Udaariyaan 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Rupy slaps Jasmin


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The Episode starts with Jasmin hugging and thanking Fateh. She says you gave my life’s best surprise, I m feeling that I will die out of happiness, I will not die now, I will see Tejo, what’s her plan after this divorce. Fateh goes. He puts the papers on the bed. He goes to the washroom. He recalls Tejo’s words. Kya dekhna tha….plays… Tejo cries in her room. Fateh washes his face. He cries. Jasmin dances happily. Gurpreet cries and says why Baba ji, don’t I have my children’s happiness in my fate. Nimmo smiles seeing her. She comes and says have courage, who will handle the family if you break down. Jasmin says Fateh and Tejo have given divorce to each other. Sweety asks will Fateh marry you. Jasmin says yes, just some formalities are left, I m so happy Sweety, I want to celebrate. Dada ji asks did you not stop him, how did this happen. He asks Dadi why didn’t you tell anything, Fateh doesn’t have a mind, you should have stopped Tejo. Biji says she came to ask me, I couldn’t stop her, Fateh doesn’t want to stay with her.

Jasmin says I m going on shopping with Sweety, there is a sale. Fateh says you want to go for shopping at this time. She says what shall I do, everyone gets upset seeing me, you won’t stop me, please Fateh. She leaves. Khushbeer says once divorce is stamped, then people will make more gossip, don’t know how will Tejo tolerate this. Biji says I won’t let this divorce happen. Nimmo says she signed the papers. He says she just signed, case isn’t filed, we have to somehow make Fateh realize that Jasmin isn’t right for her and this family. Fateh sits upset. Jasmin says Sweety calls me and gets late always. Satti holds her. Jasmin turns and sees Rupy and Satti. She asks what are you doing here. Satti says we came to talk. Jasmin says you made Sweety call me here and did this drama. Rupy asks why, can just you do a drama, we are your parents. Jasmin says go from here, I don’t want to talk. He stops her. Satti says you are ruining Tejo’s house, she always stayed as your shadow. Jasmin says she wasn’t a shadow, but an eclipse. Rupy says you leave Fateh. Jasmin says no way, he is just mine. Rupy says he is of Tejo, why do you want to snatch him. She says its Tejo’s plan, what was the need for Tejo to marry him, I refused and she agreed in a minute. He says we all convinced her. She says then bear it, forced relations face this outcome, Tejo was never in Fateh’s life, Jasmin’s name is in his soul and heart, he is mine, he was mine and he will always be mine, I won’t leave him for Lord’s sake, who is Tejo then. Satti says stop this nonsense. Jasmin says you think her words are true and my words are nonsense, call her back else I will get her ousted. Satti asks did you go mad, Jasmin, she is your sister, why do you want to become her Sautan. Jasmin says she started it, I m ending it. He asks Jasmin to have fear of Lord. She says you said I m dead for you, you both are also dead for me. He slaps her. She leaves.

Jasmin comes home. She gets Fateh’s clothes from the cupboard. Tejo asks are you preparing to go to Canada. Jasmin says yes, it will also happen, Fateh got free from the forced relation, he will be leaving from this house and India, along with me. Tejo says he didn’t get out of this relation, I ousted him, you think I m a puppet that you can make me do anything, I did everything because I loved both of you, I will do what I want to do, Fateh didn’t make me sign the divorce papers, I did that myself, I wanted it. Jasmin says its good, why to claim something that’s not yours. Tejo says I wish you understood this, we all would have not seen this day. Biji asks Mahi to give a pakoda. Mahi asks her to take it from Tejo.

Tejo asks Biji to leave pakodas, have the best sandwich. Fateh and Jasmin come. She holds his hand and says tell mummy ji not to make food for us, we will have food outside, we may get late. Fateh says I already told mummy. Tejo gets Simran’s call. She goes. Satinder comes and hugs Fateh. He greets Jasmin. Tejo stops and looks on. Fateh says we were going out. Satinder says I thought to give the wedding card, if Jasmin comes, then it will be great. Jasmin says we will come, I enjoyed the party. Satinder says I will go. Fateh asks him to come along. Satinder says fine, I will call Nikki. They leave. Gurpreet says Satinder used to study in Fateh’s school. Biji asks why did he call Jasmin as Bhabhi. Tejo says Fateh introduced her as his wife, I saw them in Satinder and Nikki’s party.

