Udaariyaan 12th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh hides from Tejo

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The Episode starts with Tejo saying it was too much, baraat, marriage and children. Angad says they are like my family friends, we will go before we meet anyone else here. They go. Tejo says you remember, we have to get the petrol. Angad says I remember, sit. They leave. A biker goes. Angad applies the brakes. He recalls the accident and shouts. He says don’t know people value their lives or not. She says people get inspiration from you, you lost a lot in your life, even then you stay happy, I also lost a lot, but I m happy that my family is safe and happy. Fateh sees their car. Angad asks Tejo to smile. She smiles. Fateh leaves.

Jasmin dances with Sweety. Aali re….plays…. Jasmin asks Sweety to see her new clothes, new shoes, purses and new flat. She says I have thrown the money on that hotel manager, order the food now. Sweety says menu is too expensive. Jasmin says get habitual to costly things now, have your gift. Sweety likes the bag and says 15000rs, did you get any lottery. Jasmin says I write my fate by my hands, I will earn money and take revenge on Fateh and Tejo. Fateh asks everyone to have lassi and samosas, he got the advance salary today. Angad comes there. Fateh sees the car and recalls. He goes to see. He gets shocked seeing Tejo and Angad. Tu jo bole bina….plays…

Fateh smiles seeing her. Tejo and Angad laugh. Fateh recalls their moment. The excess petrol starts falling down. The man asks him are you fine. Jasmin says I have done everything for my love, now I will do this for my revenge. She makes her wound bleed. Sweety asks what’s my madness. Jasmin says its my Junoon. Sweety says move on, forget it. Jasmin says I have moved on, Fateh said right, I have to get him, he can’t become of Tejo, they can’t stay happy, I won’t let this happen.

Fateh gets the mop to clean the petrol. Tejo gets silent. Angad asks what happened. Tejo sees Fateh and turns to see. He turns away. He goes. She thinks did I see Fateh here. Fateh hides and thinks she shouldn’t see me here, else her heart will break knowing I m here away from everyone to repent. Angad asks what happened. She says I will get water. She runs to look for Fateh. Fateh sees her and hides. Kaisi rah pe….plays… Tejo sees someone hiding. The man asks what happened. She thinks I have seen Fateh, but how can he come here. She goes to the car. Angad asks where is the water, that’s the shop, are you fine. She nods. Fateh cries. Angad drives off. Angad asks where are you going, have the water. She drinks. Angad jokes. Fateh thinks meeting, then getting away, maybe our fate just has this written. Angad asks what happened, you can tell me. She says I thought I have just seen Fateh. Angad says it happens, you will thnk of him if you think of him. Police stops their car and asks for license. Angad gives the money. The inspector says you are bribing me. Tejo asks him to show license. Angad says I don’t have it, you have to save me then. Tejo asks Inspector to take license from Angad. Angad says don’t do this. He goes and talks to the inspector. He hugs him and gives the money. Tejo says he is bribing the police. Angad comes back. He says I paid the challan. She asks what did you say. Angad says I will say. He recalls lying that he was driving fast to impress his would be wife. Tejo asks did I ask you to speed up, do you have license or not, show me. Angad says I have, you really want to see it. She says yes. He gives her a note. She asks for license. He shows the license.

She says for the first time, I have seen someone’s good pic on the license. He smiles. Fateh sees someone dropping the wallet down the car. He runs to pick it. He calls out the man. The man says there is much money, you got a lottery. Fateh says I have to return this, I have his ID also, RR Sharma, Kasauli. Tejo reads the same address on Angad’s card. Sharma calls Angad. Angad says I will come with Tejo. Fateh says I have to go and give him the card. Angad says sorry, we have to keep this lie for more time. Tejo says I understand, its imp for our family.

A lady comes to Angad’s house. He gets shocked. Jasmin asks someone to find Tejo. Fateh and Tejo see each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Very much expected.

    1. @bacii what expected? 🤷‍♀️ Because I don’t understand what makers are trying to do here

    2. That Teji will be thinking of Fateh all along, and Fateh will hide from her. And also, the precap is not very surprising.

  2. @Teddy
    Makers ka bs ek hi funda lag raha hai fateh ko white wash karna…. Fateh bechara uski koi galti nhi thi affair mein…… Kya badi baat ho gyi yadi usne shadi shuda hote huye v affair kiya sb chalta hai fateh ko maaf kr dengein sb…..
    Makers are promoting ema…..
    Pata nhi pr kyo serial dekh kr jeshmin se jayada gussa fateh pr aata hai…

    1. @rock star I don’t understand hindi 😔😔 English please?

