Udaariyaan 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Tejo refuses to marry Angad

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The Episode starts with Rupy saying Angad is a jolly guy, handsome, educated, he is good. Tejo asks what, you know who is Angad, he is our academy investor, partner, how can you think so. Rupy says we just want you to move on. Khushbeer says he has no bad quality. She asks did you try to find out what he wants. Rupy says he is young and unmarried, he will marry someone, he won’t have any problem. She says I have a problem, you know what happened in my two marriages, I know you both love me and say this again and again, but I m not ready for a new relation, you didn’t want me to marry Jass, I did that for family, I had to marry Fate for family’s sake, why don’t you understand, did you think who will be at loss, mine, I never complained, it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel anything, not now, I will take my life’s decision myself, no one else will take it, I respect you, it doesn’t mean I will agree. Rupy says you take time to think, but don’t refuse.

Fateh does some work. Jasmin comes. He shuts the laptop. She asks what happened, why did you shut the laptop, you planned surprise for me, show. He says what are you doing, have patience. She shows the kaleerein. She says my friends will make me wear it. He says its beautiful. She asks didn’t you give cards to your friends, 9 days are left for the marriage, what are you doing. Khushbeer says just 9 days are left, its a dad’s wish to fix your alliance. Tejo says don’t force me, please, a girl can stay in the world without getting married, I have much to do, don’t force me, I can’t do this. Rupy says you do what you want, think of Angad once, I m sure he will value you and your dreams. Tejo asks how did you think about Angad. Khushbeer says we have seen him, Diwali night in the party, he cares for you. Rupy says I have seen it, he makes you smile. Khushbeer says our hearts say that he likes you. Rupy says we thought to talk to you first. She says its done, now don’t talk to him, please. Khushbeer thinks Tejo’s no will ruin Fateh. She cries and goes.

Fateh says I don’t want to invite anyone, because of you. Jasmin asks what did I do now. He says I don’t want anyone to judge you, I won’t like if anyone spoils your mood. She says you did right, we will enjoy when my friends come, I have to do many things. He asks can I help. She says yes, you have to go to mum and dad’s house. He asks at this time. She says yes. She gives some papers. She thinks because Tejo will be at academy at this time.

Tejo sees Angad and says he would have told something for sure. Angad says good morning to you. She taunts him. He jokes. He says we will go to office, come. She asks when did you meet my dad. He says I didn’t. She asks and my ex father in law. He says you mean Fateh’s dad, I met him in diwali party. She asks after that. He asks why will I meet them. She asks did they come to meet you. He says no, but I will meet them if they want, you would have told them about my special tea, call them. She asks can’t you be serious. He asks shall I get serious.

She asks why do you come to the academy every day, you have many businesses. He says yes, but I like this work, do you have a problem. She says no. He jokes and asks her to answer, why did she think he met them, the nation wants to know, what is she hiding. She says stop it, auditor is coming, you can handle, I m going home. He holds her hand and says tell me what is it. She says nothing. He says I will get my answers some day. She recalls Rupy’s words and says this will never happen. She goes. He says lets see.

Satti asks why did you let him come inside. Dilraaj says Bebe asked me to let him come. Tejo comes home and asks what happened. Satti says Fateh has come, he is in your room, he came to take Jasmin’s things. Bebe says he is there since an hour, I m worried that Rupy can come, it will be a problem. Fateh reads the list and puts things in a bag. Tejo takes the paper. She says you want Jasmin’s things, I will give it.

He says I wanted to say sorry to you, I m really sorry for everything, I have to hurt you a lot, is there any way that I can make your pain less. She says no need, I forgot all that, it will be good if you also forget it, make a new start of your life with happiness. He says I never thought that this day will come in my life that I will hurt your heart. She says life is such, when it changes, it changes everything, emotions, relations and people. She asks him to check, she gave everything.

Jasmin asks Sweety to come and see her shopping. She says I m your best friend, you all have to come. Sweety says I can’t come, sorry, other friends also can’t come. Jasmin says don’t joke, there is lots of work. Sweety returns the card and says we won’t come in your marriage. Fateh says this is left. Tejo reads make up kit. She recalls Jasmin giving her a make up kit. Jasmin says Manisha gave this to me on my birthday, its yours from now. Tejo thanks and hugs her. She says its my mistake to think of her thing as mine, I forgot she can take anything back, I will get a new one for me, I used it. He says its fine, I will get it. She says I will give it. He says I don’t want her to fight you, nobody likes her.

