Udaan 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor refuses to marry Raghav

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Udaan 9th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tejaswini trying to convince Chakor to marry Raghav. She says Raghav loves Anjor a lot, she sees her dad in her, since he is also like Suraj, who always stood by you, even we were against you, but he supported you and even united you with your sister, Imli has also seen his goodness. Chakor thinks of Suraj and Raghav. Tejaswini asks her to decide for her life. She goes. Inspector says congrats Imli Devi, you will be getting released in a month. Imli gets glad and thinks to return soon for Raghav. She thinks of his words.

Chakor sees Suraj and Raghav’s pics. Imli thinks of Raghav and smiles. Raghav comes to Chakor and tells her about the different grains. Chakor asks how did you get so much info about the grains. He says I got all this knowledge being with you, I want to learn to help you, Anjor tells that practice makes the man perfect. She smiles. Servant calls her out. She slips down the stairs. Raghav holds her. The grains fall over them. She thinks of Suraj. She asks how dare you touch me. He says I was cleaning your face, why are you so angry. She asks him not to try to come close. He says I will get tea for you. She asks why shall I have tea with you, are you my husband, you are not my Suraj, you just look like him, I got you here for Anjor’s sake, we had a deal between us and this relation will end soon. Mahiya….plays…. She keeps Suraj’s pic and goes. Tejaswini comes and asks what happened. Raghav says Chakor scolded me, don’t know what happened to me. She says I think you and Chakor should get married. Raghav asks what, did you say this to her, did you ask me. She says I know you like Chakor, I also see love and respect in her eyes for you, you have to listen to me, what will Anjor think if she knows your truth, think about it.

Raghav goes out and drives off. Chakor sees him and shouts. She calls him. He doesn’t answer her call and recalls her words. Imli talks to her jail mates and tells about Chakor and Raghav. She says that man entered my heart, I m in love with him, I just worship him, so I have reformed. Raghav answers Chakor’s call. She asks him not to drive so fast, he may meet with an accident. He says why do you care, why are you worried for me now, what do you want. She ends call. Constable says Raghav has come to meet you. Imli gets glad. She asks constable to give her some bindi and lipstick. Constable says this is jail, you won’t get such things. Imli says I m Imli Devi. She gets ready and goes to meet Raghav. Chakor sees Suraj and gets shocked. She says Suraj…. He nods.

Raghav says I know everything, you should marry me. He holds her close and says you have got angry on my daughter Anjor. Chakor says Anjor is not your daughter. He says I did a mistake to fall in love with you. She cries and slaps him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Imli killed Sugna in cold blood, good conduct would decrease her sentence from 20 years to 10 or 15 years, not 1 month, blind CVs and their love for Imli.
    Loved Raghav-Chakor part, their emotions and struggles are beautifully written and acted.
    I think Chakor gets affected by Raghav because he looks like Suraj, she can’t let go of Suraj and she feels guilty that Raghav affects her.
    CVs that’s Suraj’s picture with Anjor, not Raghav, you could’ve easily got a new picture of them.

  2. Makers could’ve easily brought a woman who had a crush on Raghav to do Imli’s role or a friend of Chakor’s like Tina and left Imli to rot in jail.

  3. Just like how Chakor sacrificed Vivaan for Imli she will have to do the same, Chakor has gone through so much because of Imli all just because she couldn’t get her way, she hurt every body along the way, I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve happiness but Raghav isn’t it, after everything she did to Chakor out of stubbornness and jealous the least she can do is leave Raghav for Chakor and allow Chakor to be happy without throwing a fit about it. I just hope she won’t kill him just like her last 2 husbands not to forget her f**k buddy that was a family cousin or something while he was married. I guess I have had enough of Imlis bullshit aaaarrrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!

  4. chakor gets 5 years for killing Kamal and Imli gets a month… after everything?????!!!!! What kind of nonentity is this?
    If thats the way of saying Imli has changed and been punished for her crimes, then I ‘m sorry but we don’t accept that, that’s not enough she hasn’t even gone through anything that will make me think yeh she has suffered and it made her learn something

  5. ?????? omg suraj is dead I think he asks chakor to move on that why they showed him and Recap I loved it he loves chakor a lot and one more thing why he it’s always going to imli , during anjor kidnapping time too he gone to imli now he is angry with chakor and he is going to imli why they r making him as t too weak ???????????? and finally this gonna be a syappa love story??????????

  6. Its pathetic and mockery of law the way Imli is being treated. She is never punished… Will this one month bring back all those who lost their life and modesty and their organs too. Makers have no logics but illogics to the core.

    MeeJay displayed emotions to the T.

  7. Safiya Hosein

    Hahahaha! Omg this is the what you call shitty writing and story telling to the highest degree!
    Chakor was sentenced for 5 yrs in prison for killing Kamal Narayan, no mercy was shown to her. He had tortured her and killed her unborn child.
    BUT Imli who commited some of the worst crimes thinkable got her sentence reduced to one month!
    You know what is insulting, the fact that for years Imli did the exact same and in some cases even worse than what Rajeshwari and her sons did.
    Imli doesn’t deserve to be forgiven because she caused so much pain to many people and ruin innocent lives. She definitely doesn’t deserve a love story either. She deserves to rot in prison to show justice is served.

    Suraj was killed for the audience to endure this nonsense!
    And the moment where Raghav was impressed with Imli and her past crimes, was utterly dispicable. What kind of a person shows interest in such evils?! Right there and then, it shows he is and never will be a match for Suraj Ranjvanshi!

    Udaan use to be my favourite serial, but as of recent the writers did a fantastic job of ruining the show.
    This show use to be one which stressed on justice and morale; it use to show us how evil never wins and the wicked must pay.
    But now it shows the good suffers forever and the evil rises again and again and lives to be happy.

    I am losing interest in Udaan. Thank you current writers for making a mockery of the show and ruining a perfectly good serial!!

    You all go ahead and continue to constantly ignore the views of your audience and see where it heads….

  8. I’m bypassing this serial if Suraj is dead! What nonsense to show chakor moving on with a look alike.l, that to so soon. After everything sukor has been through!!!!

    1. The writers have disappointed us! They have ruined such a sweet drama.
      I don’t watch this series regularly these days. I just come here and read the Summary, in the hope that eventually they bring Suraj back.

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