Udaariyaan 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Angad and Tejo reach Gurdaspur

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The Episode starts with Tejo saying I have come back for Riya. She asks Riya to go and sleep. Riya asks Angad and Tejo to give her a kiss. She moves back and runs. Angad and Tejo see each other. He says we have to leave for Gurdaspur tomorrow. She says you can tell me about your life. Fateh asks what shall I say about my life, anything can happen, I accepted it as Lord’s wish, this is my life and my motive. The man says we get a friend like you by Lord’s blessings. Fateh thinks I have hurt many in friendship. Tejo says I won’t force you, you can tell me when you want. Angad says I have a lot to say. He shows a pic and says he is my brother Arjun Maan, and Preet Bhabhi, Riya is their daughter, Arjun and Preet died in a car accident. Tejo thinks he has a big sorrow behind his smile.

He says after my parents, I just had them, people thought we are twins, his hair were long. She says sorry, why didn’t you tell this before. He says I couldn’t say. She says I understand, we both want to get saved from old wounds, why don’t you want to keep Riya with you. He says we will talk later. He gets a call. He says yes, we will reach tomorrow on time. He says we will leave for Gurdaspur at 8am. Tejo goes. Its morning, Fateh is working at the petrol pump. Angad and Tejo are on the way. Bulleya….plays… He says we shall get the petrol refill here. He stops at the petrol pump.

Angad takes the car ahead. Fateh turns away. A Baba comes to ask for some food. Tejo gives the food. The baba blesses their jodi. Angad says he told it, I didn’t say. He asks Tejo to share his food, sharing is caring. She says no, I will have this orange. He says okay. Fateh asks the man to check the card machine. The man asks him to go and have something. Fateh asks the baba to sit with him. He gives him tea and says its too cold. The baba asks him to have food with him. Tejo says we will go. Angad says petrol is less, the car will take revenge on us if we forget. Fateh eats the sandwich and recalls Tejo. He thinks it has the taste of Tejo’s hand. The Baba says that kind girl has given this sandwich to me. Fateh sees the car and thinks I feel like I have seen this car. Ye dooriyaan..plays…

Jasmin meets the man and gives the pics. He says great, my client will get divorced from that man now, I knew your talent when I saw you. She says life teaches everything. She recalls Fateh. He asks what happened. She says I want much money for my work. He gives her money. He says I will send the next client details, it won’t be easy to handle him. She says nothing is tough for me, keep double money ready. She gets down the car. She calls Sweety. She says you doubted me, you said what will I do now to earn money and take revenge, come, I will show my jalwa, we will do a party today.

Angad praises Tejo. She says its okay, I have spoken simple things to the simple women. Angad says one should learn joining relations from you, you have to give me a treat, we will have Bille di lassi, its famous. She asks where is it. He says new market. The man asks Fateh to give the bag to the new market shop, and get Bille de Lassi on his return. Fateh smiles. Angad says one more glass. Tejo asks Angad not to have more. Angad says I will have more. He meets some old couple and greets. He says I came today. The lady asks why didn’t you inform us, you got married and didn’t invite us. The man says you didn’t even tell us. Angad says no, you all have to do bhaangra in my marriage, I m just engaged. The lady says you both work together. The man says this is called office romance. Angad says correct. He sings. The lady asks when are you marrying. Angad says date isn’t decided. The man asks them to marry and have a family. Angad says I also say the same, we two and our four. Tejo sees the bangles shop. The lady asks Angad to buy bangles for his would be wife. Tejo says its not needed. The lady says women like it when the shopper is someone dear. Angad says I will take red bangles for her. Fateh comes there. Aaya tere dar par…plays… Angad and Tejo go ahead. Angad gets bangles for her and makes her wear. She recalls Fateh. The lady asks Tejo’s name. Tejo says Tejo. Fateh hears it and looks for her.

Angad and Tejo come to the petrol pump and asks for filling the tank full. Fateh comes to their car.