Fateh, Jasmin, Satinder and Nikki have dinner. Jasmin talks of Canada and shopping. Mahi says sorry, we feel sad for you. Tejo says I m also feeling bad, Khushbeer called me his daughter, I can’t bring a smile on their faces, all this stress, Biji is already unwell, will you help me in cheering up Biji, I have a good plan, come. Everyone sees Tejo and Mahi enacting and dancing. Jasmin asks Fateh to have the icecream. He asks what are you doing, everyone is seeing, relax. Tejo dances and goes to the family. Everyone smiles. Jasmin leaves. Fateh says sorry, maybe she got tired, I will see. He goes to stop Jasmin. He says you get upset on little things. She says you were reacting on little things, you didn’t like me holding your arm and talking of Canada, your mood is bad, what’s going on, are you missing Tejo. He says the way you made a joke of me, I will miss Tejo, she never used to do such kiddish things. She says I think you are regretting the divorce. He says what shall I do to make you believe that I love you, tell me what do you want. She says I just want to go home.

Tejo dances with the family. She hugs Khushbeer. Everyone dances. Fateh and Jasmin come home. Biji takes him for dance. Fateh hugs Dada ji and Biji. Jasmin looks on. Fateh stumbles and goes towards Tejo.

Precap: Tejo enters her room and says, what’s this smell? She sprays air freshner, but it doesn’t help. She then goes outside to sleep. Jasmin sees that and says, today, I got you out of this room. Soon I will get you out of this house. Later, Jasmin gets mad seeing Tejo sleeping on an opposite couch of the couch on which Fateh is sleeping.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. wow so soon fateh is regreting his action , now he is saying that trashmean makes jokes of him but for that trashmean from the start fateh is only a joke for her

    1. true V JK, but he should marry her and then regret, that’s his punishment, as telos granny Sid Tejo should get some one caring and loveable

    2. @sudha i too hoping for a new guy for tejo

    3. V jk are you a fan of Bts?

    4. @ami yes i am a fan of BTS

  2. thanks for the update

  3. Sakeenah

    Why is he stumbling and going towards Tejo…? He should go and hit Jassmean instead and they both should fall hard and make Jassmean to break her hand or leg😅😅😂😂😂😂…then Mahi or Amrik will say Jassmean why are u trying to committe suicide….if Fateh can she when the truck hit her it was not an accident but attempted suicide🙄🙄..

    1. Varshni

      Woah that’s amazing 😂😂😂

    2. Sakeenah

      @ Varshni
      Thanks 😄😄😊😊..

  4. What’s precap!!!!

    1. precap will be available only after the episode aired on tv i.e after 7.30

  5. oh fateh u are stumbling on Tejo now wow loved the slap wow how a sister can celebrate the end of her sisters marriage the shame

  6. Harsheeee

    good that he is realizing soon the wroth of tejo as that trashmean doesn’t care of anyone not even his puppet’s [fateh] feelings but frankly he deserves even worse than this

    1. Snowflake

      The trp!!!!
      Higher than khatron kk11 and dance deewane!!!

    2. Harsheeee

      @snowflake just because of tejo as i don’t think majority want to see that trashmean and his dumb fateh

    3. Varshni

      @snowflake it’s amazing dear to udaariyaan in top 5

  7. I whis fathe realize more and can see trashmeans truth more . early er before they go to Canada love you tejo

  8. Even though if Fateh realises I don’t want him anymore in Tejo’s life she is better this way and I want his punishment to be living his whole life with jasmine alone I know it’s a bit harsh bt he should’ve known better like everything was in front of him yet. He himself choose this nd now he’s gonna pay the price. I just wish Tejo becomes independent and strong and in future ends up with someone like her can be Amrik or anyone for that sake.Bt who knows what makers hv planned they may redeem Fateh’s character and then he will cry in front of Tejo and then make her realise he really loves her and after a lot of efforts Tejo being Tejo will forgive him like all the wife do forgive ur husband even if he cheats on u coz u hv to be the responsible one ..very predictable and people who say things like he was just messing around he did not sleep with Jasmine so it’s doesn’t matter let me tell you this is as serious as it can be no justification for dat. But also everyone’s human and we are bound to make mistakes bt we also need to learn dat some mistakes cost a hefty price.

    1. Woww yaar…Your Name and Thoughts are just similar…😁😁😁

  9. Varshni

    So soon fateh? No yaar take some time! Or else this Jasmine will be sad! She is your love and you shouldn’t talk like that!
    ( Sarcasm at its peak now )
    On an honest note I am falling in love with tejo ‘s character ❤️ And Priyanka is nailing it ❤️ And this fateh 😆😆😆 NO COMMENTS! Jasmine is thousand times better than Fateh

    1. Sakeenah

      Nice one Varshni 😁😁😁..