Sweety says no one’s family wants us to come in your marriage, they said why will we go if your families aren’t coming, sorry. Jasmin asks did you go mad, you are my best friend, will you not come in my marriage, you supported me. Sweety says sorry, my family is afraid that I can become like you. Jasmin asks do they think so. She scolds Sweety and says marriage will happen without you all. Jasmin says you are so selfish, your tone changed in a second, congrats for your marriage and your Fateh. She goes. Fateh picks the bag. Tejo asks are you fine, you don’t look happy. Fateh says how can anyone be happy when elders aren’t blessing the marriage. Jasmin throws things. She says no one can stop this marriage, not those Tejo’s supporters. Fateh asks why am I telling this to you, we don’t even have a relation of friendship, I m happy, you are moving on, your parents and your new friend is also helping you. He leaves. She cries.

Precap: Tejo hears Jasmin telling Fateh, you know why all this is happening. Because our own family members are not getting involved in our wedding. I know this matters a lot to you. Later, Tejo tells her and Fateh’s parents that Angad is very good person and maybe he likes me too. If you want, you can talk to him. Khushbeer and Rupy get happy and ask her, it’s a yes, right? She says, yes, but I have a condition.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Finally Tejo spoke that she needs time to move on..👍🏻👍🏻
    But due to Fateh Harsh taunts she will take decision to marry Angad..
    2. I don’t get is why khushbeer and Rupy is behind Tejo, that she should get married before Fateh and Jasmin, just too show fateh what he lost🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    They both look like Fateh who wanted to show Jasmin what she lost when he married Tejo😏😏😏
    3. Fateh is soo much unbearable😠😠 that he indirectly directly keep on hurting😢😢 tejo sometime using action and sometime using words
    He has forgotten that he was one who cheated Tejo with Jasmin nor tejo😏😏
    4. Angad is true person, who even read eyes and hear silence of Tejo👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    5. Good news: Sweety broke friendship with Jasmin👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 she and other realised how selfish Jasmin and Fateh are…
    6. I don’t get it why writers are behind Tejo forced marriages🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️:
    A) firstly with Jass (though he was cheat, but family forced her before truth)
    B) second with fateh (just becoz jasmin left mandap so family forced her)
    C) now becoz fateh jasmin will get approval only when tejo get married first she will forced to get married to Angad

  2. 1. Khushbeer and Rupy plz don’t make the situation worst.
    2. Tejo is such a stupid to have feelings for Fateh even now. Day by day i am getting sure that she will go back to Fateh.
    3. Fateh, the worstest character in itv. Before he was using Tejo physically and mentally to forget Jasmine. Now its reverse. Why tf he even cares for Tejo. I guess now Fateh will cheat Jasmine with Tejo.
    4. No words for Jasmine.
    5. Now best character in Udaariyaan is Angad. Hope makers didn’t make him opposite of now. Like they did for the characters of Tejo, Jasmine and Fateh.

  3. I felt bad for Angad. Tejo was being rude to him for no fault of his. It’s her own family that can’t see her happy without giving their stupid inputs. Why should angad be her punching bag. Writers are repeating the story again. Now tejo might get with angad for jasfa marriage but won’t be able to move on and angad will become collateral damage.

    1. Yeahhh

  4. FINALLY Sweetie stood up 2 Jasmine loved Tejo telling her fathers a women doesn’t necessarily have 2 marry she has other things 2 do in her life. Wow Jasmine really insecure sending Fateh wen Tejo “not” there . How many times is Fateh going 2 apologize 2 Tejo its becoming annoying . Gonna be interesting wedding no friends no family only Fateh Jasso and the priest . Its like Jasso calling for her own Humiliations with rumors’ that Fateh will drop at her wedding and all the guests there wat is Fateh hiding on his laptop . BTW my dadi thinks Tejo will make Fateh and Jasso like wat Anupama did wen Vanraj was having doubts about marrying Kavya wat do u gals think ?

