Udaariyaan 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh and Tejo spend time

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The Episode starts with Fateh getting Jasmin’s message. He goes. Tejo comes there and checks the phone. She says where is Jasmin going, why is she telling this to Fateh. He gets a plate and sits to eat the food. He gets sad. Tejo finds him upset. He leaves the food and goes out. She says did he go to meet Jasmin. Jasmin is at the kulfi shop. She says Fateh will surely come. Preeto says he didn’t reply to your message. Jasmin says there is no doubt, he will come. Tejo worries at home. Jasmin says I will know his reaction, if he will stop me with rights, or request. Mahi calls Tejo and asks how are you. Tejo says I m fine. Mahi asks where is Fateh, he didn’t call us, mum is worried for him. Tejo says he went out just now. Gurpreet asks don’t you know where he went, take care of him, ask him to call me, he is much worried. Tejo says I should have told aunty that he went to meet Jasmin. Jasmin waits for Fateh. Preeto says he won’t come. Jasmin says he will come. She smiles seeing Fateh coming.

Jasmin sees some other guy driving a similar jeep. She gets sad. Preeto holds her. Tejo sees Fateh working out. She thinks it means he didn’t go to meet Jasmin. Fateh recalls Jasmin. Preeto asks Jasmin to go to her uncle’s house for few days, it will be a good change. Jasmin scolds her. She thinks of him and cries. Tejo sees Jasmin’s message on his phone. Door bell rings. He thinks did Jasmin come. He runs to see.

He sees a marketing agent and shuts the door. Tejo says I know she had called you to meet today. Jasmin asks what’s the reason that he didn’t come to meet me, how could this happen, is this because of Tejo. Fateh asks are you spying on me. Tejo says no, your phone was on the sofa, unlocked, I got to see Jasmin’s message. He says you can’t read someone’s message this way. She says sorry, your phone was unlocked, I wanted to see what’s going on in her mind. He says you don’t need to come between Jasmin and me, I don’t want to hurt you, you won’t understand, you never loved anyone. She says yes, right, you always remind me that I never fell in love, if love makes a person like this, then I will pray that I never fall in love, if you love Jasmin, then why didn’t you go to meet her. She goes. He gets sad.

Jasmin says Fateh, you broke my heart, my dreams, I didn’t say anything, you broke my pride today, I can’t tolerate this, you will know who I m and what I can do. Fateh cleans the storeroom. Fateh comes there. He gets his boxing match winner’s belt. He says I was just 12 years when I won my first tournament, dad was so excited for me. He tells about his memories. She shares a laugh. Satti checks the pics and gets emotional. Lovely asks Abhiraj to keep the album in the cupboard. Jasmin comes. She says I need to talk, I m going to Mama ji’s house tomorrow. Satti says thank God, you got sense, I have to focus on my dream, not on Fateh. Fateh and Tejo make a house model. They smile. Jasmin says I want to live for my future, I wasted a lot, its enough, start finding a guy for me, I have to get married and go to Canada in a month.

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Update Credit to: Amena

  1. here I would like to mention why I think Fateh will fall for tejo first in last episode… When they were playing game… Fateh was again and again giving side glances to tejo while she was indulged in the game… And also how worried he was for tejo when she went missing… Fateh will fall first for sure but will not realize it… While tejo will fall later on… But may be realize first… But she will not confess it bcoz she thinks Fateh loves jasmine… It would be fun to watch that… But that’s far away right now

    .. Coming to present. “Jasmine has gone mad”.. When Fateh was there ahe never cared and now.. Not want to say something bad about her…. But how can she want her jija to love her… Not even thinking about tejos married life for once… Omg.. No words

    1. Well to be honest it doesn’t really mater who falls in love first, as long as they end up together.
      I hope tejo stays strong and fights back for her rights in case jasmine tries to break fatejo, rather then being emotional and sacrificing for jasmine.
      I’ve started watching this show sinds fatejo wedding track. i haven’t seen much of tejo’s character but the way she answers fateh back and speaks her mind (rather then being a emotional mess and crying all the time) it shows how strong she is.