    2. She told that it seems the motive of makers is to white wash Fateh’s doings…. They are trying to show that it wasn’t Fateh’s mistake, what happened if he had an extramarital affair, the makers want Fateh to be forgiven, and it seems that they will pair up FaTejo.
      She also said that she doesn’t know why but she gets more angry on seeing Fateh than Jasmin. Please don’t mind if I’ve made some grammatical errors!

    3. @Arushi thanks dude so what will be the moral of the story then?

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Hit and miss drama suru as expected🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    2. Why writers are behind to show clean Fateh and trying to unite Fateh-Tejo, rather he is more culprit than Jasmin🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.. i am hating this more..
    3. license drama was only thing to watch😅😅😅😅

    1. I think today is the last day I will watch the show 😠😠😠

    2. Yeah.. license drama was lovely. But is there a reason for angad not showing license to police??

    3. Possiblely makers looking for excuses to make angad look bad so fateh could look best for tejo 😏😏

    4. ShraddhaSharma392

      Even i doubt that.. may be its related to past for sure.. infect the one he showed to Tejo had something fishy in it..
      But lets wait and watch..

    5. May be its just a drama of him to take thejos attention also🤭. And makers wanted to highlight on address in that way🤔
      Hope something like that n not angad’s another secret that will finally make thejo upset🤞🙄


    Makers ate loosing track of the story, patha nahin serial kaise ja raha hai, it’s boring now, maybe after few episodes i will see, jasmine unnecessarily is the vamp now, senseless revenge..no positiveness in the serial…always showing extra martial affairs, murder etc…it’s high time makers think differently..

  5. Fatejocrazyfan

    My grandpa told today when I tell him about udaariyaan and how the story goes and I asked if fatejo reunite does that mean it’s true love?

    My grandpa said a true woman with grace will forgive the husband but will not get back to him he said its will only happen in the movies where a woman with self respect taking back a man who cheated her with her own blood

    And I was like but in real life people forgive cheating boyfriends or husbands and accept him back and my grandma said that’s not love and I was 😲😲 then?

    My grandma she there most be a reason there they most be benefiting something from that relationship for that reason they don’t want to leave the relationship even if the sisters has to become enemies

    My grandmother said during their time there is true love and true love doesn’t include sister in law romance she said back them women suffer from men EMA because of their children but at the end its affect the children lives

    Is this true I don’t understand anything here at all 🥺🥺

    1. @Fatjocrazyfan, I really like what your grandparents said. That’s the thing, Tejo can forgive Fateh but she shouldn’t go back to him but sadly it’s a show …so of course she’ll get back to him. Just the way it is to portray it’s true love – yikes.
      Your grandma is right, there’s always a reason why people go back to the person that cheated them.

    2. @sl I totally agree with @fatejocrazyfan grandparents too there are always a reason and that reason isn’t love but they used love as an excuse and yes extra marital affair between parents ruins their children because since the parents didn’t find it wrong the children will growing the same way as EMA is not a big deal

  6. Snowflake

    As expected!
    Now this hit n miss will go on whole week!🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  7. Snowflake

    Thank you makers so much! I really enjoyed “Sachhi Mohabat” song very much while watching Fatejo trying too meet!
    What a treat to the eyes!!!!!!!!!

    1. @snowflake so you also want fatejo reunite? 🤔🤔

    2. U said it sarcastically right 🙃🙌

    3. Came here after a break ,feels like people left the show like me😌😶
      But didn’t understand how it is getting high trp even know,ohh I forgot , content doesn’t matter to most of Indian audience,just Drama and EMA is enough and more for TRP 🥲🥲

    4. Both comments are from my IDs

      Used 2 different e mails🙌

    5. @S, I actually left the show too hahaha. You forgot people are watching the show too in hopes of Fatejo reuniting again😝
      Or it might the chemistry between them 🤷🏻‍♀️
      It’s funny, the same fans(not all of em) who said they want a new lead for Tejo when Fateh started with the EMA – shit, now want Fatejo again because Fateh is suffering and crying for his own deeds. I mean, yes they have chemistry but chemistry isn’t everything . And now that Tejo got a new male lead, it’s back to hating on Angad because Fatejo is superior. It just shows that some do want to see such toxicity and nothing new. No hate though at these people.
      P.s.: I don’t hate Fateh but I hate what he’s done. He can be forgiven but that doesn’t mean he should end up with Tejo. Get him someone new or let him just fulfill his dream of becoming a great boxer or whatevs. No need to have always a partner. You can be happy on your own too and it’s clear none of these character have self – love or respect 😅

    6. @SL Completely agree with you

    7. Snowflake


  8. Fateh is more guilty than Jasmine, while he was in love with Jadmine , he slept with Tejo

    willingly, without any hesitation. Really disgusting!!!. Now he is refreshing , too late! Disgusting guy!

