Udaan 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episodes starts with Bhaiyyaji shouting at all his workers about how the entire elopement was brought about. Servants and security is questioned. One of the guards say that the last time they saw Chakor was when she was talking with Girja. Tejaswini says that Girja can never let Chakor go. I have full trust on her. Another one says the Vivan Baba was also seen with her. Ranjana rebukes him saying how could he blame a little child. Manohar asks her to keep quiet as Bhaiyyaji and Bhauji are looking into the matter. Ranjana chides back saying that she will not listen a word against Vivan. Manohar says why not? Even I found him near Chakor last night. Ranjana questions his fatherhood saying how can he blame his own child. Bhaiyyaji asks them to shut up. Outside, I am bringing up bonded labourers and inside nasty fools. He asks Ranjana and Manohar to take their matter to their room. Lovely is not able to understand anything. She asks Bhaiyyaji that let the girl go, you can easily recruit 2 more. Bhaiyyaji infuriates and goes away. Tejaswini explains that leaving the girl free is dangerous, she is brave. One day she might become the voice of the village and crush MP Sahab’s monopoly. The girl has to be back.

Kasturi is worried for Chakor and prays that wherever she is, come back. Imli comes and asks where is Bapu. I thought like him and Jijji, even you left me. Kasturi hugs her and consoles. She thinks that Chakor needs to get back soon for her father’s sake.

Chakor wakes up in a temple. One of the priests chide her and accuse her for stealing. One of the good ones support her. The other priest says that the entire village has been employed for the lookout for Chakor. The good priest caresses her. Bhuwan wakes up in the stable room. One of Bhaiyyaji’s men come to take him. He asks for water. They bring a mug of water and then trickle it away from him, insulting him. Bhuwan regrets leaving Chakor with such people. He realizes what Chakor was put through when they thought she was atleast getting 2 meals a day. They drag him out.

Its almost dusk and Bhuwan’s mother lights the lamp saying night has fallen over our destinies. Its almost sunset and there’s no sign of Chakor. God save my son.

Manohar and his men report Bhaiyyaji about Chakor’s whereabouts. Bhaiyyaji questions Manohar about Vivan’s role in this and Manohar skips the question. Bhaiyyaji chides saying that this is the problem. You’re way too good a father.

Chakor reaches back her home. Kasturi beats her for running away and orders her to go back to the Haveli. Chakor refuses saying that the place is not good. I cannot go back. Imli and Bhuwan’s mother watch Chakor being beaten. Chakor asks her Dadi the reason why Maii is beating her. Bhuwan’s mother melts at the girl’s plight. Kasturi orders her to go back so that her father is ensured to stay alive.

Meanwhile, Bhuwan is brutally beaten by Bhaiyyaji’s men.

It is raining outside and Kasturi drags Chakor to the Haveli saying that she needs to go back else they would kill her father. Chakor protests. She asks if the news is true? Did she keep her for girvi? Like Dadi kept her valuables? Kasturi is shocked at her question. Chakor is adamant to know the answer and Kasturi admits keeping her girvi even before she was born so that she could have money for Bhuwan’s father’s funeral and stuff. Chakor is devastated.

Precap- Chakor returns to the Haveli. She asks the guards to never let her go. Once inside the room, she asks them to lock it properly. She is motionless and devastated.

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