    2. I have started to watch this show from their wedding track too. Looks like there is someone like me. Hopefully the upcoming episodes would me good and better

    3. Yes you said it correctly….at first I used to think that Tejo will fall first but now after reading your comment I realised that yes I hadn’t observed these things…and now I too think that this will be the same as you told…and I would love to watch that❤️

    4. Yes.. Hope so….

    5. I loved today’s scenes in which FaTejo’s bondin was shown….am quite gald to see how they slowly are coming closer😍….and yes I was so happy when Jasmin’s PRIDE broke😂😂…..and yes what did she say “I said nothing when he broke my heart and dreams”Doest this mean that all that she did was NOTHING?If it was NOTHING then what would have happened when she would have done EVERYTHING….I have no words left to say about this girl….I just want FaTejo to fall in love and also realise it ASAP and until then I’ll enjoy seeing their cute nok-jhok😘🤗

  2. It was a lovely episode no doubt…. Yessss Fateh didi not go to meet jasmine…. And jasmine how can she even doubt tejo…. Yess just like this talking and laughing like this they will fall in love

  3. It was really good to see Fateh-Tejo bonding over those little things that make them happy. There was a mention of boxing match during the marriage days…. I hope makers explore this as it has the potential to bond them stronger.
    Jasmine was a fool earlier now she has lost her self respect too. Is she expecting Fateh to be all lovey-dovey with her after everything she put him through? He is married now and that too to her sister for God’s sake. How much she can stoop low now?

  4. I thought really bad about fateh after seeing precap that he’ll go behind jassu but he is definitely not lyk tht. He too have some self respect ryt and dadaji aka love guru😂his ideas are brilliant he wanted to make fateh and tejo together and they too started spending tym together.
    And then boxing match there is a boxing match for fateh ryt that he’ll participate in it ryt makers pls dont forget this

  5. Yes Fateh will participate…. And on the poster it was written that it will happen on 19 June…. It’s coming… I think tejo will make him participate… Hope that happens

  6. Fatejo r getting closer day by day💕. It’s treat to watch their scenes😍. Jasmine is not behaving normal🤦‍♀️ she definitely needs a doctor😑, normal ppl doesn’t behave like this🤷‍♀️. Wanted to say more about today’s ep but I’m feeling very lazy 😪 to type anything more so for today this is enough.

    1. You have a dedication 😂 me when am lazy I just don’t type at all so you are still hardworking

    2. I really hope the maker’s maintain Tejo’s strength 🤩😏👌 as a character I don’t want to see the normal sacrificial typical Indian bahu from her😑 I don’t want her sacrificing her marriage for anyone I want her to fight for it.
      For Fateh I hope they maintain his self respect 🥺🙏 like seriously. I want to see him fall for Tejo not torture her like the typical serial husband’s 🙄😠 please. I really hope the maker’s maintain the character dynamics these two have please 🙏.

    3. @Haisal don’t worry tejo is very strong character she will fight for her rights n I don’t think makers will ruin her character. As for fateh he ain’t the type to torture someone, we may see small nok-jhok of fatejo but not some thing like torture n all… Fateh knows to respect a woman

  7. I was so sad after seeing precap but now I am very happy . Early waiting for next episode

    1. U can watch it tomorrow itself on many websites…even at 8.20 on youtube..i have checked it and it comes early

    2. Pls yaar dont watch it on youtube when people starting watching in youtube na it affects the trp of show if possible pls watch it in tv or voot coz it increases online trp as well🙏this is the thing which happened to immj2 as well so it’s jst a req…

  8. the last part is a must watch 😍. fatejo bond was so cute. one of the most beautifull part of the ep is missing in written update like fateh saying “Lo tejo ji bangaya hamara ghar” uff that was so good . So the people who only read the updates do watch the ep also its a must watch 😍

  9. This episode was very good and I am proud of Fateh that he is forgetting the past all thanks to tejo… instead being on house alone they can go to honeymoon that might be awesome and there will be no jasmine…it would be much fun to watch..the character of all the cast is awesome… instead of becoming sweet and innocent tejo is a modern and strong girl with some sanskari tadka….. Jasmine is an awesome character she is negative but awesome because she makes us think her innocent of her dream but we look her as bad ….in every serial a boy is always strong but when we see Fateh we look his more emotional side that’s a very good thing ….I am a big fan of udaariyaan watching from first day ….

