Udaan 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Udaan 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor asking Bhuvan to come with her to run. Ishwar is proud of Chakor as Arjun gives him the good news. He says Aditya wants to talk to Chakor. Arjun does not find Chakor and says where did she go. Chakor and Bhuvan try to run away. She says we will get on the benches and jump from the wall. Bhuvan says its good to talk to Ishwar. She says he is like Lord and will never me go back. Arjun tells Ishwar that Chakor is not here. Ishwar says she stays busy in running and studying. He says she will come back, don’t worry. Chakor and Bhuvan run by jumping the wall.

Bhuvan says he can’t jump. She says she will take care, just close the eyes and jump, Imli is more courageous to ask me to stay here, and how can he be so scared, jump. Bhuvan jumps as she insists. Chakor smiles. He says she is very brave, and why is she coming with him. She says she is not afraid, she worries about Imli, she should not get the stamp on her hand. He cries and blesses her. Baa takes care of Imli. Tejaswini comes to Bhaiya ji and says she knows his mood is bad because of Baa’s doings and she got something what will make him happy. She shows a calendar.

He says you want to show my days are going bad. She says no, that tomorrow is good day, its last day for Chakor to come back, else Imli will get the Bandhua stamp on her hand, and Baa will shout and cry. Bhaiya ji says if Bhuvan does not come back, it means we lost to Ishwar. She says if Imli gets the stamp, everyone will not dream to fly, they will go against Ishwar and he will lose. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to make car fine, if anyone dies under his car then they can create an issue. Lakhan asks Girja to talk to Baa. Girja asks Baa to take rest and leave Imli. Baa says she is not your Bandhua and I will protect her till possible. She taunts Bhaiya ji and makes him angry. Tejaswini calms him and says she will handle this. Baa asks Imli to have food and passes taunts.

Abha tells Ishwar that Chakor is not in school and Arjun is worried. Ishwar gets tensed. Imli tells Baa to not call Chakor and study there. Baa sees Tejaswini and says Chakor will not come, they will not get her back. She asks her to take rest. Tejaswini greets her and asks how is Imli. Baa asks why, how did she come to her room today. Tejaswini says if Bhuvan does not come tomorrow with Chakor, then Imli will become a Bandhua. Chakor removes her shoes and runs. She asks Bhuvan to come fast as Imli is waiting for them. Bhuvan asks Chakor to stop and comes to know that the Sitapur bus has left now. Chakor imagines Imli crying and hugs her.

Bhuvan cries. Chakor asks him to get up, they will catch the bus. He says the bus left. She says she caught Aditya’s car before by taking shortcuts. He asks how. She says we have to save Imli, we have to save her, lets run, nothing is imp than Imli’s life, hold my hand and we will catch the bus. He gets hurt and shouts Chakor. She stops and looks at him.

Ishwar tells Abha that Chakor did not come home, as we would not permit her to do, so he has taken Bhuvan and run. The people scold Bhuvan. Imli thinks of Tejaswini’s words and takes the tattoo machine to make the stamp on her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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