  5. Elders jasfa ko blessing de ya na de tejo ka kya jata hai?? Aj feminism pe lecture de rahi hai par 2 din me shaadi k liye man jaygi so that elders can bless jasfa..ye kya nonsense hai 🙄 what if Fatah leaves jasmine at mandap? Tejo will also leave angad without any fault of his?? Befaltu ka aj angad pe rude ho rahi thi jabki uski khud ki family stupid hai..ye rudeness apne cheater ex husband ko q nai dikhati 🙄🙄
    She will surely go back to fateh

  6. Fateh is using his sorrowful words to play as the victim here, honestly tejo shouldn’t be bothered by what he says she should be happy it’s her right after all the sufferings. And khusbeer he is selfish he only thinks of his son , if he truly cares for tejo then he should not force her to marry angad just to make fateh realize what he lost

    1. wendy ghazzawieh

      I think Khushbeer realize Fateh was feelings for Tejo But he hasn’t realize that he loves Tejo yet. That why His dad is trying to tell Tejo to marry Angad before Jasmin and Fateh do. Because in reality he wants Fateh to go and cancel Tejo wedding and say the he loves her and he can’t see her marry Angad. I believe we will ask her to marry him again but this time for love since they love each other. So both family can be happy and them too because they really care for the family. I can’t wait for Jasmin to get kicked out that house she has done so many bad things to her own sister and her own family not even caring for her parents or Fateh. She doesn’t really love Fateh other wise she wouldn’t do all the things she has done to him and his family. Humiliating them over and over again and again she doesn’t even care for Fateh reputation or herself either . She only care for herself and that it. I really hope the sweety can tell Fateh all the truth about all her evil acts to he kicks her out of his life for good. She deserves to stay alone since she doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

    2. If a woman cheated on her husband like fateh do and after divorce happens and the man about to marry another woman but then the ex wife realise she loves the ex husband who she cheated on with his own brother will the man take the ex wife back???? Well I already know the answer is never so why not the same to men or women are the only toys they can play with

    3. I know what you mean but we have been watching the same thing all the time wife go back to ex cheating husband and call it love but we hope for something different this time young women are watching with so much question in our eyes hoping to get justice I mean does that mean every woman to go back to their cheating ex after he realise he love her? That’s not done yaar

  7. if you get to know then inform me also

    god don’t know what to do if tejo goes back to fateh then I am sure the very next day it will be in the news that Ravi Dubey and sagun have been killed by any person. just joking guys but if this happens then for sure I won’t be able to control myself from using bad words

    1. Dude I’m with you if fateh and tejo get back together then I can’t control myself too being a woman I will not even want my enemy to go back to cheating husband who didn’t just cheat on her with another woman 😢😢but she her blood sister

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Frankly if tejo and fateh unite, its end to watch this show..😏😏😏
      And even I am with you for that😜😜😜

    3. Bt u knw wht the endgame will be fatejo… Coz they are still supporters for fatejo
      And then it is a itv anything can happen

    4. 🤣🤣🤣then I am with you

  8. Silent Reader

    Atp, I don’t even know who Tejo is going to end up with. Angad is a good man but it seems like makers are bringing back Fateh as a love interest. Looks like it’ll be a love triangle once again. Honestly, Priyanka and Ankit look good together but I don’t really ship them as their characters just cause Fateh is a cheater. It’s good if Tejo moves on.

  9. Snowflake

    Yesss finally Sweety betrayed jasmeannnn..now all things will go downhill for jasfa!!!!
    Trp 2.5
    Tejo babe, thanks for taking a stand for yourself!!

  10. Irene mejavone from Kenya

    This is a love triangle story and one has to sacrifice his love for his obsession
    The truth is fateh has some pity for jasso nothing else

  11. Pranbirlover

    Saw the new montage. For the first time after the show started, a new character appeared on the montage other than Tejo, Fateh and Jasmine..

    Now, 4 people are there in the montage.
    This gives me a little hope…🤞🤞🤞

  12. I want Fateh to realise his mistake and for Tejo to forgive him so that she can move on, but definitely do not want her to take him back. He cheated on her, why should she?! If she does, will deffo stop watching, she should focus on herself and getting trust back in love. Fateh has no respect for relationships and is just selfish. Would like to see her choose Angad over Fateh as he seems like a good person but maybe he’ll be the one to bring them both back together. Unfortunately, I think Angad is going to get his heart broken which will be sad to watch 🙁

  13. Silent Reader

    Atp, I really don’t know who Tejo is going to wnd up with. Angad is a good lad but I think makers might want to have her reconcile with Fateh. It’s better for her if she moves on. Personally, I think Priyanka and Ankit look good together but I don’t really want their characters together because he cheated. Correct me if I’m wrong, but by far Tejo is the only lead I’ve seen who knows what self respect is out of all the shows running today. Hate that Jasmine though. I started watching this show yesterday only but I like it so far.