Update Credit to: Amena

    1. In twitter Fatejo has more votes ,In u tube Tejang has more votes 😶😶

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      @surabhi, I wish i can vote as I don’t use twitter, but my vote goes for Tejo and Angad..🥰🥰

    3. U can vote in community post of Bollywood spy in u tube

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. So basically Riya is niece of Angad and now its mostly case of custody becoz as per Indian law, single male is not allowed to have female child custody..🤔🤔
    So thats why may be Riya Maternal Grandparents want to have Riya’s custody or law doesn’t allow him to stay with him due to rule…😑😑
    2. Writers drama suru, Fateh Tejo hit miss😏😏…. They just want to unite them both…🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    But Baba ji blessed Angad Tejo:- for their jodi🥰🥰
    3. Jasmin is soooo cunning😨😨… She will fall in deep trouble soon…
    4. Aaj to songs sunn sunn kar maza aa gya, ek se ek badh kar use kiye song..👍🏻👏🏻
    1. Buleya
    2. Yeh dooriyan
    3. Aaya tere darr par diwana
    4. Jasmin wala yaad nhi🤭🤭
    5. Fateh will see tejo- angad, and later before tejo can see him, he will hide for sure😑😑

    1. Jasmin’s song sounds so nice 🤣🤣🤣

    2. @shraddhaSharma yes custody can’t be given to a single man or woman if you aren’t his father or mother not only indian

      My question is can’t they send another famale entry for fateh too like they sent angad for tejo? And they show us how they both are moving on🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ aren’t we tired of watching second chance and destiny? What about some that are not married to their destinies and the marriage fails can’t they encourage them to move on till they meet their destinies 🙄🙄in silsila mauli change her destiny by choosing the one that stands by her when she needs most

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      @swastiiiii yes correct.. but dhyan hi nhi raha, jab tak update aaya…
      But today all songs fitted correctly on situations👍🏻👍🏻

    4. ShraddhaSharma392

      I am not aware about outside India, though I know in India its not allowed to get cusdoty of girl to single male..
      Yes, Mouli was much far better, she choose Ishan rather than kunal, though kunal family wanted them to unite.. she was much stronger mentally… . and if they show tejo unite with Fateh🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️, than show will lose its charm which increased due to Angad…

  2. If thejo accepts fateh again, then she will become the BIGGEST LIAR 🙄🤷‍♀️ bcz she always says that she cant tolerate liars n cheaters n wants to stay away from them.🙄🙄🙄
    Won’t she???

    1. Fatejocrazyfan

      @pz as if tejo ever still with her words I remember her telling fateh tum koun ho when fateh tell her if she come back to his house to win him back that he will never love her then again she tells jasmine that no girl will take back a man who cheated her with her own sister but the way she keeps remembering him I have my doubts that she will accept him back

      And then again baba bless tejang jori who’s knows what is waiting ahead

  3. There are some people voting for Jasfa so I won’t be surprised if people are voting for fatejo

    I’m shocked after watching anupama yesterday episode there are still people who support vanraj they are saying vanraj isn’t bad that he made a mistake and now realise how important anupama was gosh I can’t believe so you just have to have extra marital affair and after your mistress betrayed you all you need to do is regret and repent them people will start praising you 😂😂 what a strange time to be alive 😃😃 and bhagya lakshmi only God knows what rishi repent will be maybe he will sell his kidney as repent and then his again perfect for laxmi what are they promoting in the name of second chance I mean they have been showing us second chances in every Indian series can’t they give us something new?

    1. Fatejocrazyfan

      @teddy as you can see I suddenly becoming tejang fan from fetejo fan that’s because after I saw how people still vanraj in anupama I feel disgusting and I asked myself does this mean I’m also justifying EMA by supporting fatejo? I’m a woman too if my husband having EMA with another woman and realise his mistake and repent on his own and not because his mistress betrayed then I will consider giving him second chance but if the EMA was with my sister man that’s so much to take I will forgive but not taking him back

    2. @fatejocrazyfan that’s some people for you extra marital affair everywhere and they keep saying his confused his in love he didn’t just realise it yet most you have extra marital affair first before you realise you love me? 😏😏 I don’t know why indian series shows women like we don’t have self respect

      Kundali bhagya new promo is out that Preeta is back to luthras after two years saying she come back to fight for her right I was like what right is she talking about 🤣🤣🤣 did she ever has right in that family before 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ they treat her like trash throw her out even karan too in support and still go back to fighting for her can’t a husband fight for his for her right and people are praising her that Preeta is back and now bold like prachi 😂😂

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      People are blind.. they want to see same crap..
      Sisters behind male lead and female lead always forgiving extra martial affair and wrong doings of male lead..
      This always give wrong message..🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
      And even keep on blaming female for male doings..
      In this show:- Fateh is more culprit than Jasmin, but writers are behind clearing his image.. and blaming Jasmin alone (though she is wrong and did crimes, but she is not alone to be blamed)..😣😣
      Who the hell want such partner in life, who cheated with your own sister😏😏😏