    2. Aakriti Bhardwaj

      I happy with today’s episode. I hate Jasmine she is worst sister and worst daughter . Jo apni family ki ki sagi nhi hai voh kisi or ki kya hogi . I hate Fahteh also he is worst husband and worst son also . I love Tejo she best Wife ,best sister,best daughter,best daughter inlaw .

    3. Varshni

      @sakeenah thank you so much 😊

  10. a new entry is happening .zain imam is entering in tejo life and he is the new male lead

    1. No, i think these are fake news because neither Sargun or Ravi mentioned anything like that 😅

    2. Aakriti Bhardwaj


  11. It’s Fake news

  12. I don’t know, how they going to redeem Jasmine’s character at all. I feel like they should end this whole love triangle chapter because it was clear from the beginning that Fateh will end up with Tejo. It’s usually like that. And honestly, Jasmine is negative but Fateh isn’t better – he’s playing with both of them. It’s like a cycle – Jasmine broke Fateh’s heart, Fateh breaks Tejo’s heart and in near future Jasmine’s.
    And Jasmine is getting worse day by day. At least, in the beginning she cared about Tejo and her family but now she’s a totally different person.
    As I said, Fateh will be forgiven by his family and Tejo. But Jasmine shouldn’t get forgiveness – she’s all alone and I hope, she meets with a fatal accident and loses her memory and comes back as a new person.
    I know everyone wants Tejo to start a new life and I want that too but we all know her fate will bring her back to Fateh. At the same time, I want Jasmine to have a new life too, away from all of them because I feel it’s Jasmine who always was in the shadows of her sisters – taking things from Tejo, fooling her around, all the facts of someone who feels alone and not understood and at the same time jealousy because that girl has nothing and I repeat nothing of her own! And I feel her redemption should start with sacrificing something …
    I’m not supporting Jasmine, so please don’t take this as a wrong way. I like every character and that could be because I kind of want to create back stories for them, so that I know why they are like they are. Jasmine deserves the worst and I think that’ll happen soon like her father said she should fear God. But I don’t hate her, she’s a pitiful character. That girl is just pitiful and alone. I just feel sorry for her.

  13. Why a new lead …. I don’t know if FateJo will be together again .. The story is reminiscent of the American film my best enemy or the film kuch kuch hota hai .. FateJo can be together again. This time it would be a trusting love marriage .. I couldn’t comment on yesterday’s episode as I was working .. But Tejo nailed Fateh .. Poor guy didn’t expect Tejo to sign his papers .. Everything was perfect .. The background music. The flashback image that rewinds and shows that Tejo has always supported Fateh this trust that she has and talks to Fateh who can’t seem to understand what is going on .. Honestly I wish Tejo was pregnant .. She says she wants to forget that night .. .. But if she is pregnant she will have this child only for her .. His words his words This is what Fateh has trouble accepting! let Tejo tell him his truths .. That’s what prompted him to ask for a divorce .. Anyway .. I imagine a script like Tejo is called to meet simran who either she or candy has had an accident .. Because in the segment we show simran who is in the hospital .. I do not know if the truth will be known at this moment … I wish that she is pregnant and that the divorce takes place .. The beginning is of the episode when Fateh realizes is just perfect .. Awaiting the precap .. But this week trp will be 2.5 or 3 .. It’s so captivating that I look forward to the written episode all day

  14. Lol Fathet redemption has started,it will definitely be fatherhood in end

  15. Annu3001

    So now it will go on amd on in a loop.Fateh will slowly realise his mistake.Simran would also come up soon learning about the divorce thing and then Fateh would go crazy.After a lot of drama,learning the truth about Chameli he will again run back to Tejo.But this time Tejo won’t forgive him so easily nd then we will see Fateh giving his all in convincing Fateh.Nd eventually at the end Tejo will forgive him nd then again they start that Fatejo thing.This is what I feel right now about the show idk if it will happen or not.

  16. I think simran came to virk house I saw it on ankit sir’s insta story

    1. i too saw that .