    1. Yeah they look good together because we have been seeing them together since beginning you know agad just enter and just like you said about the characters looking good together is not enough reason at this point 😂😂

    2. Silent Reader

      yeah, I hope she doesn’t end up with cheater

    3. Silent Reader

      with that*

  14. Now, angry on Tejo still after so much, she’s still love Fateh and care about him… That’s why she will put a condition of marrying Angad only if all the family members will equally get involv in Jasfa and Tejang marriage and if I’m not wrong then both wedding will be held on the same Mandap. That is in precap we saw today.
    So, day by day I’m having gut feeling about the reunion of fatejo. If both marriage will be on same day and same mandap.
    Hate you makers for this shitty reunion of fatejo. Cheater Fateh.

  15. I Love to act in this show thanks for your support guys that i am niw here reply me

  16. If makers really want to reunite Fatejo, then why did makers let divorce happened, why they not reveals jasmine evil side to Fateh….
    No need to bring the new character of Angad unnecessarily, by using him they’ll reunite Fatejo. Feeling sorry for Angad already in advance. Such a nice guy, don’t deserves any kind of deceive or heartbreak💔. Really Disappointed😞 with makers.
    Tejang will be very nice couple in future, but what to do when makers are eagerly waiting to destroying their pair/chemistry.

  17. Precap is telling that jasfa and tejan wedding will be at same time so that both family members will get involved

  18. ShraddhaSharma392

    What type of this girl tejo is😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
    She will get marriage so that families join fateh jasmin marriage😏😏😏😏
    She is still concerned about these cheaters…
    I am hating tejo’s this way of behaviour….

    1. God I’m so fed up of Jasmine s selfish and cunning behavior. Can she kicked out please. It’s annoying to watch that Jasmine and her blind and selfish lover Fateh. Both deserve each other and the families are correct by not accepting them. Not that the two selfish lovers care for anyone.

      And Tejo should never go back to Fateh. She should move on in life. Tejo deserves a person like Angad after all that she has gone through.

      Makers please kick Jasmine out she very very annoying I dont like watching the show because of Jasmine

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Totally agree @MR..
      But what make me angry currently is tejo’s behaviour..
      Just becoz she want family to give blessings to selfish cheater jasmin fateh, she is going to say yes for marriage with angad..
      He is good match for her, but not this way.. its totally unjustice with angad, its indirectly using him…🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  19. This precap,,,,,,honestly tejo’s kindness is unreal 😒 after everything she still cares about their happiness?!!!like really 😭

  20. Now that sweety ditched jasmine, but I feel tejo should not be forced to marry right now,as already she faced two failed marriages as the grooms have cheated her, let angad marry tejo but not now, he should allow and help her pains to get healed .but in the end tejo should not return to fateh, please makers don’t reunite them, IT will be horrible

  21. I’m already feeling sorry for angad in advance as they are going to play with his emotions only God knows what is tejo condition will be

  22. I am really feeling bad for Angad. Now even Tejo is playing with Angad’s feeling like Fateh did to Tejo.
    There are 5 chances in this wedding track.
    1. TejAng and JasFa wedding will happen.
    2. JasFa wedding will happen but not Tejang
    3. Fateh will learn the truth and dump Jasmine in the wedding day. Tejang wedding will happen.
    4. Fatejo will realize they are soulmates and couldn’t live without each other. Fateh will dump Jasmine. Angad will give Tejo’s hands to Fateh.
    5. Fatejo and Jasmine-Angad will marry ( bride swap)

    1. Bride swap 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 what’s angad offence to pay for a crime he didn’t commit I pray that didn’t happen but only God knows what makers are store for us

    2. I Dont know about the first four Points….
      But not even in my Bad Dreams…i dont want the fifth point to Happen…
      Already Tejo is going to play with Angad’s Emotion(By chance she doesn’t say her feelings to him!!!)…So i dont want Something bad to Happen to him…

    3. angad likes to flirt with girls , he is road romeo

  23. Seriously Tejo😐😐what are you madeup of? Again sacrificing your life for that dumb cheater ex-husband of yours.Don’t know whether should praise her for choosing a good guy like angad to get married to him or pity her the reason for which she agreed for this marriage.

    Hope trashmean is ditched by Fateh, he has a surprise for her in 9 days. He was hiding something on his laptop, I wonder what could it be!!!!!
    TRASHMEAN should go to prison for all the evil she committed.
    FATEH should be miserable for letting TEJO GO!!!!