    1. It’s so sad that being a woman a crime I mean only women are to be blame for everything if jasmine haven’t betrayed fateh again then trust me he will have married her and leave his family for her now that he took revenge and left her in the middle of nowhere now she has to sell her honor to survive since her parents didn’t teach her to work earn on her own I don’t get why all indian series sisters has to become enemies for worthless men

  9. Two lovers , now two enemies . I really want to see Fateh being castigated by Jasmine, the girl whom he loved madly never thinking about his wife, his family

  10. Fatejocrazyfan

    Proper instruction my name is Rachel I’m not more fatejo fan it’s unfair to angad like you guys said I was part of the people who wanted a new entry for tejo and after fateh regret I again support fatejo without thinking of angad it’s selfish right 🥺🥺 and my grandparents told me movie or reality one should always stand by truth that our opinions prove what we are

    1. Rachel, it doesn‘t make you selfish. It‘s good that you stand by your opinion. I read all of your comments and believe you know what‘s wrong and right😊
      And it doesn‘t matter what others say to you about that. It‘s your life and your opinion. Don‘t let others change your opinion. Somewhere along, your opinion will change or not. The only thing you need to worry about is if you‘re true to yourself😌
      So far, I believe you‘re a great girl 🌸

    2. @SL thank you it’s means a lot to me 🥰🥰 now I support truth even if they reunite fatejo I still take my stand that its wrong and that isn’t pure love

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    Other than that, I am supposed to undergo colonoscopy tomorrow.

    In thay procedure, I will be made to lie on my side. My legs will be folded to make my knees touch my chest.

    The doctor will conduct a rectal examination on me to ascertain that my intestines are clear and prepare for the test.

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    That’s pretty much all of it. This test is only for making sure that all other organs in my digestive system are fine, and problem is only with my stomach.

    So wish me luck with the reports of barium meal.

    1. Snowflake

      Sounds scary. Take care sis/bro🙏
      Hope the reports are good

  12. I just skip fateh’s scenes.. it is really boring to see him repenting n crying😐 He himself choose that path then why he is crying..although jasmin is wrong i think fateh ruined 2 lives along with his bcz of his stupidity. But now makers are trying to give him the victim card😏.
    Thejo still has not moved on.. still thinks about the person who cheated her🤷‍♀️ but gives big talks.

    1. And yesterday i was wondering why thejo didnt feel that fateh is around her😂😂 but today’s episode it happened🤭🤭🤭🤭.
      Makers are trying so hard to show fateh n thejos so called pure love🙄🙄🙄

  13. Udaariyaan 13th December 2021 Written Update Fateh’s fate Tejo keeps her friendship with Angad. Angad makes sure that she stays happy. Destiny plans a face off for Fateh and Tejo. They get close to meet in a different city, Rampur. Fateh’s good deeds will bring him in front of Tejo. Angad tells Tejo about Sharma, who is really important for him. He asks Tejo to play his fake fiancee in front of Sharma. He apologizes that she still has to play this drama. Angad tells Sharma that he will make him meet Tejo, when they meet for lunch. He informs Tejo about their Rampur trip. Tejo understands Angad.

    She is okay to make their lie a truth in front of the work. She just wants her families to believe the lie. Angad and Tejo return home, and play with Riya. They enjoy a lot with Riya. Angad gets an unexpected visitor home. Angad is stunned to meet a woman, who comes there for Riya. Jasmin hires someone to find out Tejo. She wants to start her revenge by targeting Tejo first. On the other hand, Tejo feels she has seen Fateh once again when she visits Rampur. Tejo and Fateh come together in the narrow zone once again. Will they meet this time? Keep reading.

    Earlier in the show, Angad shares the funny incident with Tejo. He shows the license to Tejo. Angad gets a call from his business client Sharma, who unknowingly drops his cash loaded wallet at the same petrol bunk where Fateh works. Fateh decides to go to meet Sharma and return the wallet. Fate is giving many chances to Fateh and Tejo to meet. Jasmin speaks of her hatred getting double for Fateh. She starts her revenge plan by targeting Tejo first.


  14. Did you anyone know who is the oldie that entered angad house in precap?

  15. Snowflake

    I think the lady walking in Angad’s house is the hostel woman… From where Riya sneaked out n came… Not sure coz I just skip so much of the episode n sometimes miss parts😬🤦

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      No she is not hostel wardan but, i think she is maternal parent of Riya..