    4. Darling shradha I saw you many times imlie and udaariyaan
      Sister there is question
      Is there any sister who will destroy her sister’s house
      Is that awrong massage for society sister they are not thinking whether agood massage or not only they are entertaining sister
      If we want good massage we must tell them to stop destroying bond between sisters for the sake of cheap man that is my opinion

    5. And Jasfa got their second chance because of Jasmine and not Fateh. Imagine same being done by Tejo after marrying Angad. It would be totally shitty and impractical.
      For once I thought there is a show that upholds women’s dignity and not treat them as mere add-on.
      She is always dependant on a man, if not then she is a b**h. If she plays bechari then good but if she fights odds.. man you can’t think about such a woman.
      A man, when makes mistakes it’s always forgivable but a woman repenting should be bowing down and should align with the man’s wishes else she has no scope.

  4. I think Jasmine jis advocate se mili hai wahi angad ke opposite case lad raha hoga and that advocate will send jasmine to trap angad..

    1. I’m afraid so too by the where is @snowflake @sl @shubh @martha and others miss you

  5. Udaariyaan 12th December 2021 Written Update Unexpected Tejo and Fateh miss out to see each other in the market, despite being really close. Angad and Tejo reach the highway petrol pump once again on their return to Shimla. Angad makes Tejo laugh by his funny and charming talks. They share a laugh. Angad calls out Fateh to get the fuel. Fateh doesn’t hear him at first. He goes to Angad’s car. He gets to see Tejo and Angad in the mirror. He is shocked to see them. He finds Tejo laughing happily.

    Fateh is relieved that Tejo is with the right person. He wishes Tejo always stays happy with Angad. Fateh also gets spotted by Tejo. She sees him in the mirror. She gets confused and thinks how can Fateh be there when he is in Canada with Jasmin. She looks out to zoom into Fateh, but doesn’t find him. Fateh hides from Tejo. Will Tejo learn about Fateh’s repentance? Will Fateh be able to keep himself away from Tejo? Keep reading.

    Earlier in the show, Angad and Tejo head to the market to enjoy cold Lassi, where Fateh also comes for his work. Tejo misses Fateh when she is with Angad. Angad meets his known people, who get upset that he didn’t invite them in his marriage. He tells that he is just engaged to Tejo. He buys bangles for Tejo on their insistence. Angad wants Tejo to consider their relation and really accept him. Tejo still thinks of Fateh, who is just away. Fateh senses Tejo’s presence around. He fails to see her in the crowded market.


  6. I worry that Jasmine will set her sights on poor Angad… Tejo will have to become strong and end those sisterly feelings of hers for Jasmine. Fateh can marry a leper with one eye for all I care. He was always a boring character. I miss Ishqbaaz the first time round and not the redux – 3 couples and no EMA

  7. What is with this.. aaya tere dar par deewana thing….. this song has a different emotion…. Kitna zor se writers are trying to whitewash fateh… uffff… Not done…

  8. So boring the role of Fateh that seeing he has done a good job so far .. 😔😔😔. We have to stop because everyone was praising Fateh at its beginnings .. And when came the trail of Jasfa and the entrance of Angad we start to say that it was boring .. If that was the way why keep watching if you find Fateh boring. .. At some point you have to stop crushing the role of Fateh .. Anyway and I would say that yes Angad has brought a touch of freshness but if many are fans see that it is so good that it is not the case of all .. I like the actor but not necessarily his role. And even more now that we bring Tejo and him closer together. It becomes irritating and oppressive .. Anyway .. There are fans who want Tejan and other FateJo .. Nobody says bad things about Angad because the CVs give him so much good character .. And frankly for me it becomes superficial. .. Fateh did not commit the same crimes as kunal .. Kunal chose Nandini worse he believed that Mauli faked her pregnancy to keep him .. Kunal and Nandini saw each other in the house but also at her home and at the outside .. When Mauli was with them no awareness or embarrassment .. I am not saying that Fateh is other. But the kunal’s betrayal was bigger than that of Fateh .. Kunal didn’t think that running away or deceiving went embarrassed or destroying Mauli .. Kunal didn’t have this phase of redemption or questioning! . . While Fateh yes .. He is right in it .. He touches everything .. Looking for work .. Lack of respect for roof money ect ect .. I had thought that he could become a great boxing champion or teach boxing and see that his work brings good but CV really shows that you have to start low to reach the sky 😊😊 … He discovered the true face of Jasmine by himself. He knows and hurts himself for his actions .. He knows he did wrong with Tejo .. Sorry for me FateJo might get a second chance .. Now Fateh people his greatest proof of friendship and love is the release of marriage for Tejo. Even after knowing the truth of Jasmine he divorced Tejo .. Fateh executed his plan to trap Jasmine, hurting and taking away the dream of her father and her family … by separating from Tejo and taking all their bad thought for him. He would rather let people think of him badly than go see his family and confess to them. Because he especially does not want Tejo to come back or that he has to get back together because of the family. For him Angad is good and better than him for Tejo. In the current context, yes because the CV gives him a role. You have to say Angad opened Fateh’s eyes… and he wants Tejo to be happy with a guy like Angad… Anyway. For me we force Tejan’s relationship .. Anyway …. Just an advice 😊😊