  17. Talking about koi chand rakh analysis for Udaariyaan’s upcoming guesses… Tejo is Rabail.. Jasmine is Nishaal..Fateh is Zain ….There are few Bob changes in situations and characters positioning bt the plots almost same ..Zain is obsessed with Nishaal which he tags as his love and because of few misunderstandings he gets married to Rabail who has been like a sister to Nishaal as she was adopted at the age age of five by Nishaals parents who are her maternal uncle and aunts ..Zain and Nishaal try to make eachother jealous and then admit their love for eachother continuing their affair behind Rabails back and same thing happens Zain misunderstands Rabail having affair with Umair… Now talking about the fourth character he is Umair who is Nishaals brother bt is in love with Rabail as he never ever considered Rabail as his sister all he calls her is Rabi ji but upon knowing umair’s love for her she is horrified as she considers him as her younger brother so she gets married to Zain and that Zain cheats her marries Nishaal and leaves everyone behind even his daughter…long story short atlast Zain realises his mistakes begs for forgiveness from Rabail and to come back with him so they can start a new life together bt instead she compels him to stay with Nishaal as he himself choose this punishment and he needs to live with it forever and in the end Rabail accepts Umair’s love and Zain is left all alone regretting and Nishaal is left with nothing.. Talking about Udaariyaan we’ve seen all the characters bt did not see the fourth character dat is Umair bt I hv few doubts here as Umair was very much present from the beginning of the show so may be we are missing it all the while …all the characters are very much similar in looks with of dat the show and Umair reminds me of Amrik …he is present from the very beginning bt the change is he disliked Tejo first bt his all good other then dat and he never calls Tejo Bhabi all he calls her is Tejo ji see the similarities here and he is her brother in law bt in future he won’t be so there can this happening bt who knows makers always surprise us.To precisely understand what I talked about please watch the show if u interested otherwise it all be flying above ur head.

  18. This will Definitely not go koi Chand Chand rakh way because they can’t end the serial so soon😂 Also Fateh has a large family unlike zain also you cannot compare Umar and Amrik because smirk has never shown attraction towards Reno and many other reasons

  19. Fateh doesn’t regret his past relationship with Tejo he is just comparing Tejo and Jasmin every time which is different which looks like he is missing Tejo.

  20. @alex still probably it can go in that direction with few changes and yeah they won’t end so soon bt sargun herself told that she wrote the script for only one year timeline so the show may run for one year or more may be 2 to 3 max bt I would like it if they don’t drag it unnecessarily and about Amrik yeah he hv not shown any attraction towards Tejo not yet dat doesn’t mean he won’t in future ..for dat to happen he has to be near Tejo build a strong bond…recently he has started liking Tejo and even care for her so who knows wt me may get to see.

  21. Can any one share the precap link.

  22. After seeing the precap it was hilarious of seeing jasmine reaction.. She want to split them both bt however fatejo end together 😅😂
    Bt on today’s episode my whole eyes was on amrik, mahi and tejo dance and whn tht trio danced together it was so lovely to watch ❤
    Bauji talk was also very good it proves tht how virks love tejo a lot
    Fateh started regretting abt his decision bt not this much so soon dude u shld suffer and thn come back to tejo beg for ur love, beg for ur forgiveness thn nly she’ll accept u😌

  23. Why the hell she should accept him back if this is gonna happen den I’m done with dis show always the same hum auraton ne kya maaf krne ka theka le rakha hai kya..kisi ko maaf nahi karna ho to na kare bt it should be on dat person ki usse maaf krna hai ki nahi and Tejo should definitely not do dat especially not in pressure unless she wants him.

  24. Wow really nice episode🤩🤩fateh’s suffering started finally. Im so excited now😀😀

  25. I think Fateh will finally realise his mistake and Tejo Buzo matter will also be sorted too just before the divorce happens or his marriage to Jasmine and then he will reconcile with Tejo then Jasmine will be all angry and mad bt will pretend like she’s all goody goody and win everyone’s heart and den somehow marry Amrik and den she will try to separate Fatejo ..she will be like if he can’t be mine den he can’t be urs either and for Fateh she will be like u left me for her now Tejo will leave u forever u know typical vampy lines ..bt both Fatejo will be suspicious of her bt won’t be able to catch her red handed instead they will be separated again with Tejo being pregnant this time for sure and the cycle goes on.

  26. I was just wondering what if Tejo forgives fateh bt will she be able to trust him again like she did before I don’t think so. Just imagine urself in her place what will you do

  27. @Zoya Dats quite a picture u painted bt a really relatable one coz almost all the Indian television shows the same thing again and again the cycle never breaks continuing to 3000 episodes or something bt my hopes for Udaariyaan are different coz I do remember when we all predicted that when Tejo was shot Fateh would realise his love for Tejo bt no all he showed ws guilt so expecting something different this time too.

  28. The theme of the serial so far has been the more Fateh tries to come closer to Jasmin and away from Tejo, the more closer he actually ends up with Tejo. It was the case in todays episode as well. A ‘love triangle’ cannot go on indefinitely in serials, it has to be resolved at some stage. The entertainment value of this serial is superb.

    1. i too saw the vidoes of simran in virk mansion in ankit’s insta stories

    2. Snowflake

      Yes…Simran is in cork house so the truth is coming out soon

  29. Right or wrong i dont knows

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