    2. Snowflake

      Hmm could be!

    3. @snowflake 🥰🥰 even me too now I skip fateh and jasmine scenes makers are emotionally blackmailing us to make fateh look perfect

  16. Snowflake

    How is Hannah sis?
    Hope she is doing well 🙏🙏🙏

    1. @snowflake dear you seems like a great personal you know I also remember HANNAH and her story yesterday after I had angad story but just keep silent only God knows how the poor girl will be doing we haven’t had from her since that day it’s so sweet that we care about each other even without knowing each other in person

    2. Snowflake

      Yes sis…. I’m thinking about her alot🙏🙏
      I really hope she stays strong ♥️
      U seem like a great person too sis! Ur new here or what? I didn’t see ur comments earlier 🤔🤔

    3. @snowflake I’m not new I was going with a name @fatejocrazyfan since I’m not more in support I introduced myself yesterday by my real name

    4. I stop supporting fatejo after reading people commenting on bhagya lakshmi people are commenting laxmi should not take rishi back and they want new lead for laxmi that’s when I remember we do the same thing when fateh was having affair we all want new lead for tejo and we get the new lead for her and after fateh been betrayed and he started crying for tejo we again want them together again forgetting angad and I’m very sure the same thing will happen in bhagya laxmi too

    5. @snowflake yeah about hannah we haven’t had from her again poor her sometimes life looks like everything is against you wish she good

  17. Snowflake

    What cld happen next (which I don’t look forward to)- Fateh loves Tejo like crazy but controls himself for her happiness. Tejo misses Fateh too. Angad is coming closer n closer to Tejo. Riya and Tejo form a mother- daughter bond…
    And after a few months after some crazy events Tejo has to choose between Fateh and Riya(basically Angad)… N she chooses….. Ah! Makers have it all planned baby! #Nomorefatejo! ( Is this even a #?)

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Writer are in full swing to clear image of fateh.. and might even unite tejo fateh..
      And if they do so, that would be last day of me in following this show, becoz it will be totally crap…

    2. Snowflake

      Same here sis🙌

    3. Then both thejo n fateh can cheat angad by reuniting (eventhough engagement was fake)🤷‍♀️ bcz in this show seems like cheating is OK.. EMAs are ok.. just need to show that you are repenting for what you have done🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  18. I felt a few braincells die reading this…. So like does Jasmin’s wound not smell? Should be infected and pussing by now. I want to know which writer decided this track with the wound, they should find a different occupation 🙄gangrene Jas rolling in money is so unrealistic and dumb that whole team of writers should be fired. Did covid kill all the writers with talent? Are they bringing drunk Devdas’s off the street to write these storylines. The only good news is GHKKPM will be ending soon. Fateh – don’t care, Tejo Angad… they were a bit like warm today. Tejo’s mind constantly stuck on Fateh is annoying which makes me wonder is some drunk homeless man who cheated on his wife with her sister is writing this track.

    1. That comment made my day 😂😂

  19. Congratulations everyone.. MISS UNIVERS IS MISS INDIA.. so happy..

    1. Snowflake

      I’m soo happy!!
      She literally killed it!
      We’ll deserved!!
      N she looks so fab✨

  20. Hello everyone.. All this explosion of wealth and this track becomes a bit snobbish I would say .. Where is this simplicity that is the Punjab of the Sandhu and Virk family .. Simplicity .. ⚠️⚠️ I’m not saying that Angad is a snob eh .. But all this is not Udariyaan .. OK the redemption trail is underway .. But when you see Jasmine crumbling under the money and wanting revenge on Tejo who did nothing .. She says that Fateh has seen her love now will see her hate .. But when is her love seen? .. And Tejo who says she came back for Riya and the ring while this ring is just a lie .. Angad who wants more .. So disappointing .. Frankly I’m so disappointed that the series takes this turn .. To believe that the series is now focused on Angad and his family .. Virk and sandhu is just trivial .. When will Buzo and Simran meet .. Before he was always together but since Simran returned to his parents .. We no longer see them together .. It is mentioned that the Simra track n will be thorough. But nothing happens .. Anyway .. Amrik .. Mahi .. And Tejo’s two cousins ​​.. Nothing for them. Short..