  10. I really hope the maker’s maintain Tejo’s strength 🤩😏👌 as a character I don’t want to see the normal sacrificial typical Indian bahu from her😑 I don’t want her sacrificing her marriage for anyone I want her to fight for it.
    For Fateh I hope they maintain his self respect 🥺🙏 like seriously. I want to see him fall for Tejo not torture her like the typical serial husband’s 🙄😠 please. I really hope the maker’s maintain the character dynamics these two have please 🙏.

    1. Malayalam Babe

      I feel the same way that Fateh should fall inl ove with Tejo and live a good life with her. From the beginning, they showed that Tejo had more in common with Fateh. The two have the same ideals and would have made a perfect couple if Fateh had not fallen in love with Jasmine. Give him some time. It’s not easy to get over a broken heart. We can’t switch off emotions just like that. Eventually Fateh will realize how different Tejo is and he will start admiring her and then he will fall in love with her. Watch and see! Jasmine will come in between. It will be a test to see if Fateh will fall for her charms and if Tejo will let him go because of the love for her sister. Once she is assured of Fateh’s love for her, Tejo will fight for her man. All Tejo needs is for Fateh to say she means the world to him. Love can make a wife do anything for her husband. Tejo will fight back then.

  11. Malayalam Babe

    #Canada Fan – that remark about crawling under a Canadian rock was meant for Jasmine, pal, not you. She is so obsesses about Canada, I made that comment. Sorry yaar.

    1. @ Malyalam Babe apology accepted but Yaar going forward please do not apologize for your words or opinions. Yaar dost banaya hain aapne to dosti tho nibhani pade gi. I have been following the comments for a while and by now have a pretty good idea of various individuals who are part of this small group of friends. I tend to be a quite observer and posts comments only when a situation calls for it. If I see an offending comment then I will not stand by and will send a gentle but firm message to the offender that their choice of words was not appropriate. In short, Yaar life is too short to spend effort and time on worrying about minor issues. We all have much bigger things to worry about.
      🍻 😊

  12. Hi there I am new here it’s my first time commenting but I have been following the show since the marriage track and I’ve been loving it the characters and the storyline Love from South Africa 🇿🇦

    1. Hlo.. Same here.. Started to watch the show since fatejo marriage and now i cant miss even one episode

  13. Fateh is broken now in upcoming episodes I really want him to think logically and practically than emotionally weak over past jasmine love who doesn’t think about fateh or their love left him with insults during marriage
    Even though he can’t love tejo suddenly but he should accept her as his wife and shouldn’t always say that she doesn’t loved anyone in life that’s wrong tejo loved her family to hell and she loved her sister everything she loved selflessly than jasmine love which is selfish of her own Canada dream love comes from Care not from obsession and immaturity love will always a failure like fateh and jasmine love story

  14. If jazz really wants to go to Canada why don’t she study and get a job for herself..I mean that’s what people do getting married to a guy who works in Canada is a stupid idea ….

  15. Guys I don’t understand why bebe stopped rupy from slapping jasmine??? She was like “jawaan beti par haat uthaoge?”
    Is it a taboo to hit a misbehaving young girl in Punjab?
    Because I am 22 years old and if I behaved like that with my dad, I would be sure to get 2 tight slaps. I am from Gujarat and I am also Jawaan ladki.

  16. Malayalam Babe

    Thanks #Canada pal. I like your logic and your writing is too good.
    Welcome to our new S. Africa friends and the new friends. We share a love for the show and enjoy reading everyone’s comments.
    In the end they will live happily ever after. Jasmine will find a boy to get married to and go to Canada. Tejo and Fateh will be happy. For now, there will be lots of what is called trial and tribulations, lots of family drama.
    If you really think of it, Jasmine is the most hated character. This means she’s doing a heck of a good job acting. As soon as we see her we start to hate her, right? Look at the way she’s rude to her parents. She deserves a whipping or to be thrown out of the house. That’s not how a decent girl behaves.
    It’s a good show and I hope it’s on for a long time.
    In the meantime, let’s enjoy.

  17. Todays episode is must watch….

  18. Did anyone watched today’s episode precap in voot app fateh went to meet jassu… What he think of himself always losing his self respect before that psycho and obsessive ladki jassu… Jst waiting for tomorrow’s episode

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