued to know the truth on hearing Angad. Is Fateh totally unaware or is Angad a plan of Fateh’s true love chase for Tejo? The suspense is building up to know about Fateh’s huge surprise. Is Fateh’s blind love for Jasmin really true or a big shocker will get revealed in Jasmin’s marriage mandap? Will Fateh end up marrying Tejo, this time by his self will and love confession? What do you think will happen next in this nail-biting exciting drama? Keep reading.

  23. I liked tejo’s character but I wonder can one be so selfless?
    Think about others even if we are suffering hell lot?
    Damn common man.there’s limit for everything.Everyone got their level of tolerance.Being cheated on,being lied to,getting betrayed still thinking about his happiness.Itna accha kaun hota hain bhai.
    Makers just overrating Tejo’s character.And whats wrong with this Fateh.Firstly betrayed tejo to be with jasmin and now when he’s finally getting his love he’s thinking about tejo.Most confused character I have ever saw.Jasmin too is getting her love but still dk why she’s after tejo.Ache se raho,apne kaam se kam rakho baat khatam but no she has to plot & conspire against tejo.
    Getting irritated seeing the same thing.

  24. Fatejo!!! Seriously 😳. Is woman so desperate for a Chutki sindoor. Fateh was living double life. Sometimes with Tejo and sometimes Jasmin. For Tejo it’s only guilt he feels and gratitude. Now he is worried that how can Tejo move on with another man after confessing her love. Just affected his ego. That’s it.Hoping against hope that No more Fatejo. I get really wonder what’s happening to Some people routing for Fatejo. Fateh already cheated on her. He told several times to Tejo that he loves only Jasmin. He was happy even till karwa chaut episode. Even though Tejo does not end up with Angad, no Fatejo.

  25. Shabana Sheikh

    I think jasmine will get exposed. Sometime I feel Angad and fateh has plot something.

  26. Snowflake

    Angad is a mysterious man… Tejo will take a while to understand him.. after all he went through a lot..
    He has lots of life experiences…
    Mystery is behind that woman and kid🤔

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