    1. I think since we haven’t known about angad family and we know much about tejo and fateh families it’s only fair to know his too
      1) when the mein leads has fake relationships and the male lead fall in love we never complained but it’s the parson is not lead doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings

      2) it’s was the audience wish angad come in when fateh was cheating and humiliating tejo we all want another man who will value her and they bring angad and jasmine betrayed fateh for second time again and he regret his decision which no one has forced him to take and now we started feeling bad for him and want him to be in tejo life again that’s not fair from our side

      3) angad is not a tissue paper that we want him in time of need and dumb him whenever we want if we are in his place how will we feel

      4) always we watch the same thing in India series women going back to their cheating partners after repent and we always support that they deserve second chance
      What happens to both fateh and tejo should have second chance with someone elses in their lives

      5) it’s getting too much promoting extra marital affair as a description of love the same happening in bhagya laxmi at least we should get something new right?

      And about mahi, simiran, buzo and the rest I think they will get back to their track after we get to know more about angad

      Things like this is happening in the society that’s why is not good to keep promoting it as true love because it will get worse

  21. Snowflake

    Guess what?
    Ravi sir n Sargun mam’s new show is going is ONCE AGAIN going to be based on the life of 2 sisters, one lawyer and the other a reporter……
    Nope, not me getting Tejo- Jasmean vibes!(they dont have fixed jobs or whatever)
    If this is true, hope they both are matured and not suddenly take a U- turn!

  22. I am suggesting a show to all of you. Its called “under the power” its have 55 episodes .Its really good.

  23. Hé @Teddy.. I hadn’t thought of it that way .. Yes I’m a little harsh with my words regarding this sudden display of wealth and greatness .. I hadn’t seen it from that angle .. Thank you @Teddy 🙂🙂 🙂 .. I I’m from the FateJo team .. And I believe in the 2nd chance because for me I say for me FateJo can overcome that .. Fateh has to repent .. But Tejo has to do it rowed .. There is a chance that the two can be together again. Because this time the two love each other .. Fateh has always had a thing for Tejo except that he does not realize .. It was necessary to go through all that .. I am writing the story where both can be together again and defeat all of Jasmine’s plans. Or worse everyone finds happiness at their feet .. But Fateh and his betrayal is not like me I imagine it .. Because there are several spell of betrayal .. But Fateh is not like kunal or vanraj … Or still like laskmi’s husband. Because he is marrying mariska when he is already married to laskmi ..

    1. @anoneyme 😂😂 but at least they were not having an affair with sister in law that’s the problem I have the most sisters and if jasmine haven’t betrayed fateh again then he will have definitely married or if he didn’t find out the truth from jass yes we all believe in second chance but we have been watching that and it will happen in bhagya laxmi too we just want different story this time showing the two moving on we don’t hate fatejo we are fans too and all the actors are doing perfectly we just want new story what I see from your point is tejo shouldn’t lose fateh for jasmine 🤣🤣 but life time committed need more to that besides despite not supporting fatejo reunite again we don’t want fateh to end up with jasmine we want a new girl for him and those 4 will put jasmine down on the other hand it’s a pity how they make jokes of sisters bound in all indian series i promises you we all are prinyankit fans we love their chemistry we only don’t want fatejo and not prinyankit and they are not even real couple 🤣🤣

    2. @anonyme, I don’t have anything against your point and I respect your opinion. It’s okay if you want Fatejo again. But like I said in my own comment under @Snowflakes @S comment, and like Teddy pointed out, we all wanted a new lead for Tejo and now that she got one, suddenly some fans want Fatejo because he repents? Where’s the logic?
      Fateh can own up to his mistakes, he can realize them and ask for forgiveness and yes, he should be forgiven but he shouldn’t end up with Tejo again. If the makers want to show Tejo as a strong, independent girl, then she should own up to what she says. As some of us already said, love doesn’t mean you should end up with the person you love. Love can be selfless, you can let the other person go and find some meaning in your life too.
      I do too have the feeling as Teddy said that you want Fatejo back so that Jasmine won’t end up with him? I don’t think that’s the plan of the makers. I think the plan for her is that she realizes that she was wrong (though the road to that is long) and she should own up to her mistakes. I believe at the end, she’ll end up in Canada on her own as someone positive. And maybe she’ll start loving herself and have feelings for Fateh but knows it’s wrong to have him, when he clearly doesn’t love her.
      And we can’t just blame her. She’s at fault but she’s a product her family and surroundings created. She’s like in a vicious cycle.

    3. @Teddy, you’re so right. Why do Indian shows always portray sisters or brothers as the enemy number 1?
      Absolutely right – we like Priyankit but we don’t want Fatejo. Just because both of them have chemistry doesn’t mean, they should end up together in the story….
      K- dramas are much better 😂

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