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The Episode starts with Tejaswini scolding Aditya and ending the call. She looks angrily at Chakor. Aditya says what can we tell press about Chakor. Ishwar says anything, you are a writer and you know what you should tell, whats the difference between reality and fiction, you know it very well. Aditya smiles and leaves. Ishwar tells Abha that we will stand here, he can’t speak openly infront of us. Its morning, Kasturi gives the money to all the villagers and apologizes on Imli’s side, and gives right medicines. The villagers bless them. The man says we would have not told anything to Imli. Kasturi says thanks. Imli asks did she make all medicines at night. Kasturi says promise me that you will never lie to anyone and not cheat anyone.

Imli recalls Chakor about her promise to Kasturi. She asks her to cross fingers and give promise to Maai, it does not hold any importance. Imli says fine and promises Kasturi, while keeping fingers crossed behind her back. Tejaswini asks Girja to make Chakor tired. Girja says she did all work without having roti, she has cleaned haveli and utensils, clothes, all work is over. Tejaswini says don’t praise her, make her do other servant’s work, give any unending work. Girja asks what. Tejaswini says there is one such work.

Girja gives the tough task to Chakor to emty the well and throw all the water out by sing the bucket. Chakor starts working, Vivaan sees it and cries. The principal asks him to focus on studies. Aditya talks to media and tells about his next story subject, Chakor. He tells about Aazaadgunj, and the landlord has made everyone bandhua, and has taken Chakor mortgaged when she was in her mum’s womb and was given to the landlord when she became 7 year old. She says her all dreams were broken, I m writing this story so that the people who stay in happiness should see the bad side too.

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The man asks is this fiction or real. Aditya asks them to find out about Aazaadgunj, and every story is born by some real incident. The man asks Chakor’s aim, what does she want to do. Chakor pulls the water buckets out and throws in drain. Suraj jokes while studying. Lovely says she can’t count. Vivaan says the right answer. Chakor hears them. He asks Ragini to say next. Lovely says study is not good for my health, I m glad meeting you, and leaves. Chakor says the right answer. The principal looks at her.

Ragini says yes, I would have said it. Chakor says no, I was saying the number of buckets. The principal says she is so smart, and she is very hardworking, she is doing tough work and still not sad. Vivaan says she is very smart and she said she won’t touch education else there is no answer she can’t answer. Aditya says Chakor’s aim to get her freedom. The man asks about Kamalnarayan. Aditya says its coincidental if its linked to him. The man says we still have bonded labor, and its strange such landlord don’t get punished we should find about them. Aditya smiles. Ishwar and Abha smile seeing this.

Bhaiya ji gets a call from party senior who says you are getting famous, its shame, see the tv. Bhaiya ji checks the news and is shocked seeing Aditya telling about Chakor, who will punish the devil of Aazaadgunj, Chakor is the name of Kranti, and I kept the name of my new book ‘Udaan’. Bhaiya ji says its nonsense, I will file case on them. His senior says they are smart, as the boy did not name you, he said if its similar, then its coincidence, I m afraid that reporters can get after you, and what will you do. Bhaiya ji says trust me, I will do something. He says fine, the question is can public trust you or not. He asks what shall I do now.

Suraj tells Tejaswini that the principal was making him bored. Bhaiya ji says I have to go Delhi. She asks why, is everything fine. He says nothing is fine. She asks what happened. Chakor recalls Arjun’s words that she has to main strength and balance while running, and made her practice while keeping a book on her head. She keeps the water bucket on her head and walks. She says Arjun Sir, I m maintaining balance. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………….plays……………. She smiles. She talks like Arjun and self motivates herself. She keeps trying. Bhaiya ji shows Aditya’s interview to Bhaiya ji. She says how dare he, what will we do now.

He says I m called to Delhi, I will be sitting infront of committee. She asks him not to worry, as they have faced all problems together and will solve this too. He says its not small thing, its on media. He asks where is Chakor. Vivaan says she is outside, Tejaswini made her throw water from well. Bhaiya ji says I don’t trust him, see his eyes, he is still supporting that bandhua girl Chakor. They leave. Suraj taunts Vivaan. Vivaan says I m helping Chakor, will you also call press conference for this. Chakor throws the water and says now I have strength and balance in my body. Bhaiya ji comes there and stops her. She looks on puzzled.

Tejaswini says if we disappear Chakor, they won’t know Aditya is talking about this Chakor. She asks principal to go to kids. He gives the letter to Bhaiya ji from sports authority of India, as they are asking about Chakor’s admission in school. They get shocked.

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