  9. abdoul tuesday

    to be human is to error! what matter is what u learn from ur error! God gives us a second chance why can’t us give Fateh a second chance? Angad’s character is too perfect and in reality ain’t nobody that perfect!

    1. I mean this comment genuinely and not like I’m trying to offend anyone but this way you could also say that Tejo’s character isn’t based on reality too. She’s also too sacrificing and has no sense of that she sometimes digs her nose in matters that don’t affect her in any way.
      The only characters (in my opinion) that come close to reality are Fateh and Jasmine – though Jasmine’s character has done some things that seem unrealistic but people like her (self – obsessed) exist. I don’t mean the thing where she commits crime after crime but more the Jasmine in the earlier episodes. Fateh always seemed realistic.
      Fateh does deserve a second chance. But Tejo shouldn’t take him back. If she ever said the truth that she won’t take him back, well she should stick to that. If not, it just shows she’s like everyone else – speaks something but does something else.
      @Anonyme, I don’t feel like Tejang is forced. It seems natural. But that’s my opinion 🙂 What I do feels forced is how the makers are showing that Fateh always loved Tejo, which isn’t true. They were best friends and partners but the only person that felt love was Tejo. Fateh loved her in a platonic way and suddenly he says she was his love just because he’s suffering. Of course, he’s repenting and in some way, I do understand why he did what he did and why he doesn’t want to go back to his family. But he isn’t saving anyone. He’s just punishing everyone with himself. Fine, he doesn’t want to go back to Tejo and wants her happy but his family? What did they do? Can’t he go back and say, I’ve done a lot of mistakes and maybe I don’t deserve forgiveness but I want to punish myself so I do understand what you all went through.
      Just my thoughts on this :))

  10. @SL Hi You ask why Fateh left his family .. What can he do? He doesn’t want khusbeer to put pressure on Tejo to come back to her house and become the bahu of the house again. It must be said that the 1st marriage was made out of obligation for the respect of each family. FateJo day to get together it would be really out of love that they have for each other and not out of duty or family pressure .. Redemption exists .. Fateh has disappointed more than one .. He has disappointed his father in well in a way .. This is not the first time that Fateh disappoints his father .. He has always been against his relationship with Jasmine .. He even left the house for her … And not that once he has does that .. Fateh didn’t really take the academy seriously .. He let Jasmine run him instead of Tejo .. He hurt his mother and all his family out of love for Jasmine and he says it .. How to face them when they have said it over and over again that Jasmine will ruin everything in her path .. How to face his father after all that .. He prefers to walk away and let believe that he them have disappointed. See khusbeer says he will never forgive Fateh for all this disappointment .. Only rupy knows what happened with Jasfa and Tejan .. Fateh to love Tejo as a friend .. I think he has always had a feeling for Tejo but to love him was Jasmine .. If he didn’t love Tejo .. He wouldn’t have shown this jealousy and possessiveness when the 1st investor came or when he thought that Buzo and Tejo had a connection. When I read that they say that Fateh is convinced to love Tejo like that .. I would say he loves her. He could have cheated on the divorce. But he freed Tejo from that .. Because he wanted Tejo to be happy with Angad .. Bilndst came to the engagement .. Every time Jasmine told him about divorce or whatever .. Fateh was not calm .. and I think and I hope Fateh really ends up with Jasmine .. I watch the episode where he puts his hands together to say he’s done with Jasmine when they are at the airport .. He seemed so calm and deciding .. I really hope he understood who Jasmine is …. I really wish Fateh would move forward and see his redemption bear fruit .. Currently everything revolves around angad .. Niece family business relationship .. A lot is asked of the CV for the development of the series .. But I personally find that angad is becoming important for a so-called temporary role … In short, wait and see ..

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