  25. Omg Tejo was so disrespectful to her father and father-in-law. She should just quietly obey them. Why does she need to back answer them? Why she is speaking so rudely to elders? No matter what they say, they are elders and they know best and Tejo should have the brains to understand this and if she doesn’t want, she can politely disagree. Then when they explain why she needs to marry him, she should quietly (Just like a dog obeys its master with its tail down) obey and say yes. She should have basic common sense that her father is more experienced than her. He knows more than her. He is elder, he knows best. She should quietly agree and obey and if she says no, the father can tell the reason once and after this, if Tejo back answers and disrespects her elders, Rupy and Khushbeer should both slap her for dishonoring and not obeying an elder’s orders. She should not dare raise her voice at them. Every woman’s father gets a proposal for marriage for his daughter. If the father the head of the family (boss) agrees, then the daughter should quietly obey without arguing a single word. The father doesn’t need to ask the daughter. He just needs to agree and that’s how alliances and marriages are fixed.

    1. Silent Reader

      I hope you are being sarcastic. Elders aren’t always right. Her father already fixed 2 alliances for her before and look how that turned out. She has the right to take her life’s own decisions. She can listen to them but it is up to her to follow it or not. She has always catered to her families’ wants. She is the one who has to spend her life with her partner not her fathers.

    2. You don't have to know

      I hope you are sarcastic, If not then I understand you are a dog that obeys its master with its tail down while talking to the elders just like you said 🤞

  26. I think written planning to reunite Tejo and Fateh..
    Wish Tejo should be alone or marry someone Who Respect her. I they reunite them better I will stop watching to this serial

  27. Pooh!!!!I hope angad marries tejo so that jasfa becomes jealous 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  28. @Anusha: What you say was certainly true in 1921. But this is 2021. Unless I am mistaken, Indian society has moved on.

  29. Metin

    angad showed his face at first step.
    he acted like a womanizer or player to tejo on every occasion.
    because of hate to fateh and jass nobody minds this.
    is this a man for tejos third forced marriage?
    they drag jasmins cheat for ages.
    is it realistic that a char like angad will marry to a char like tejo?
    angad is crazy , spontane. lonely wolf guy.
    tejo is tidy , disciplined, attached to her family girl.
    these two will get married in 20-30 episodes??? clap clap clap.
    fans will say angad makes tejo happy.
    yes, chasing tail happens in that way.
    are screenwriters allergic to see an independent woman at her own feets?
    or finding love in natural ways?
    i choose ”nobody will get married”.
    to me story looks like going in that way.
    then screenwriters will romance angad tejo fateh.
    jasmine will be the fuel.
    and screenwriters will drag…

    1. Yeah agnad show his flirting personality in first meeting because he is clear and straightforward. Usually these type of people don’t keep things hidden or stab in the back. Whatever they are, they just show it in first glance. His crazy nature and fun personality is complementary to tejo’s calm personality. But yeah i agree tejo should be left alone for now. She doesn’t have to be with anyone before fully healing and be ready for a new relationship from heart.

    2. Metin

      ”She doesn’t have to be”
      in a nutshell …🤞

  30. Udaariyaan 12th November 2021 Written Update Tejo’s condition Jasmin meets Fateh at the academy. She opens up her heart to Fateh. She tells him that he knows the fact that their families aren’t willing to be a part of their marriage. She shares the problem that even her friends are not going to come in the marriage, just because of their families’ opposing it. She tells Fateh that she knows well how upset he is. She is aware that these things are affecting Fateh’s happiness as well. Fateh also wanted his family to come in his marriage and bless him.

    Jasmin and Fateh share their sorrow. Tejo happens to see their sad faces and overhears their conversation. She can’t see Fateh upset. She decides to speak to both the families together. Tejo invites Virk family home for a talk. She tells Sandhu and Virk family that she has decided to get married to Angad. She adds that Angad is a nice person, and she also feels that he likes her. She gives her consent for the marriage. She asks them to talk to Angad about the alliance. Khushbeer confirms it by asking her decision again.

    She tells that its her yes for the marriage, but she has a condition. The families are ready to accept any condition, just to help her settle down again. Khushbeer is convincing Tejo to remarry, only to stop Fateh’s marriage with evil Jasmin. He asks Tejo’s condition. Tejo asks both the families members to attend Fateh and Jasmin’s marriage, and bless them with all their heart. She tells that she will marry Angad, only if they bless Fateh and Jasmin. This put the families in a huge fix. What will Khushbeer decide? Will his plan to bring back Tejo in Fateh’s life work? Keep reading.

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